BLACKPINK: How You Like That (The Tonight Show: At Home Edition)

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Hace 10 días

BLACKPINK comes together for a debut performance of "How You Like That" for another Tonight Show: At Home Edition.
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BLACKPINK: How You Like That (The Tonight Show: At Home Edition)

Art Of nerds
Art Of nerds Hace 3 horas
not just jisoo, rose lisa and jennie are cute and sexy at the same time ,very like it
abraham prisa utama
abraham prisa utama Hace 3 horas
Blackpink Kim jisoo Kim jennie Park chaeyoung Lalisa manoban Fighting!
Esthefania Benites
Esthefania Benites Hace 4 horas
Siento que le falto algo a esas canción... Es casi lo mismo de siempre 😔
•Søfț Ëłfý•
•Søfț Ëłfý• Hace 4 horas
I have a question how did u film this when this situation is going on??
American Kimchi
American Kimchi Hace 4 horas
Kimchi outfit is so cute... it's time every one must admit that black pink is the biggest K pop act at the moment... overtaking BTS in the process... sorry is what it is.. relax goes on no matter...ㅎㅎㅎㅎ
Azalia Parker Lomabao
Azalia Parker Lomabao Hace 4 horas
BADAS queen.. go blackpink
New Queen Bee
New Queen Bee Hace 4 horas
Nobody: Subtitles: [Singing in Korean] 🎶 Light up the sky 🎶 [Singing in Korean] 🎶 I kiss you goodbye 🎶 Me: 👁️👄👁️
Wendland Park
Wendland Park Hace 4 horas
Tag yourself, I’m rapping in Korean
Ali Ibarra
Ali Ibarra Hace 5 horas
The subs are like "sing in Korean" You dont say
lili _channel
lili _channel Hace 5 horas
Lisa smirk send me💀
강충희 Hace 5 horas
카메라 워킹이 왜케 이상한거같지?
Nabby Email
Nabby Email Hace 5 horas
I make original comments like to see more
Phobe Kim
Phobe Kim Hace 6 horas
왜 난 얘네가 별루지 노래도목소리도 인조적이고 시끄럽고 진부해. 안티도 아닌데. 21딴것 같고 내가 나이를 먹었나 2010년대 노래가 훨씬좋다
rennie Hace 6 horas
luv ya
rennie Hace 6 horas
still this camera work gives me a headache
Jordan Rucksack 123
Jordan Rucksack 123 Hace 6 horas
I don't listen to kpop but I've got to give respect here. This is really catchy too and they or making the simp part of my brain that I have trained to suppress all my life take over.
Karen S
Karen S Hace 6 horas
Karen S
Karen S Hace 6 horas
Monotony Hace 6 horas
Love it
Menii21 Hace 7 horas
Joe Casson
Joe Casson Hace 7 horas
Lip-syncing sucks...
Itzypink Blackpink and itzy only
Itzypink Blackpink and itzy only Hace 5 horas
Helin yavuz
Helin yavuz Hace 7 horas
no one: Subtitles: Singing in korean
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Hace 8 horas
Rosé 's voice in here is so stable , also her voice is so unique, she is shinning in this comeback 🤗🤗
mochi Hace 8 horas
[singing in korean] LIGHT UP THE SKY
인터넷무사 Hace 8 horas
오옷 ? 블랙핑크다 ! ^^ 하 유 라익 댓 따다다 따 따다다 따
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Hace 8 horas
aku benci pikiranku
Sophia Arias
Sophia Arias Hace 8 horas
I hate this camera work so much 😭 Why are there so many zoom-ins and zoom-outs? Just cut...
King Rthur
King Rthur Hace 8 horas
why does Jimmy look my drunk uncle who hasn't showered in a week?
Imoderate Peasents
Imoderate Peasents Hace 8 horas
Maybe he didnt really showered because of quarantine ..... Who knows😉
Lily Wallflower
Lily Wallflower Hace 8 horas
2:12 idk why but I find jennie's walk so adorable ^^
Thrynx Hace 8 horas
Who’s here after the Inkigayo stage to check if it’s the same? You’re not the only one. I’m a bit confused as well.
Fernando Jimenez
Fernando Jimenez Hace 9 horas
The outfits are so GOOD❤️I would wanna wear that.
Bengü Öztürk
Bengü Öztürk Hace 9 horas
Am I the only one who is disturbed by the camera? It is constantly zoom in and zoom out, cut the figures half, not stay in the same scene even second etc. I want to watch their performance and dance but I am not satisfied because of camera
이순신장군 Hace 9 horas
태국 전통 의상도 입어보지. 예쁘던데.
게바라정 Hace 9 horas
Hanbok 😍
LinniJD Hace 9 horas
This is the exact same performance from SBS 0705 INKIGAYO show???? 🙃
special J
special J Hace 4 horas
It's not
Night Flash
Night Flash Hace 10 horas
2:47 look at it with subtitles 😅🍾🍾🍾🍾
juvia avakin
juvia avakin Hace 10 horas
Who's your favorite ? 😊
doroshi Hace 10 horas
always the same
최수진 Hace 10 horas
이런 노래도 좋지만 난 테디의2ne1 시절의 노래들 I don't care, lonely 같은 노래들이 더 좋은데 지금 나왔어도 빌보드 다 집어삼켰을텐데
Kalo Tiwara
Kalo Tiwara Hace 10 horas
BTS ?? Why? !!!! 3:20
euphoria Hace 11 horas
jennie’s line now: “bring out your boss-“ where are the bosses at? 👀
Stingpriw Lageday
Stingpriw Lageday Hace 11 horas
aku benci pikiranku
한리아 Hace 11 horas
Lisa's so bold and swaaaagg. So prettyyy 😍😍
daremono Hace 11 horas
I almost thought that american camerawork had gotten better at capturing dance, and then I remembered that they filmed it themselves
젤존이 Hace 12 horas
한국댓글이없네 한복이짱이다!!!
Dhowa Salem
Dhowa Salem Hace 12 horas
viamaris figueroa
viamaris figueroa Hace 12 horas
Isaiah Hace 12 horas
I came back to this one bc I feel that this is literally the same performance from last night
Isaiah Hace 11 horas
Ariyah P no it’s different. I played them both together and although the dancing is exactly the same bc that’s just what they do, their facial expressions and lights are different.
Ariyah P
Ariyah P Hace 12 horas
Same, but is it the same one tho? I'm still confused
daffa majid
daffa majid Hace 12 horas
Kalyca Kairav
Kalyca Kairav Hace 12 horas
jackylen ilagan
jackylen ilagan Hace 12 horas
Love you Blackpink 🥰
C.C.G Hace 12 horas
Is this kpop?
C.C.G Hace 12 horas
So these people can speak some English..
C.C.G Hace 12 horas
I have no idea who black pink is, but the views on this compared to your other videos in the same week, is insane.
Rodriguez Grocrigos
Rodriguez Grocrigos Hace 12 horas
캬 ~ 국뽕 드디어 한국 댓글을 찾으셨네요 축하
Alfiadhi Putra
Alfiadhi Putra Hace 13 horas
let's get to know you first. how you like that?
Cuan Berlimpah
Cuan Berlimpah Hace 13 horas
icarus icarus
icarus icarus Hace 11 horas
How dare you ??? She's a quèen !!! You pathetic idiot !!!
n n
n n Hace 12 horas
You're so lame.
Aayushi Bokade
Aayushi Bokade Hace 13 horas
ok i cannot just believe at how fuckiiiingngngnggg prettyy they are?!!!
the taejun 75
the taejun 75 Hace 13 horas
Just play it 1.25X speed it makes the Song perfect ....(it's amazing at normal too)
Tiara Permatasariii
Tiara Permatasariii Hace 13 horas
LISA is the best rap among other idols as well as dances. JENNIE vibe wow. JISOO face is very pretty and the dance is very cool. the voice of ROSE is no doubt. they deserve to be called a queen. I LOVE U SO MUCH BLACKPINK
Syarief Azra
Syarief Azra Hace 13 horas
SUBSCRIBE CHANNEL Join Server Guardian Of Roleplay GTA MULTIPLAYER Join:
neiska fenny S
neiska fenny S Hace 13 horas
pasti kebanyakan para lelaki yang nonton ini 👌
jessie elysian
jessie elysian Hace 13 horas
jennie looks like some kinda anime-🤣
BP fo lyf
BP fo lyf Hace 14 horas
Vote for HYLT Blackpink
Benjie Salandino
Benjie Salandino Hace 14 horas
Basta ung iba dito pumunta dahil bored lang
Mehdi Rabiee
Mehdi Rabiee Hace 14 horas
Jisoo is best vocalist and she is so beautiful
Shiva, Chandar Chandar
Shiva, Chandar Chandar Hace 14 horas
#cancelblackpink In the music video for this song.. they used and disrespected a Hindu Indian god statue, they kept on the floor as a prop, our religion is is not a trend or a prop, and even thought they edited the statue out.. they still never publicly apologized and many fans said INCREDIBLY RUDE COMMENTS which whole not be tolerated in any other religion, before anyone says it’s YG’s fault I don’t wanna hear it, I wasn’t an apology,
Aliyah khan
Aliyah khan Hace 6 horas
well it's not even their fault they are not in control of what goes into music stop with the #cancelblackpink it's rudiculous. Also they didn't know it was disrespectful and when YG found out how blinks felt he edited it out,so stop with the hate.IT WAS A MISTAKE THEIR IS NO NEED FOR THEM TO APOLOGISE AS IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT.
Morph Kogan
Morph Kogan Hace 13 horas
Who gives a fuck. Literally nobody cares about "cultural appropriation". Cry me a river honey
Wysse Hace 14 horas
Don't waste your time wiht that #cancelblackpink because they never said: I WANT TO HAVE A GANESHA IN OUR MUSIC VIDEO, all those production stuff are not decibed by them. I didn't like they use Ganesha as part of the scenario, it was disrespectful, but Blackpink members has nothing to do with that, YG made the impossible to edit it without re uploading the video, and after the edition you can see that Ganesha wasn't on the floor, it was a table, but even though, disrespectul. Anyways, It's not Blackpink's fault and YG fixed it even if he didn't apologise, He edited it and that means he listened to Blinks.
Aig 00
Aig 00 Hace 14 horas
What defakkk people keep commenting like "no one talk about their outfit" I keep on scrolling and 60% talkin bout the hanbok smh
Morph Kogan
Morph Kogan Hace 13 horas
Ohh My SingaPore
Ohh My SingaPore Hace 14 horas
Watch This Record Breaking Films
Richard Adinata
Richard Adinata Hace 14 horas
Lagi Kangen Jogja ? Dengerin Nih Lagu “Istimewanya Jogja” Dijamin makin kangen 🖤
XyRa_ Aranda
XyRa_ Aranda Hace 14 horas
will always be a blink until the last “Annyeong haseyo Blackpink imnida” of 🖤💗
Ferah Chute
Ferah Chute Hace 14 horas
Fucking hoooot
Azrina ayudia A
Azrina ayudia A Hace 14 horas
Lagu opo iki ?? Ra mudeng maknane
Cooking like a chef, I'm a 5-star Michelin.
Cooking like a chef, I'm a 5-star Michelin. Hace 14 horas
I knew it from the very beginning that they film this at SBS Inkigayo stage. 😆
cleo xd
cleo xd Hace 15 horas
cleo xd
cleo xd Hace 15 horas
cleo xd
cleo xd Hace 15 horas
cleo xd
cleo xd Hace 15 horas
Aidar Jakypbekov
Aidar Jakypbekov Hace 15 horas
Jennie ♥♥
Elisa Baronyan
Elisa Baronyan Hace 15 horas
I feel like the subtitles really helped me understand the song, I mean... [ singing in Korean ] that’s a good translation tho.
Wan Zacs
Wan Zacs Hace 14 horas
Rapping in korean 🤣
En Gnourt
En Gnourt Hace 15 horas
Rosé proving why she is the MAIN VOCAL
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