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Paris Hilton

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We thought we knew Paris Hilton. We were wrong. This is the untold true story that shaped the woman, and the iconic character she created. Stream it free September 14 with ads on ESshow or sign up for ESshow Premium to watch the Extended cut. Learn more at: Check out ESshow Premium at: esshow.infoorigi... See if Premium is available in your country at:

Steven Rice
Steven Rice Hace 54 segundos
A while back I never would have admitted this, I was a fan then you kinda faded away. I saw this video on ESshow and had to watch. Paris your one of the strongest people I’ve never met. The saying “You’ve come along way “ doesn’t come close after watching this! YOU are a Worrier! I hope all the Best to you. Love Steven
Linda Hace 9 minutos
That relationship is so funny nd ridiculous.
BlueEyed Scorpio
BlueEyed Scorpio Hace 11 minutos
*Love you, Paris!!* 😘😘
Ich Ich
Ich Ich Hace 11 minutos
caribbean queen
caribbean queen Hace 12 minutos
Her PARENTS are fing Crazy,they send her away to be tortured to save their own face in siciety.
Bricka Crick
Bricka Crick Hace 13 minutos
fu youtube jfc
dianneckcu Hace 15 minutos
Wow, her mom is fear driven by her own admission, they went for repression of Paris who was behaving like a normal rebellious teenager. Damn stupid parents. Assuming normal human behaviour during teenage years is abberant and needs treatment. WTF? And now Paris is working herself to death to hide from her feelings. I hope she gets some help and healing from the abuse.
ミステリアスeri.の。 Hace 16 minutos
I watched a documentary on ESshow from Little Hilton to Paris. You have a wonderful heart and you are always shining. You are really cute, beautiful and lovely. I'm proud again! I would love to meet you when you come to Japan. Please rest your mind slowly. From Little Hilton.
Aby apa
Aby apa Hace 17 minutos
She seems so cold I hope she finds a person she could be 100% herself with
MegaAkselerator Hace 21 un minuto
She is getting a bit old for acting like a little girl like that..
Dennis Rod
Dennis Rod Hace 23 minutos
This was the most inspirational docufilm I’ve ever seen. I always knew I loved Paris, but now I feel a true connection with a celebrity for the first time. I was sent to a reform school in my teens as well & I felt like I haven’t processed it fully just like Paris. The fact that she’s shedding light into this is amazing. This video deserves far more recognition
BiancaF Hace 23 minutos
Paris, you are so amazing!
97warlock ismyname
97warlock ismyname Hace 27 minutos
Well ofcoarse theres a lots more to her than what the media use to show.
A Glass of Freshly Squeezed Ass Juice
A Glass of Freshly Squeezed Ass Juice Hace 28 minutos
she did not start movement of paparazzi following every step of someone, Kim should lear a little history. Those LA people...
Nell111111 Hace 28 minutos
Kym O'Driscoll
Kym O'Driscoll Hace 30 minutos
Sad that she's still obsessed by money. She won't be happy until she reaches a billion dollars? But basically she was abused as a teenager. Her parents failed her. The root of all her insecurities started then.
Annaka Wilski
Annaka Wilski Hace 34 minutos
no matter how seemingly cold and tough her sister comes across, we must accept that a siblings trauma impacts an entire family. the knock-on effect of Paris’ behaviour would have affected Nicky’s childhood. The emotionally disconnected way in which their parents addressed Paris’ difficulties would have also applied to her sister.
Rosie Zazzara
Rosie Zazzara Hace 34 minutos
I hope you can train to modify your nightmares into beautiful dreams Paris I did I hardly ever dream terrible dreams I can not even tell you when was the last nightmare because i modified it to go my way where the bad guys turn into the best beings ever
Marcos Vinicius Lima
Marcos Vinicius Lima Hace 36 minutos
Foda-se a vida de mais uma privilegiada chorando por ter nascido tao mal no sistema, pare de me recomendar fezes grudada na calça
STAR POWER BLU Hace 36 minutos
Paris being a Sagittarius Rising that’s one of your reason why you are extremely restless. You have a lot of energy and probably thinking a lot a night. Paris you may need to ground yourself and do some meditation. 💕💕💕
Yuanhan Yang
Yuanhan Yang Hace 37 minutos
The boyfriend part is so staged
Steve Hace 38 minutos
Wait what?? She’s a multi millionaire dj and she only brings one computer with no back up??
dianneckcu Hace 43 minutos
I'm here after Drew Barrymore's interview with you and I have no idea if you will see this, Paris... but if the animals make you feel happy then maybe that's who and what you could happily make your life's work about. You could work with and for all the critters and still be a star.
Jennifer B. Niles
Jennifer B. Niles Hace 43 minutos
Poor Paris. On top of it all her mother and sister are full blown narcissists. Completely cold and manipulative. Makes sense that the sister is married to a Rothschild. Such a shame for Paris. I pray that she distances herself from these toxic people in her life and heals from her awful experiences.
Dorian Thompson
Dorian Thompson Hace 44 minutos
Im not even related to You.....but im proud as f of you. Not only did you tell your story have grown up. This will help alot of people Paris. Itll make the conversations begin that never have started.......❤❤❤❤
MATHEUS FRANÇA Hace 45 minutos
Lisabel Hace 46 minutos
How can it be legal to give pills to 16 year olds? And how could her family leave her there without knowing what was going on.
This is not my real Name
This is not my real Name Hace 47 minutos
We all got problems or trauma one way or the other, but on top of that we also have to pay rent...
Malia Michelle
Malia Michelle Hace 48 minutos
Proud you Paris. Proud of you for breaking your silence. Proud of you for moving forward. You are helping many people and that is bigger than an dollar in this world.
Falcon Falcon
Falcon Falcon Hace 49 minutos
Rosie King
Rosie King Hace 50 minutos
Love you more Paris for doing this. Be you. It's the only way to enjoy and love life. The only way you win! The only competition we all have is ourselves!
Iylham Yushaak
Iylham Yushaak Hace 50 minutos
I am today years old your fan, Paris darling. No one deserves this. We got your back.
jujubliked Hace 51 un minuto
You are really strong, you deserve to be happy. You matter.
T Saxondale
T Saxondale Hace 52 minutos
Who cares? Is this all part of a re-boot or something? Spend your time on people who are making a real difference in the world, not just promoting their "brand"
keyang yanki
keyang yanki Hace 52 minutos
I hope she heals her inner child because the way she projected her insecurities onto the boyfriend was not nice. He seemed like a nice guy, just wanting to be acknowledged for all that he was doing for her but she lost it the minute she felt like he was trying to control her. Defense mechanisms built to protect yourself can sometimes sabotage your life if you’re not actively working to heal yourself. You will end up punishing everyone for your own unhealed wounds.
Barbora S
Barbora S Hace 52 minutos
Money will not make you happy....drop that goal....
Malia Michelle
Malia Michelle Hace 52 minutos
Of course it is Provo Utah. Seriously that is the most religious part of Utah. Every time I have to travel threw Provo I get a horrible feeling in my gut.
I G Hace 53 minutos
Theres some hoe in this documentary!
pez !
pez ! Hace 53 minutos
i really need to apologize: after seeing paris in „simple life“ i thought she is a spoiled brat with no respect. and i never understood why she is proud of this rude character she created. but now i understand. and im sorry for judging her! she went through so similar things like i did. and i have the same issues like her (only difference is i have only a few hundred dollars on my bank account). this shows you should not judge other people. and im sorry for that
Mo Ahmed m2kil
Mo Ahmed m2kil Hace 55 minutos