Event 1 & 2 - 2007 Reload and Corn Sack Sprint - 2020 CrossFit Games

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The hardest test in CrossFit Games history begins here. Five men. Five women. Three days of grueling competition. Grab snacks.
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Shannon McStormy
Shannon McStormy Hace 23 horas
I'm a grandmother now, but back when I was in college, we would do hill sprints repeatedly for martial arts training (no weight though). I have to go ice my legs after just watching that :-P If you have never done that sort thing you have no idea how much pain can result in your legs from the building up of lactic acid. Flat-out muscle failure is not uncommon. (Its also hard on your back. And again, back in the day some 30 years ago, we weren't carrying weight while we did it.) Goodness, and these guys and gals make it look easy, especially Toomey and Fraser. Great video, great commentary. I love it that CrossFit Games found a way to make some kind of competition happen, its very much in the spirit of the games to find a way to get it done. .
MikeCharlieAlpha Hace 2 días
these dudes are strong AF 10 unbroken muscle ups only broken by heavy ass push press? Lol damn!
Co Ngui
Co Ngui Hace 5 días
kayyomann Alabi
kayyomann Alabi Hace 5 días
i thought they were saying david's daughter, i was confused
Dwayne Madsen
Dwayne Madsen Hace 5 días
At the end of event one, Tia-Clair Toomey telling Haley Adams about her nose is a fine example of honor among elite athletes. My old brain wants to use the term "Sportsmanship" but I imagine that is no longer an acceptable term, especially with female competitors? It is a fine example of what she was talking about in the interview about how she wants to be known, the legacy she is hoping to establish.
Chloe Armstrong
Chloe Armstrong Hace 6 días
I didn't think they would be on, I'm gonna binge watch this now
Alex Valdivia
Alex Valdivia Hace 7 días
I feel they defiantly shouldn’t be able to cut through sections on the run smh...
Aurora Norling
Aurora Norling Hace 8 días
Loved hearing Corie’s story, thank you for telling it!
Alex Lusma
Alex Lusma Hace 10 días
39:00 lol
power house
power house Hace 12 días
Mathew is a beast because he's short compact and strong! That's such an advantage.
we know his voice
we know his voice Hace 13 días
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ابو حازم
ابو حازم Hace 13 días
E Rey
E Rey Hace 14 días
Tia is so far ahead.
Firman Bachtiyar
Firman Bachtiyar Hace 14 días
reebok covid crossfit games 2020 mat "crossfit mechine" fraser tia " crossfit lady" toomey
Danielle Harris
Danielle Harris Hace 15 días
I only watched to see if Froning somehow snuck out of individual retirement 😂
explorer4161 Hace 17 días
Those girls are gross.
Filda Vole
Filda Vole Hace 17 días
No rep was seen these days
Hank van Rose
Hank van Rose Hace 17 días
Isnt MR. Medeiros sung a "nothing gonna change my live for you in the end?"
Peter Parahuz
Peter Parahuz Hace 18 días
CF should have reserved wildcards to make the competition more exciting. Obviously for Vellner and Holte, although judging by the 'subtle' PR efforts, CF would have given it to Chandler Smith.
nicholas heffernan
nicholas heffernan Hace 21 un día
Yep amazing with male and female cross fit games nice one.....
CrossFit Games
CrossFit Games Hace 21 un día
Thank you!!
Manda Nedd
Manda Nedd Hace 23 días
How is Medeiros 21? I can’t believe it, nevertheless he is impressive. I love Tia, such an inspirational human being. Humble beautiful and fit/strong ❤️
Mark S
Mark S Hace 23 días
Alguien en español, que esté aqui disfrutando! 😁
Mark S
Mark S Hace 23 días
Me: Why the heck are they calling her catherine david's daughter all the time? Also me: Sees name which pops up at the finish, K.Davidsdottir
FAZE MATRIX TV Hace 24 días
Hardcore! Well done guys..
Naima de la feunte
Naima de la feunte Hace 25 días
I dont Understand is this feom 2007 or the 2020 Crossfit games?🤔
Merchant Designz
Merchant Designz Hace un mes
Mark S
Mark S Hace un mes
As we approach November and Next gen, I’ve decided the 2025 season is a good place to stop: this is the last season of this sim. We’ve been at it for months, and I thank everyone who’s come through. Let’s finish it. Come through! twitch.tv/dom_2k
SinOfPride Hace un mes
I knew Matt as something special when I saw his first season at the games and got 2nd place, he will leave a legacy like no other.
parth sharma workout & fitness nation
parth sharma workout & fitness nation Hace 17 días
Brian E Evans
Brian E Evans Hace un mes
What size grips are these guys using? They all look super long...
Tim Amyett
Tim Amyett Hace un mes
Corn sack is just how much pain can you take.
Steven Steel יְהֹוָה
Steven Steel יְהֹוָה Hace un mes
Fish Scales
Fish Scales Hace un mes
Wow wtf did I just watch atleast do the exercises right
Fish Scales
Fish Scales Hace 25 días
@Tokyo Morning dont need to there's plenty on ESshow
Tokyo Morning
Tokyo Morning Hace 25 días
@Fish Scales then post a vid of you doing each exercise with "correct" form and then we'll see then
Fish Scales
Fish Scales Hace 25 días
@Tokyo Morning the form is wrong it's too heavy for they're bodies to do correctly they're getting injured for being dumb
Tokyo Morning
Tokyo Morning Hace 25 días
are you like sped orrr...
Rory Moriarty-Scanlon
Rory Moriarty-Scanlon Hace un mes
I've no doubt these people are much fitter and stronger than the average person BUT do they have any standards at all when it comes to form? Some of those squats and OHP were just atrocious. Dont even get me started on their 'pull ups'. No other sport would accept it so why do they?
Steven Steel יְהֹוָה
Steven Steel יְהֹוָה Hace un mes
Bruh, they struggle to lift 20.5 Kilos in each side, they struggle to benchpress 120 Kilos and so on, and i'm not talking a soft struggle where you cringe your face and maybe your arms start twitching a little bit, i'm talking full on doing the stanky leg dance kind of struggle. Remember this my friend: Body deceaves people. You can look tough, but ARE you tough? - a Rhetorical question for you to meditate uppon.
Boris lo
Boris lo Hace un mes
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Hace un mes
Matt giving Tia some pre-game advice.....NO FUCKING WONDER SHE KILLED IT. Brooke or any others got a mental warm-up?
Wesley Gade
Wesley Gade Hace un mes
Can someone explain to me the point scheme and explain to me how it isn’t arbitrary? And why a simple 1-5 pt scheme wouldn’t have been appropriate? Thanks.
Julen Tejero Martinez
Julen Tejero Martinez Hace un mes
el juez cuando levanta la mano , quiere decir que le queda poco
Julen Tejero Martinez
Julen Tejero Martinez Hace un mes
esa mascarilla de reebok no es reglamentaria, free covid
Julen Tejero Martinez
Julen Tejero Martinez Hace un mes
operate la nariz presentadora,debes dar una imagen
Manual Batt
Manual Batt Hace un mes
Brooke has the best azz ... 4 sure !!
What's the point of this if you gotta take drugs!! To.preform..its all fake... This isn't a sport 🙄😐😑😣
GENETIC BEAST Hace 25 días
@Tokyo Morning yeah cheaters but not all sports,allow drug use get it man!! 😂 nor do you need it in every sport like badminton !! Lol or basket ball
Tokyo Morning
Tokyo Morning Hace 25 días
@GENETIC BEAST no, you should know every sport has someone or multiple people who use peds
GENETIC BEAST Hace 25 días
@Tokyo Morning no you are 😂
Tokyo Morning
Tokyo Morning Hace 25 días
@GENETIC BEAST are you like slow?
GENETIC BEAST Hace 25 días
@Tokyo Morning but yes people cheat like your elections 😂
Michael Harris
Michael Harris Hace un mes
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Space Coyote
Space Coyote Hace un mes
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Jesus is God
Jesus is God Hace un mes
Scorp1983 Hace un mes
I really miss the old events! 😒
Fourbie Sessions Australia
Fourbie Sessions Australia Hace un mes
No music , no crowds and five people per event am I still watching the crossfit games 🧐
Robert Leslie
Robert Leslie Hace un mes
Oh my burning quads.
A K Hace un mes
Adler is kind of a Dud
Jessica DePhillips
Jessica DePhillips Hace un mes
catherine davids daughter lmao at these subtitles
Rough House Gaming
Rough House Gaming Hace un mes
Lol cut that stupid bun off your head, it’s bad luck and looks stupid
kyle truchard
kyle truchard Hace un mes
The muscle ups and pullups of crossfit have always bothered me. "If you swing it saves energy" "If you can catch it high it's less of a press and saves you work." Then what's the point? They promote finding the easiest way to make It not an exercise, it's who can cheat rep it the most effectively.
Zach Logan
Zach Logan Hace un mes
CrossFit is a sport. When you see these athletes competing, they’re using the most efficient movements that meets the standards HQ sets. In the actual CrossFit gyms (at least mine), strict pull-ups (along with weighted) and strict muscle ups are programmed ALL THE TIME. It bothers me that they don’t just make them strict all the way through but I can vouch for the amount gymnastics training it takes to kip a muscle up. It’s a standard Olympic movement and it ain’t easy when you throw in volume.
aditya jain
aditya jain Hace un mes
What is musles developed a man Matt Fraser : haha
That Fit Vegan
That Fit Vegan Hace un mes
Whats the bag weight?
LA Power
LA Power Hace un mes
PriSimoes Hace un mes
It's getting kinda boring, always same winners, always same kinds of events....
Yasin eren
Yasin eren Hace un mes
ağırsağlamı ,tanersins i sheded leri salacan buraya
Mgd_Skits Hace un mes
i caught TWO child predators on my channel if any of you are interested!!
fraser is boring
Tim Taylor
Tim Taylor Hace un mes
tia and matt got those ped cycles perfected
D N Hace un mes
Signs of fatigue means you are not fit. #garbage
Tokyo Morning
Tokyo Morning Hace 25 días
signs of fatigue means hard work but you're not competing and are in a yt comment section
Joy Lucas
Joy Lucas Hace un mes
Matuwa tlg sken lalo boss q n hayaan q xa makipgsabayan p s crossfit gusto nun ang challenge eh. Matuwa un kc hayaan q lang xa at nauunawaan q late bloomer xa eh😁😁😁
Michael Hace un mes
These people shoulders will be blown out in a few years
Caden Phillippi
Caden Phillippi Hace un mes
i think it’s funny how in Tia’s intro Matt is just walking around in the background shirtless
Fake drug sport
MK Hace un mes
Wow I loved the story about Corie, that really inspired me, and reminds me of why I love the CrossFit community! Well done 👍🏾
Douglas Ferreira
Douglas Ferreira Hace un mes
These women could lift a lot havier than 145lb at event 1.
Гулжахан Аймуратова
Гулжахан Аймуратова Hace un mes
Mi mnjio
Daniel Makhlouf
Daniel Makhlouf Hace un mes
Is it me or medeiros looks like denver from money heist
Rian Hidayat
Rian Hidayat Hace un mes
The real deep web👉esshow.info/watch/BEKLxwmLu_g/v-deo.html
School account
School account Hace un mes
Me: Why the heck are they calling her catherine david's daughter all the time? Also me: Sees name which pops up at the finish, K.Davidsdottir
S O N J A Hace un mes
@BlackInkElla yup. It's pretty cool.
BlackInkElla Hace un mes
The Iceland tradition is to call the child "fathers Name"Daughter or "Fathers Name"Son so you are right her Name IS Katrin David's Daughter!
S O N J A Hace un mes
Rosita Paulo
Rosita Paulo Hace un mes
I thought the exact same thing😂
simplicity sions
simplicity sions Hace un mes
these women look like men.. they need to lay off the weight lifting
The Big One
The Big One Hace un mes
Holy crap! These people are so jacked! Look at those traps and delts! How do I look like that? Should I take PEDs too? Wow!
Nneon Knightt
Nneon Knightt Hace un mes
Are there no fit people of color...? At least there’s women. Smh.
Game Account
Game Account Hace un mes
First rule of Cross Fit. Tell everyone you ever meet even strangers on the street.
Aaron Hace un mes
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Forgotten One
Forgotten One Hace un mes
Drive able bench gang esshow.info/watch/mefCrd23E_Q/v-deo.html.
Mykola Rieland
Mykola Rieland Hace un mes
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Bahel Wear
Bahel Wear Hace un mes
Freely Chris
Freely Chris Hace un mes
Really esshow.info/watch/ZFiLAwFrkXM/v-deo.html
LOTUSELISE340R Hace un mes
Excuse me while I bro out for a while, bros.
Steven August
Steven August Hace un mes
There's more doping here than in the IWF.
Miguel D
Miguel D Hace un mes
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h nikolas
h nikolas Hace un mes
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T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance Hace un mes
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No Pe
No Pe Hace un mes
Exercise is not a sport.
Julio Mendes
Julio Mendes Hace un mes
hum too much testosterone
Diobigilda Ortiz
Diobigilda Ortiz Hace un mes
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We Can Draw Cute
We Can Draw Cute Hace un mes
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Tim Palmer
Tim Palmer Hace un mes
Do these guys take anavar like the women or what? What are they taking to be so big and also fit?
raddit Hace un mes
Destiny Bennett
Destiny Bennett Hace un mes
Matt Frazier is a BEAST 😱👏🏾
The Messenger
The Messenger Hace un mes
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Krista Grym
Krista Grym Hace un mes
gbhnhg gt
gbhnhg gt Hace un mes
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julia just
julia just Hace un mes
Corie's story was amazing. Thanks for including that.
Kr Br
Kr Br Hace un mes
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