[페이스캠4K] 스트레이 키즈 현진 '神메뉴' (Stray Kids 'God's Menu' HYUNJIN FaceCam)│@SBS Inkigayo_2020.7.5

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스브스케이팝 / SBS KPOP

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[페이스캠4K] 스트레이 키즈 현진 '神메뉴' (Stray Kids 'God's Menu' HYUNJIN FaceCam)│@SBS Inkigayo_2020.7.5
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Celeste Martinez
Celeste Martinez Hace un hora
I was so dumb searching for their wins, I just realized they didn’t win any wtffffffffffffffffffffff is this for real?
황현진 나라세우자 _
황현진 나라세우자 _ Hace 4 horas
1:44 자기야 그렇게 하트뿅 날리고 미소지어주면 내 심장 날아가요 ..🥰
Yoya Valentina
Yoya Valentina Hace un día
0:15 his smile omg! 0:28 cuty eyes role 0:57 how could fixing mics looking so hot 1:43 wowww this is new, i just found he did it in this part 2:20 yasss sonimmmm!! Dududu braaaahhhhh!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥
황현진 나라세우자 _
황현진 나라세우자 _ Hace un día
아 진짜 춤출때한번 치이고 표정에 치이고 웃을때 또 치이고 레알 이게 심쿵이지 황현진 개사랑해❤️❤️❤️
JJ *
JJ * Hace un día
냉미남중 최고인듯.....후....나 어카냐 빠져벌임 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Oasis Hace un día
이 직캠이 레전드네........
웅뇸뇸 Hace un día
썸넬 그렇게 하트 날리면 안들어 올 수없자나...
ellipsis Hace 2 días
Do I like the song a lot or am I obsessed with hyunjin I will never know
시험싫어 Hace 3 días
하트 날리고 웃는거에 1번치이고 바로 표정 정색하는거에 섹시해서 2번치이고 춤을 너무 잘춰서 3번치임...
Olivia Hace 3 días
아 진짜 나 이번 컴백 의상 너무 좋아 ㅜㅜ 스타일리스트님 칭찬해요👏👏
Inaayah Hace 3 días
Honestly I'm living for the expressions
Sofia Brylunova
Sofia Brylunova Hace 5 días
1:44 his adorable smile 🥺
MMSR Me Hace 6 días
어서오십쇼 할 때 표정 진짜 귀여워...
lamkyun Hace 6 días
es uste muy guapo mi pana bendiciones
Hasan Hasan
Hasan Hasan Hace 6 días
Oh my gosh hyunjin expression 👍😍
용복이짱팬 Hace 7 días
이 날 현진이 레전드 너무 귀여워ㅠㅠ
Jed Chia
Jed Chia Hace 7 días
wow....hyunjin that smile ....melt me
김연이 Hace 7 días
만화에서 튀어나온 내 이상형^^
Nathália Diôgo
Nathália Diôgo Hace 8 días
It´s like he is not only dancing, he is interpreting the song, that swag is next level
Kim Yeontan
Kim Yeontan Hace 8 días
If you're alive after this, you're stronger than you think
i want to be a singer
i want to be a singer Hace 8 días
i really like this stage outfit
6 6
6 6 Hace 8 días
현진아 누나 아프다 상사병일까? ..🥺😭
Elifnur Durmaz
Elifnur Durmaz Hace 9 días
1:44 I literally cHOCKED
farah fauziyyah
farah fauziyyah Hace 9 días
Aww Hyunjin’s pony tail was like “ttuing ttuingg”
Felix Lee
Felix Lee Hace 9 días
0:54 아 ㅅㅂ 박살 내고있는거 내 심장
yeosang lines stan
yeosang lines stan Hace 10 días
Hes flawless gosh.
If I wore a pony like his, I would look like crap. I am a failure
Rima Aouadi
Rima Aouadi Hace 10 días
Fans need to appreciate dance line fancams more, and for god's sake stop saying *All SKZ are main dancers* because yeah i know you love them so much but it makes the actual main dancers no different even though they trained for dancing the mosy ! And side note Felix is also a part of the dance line so please appreciate him too
san is the sunshine next to haechan
san is the sunshine next to haechan Hace 10 días
ik ik. stays label changbin and han as main rappers (definetely), seungmin as the main vocal (along with some of the members too tho) but they just can't say sumth that all skz are main dancers. yes we're hyping them up but saying that into baby stays or with no context...it makes the dance line similar to other members when in comes to technical dancing when in fact they are (main) trained in dancing for so how many years.
Jannelle Rivera
Jannelle Rivera Hace 10 días
There’s no fancam of his that he does not issues with his mic.
yeosang lines stan
yeosang lines stan Hace 10 días
Its understable look at how he moves.
지향 Hace 12 días
아 진짜 사랑해
Sahab Jarquín
Sahab Jarquín Hace 12 días
1:43 don't mind me, just marking the precise moment I lost my heart to this talented young man
이진주 Hace 12 días
손하트 날리는거 심😙쿵
youknowbts? Hace 14 días
Hyunjin's half ponytail hair isn't just helping I-
akmoor ysmailova
akmoor ysmailova Hace 14 días
Он огонь он цветок он инопланетянин
san is the sunshine next to haechan
san is the sunshine next to haechan Hace 14 días
i missed you on stage but rest and be healthyy
imnotmakingvideosrry Hace 14 días
Sunshine Hobi
Sunshine Hobi Hace 15 días
His smile is so BEAUTIFUL
Faith Ditmars
Faith Ditmars Hace 15 días
The way he smiles makes me smile. And I have an unhealthy obsession over his dancing and hairstyle
Amory Nyan
Amory Nyan Hace 16 días
Какой же он красивый и забавный
Ryuu Zhi
Ryuu Zhi Hace 16 días
So i am not the only one who watch here for his facial expressions? What i love about his dance is the fact he enjoy his performance..
굿모닝 Hace 16 días
매일 하루일과가 현진직캠보기. 신메뉴 뮤비도 많이 봐 주세요^^
혜지니 Hace 16 días
마이크조정하는거 왜멋있음 근데 계속하는거보니까 불편한가ㅜ
denise gonzalez
denise gonzalez Hace 16 días
i’d be lying if i said i didn’t watch this entire video at .75x speed because his facial expressions are *chef’s kiss*
ᄒᄒᄒ Hace 17 días
누나 운다 진짜아ㅏㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅜ현진아아ㅠㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜㅠ
Valeria Aylén Cipra Adrianzén
Valeria Aylén Cipra Adrianzén Hace 17 días
This man is pure art , OMG is he real? :3
La Duchess
La Duchess Hace 18 días
Hyunjin hairstylist should get raised
Nishad Ahmed
Nishad Ahmed Hace 18 días
Why Is He So Sexy........ 🥵😍😍
Victor Loera
Victor Loera Hace 19 días
he's cute and he knows it
Cyanide Pandemonium
Cyanide Pandemonium Hace 19 días
1:39 1:42 1:49
허브쏠트 Hace 19 días
이게 뭔노랜가 했는데 들을수록 괜찮네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 염색장발로는 원탑인듯 👍👍👍👍
자니크로니 Hace 19 días
i live only for hyunjin's ponytail
g jdfh
g jdfh Hace 19 días
이형 웰케 이뻐???? 반했숴..
Niakook Bangtan Dimash
Niakook Bangtan Dimash Hace 19 días
Hyunjin's blond hair is my new obsession
little cat felix
little cat felix Hace 19 días
아진짜 개잘생겼다...하루종일 황현진 영상만 보고있어
박동현 Hace 20 días
위즈원인데 민주 직장동료 너무 잘생겨서 보고갑니다 ㄹㅇ 남자가 봐도 존잘이네 민주 잘 부탁드려요 형
굿모닝 Hace 16 días
민주님 예뻐요. 음중엠씨 케미가 좋아 시청률 지붕킥했으면 좋겠어요.
스테이マキ Hace 20 días
초반에 웃는거뭐야 귀여워죽겠네 한국인들 주접댓 좀 많이써줘 외국인댓밖에안보이냐어째
Amollang Hace 20 días
장발 누가시킨건가요 진짜 상하좌우로 절받으세요,, 그냥 그리스로마신화네,,
Puan Maharani
Puan Maharani Hace 20 días
ue kira pakai baju koko flish...
고추도 작은주제에 대들어보자면.
고추도 작은주제에 대들어보자면. Hace 20 días
앙큼허니.. 마음이 꽉 채워지네..~,ㅎㅎ
김은영 Hace 20 días
진짜 신인가, 진짜 너무 잘생겼는데, 진짜 너무 장생겨서 좋아하는 건 이례적인데