Kylie Jenner: Grinch Cupcakes with Stormi

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Kylie Jenner

Hace 11 días

In celebration of my KYLIE X GRINCH collection launching today, Stormi and I made Grinch cupcakes!
Shop my limited edition Grinch holiday collection at today at 3pm PST

venugopal kg
venugopal kg Hace 6 minutos
Media Now
Media Now Hace 42 minutos
Stormi so cute.... Check link
Suvagnika Mitra
Suvagnika Mitra Hace 43 minutos
Looking cute
Morena Alvarado
Morena Alvarado Hace 48 minutos
Tan linda la stormi;)
tylie riddy
tylie riddy Hace un hora
*eats cupcake with a fork*
MC Makeup
MC Makeup Hace un hora
Such a cute video !
julia jun jun
julia jun jun Hace 2 horas
Jun'eun'- 👍👍👍💜💜💜💜
Febby Padrisah
Febby Padrisah Hace 2 horas
Bayangkan bahwa dirimu adalah stormi gengs🔥
Quai Nelson
Quai Nelson Hace 2 horas
Can you make a party I love the dance with me and I love you have a sister Stormy is so cute can I get a cool I love you I’m your biggest biggest fan I just got done with writing your family need to but no I am inclined to go to San Luis BBQ bless the ditch👌☺️⚡️🌈
Janiyia Hace 2 horas
kylie i love you now & always and your baby girl is so precious to me
clynzkii Hace 2 horas
Sorry but my eyes is tricking me, the cupcakes looks like 💩 to me... 🤭✌🏻
Vyolette Pierce
Vyolette Pierce Hace 2 horas
Parenting done right 🥺 their relationship looks so healthy goddamn
Fatma Samy
Fatma Samy Hace 2 horas
Stormi is the cutest kid in the world ❤️❤️
rogelio preciado
rogelio preciado Hace 3 horas
Rocio Valdivia
Rocio Valdivia Hace 3 horas
Ivy Jefridin
Ivy Jefridin Hace 3 horas
"sAAAve the dayy" oml i love herrr lol
kiahhandevaa Hace 3 horas
the cutest mother and daughter relationship
kiahhandevaa Hace 3 horas
kylie is actually such a great mom
EMELY JIMENEZ Hace 4 horas
Kiley can you post a video a day in Stormis life please
ASW ASW Hace 4 horas
That kid is so cute.
val baby bunny
val baby bunny Hace 4 horas
nickyscarfo1 Hace 4 horas
Gloria Ines Triana Feria
Gloria Ines Triana Feria Hace 5 horas
Sophia Chou
Sophia Chou Hace 5 horas
Recette svp?
Jen Jackson
Jen Jackson Hace 5 horas
What ever...
Aneri Hace 5 horas
So wholesome 🥰🥰🥰🥰
alysha r
alysha r Hace 6 horas
“bye that camera” 🥺🥺
Irena Petrovic
Irena Petrovic Hace 6 horas
Stormi is so cute.❤❤❤😘
Jada Wilkins
Jada Wilkins Hace 6 horas
r h I a n n o n d r e b a u m
r h I a n n o n d r e b a u m Hace 7 horas
ℕ𝕠𝕨 𝕚 𝕨𝕒𝕟𝕥 𝕒 𝕜𝕚𝕕☹️
user 1426
user 1426 Hace 7 horas
mulianti Hace 7 horas
Stormi is soooooo cute! I wish she will always be happy in her life
İREMKEE Hace 7 horas
uwu ❤
Angela Fernandez
Angela Fernandez Hace 7 horas
Idc what any one says. Kylie is such an amazing mother. Look how well mannered stormi is. And like she’s so cuteeee
Krupa Patel
Krupa Patel Hace 7 horas
Stormi: u got this mommy She is so cute 🥺🥺🥺
claudia marrero
claudia marrero Hace 8 horas
when she said ur so beautiful my heart sank
Chef Jaylin
Chef Jaylin Hace 8 horas
She sounds different for some reason
Melissa Moncada
Melissa Moncada Hace 8 horas
She is the most beautiful grandchild Kris has. Just gorgeous.
Manu Lima
Manu Lima Hace 8 horas
omg stormi is so cutie 🥺💕
Soy Quesito
Soy Quesito Hace 8 horas
He is so adorable 😍 🥺✨✨💕
ShenMunk Hace 8 horas
Hate those nails
Liza Mouffock
Liza Mouffock Hace 8 horas
Stormi is so cute she can talk realy good english
Chibers 333
Chibers 333 Hace 8 horas
Such a good mom, lots of love
Karianne Goodman
Karianne Goodman Hace 9 horas
The only problem I had w this video was the amount of icing in that bag lol. And that the top wasn’t twisted and secured so that the icing won’t run up and out. Ya know? Yeah other than that her baby is so cute. And I love the kitchen.
Faseeha K
Faseeha K Hace 9 horas
Kylie is such a great mom
Saira Silva
Saira Silva Hace 9 horas
Seré yo la única que habla español ? :|
Lea Rose
Lea Rose Hace 9 horas
I hope stormy can finish her cupcake :/
g Hace 9 horas
Welp no one spilled the vanilla extract
B W Hace 9 horas
Imma be honest I only come to her channel to see these videos 💞
supremeducc Hace 9 horas
shiemah kincy
shiemah kincy Hace 10 horas
These stormi videos are life ❤️❤️❤️
BLACK PlNK Hace 10 horas
I don't have money to buy a camera or anything. I am a poor person and I have my brother not moving. Please support me on a channel
BLACK PlNK Hace 10 horas
I don't have money to buy a camera or anything. I am a poor person and I have my brother not moving. Please support me on a channel
BLACK PlNK Hace 10 horas
I don't have money to buy a camera or anything. I am a poor person and I have my brother not moving. Please support me on a channel
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life Hace 10 horas
*So Many White Sisters Who Produce Black Kids Makes Me Sick*
Lemia Mezouar
Lemia Mezouar Hace 10 horas
We love you kylie but we all here for stormy she is sooo adorable
QUINIAH KING Hace 10 horas
Kylie can you make Stormi an Merch company like not putting a lot of stuff out there but where can I go to get an Stormi merch and I’m a fan of you and be safe love you
Isadora Demski
Isadora Demski Hace 10 horas
she warms my heart and she is so smart and has great manners.
Claire FitzSimons
Claire FitzSimons Hace 10 horas
Cooking w kylie Sign to make it official
Perviz Eliyev
Perviz Eliyev Hace 10 horas
gi v
gi v Hace 10 horas
adorable :)
emxly Hace 10 horas
stormi has grown so much! 🥺
Angie Ivezaj
Angie Ivezaj Hace 10 horas
I love Stormi so much lmaooo she’s so cute, not to mention how good of a mom Kylie is.
Robin Wilson
Robin Wilson Hace 10 horas
Storming is a darling sweetheart ♥️ So polite, well mannered and articulate at such a young age. You can tell they adore each other ♥️♥️
LizzDraws_ Hace 11 horas
This is the most wholesome thing I have ever seen
Andrea Grant
Andrea Grant Hace 11 horas
Stromi is so cute
Dragon Master
Dragon Master Hace 11 horas
Ah yes teaching women to cook and stay in the kitchen at a young age
Yasmin Ramos
Yasmin Ramos Hace 11 horas
this is very cutee 🥺🥺
Carla Catarina
Carla Catarina Hace 12 horas
Omggg ❤️❤️
Lynelle Murray
Lynelle Murray Hace 12 horas
Stormi is beautiful and super smart I love the green sparkly outfit Kylie wore it's stunning also the Grinch outfits are so cute I want one
Himanshi Bharti
Himanshi Bharti Hace 12 horas
Let's be honest nobody came here for the recipe
kaity pashling
kaity pashling Hace 13 horas
kylie is literally such a good mom, tell me otherwise.
Katherine Mena
Katherine Mena Hace 13 horas
Kylie I’m so proud of who you’ve become you’re an amazing person and mother to Stormi I’m so impressed by how smart she is ❤️
Bruna Soares Lima Viana
Bruna Soares Lima Viana Hace 14 horas
Hi, anyone else who speaks Portuguese here ??
Natasja Antonissen
Natasja Antonissen Hace 14 horas
Soooo sweeaaaaat stormi💋💋💋💋💋
Rumeysa Göksel
Rumeysa Göksel Hace 14 horas
niye türkçe altyazı yok
Daniel Cartwright
Daniel Cartwright Hace 14 horas
Kylie is such a good mom!Its a girl I’m on my dads account btw!
Loved🥰 Hace 14 horas
Omg,Stormi is the cutest kid ever!🤍🐥
Dolce Valentine
Dolce Valentine Hace 14 horas
Oh wow both of you deed a great job with hose cupcakes they are so delicious & yummy i love it 🧁😋♥️💯
Laiba Rasul
Laiba Rasul Hace 14 horas
Stormi s heart is pure gold
K Huyatid
K Huyatid Hace 14 horas
I love youuh stormii 😍😍😍🥺🥺🥺 please bake more with mommy ❤️
Fatima Gonzalez
Fatima Gonzalez Hace 14 horas
Stormy 🤭🤭🤭
phong hữu
phong hữu Hace 15 horas
OMG!!! stormi is adorable !!! I love her
Faith Wood
Faith Wood Hace 15 horas
Stormi looks like exactly like kylie it’s unreal!
Mariah Sellars
Mariah Sellars Hace 15 horas
“You got this mommy”🥺❤️
Diya Penner
Diya Penner Hace 15 horas
Stormi and her sprinkles I love them both
Mary Scammell
Mary Scammell Hace 15 horas
Name a better duo. I'll wait.....
Damla Hace 15 horas
So cute🙈❤
Team Leen
Team Leen Hace 15 horas
very nice & cute Baby❤😊 I Love you Kylie
Eylen Villalona
Eylen Villalona Hace 15 horas
kylie KNOWS how to raise her child. the fact that storms isn’t rude or impatient, says “you’re welcome” and she’s only 2!! also how she complimented her mommy is just 🥺🥺 love everything about this duo.
Tessa Nash
Tessa Nash Hace 16 horas
What brand is that bowl? My son and I make sugar cookies all the time and would love a mixing bowl like that. Thank you and Merry Christmas!
what the hell did I do
what the hell did I do Hace 16 horas
does grinch know what's going on? like she brings out a collection and does cupcakes and grinch isn't even there at all?! unrespectful!
Charli D’Amelio Dunkin
Charli D’Amelio Dunkin Hace 16 horas
Stormi is so cute!!!
Plutarco Gomez
Plutarco Gomez Hace 16 horas
Kaycie With ie
Kaycie With ie Hace 16 horas
Roxyl Policher
Roxyl Policher Hace 17 horas
stormi is so adorable
Nasara Nasamu
Nasara Nasamu Hace 17 horas
Most respectful celeb kid i’ve seen
Raman Balkiss
Raman Balkiss Hace 17 horas
I'm 15 and when i see Kylie with stormy it makes me wanna be a mother😔❤️❤️😍😭
the drolanimator
the drolanimator Hace 17 horas
you maybe dont like kylie, but you have to accept she's a nice mom
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