Jessi (제시) - '눈누난나 (NUNU NANA)' MV

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Jessi (제시) - '눈누난나 (NUNU NANA)' MV
MV Executive Producer: P NATION
MV Director: Kwon Yong Soo @ SACCHARIN FILM
Composed by: 유건형, 페노메코(PENOMECO), 전병일
Lyrics by: Jessi, PSY, Illson (더블케이), 페노메코(PENOMECO), DAMIAN, johnjohn, JAE RO
Arranged by: 유건형, 전병일, 강필성
Mixed by Stay Tuned @ Stay Tuned Studio
Mastered by 성지훈 @ JFS Mastering
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Jenifer Franco *Nenny*
Jenifer Franco *Nenny* Hace 5 horas
Eu não consigo mais parar de ouvir essa música ahhh... Jessi maravilhosaaaaa
Renjun can step on me, kay?
Renjun can step on me, kay? Hace 5 horas
I've listened to this about 20 times today and i have no shame
Liz Gonzalez
Liz Gonzalez Hace 5 horas
Me encanta que le este yendo tan bien :))))
lua a
lua a Hace 5 horas
anita é você?????kkkkkkkkkkk *brincadeira!!*
Kazhaw_19y• Mate
Kazhaw_19y• Mate Hace 5 horas
I hope one day she will collaborate with (One) . I dont know i just think it would look really cool and soft
오힣오호힣 Hace 5 horas
kpop에 외국인이 왜 일케 많지...
Kaylin Lahnoy
Kaylin Lahnoy Hace 5 horas
Henry watching this like 👁👅👁
Kim Xx
Kim Xx Hace 5 horas
I'm too addicted now to this song I keep screaming nunu nana everywhere. Honestly this song is soooo catchy
VxJJK_ bts
VxJJK_ bts Hace 5 horas
This woman is a queen. Periodt.
구너 Hace 5 horas
마지막 장면에서 이효리가 쌘 언니 타이틀을 제시한테 넘겨주는 것 같네요
they call me baepsae
they call me baepsae Hace 5 horas
Nour Hace 5 horas
Misell Rojas
Misell Rojas Hace 5 horas
En serio me encanta la canción, voy ya como 5 días seguidos obsesionada escuchándola muchísimas veces al día en bucle porque simplemente no me canso de escucharla❤😸✨ Jessi Is the best✨❤😼
Nour Hace 5 horas
Arthur Rodrigues
Arthur Rodrigues Hace 5 horas
0:10 I love camel toe.
Lyka Rochelle Gahid
Lyka Rochelle Gahid Hace 5 horas
one of the Queen B’s!!! 🤪
jo' Hace 5 horas
Diosa Jessi♡♡
much love
much love Hace 5 horas
The one who dislikes is the one who cant twerk like Jessi .
Maru Iron
Maru Iron Hace 5 horas
난 스페인어인줄 알았네
caca sarman
caca sarman Hace 5 horas
this is so addictive
amjad. Hace 6 horas
اشوف المقطع باليوم اكثر من مره وهاذا انا مو فان (:
haikyuu everyday makes me a little okay
haikyuu everyday makes me a little okay Hace 6 horas
Bop of the year!!!
james lucero
james lucero Hace 6 horas
This Queen deserves so much more than these views. This song is def a BOOOOP!!!!! This song deserves awards and should be topping all charts!!! Let’s help noona get what she deserves please?!!! 😭😭😭😭 Jebal!!! Not your typical kpop song!! Not your typical kpop artist!! AND MIND YOU, I’VE BEEN SINGING THIS FOR THE PAST DAYS AND I CAN’T SEEM TO GET THIS SONG OUT OF MY SYSTEM!!!! 😭😭😭😭 I love her so much that I am watching all the shows that she’s at!!!!
lasham khawnja
lasham khawnja Hace 6 horas
i am your fan now
V-Stan Hace 6 horas
tata's dad
tata's dad Hace 6 horas
the only reason people wouldn't like jessi is because of misogyny or rasicm.
《Ana Moon》
《Ana Moon》 Hace 6 horas
Al investigar la letra me impresionó mucho , que tal manera de expresarse , me encantó mucho..esta canción es para todos los odiosos que no dejan en paz a nuestra queridisima jessi #ARTE #JESSI #ILOVEYOU☆
HeSsA SONE Hace 6 horas
Why hyori looks like dara here hhhhh
Valentina Diaz Ruiz
Valentina Diaz Ruiz Hace 6 horas
Merece más reconocimiento Es muy talentosa
CARAT Hace 6 horas
رعب حقيقي
Andrea MH
Andrea MH Hace 6 horas
Andrea MH
Andrea MH Hace 6 horas
Girl, you did it again👑
Dark Swan
Dark Swan Hace 6 horas
OMG! Is that Lee Hyo-Ri at the end ?! 😭😍😍😍
kim Dina_ jm
kim Dina_ jm Hace 6 horas
نيكي ميناج فرح كوريا😂😂
Holo Hace 6 horas
Nueva fan ❤️
Madelin Tovar
Madelin Tovar Hace 6 horas
Cristina Alarcos
Cristina Alarcos Hace 6 horas
Donghyuck Stay&Nctzen
Donghyuck Stay&Nctzen Hace 6 horas
Jessi i think i love you omg queen 🥵🥵👑
osher gamliel
osher gamliel Hace 6 horas
The new nicki minaj of korea hahaha
Clara Hace 6 horas
Bem dancinha de tik tok amo kk ♥️♥️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
LasagnaGaming808 Hace 6 horas
She's like the kpop Nicki Minaj lol. Pls don't give me hate just an opinion..
Rebecca Hace 6 horas
im obsessed with the rolling r sound
킹베이비 Hace 7 horas
와 진짜 효리는 안밀리네
Ef Keme
Ef Keme Hace 7 horas
One week of continuous listening makes me wilder than beforeeeee. Stan hardeeeeer
ana clara;
ana clara; Hace 7 horas
essa música é literalmente um hino! CADÊ OS BR??!
cb97 Hace 7 horas
i love thisssss
Rosé Blackpink
Rosé Blackpink Hace 7 horas
I keep on repeating 'That's why I'm Nunu Nana' all the time. Someone help me🌱
이아라 Hace 7 horas
그래서 눈안왔나
Mal Nal
Mal Nal Hace 7 horas
Emmmmm this is so desgusting 🤮🤮🤮
개누나날짱 Hace 7 horas
이효리 노래임?
Keri85 Hace 7 horas
This song is amazing!! So catchy, can’t stop playing it! This Noona approves!
전자이다 Hace 7 horas
Get that win for jessi guys. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Mal Nal
Mal Nal Hace 7 horas
Nicky Minaj
ohsehunisbae Hace 7 horas
She's so pretty omg
Mal Nal
Mal Nal Hace 7 horas
BLINK ARMY Hace 7 horas
Ricardo Mendoza
Ricardo Mendoza Hace 7 horas
I remember when jessi Fart in the rap contest .. 😂😂😂
tira tira
tira tira Hace 7 horas its a french dance cover jessi
Daniela Fuentes
Daniela Fuentes Hace 7 horas
Jessi is like the korean version of Nicki Minaj lol
Hwgqhqh Hshwhwhwh
Hwgqhqh Hshwhwhwh Hace 7 horas
This is very good song
Hwgqhqh Hshwhwhwh
Hwgqhqh Hshwhwhwh Hace 7 horas
Comee to turkeyyyy