Billie Eilish - party favor (Audio)

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Listen to "party favor" from “dont smile at me":
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Music video by Billie Eilish performing party favor. (C) 2017 Darkroom/Interscope Records

Danica Birol
Danica Birol Hace 6 horas
someone: Hey, leave a message me: *starts singing*
Olivia Pappas
Olivia Pappas Hace 18 horas
Olivia Pappas
Olivia Pappas Hace 18 horas
amazing bill
your typical vlogger
your typical vlogger Hace un día
this song makes me wanna cry so much......
shaan singla music
shaan singla music Hace 2 días
me: *plays song* my mom: WHO U CALLIN?
Kennedy Sherron
Kennedy Sherron Hace 2 días
Wolfyxses Hace 3 días
“Happy birthday by the way” It hits different when it’s actually your birthday lolol
Rose Marie Delantar
Rose Marie Delantar Hace 3 días
ilove youuuuu my king🖤💚
Swiftshade Hace 3 días
"You just want what you cant have, me bi*h" - Billie
Goose Hace 5 días
Idk who needs to hear this but you are enough don’t change for anyone you are you and you are perfect❤️
I. Munoz
I. Munoz Hace 5 días
This is a odd song she doesn’t do manny songs like this
Vania Sokya
Vania Sokya Hace 5 días
I'm here for my birthday today. September 22, 2020
alessa xiomara
alessa xiomara Hace 6 días
Bibiana Mtz
Bibiana Mtz Hace 6 días
Today is my daughter happy birthday! Please say happy birthday to her
Fabiha Sabrin
Fabiha Sabrin Hace 6 días
This is the most sarcastic song ever! Like send this to your boyfriend and DONE. You guys successfully broke up
Izzy Eilish
Izzy Eilish Hace 7 días
Me sitting here playing this song on the ukulele over and over again 👁👄👁
Sadie Bird
Sadie Bird Hace 7 días
People watch this song now 😻😹😽
Sadie Bird
Sadie Bird Hace 7 días
Amazing 😉
Aliyah Tulay
Aliyah Tulay Hace 7 días
one of my favorites
l-:*Mĕğ*:-l Hace 7 días
Lyrics: Hey,call me back When u get this Or when u got a minute We really need to talk Wait,u know what Maybe just forget it Cuz by the time u get this Ur number might be blocked ,,Stay'' and ,,blah,blah,blah'' U just want,what you cant have No way,i'll call the cops If u don't stop, i'll call your dad And i hate to do this to u on your birthday Happy birthday,by the way ,,Its not you, its me'' and all that other bulls*it U know thats bulls*it Dont'cha babe? *Im not your party favor* Look,now i know We could've done it better But we cant change the weather When the weathers come and gone Books dont make sense if u read them backwords You'll single out the wrong words Like u mishear all my songs You'll hear ,,stay'' and ,,blah,blah,blah'' You just want,what u cant have No way,i'll call the cops If u dont stop, i'll call your dad And i hate to do this to you on your birthday Happy birthday, by the way ,,Its not you,its me'' and all that other bulls*it U know thats bulls*it Dont'cha babe? *Im not your party favor* Dont copy
Demi Netto
Demi Netto Hace 8 días
i listened to this song on his birthday while holding the beat he gave me and i just cried, a lot. get song tho
Masuda Ghazanfar
Masuda Ghazanfar Hace 8 días
Me hearing the bad word 👀👁👄👁
Izmi Syahra
Izmi Syahra Hace 8 días
sopan banget si billie suaranya masuk ketelinga :) ku tunggu konser di Jakarta ya BILLIE
nova cruse
nova cruse Hace 8 días
I love you
Working Hands
Working Hands Hace 8 días
I really want to upload a cover but i'm afraid becouse i don't professionally sing, i kinda suck since i learned by my self...please.. if I ever upload ..give me cunstructive criticism, don't kill me HAHA
Helen riz Swift
Helen riz Swift Hace 8 días
Mx.K1ng Hace 9 días
bro this song is so underrated it needs more love it deserves more love
-ꜱᴛʀᴀᴡʙᴇʀʀʏ ᴍɪʟᴋ-
-ꜱᴛʀᴀᴡʙᴇʀʀʏ ᴍɪʟᴋ- Hace 9 días
Ahh an easy song to learn with ukulele because it already has ukulele :D
Nizo Naddaf
Nizo Naddaf Hace 9 días
Munmun Solanki
Munmun Solanki Hace 9 días
The word underrated does not belong to this Singer Love her 😍
abacate com fome
abacate com fome Hace 10 días
hi billie ... i love you
antoofcr :D
antoofcr :D Hace 10 días
billie you are reading hate comments?? nonono billie this is BEAUTIFUL go to sleep pleasee ily❤
Lonna Hace 10 días
I love this song because it makes me feel like the time when I was going threw it with this person who wasn’t thinking about me at all but I was constantly thinking about them and then how I was able to let them go and they then missed me
Laura Delgadillo
Laura Delgadillo Hace 10 días
ammar Alhawary
ammar Alhawary Hace 10 días
9th 9th 9th to 9
ammar Alhawary
ammar Alhawary Hace 10 días
buy buy filter through to call call of duty and to of 9th to call you when I'm in 9
Chayce Baldwin
Chayce Baldwin Hace 11 días
"if you don't stop... ...I'll call your d a d"
Avocado UKULELE Hace 11 días
On my bday I got EVERYTHING I WANTED and btw ur a COPYCAT so you've been uninvited, call ME WHEN THE PARTY'S OVER I ate too much cake so now I got a BELLYACHE. Oh yeah I held my friends HOSTAGE so they aren't far in the back of my car so I have to BURRY A FRIEND 6 FEET UNDER. I think you should SEE ME IN A CROWN because MY FUTURE is me being the queen. I also have OCEAN EYES and I told my friend to WATCH and said "IDONTWANNABEYOUANYMORE". So haha I'm a BAD GUY Ya I know I am bad at this
Kawaii Girl
Kawaii Girl Hace 11 días
She makes curse words sound so pure 😌
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez Hace 11 días
This song relaxes me %100
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