His Girlfriend Applied For Him, Watch What Happens Next! | Audition 1 | The X Factor UK 2017

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Sam Black - The X Factor UK 2017 - Full Audition
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angela prince
angela prince Hace un hora
Let's hope he married her and made the baby legit
Anđelko Balić
Anđelko Balić Hace 16 horas
Old school recorsing voice.
Millie Jenkinson
Millie Jenkinson Hace 23 horas
Eric Von Kaenel
Eric Von Kaenel Hace un día
Who the hell did the subtitles?????
Keith Goodwin
Keith Goodwin Hace 2 días
The young guy with great life vibrations had like every other person, choice! He knew what not he needed to do but wanted to do, that higher frequency of vibration he lives with is exactly what the world needs today, great job singing mate but better, great job being a great man and dad to a special little girl. Cherish the moments mate, it’s wonderful
Li-an Derker
Li-an Derker Hace 2 días
More raw talent in that young man than all the auto tuners can imagine.
Linewater Hace 2 días
Mad respect to this dude for staying with his girl.
mortimer zilch
mortimer zilch Hace 3 días
ay sah bin dah mi mum sham da
Pauline Wood
Pauline Wood Hace 4 días
Hari Seldon
Hari Seldon Hace 5 días
Good voice but limited range
Nick Santus
Nick Santus Hace 6 días
Brilliant whens the album out
Breyana McGee
Breyana McGee Hace 6 días
He does not look 27 , I thought he was like 19
Lynn Monkres
Lynn Monkres Hace 6 días
He has an amazingly charismatic personality. Good voice and energy. He can go places, I hope!
AKASH Hace 8 días
Whatever audition I watch , among 4 judges 3 of them changes but Simon never changes. Why?
I give up
I give up Hace 3 días
Cause it's his show.
mistertee Hace 8 días
so nicole's bf is a teenager?
G Mac
G Mac Hace 11 días
@ 4:52 Simon Cowell, you shouldn't talk. How old are YOUR significant others? Aren't they half YOUR age, if not MORE??!
old Texas Blues
old Texas Blues Hace 12 días
1:05 what the hell is that? arab plus japanese mixed together? pls don't call that english!
Debra Bensinger
Debra Bensinger Hace 12 días
WOW what a voice
SLY SPY Hace 15 días
Nicole would do him in a minute she made that obvious ! He's got skills no doubt
LACHICA MARIA Hace 15 días
Simon to Nicole: Oh boyfriend is half your age lmao!
Donna Sphar
Donna Sphar Hace 15 días
Moemedi wilson
Moemedi wilson Hace 16 días
who is he, got me tapping my foot when i honestly didnt feel like it. this surely is some feel good music
Aaron A
Aaron A Hace 16 días
That was a perfect execution!
Sabrina N
Sabrina N Hace 17 días
The 50s and 60s music can not die. If younger people like this bring it back, there's hope for the future.
Milz Playz
Milz Playz Hace 17 días
O'Leary looked a lil too fond of my mans girlfriend LOL
Kerry BF
Kerry BF Hace 18 días
Ooo this mom thinks he’s gorgeous 😜
Sandy Miller
Sandy Miller Hace 19 días
This young man sings great, looks great and has a great personality and loads of energy. Best wishes for his future and the future of his young family.
lexa sus
lexa sus Hace 19 días
The song sounds like “Dear Future Husband”❤️😂
Gemy & Kabo
Gemy & Kabo Hace 18 días
ikr kekw
Terry Tang
Terry Tang Hace 19 días
The fundamental question is... how can u have a legit vote when u have a even number of judges?
muhammad khan
muhammad khan Hace 20 días
Lol Look western girls here is your priceless man.
Kari Wickstrøm
Kari Wickstrøm Hace 20 días
Todd Daugherty
Todd Daugherty Hace 20 días
You would think that you would double check what your caption folks are writing.... a lot of it is not just wrong, it makes the "lyrics" stupid.
theretiringbarber Hace 20 días
Very good .
cicciogrecia Hace 20 días
He looks like George McFly's more handsome brother
Gayle Smith
Gayle Smith Hace 20 días
He is sweet! 😻
April Gosnell
April Gosnell Hace 20 días
And absolutely gorgeous as well ! Mans got it
April Gosnell
April Gosnell Hace 20 días
Much love 💕
iiSimplyxAshii Hace 21 un día
wow his voice is so perfect i tryed to like again xD
quids in
quids in Hace 22 días
Watch bonnie Scotland..quids in. ESshow 👍👍👍
Ahmed Sonbaty
Ahmed Sonbaty Hace 22 días
Maksim Zhdanovskikh
Maksim Zhdanovskikh Hace 22 días
That was beautiful.
catalina chavez
catalina chavez Hace 22 días
His voice makes you wanna smile, I love it!
Judith Neeley
Judith Neeley Hace 22 días
Skinniest legs I've ever seen on a man, but doesn't matter 'cause he's a winner in the man department.
Jenn Adam
Jenn Adam Hace 23 días
Hes good love this
Rudi Dibra
Rudi Dibra Hace 23 días
Cool, I think a few people can be able to sing these type of songs in 2020🙂
LaughTooHard Hace 23 días
The guy does have an amazing voice, coming from a guy who would be booed in the shower.
storm fury
storm fury Hace 24 días
clare belote
clare belote Hace 24 días
What a Freakin' Cuttie !!! OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blessings His Way !!!
the clocks
the clocks Hace 24 días
Jeikahn Joeduxfield
Jeikahn Joeduxfield Hace 25 días
Damn good looks and good voice chouldnt get better
Judy Page
Judy Page Hace 26 días
LOVE HIM !!!!!!!!! Totally reminds me of a young "John Trovolta" !!!!!!! YES for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marion Stephenson
Marion Stephenson Hace 26 días
SOULREAPER_ _ Hace 26 días
Just one word ..HUMBLE
colleen shaw
colleen shaw Hace 27 días
When you put on lyrics, look up the official song lyrics so you do not have typo's and completely wrong words. That was a bit distracting but the singer was fabulous!
Joker jack
Joker jack Hace 28 días
Shawn mendes brother
smithers Hace 28 días
Really cool song! Love a good run around Sue though, I'll keep away when im 35 😂
Alika Shrestha
Alika Shrestha Hace 29 días
He is too good. Seems in his face n eyes
william reed
william reed Hace 29 días
Im a Dion Dimucci (and the Belmonts) fanatic; OUTSTANDING!
roger watkins
roger watkins Hace 29 días
dam he is good and im not gay lol
Defluxer OT
Defluxer OT Hace un mes
ESshow let recommend this after 3 damn years
Pete Brassington
Pete Brassington Hace un mes
Did he get anywhere,?I thought he was brilliant but I,m biased beings 60,s fan, but his voice to me has that something.
andygirl333 Hace un mes
Oooh hes a dream!
Italianxgurl Hace un mes
Nicole: "Actually he's older than my boyfriend." Simon: "Your boyfriend is half your age that's ridiculous"" LMAOOOOOO
Chaitanya Rajput
Chaitanya Rajput Hace un mes
what's the name of song?
samantha little
samantha little Hace un mes
God damn.
Miloš Kostka
Miloš Kostka Hace un mes
Congrats...super voice
Channel 13
Channel 13 Hace un mes
Supposed to be an audition but then the reverb kicks in and effects.. would be good to hear him sing naturally instead of tricking the people watching
Violet Fegan
Violet Fegan Hace un mes
I can imagine him doing some Harry Connick, Jr songs.
Kathy O’Brien Hansen
Kathy O’Brien Hansen Hace un mes
Settle down, Nicole, he’s taken.
Lance Samonte
Lance Samonte Hace un mes
what's the title of the song?
Kyng Melio
Kyng Melio Hace un mes
That was actually epic he's lively
patricia ferrini
patricia ferrini Hace un mes
What a voice.
sKyRyu Hace un mes
flesh mas? flush pes? fasz faasze? pleasure fif/? cheif ? plaster?
D Copper
D Copper Hace un mes
it does not take much for esau to declare that another esau is handsome, the dude looks a little better than most esau men, in thats he got less of neo gene, he is ok. wonderful personality.
Exploration Northwest
Exploration Northwest Hace un mes
The kid has "it". Looks, voice, charisma that will grow as his confidence grows.
A hern
A hern Hace un mes
He should work on Broadway shows
Sandra Stenhouse
Sandra Stenhouse Hace un mes
Fab voice polite hope he does well good luck in your future.xx
Bartimeaus Sinclair
Bartimeaus Sinclair Hace un mes
He's an upgrade of Ricky Nelson, starting from the lowly emulates his humbleness in his singing and how HE loves 💘
Sanandi Banerjee
Sanandi Banerjee Hace un mes
emma Hace un mes
aww they are such a sweet family
Eudaimonic Life
Eudaimonic Life Hace un mes
I like that his genre was different from the norm.
none ya
none ya Hace un mes
Great voice cute baby pretty gf
hikma r
hikma r Hace un mes
Does anyone else think the girls at the beginning who were calling him fit were a bit disrespectful?
Akshay Kashyap
Akshay Kashyap Hace un mes
Who else just went straight to comments...?
Noah Woods
Noah Woods Hace un mes
I actually like his vocal's better than the original version. This guy is a stud, much respect.
Dee Suydam
Dee Suydam Hace un mes
all the way thru I was expecting him to call her out onto stage and ask for the 5th yes
Itx MÄNI Hace un mes
I like that Simon little Fan🥰😂
Eily Ingle
Eily Ingle Hace 2 meses
Respect this man had a baby with his girlfriend and stuck with her RFriends SPECT
Anirudh Kannan
Anirudh Kannan Hace 2 meses
4:58 Simon lol
sachiel s
sachiel s Hace 2 meses
U can tell just by his vibe hes a good guy and like even tho he has a girl hes good looking and u can tell hes a personality person she got a real one fs its adorable
Juan Marquez
Juan Marquez Hace 2 meses
he hasn't hit legs a day in his life
Midge 2345
Midge 2345 Hace 2 meses
Does anyone think it sounds like the song dear future husband by Megan trainor
Jack Saltzberg
Jack Saltzberg Hace 2 meses
Whys his pants so skinny
1kallay Hace 2 meses
He over sings it, it's not necessary. It's a good song and he's got the voice for it, that should be enough
itsAgeless Hace 2 meses
What’s the song at 4:15?
Jill S
Jill S Hace 2 meses
he is good but needs to eat more
Twinky McWaddle
Twinky McWaddle Hace 2 meses
What a Sweet beautiful young man he gives me Hope in Mankind God bless you
Marilyn Halelamien
Marilyn Halelamien Hace 2 meses
great voice!
Evelyn Johns
Evelyn Johns Hace 2 meses
it kinda seems like he didnt wanna do this
haber gato, no te lo vuelvo a repetir