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[비 오리지널] 에이비식스 '답을 줘'
언제까지 더 멋있어질 건지 답을 줘💛
앱식이 비오리지널로 행복지수 풀충전
(2:18) 무대 휘~어잡는 예삐들 (●'◡'●)
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ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ LUVITY
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ LUVITY Hace 4 días
SWEET AB6IX *screaming intensifies* 💜
Feray GG
Feray GG Hace 6 días
This song aged like a fine wine
Vivian Hace 7 días
i love woojin's hair so much this era
박참새 Hace 7 días
우진이 랩 실화입니꽈?ㅠㅠㅠㅠ ❤❤❤
Pearl_ beyuhhh
Pearl_ beyuhhh Hace 10 días
Donghyun kinda looks like Sb19's Justin? when he's smiling? *ako lang to hahahah
Sh B
Sh B Hace 16 días
대휘 그네안무 비하인드 듣고 다시보니까 진짜 달빛 보는것같은 시선처리 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Ethan James Kearney
Ethan James Kearney Hace 19 días
It's still so weird to see them as 4 that it makes me cry. 😭 since Youngmin was my bias wrecker (but I bet it hurts more for the ABNEWS who biased him) Apart from that let's talk about how cute Daehwi is while doing the choreography. HE NEEDS TO STOP BEING THAT CUTE BEFORE MY HEART BURSTS. 💓 (I'm going through so my emotions)
tomoonshii shii
tomoonshii shii Hace 20 días
Yanna Laurent
Yanna Laurent Hace 21 un día
Not an abnew but I'm absolutely in love with this comeback
Boo Vernon's Child Woozi
Boo Vernon's Child Woozi Hace 24 días
theyre five right? why are they only 4 there?
Bruninha Somerhalder
Bruninha Somerhalder Hace 25 días
This song has a fun vibe, just like the costumes. I am getting to know the group better.
The Listers
The Listers Hace 25 días
Diani Gracy
Diani Gracy Hace 26 días
0:41 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
Joss Boom
Joss Boom Hace un mes
Los conocí hace poco, me gustan mucho. Espero que en futuro puedan ganar mucha más popularidad
이시국에? Hace un mes
노래 잘 뽑은듯
Sophia Abecia
Sophia Abecia Hace un mes
Wtf my sisters keep comparing them to BTS it's so annoying
-MANAR M Hace un mes
Luv them sm
CJ Tyun
CJ Tyun Hace un mes
omg idk who these guys are but I need to learn their names now and the one is yellow is so cute
CJ Tyun
CJ Tyun Hace un mes
Bailu Jo thank you! I’m currently looking them up :D
Bailu Jo
Bailu Jo Hace un mes
They're Jeon Woong, Kim Donghyun, Park Woojin and Lee Daehwi❤️ And the yellow one is Daehwi❤️ U could search their names or search AB6IX to watch more vedios❤️ Just so many masterpieces❤️
발리박 Hace un mes
댄서분들 직업 만족도 왤케 높아 보임?,,, 자꾸 시강된다구여,,
yhemssi Hace un mes
Daehwi's "hajima yo" is so convincing. Oh my sweet heart!!! They're all look so fine. I'm just starting to stan them.
Daphna M.
Daphna M. Hace un mes
Like. I'm wannable and I'm just here to see my boys: Woojin and Daehwi
햅삐대삐 Hace un mes
이대휘 코피 흘리게 귀옆네ㅜ 아리쏭한 표정으로 그네타는거 봐 소년미 낭낭한거 미춰버리겠다 큐규ㅠㅜㄴㅜ
도르 Hace un mes
2:16 대휘야..? 나 죽어.....
Nicole Xavier do Nascimento
Nicole Xavier do Nascimento Hace un mes
Olá, ABNEWs falantes de português! Eu sou brasileira e contribuí com legendas em português para o vídeo. Eu ficaria muito grata se vocês pudessem me ajudar a disponibilizá-las para seleção nas opções de legendas. Para isso, é somente necessário clicar no ícone de "ferramenta/configurações", depois em "legendas/CC" e, por fim, "adicionar legendas/CC". Após isso, você será redirecionado a uma página que diz "selecione um idioma para começar", então selecione português e, em seguida, você poderá ver as minhas legendas e avaliá-las positivamente clicando no botão azul que diz "ficou bom". Eu levei horas para traduzir e aperfeiçoar a sincronia. Ainda não sei falar coreano, mas traduzi diretamente das legendas em inglês do MV. Venho aprendendo inglês há mais de sete anos, então vocês podem confiar que as traduções estão corretas. Obrigada por ler (^-^)💗
Irna Prmst
Irna Prmst Hace un mes
Ab6ix saranghae
Irna Prmst
Irna Prmst Hace un mes
Woojina saranghae
Pangsampu Last
Pangsampu Last Hace un mes
miss you babieees!!
lizzie Hace un mes
donghyun making me cry part 385937449
Lauren Hace un mes
This was my first comeback with them and let me just say I was not dissapointed
Ashley Hace un mes
People need to stop sleeping on AB6IX, They are not a bed, so don’t do it. They are so talented and amazing. If you stan, you will have a better life and a better future
Devyn Rome
Devyn Rome Hace un mes
daehwhi’s vocals are just like that HUH??🤩
Ujinieee eight
Ujinieee eight Hace un mes
Whaa this is so nice, thankyou studio choom. Ab6ix saranghae
Doolylemon _
Doolylemon _ Hace un mes
와 진짜 모든게 완벽하다 ㅠㅠ 배경조명도 예쁘게 바뀌고 예삐들 더 잘보여서 더더더 좋고 ㅠㅠㅠ
FLASH Hace un mes
Hi everyone ! We are a French dance crew and here is our cover : esshow.info/watch/PnSQ82V3tf8/v-deo.html We hope that AB6IX and ABNEW will enjoy it ~
jian Hace un mes
2분 27초 쯤에 우진이 머리위에 빨간점은 뭔가요??
Carol Lima
Carol Lima Hace un mes
tao lindinhos q doi
Xay Hace un mes
The thumbnail was so cute I had to click it 👁👅👁
Patricia Louise
Patricia Louise Hace un mes
Itta B
Itta B Hace un mes
Daehwi so cute🌸🌸🌸🌸
Jihan Hace un mes
The camera work in this channel is the best