Billie Eilish - hostage (Audio)

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Listen to "hostage" from “dont smile at me":
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Music video by Billie Eilish performing hostage. (C) 2017 Darkroom/Interscope Records

16 Janeiro 1993 RocketMan
16 Janeiro 1993 RocketMan Hace 12 horas
First time listening to this and some people dont like her ? She is so amazing brilliant ,out of this world
ja-complexxx Hace 21 un hora
The doctors needle: 1:00
OvO Hace 3 días
este es el comentario en espanol que buscabas
d1ksukker6969 Hace 3 días
I broke up with my girlfriend a couple of days ago because we were arguing more and more and I love her so much that I'd rather that she was happy with someone else that unhappy with me. I just found a video of her singing this song on my phone...
KAI XUAN Hace 3 días
this song is blue in colour and u cant change my mind
samantha nicole
samantha nicole Hace 3 días
i wanna steal your soul and hide you in my treasure chest ♡♡♡
Astrid Romero Serna
Astrid Romero Serna Hace 5 días
BILLIE : come out and play GOVERNMENT : StAy At hOmE !!!
Renny Ulloa
Renny Ulloa Hace 5 días
Its 3am😭😭
samantha nicole
samantha nicole Hace 6 días
i love youuu billie . weee♡
Erika Lerma
Erika Lerma Hace 6 días
i love you Billie
Min Thant
Min Thant Hace 6 días
Purest Heart💛..
Tracy Williams
Tracy Williams Hace 8 días
I just got my heart broken tonight
Reagan Young
Reagan Young Hace 8 días
1:39 her laugh is so precious!!!!!!
Mahmood Shuvo
Mahmood Shuvo Hace 9 días
ggukiegoo Hace 10 días
this song hits kinda different when ur crush is taken n u just wanna keep them for urself but u cant bc their happiness means everything to u n u just want them to be happy so u dont say anything
Lonna Hace 10 días
This song just makes me feel some type of like it makes me think of this time where I wanted this person so bad but they didn’t want me at all and just that you can’t do anything about it but accept the situation for what it was
miriã borges
miriã borges Hace 11 días
Ana Paula Soares moreira
Ana Paula Soares moreira Hace 12 días
Sorry my English of shit, i'am Brazilian. I live in Brasil lol
Sabrina Kauane
Sabrina Kauane Hace 8 días
i live here in the united states more when the quarantine ends i Will go back to Brasil
Sabrina Kauane
Sabrina Kauane Hace 8 días
i'm also trying to learn english
Ana Paula Soares moreira
Ana Paula Soares moreira Hace 12 días
Hi. How are back, in 2020, because i Loveeeeeeeee the song, i loveeeeee Billie, she is my favorita singer of word
Lauren's Land
Lauren's Land Hace 12 días
Read this if you have ever felt alone, depressed, suicidal, lost, scared, worthless, abandoned, or anything of that nature, this is for you You Are Beautiful. You Are Wanted. You Are Wonderful. Don't quit on yourself. Don't hurt yourself. You are worth the world and nobody wants to see you suffering. This is not the end. The way you feel right now will pass. Peoples minds will change. Things WILL get better. We love you and are always here for you. Do NOT do something permanent over something temporary. You're better than that. All stars need to see darkness before the light. And always remember, Don't change so people will like you. Be yourself & the right people will find and love the real you. Your own unique Mindset always trys to engage in the right ways Now read the first letter of every word You Matter! no matter what other people may say. Always know this is true. It helps. You are worth my time to write this. I do care.
BeHappy NomatterWhat
BeHappy NomatterWhat Hace 13 días
Do people know but just don't explain? incredible the amount of control until you find your way out.
Sabrina Kauane
Sabrina Kauane Hace 13 días
Hallie Justice
Hallie Justice Hace 13 días
like a hostage.👁👄👁
Polliana Oliveira
Polliana Oliveira Hace 15 días
This song is so underrated.
yugveer singh
yugveer singh Hace 15 días
Sleepy song
Amira Moore
Amira Moore Hace 16 días
Gabriela Moreira
Gabriela Moreira Hace 17 días
Akvra._ Hace 18 días
Im not a big fan of Billie, but this song gives some vibe. (Didn’t came from tiktok. Hope you asked.) anyways have a great day!
l know that 99% wont see this but l just wonted to tell that your perfect,stay safe and close to your family,lm so close to 1k and l would love some support
Katie Jennings
Katie Jennings Hace 18 días
This song got me feeling all sorts 🤦‍♀️❤
Parental Advisory
Parental Advisory Hace 19 días
“It’s a living hell, and we live it up..” -Trippie Redd
Hetty Hace 20 días
I didn't even know this existed until 2 mins ago and now I'm addicted holy hell
Tatevik Abnusyan
Tatevik Abnusyan Hace 22 días
This is genuinely my fav song to cry to and not just here from tiktok this is just perfection
Thaania Khan
Thaania Khan Hace 22 días
You can hide me in your treasure chest for as long as you want Billie 😃 0:20
CRAZYX POWER Hace 23 días
Mike Madness
Mike Madness Hace 24 días
Thanks August for bringing me to this. ❤️ I love you babe let’s heal together.
Sudenaz OPENEYE Hace 25 días
I love you Billie
raeqwon pendergrass
raeqwon pendergrass Hace 27 días
I would of never thought to put this on but the girl I’m falling for put me on to this song it was like I was found peace when I first heard this song all my worrys went away..
Manny Escuela
Manny Escuela Hace un mes
I don't eve like Billie Eilish like that, but thank you Ava Rose👍🏿
Just Leah YT
Just Leah YT Hace un mes
Metatron Hace un mes
Great song!
Toxic Boy
Toxic Boy Hace un mes
Billie's old songs hits different in this quarantine
Darwin Cordoba
Darwin Cordoba Hace un mes
Y’all don’t tell my homies that I’m here 🤫
Jaya Chapman
Jaya Chapman Hace un mes
What if I told you my kidnapper is my mind
Seanti Hobo
Seanti Hobo Hace un mes
To all the haters, go to Grammarly so you can learn how to spell..... 😤😌
Ally l
Ally l Hace un mes
Ally l
Ally l Hace un mes
I love Billie eilish so much! Yasss billie!
Hannah Vibbert
Hannah Vibbert Hace un mes
Hi I'm here
cute_bad_girl Hace un mes
you haveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee beeeeeeeeeeeesttttttttttttt songssssss
polkadotfruit `
polkadotfruit ` Hace un mes
I think we all miss the times we listened to this song and it didn't dangerously describe everything we feel..but at least it's here.
Møøn fløwer
Møøn fløwer Hace un mes
I see a lot of replies on the top comment. And rude comments in general(the one talking about her bff killing herself. I feel horrible) So, I'm a Christian, and I saw some other "Christian" being rude as heck and saying that all people who commit suicide go to hell. Which is NOT true. If you are holy your hole life, and you beg for forgiveness, I doubt god would shut you out for hating yourself. Plus, the only reason that's a thing is bc god doesnt want us killing the thing he made, but dang, any positivity good on this earth is gone. (I'm looking at you MrcleaN
AWannaBeArtist 131
AWannaBeArtist 131 Hace un mes
@BleuRoyale_ My friends got into a car accident last year in 7th grade when a 16 year old was texting and driving. One of them ended up in a wheel chair while the other died in a comma. Me and my other friends are still depressed over it. Sending Luv. ♥ ♥ ♥
Alissa Hanson
Alissa Hanson Hace un mes
But nothing hurts when I’m alone :/
Rigel Hace un mes
there is so much color in this one :,|
icecremii_ღ Hace un mes
I don't really know why but this song reminds me of Asriel and Chara, likes it starts off good and sweet (the lyrics and Chara/Asriel's relationship) and then it becomes dark as Chara plans the way out and Asriel gets scared until the end where Asriel sings "And love hurst" and Frisk tells him something like "we're alone or something" and then they hug because Asriel is sad af and f*cked up after all the Chara madness (ngl i hate her)
bruno alderete
bruno alderete Hace un mes
I love this song
Misheel Hace un mes
lmao over 2 k ppl thought the dislike button was the dis i like button i feel bad
Misheel Hace un mes
Jana Tamer
Jana Tamer Hace un mes
Céline Chamoun
Céline Chamoun Hace un mes
i didn't realize that i listened to this song 6 times straight
Robin J
Robin J Hace un mes
Came from tiktok
Momo `Yaoyorozu`
Momo `Yaoyorozu` Hace un mes
Im literally crying because in a few years shes going to be 20 and im going to be like 15..Its just crazy to me..I've know about Billies music since i was 8..and with everything thats going on i just cant handle it..
Isanzu Karia
Isanzu Karia Hace un mes
I like this song a lot
plz help me reach 1000 subs without vids
plz help me reach 1000 subs without vids Hace un mes
This comment is special only people Who didn't come from tiktok can like this
Billie. Eilish
Billie. Eilish Hace 26 días
@BlackRose same dude, it sucks
BlackRose Hace 26 días
I hate TikTok >:(
Billie. Eilish
Billie. Eilish Hace 27 días
I dislike tik tok a lot
Carlee Blackshire
Carlee Blackshire Hace un mes
BlackRose oh ok
BlackRose Hace un mes
@Carlee Blackshire I mean I don't like TikTok, so I'm not here form TikTok.
Dante's Guide
Dante's Guide Hace 2 meses
Just let people go it's better for your soul. . .
Pheobe Roy
Pheobe Roy Hace 2 meses
Little_kit _04
Little_kit _04 Hace 2 meses
Sometimes I wish I was someone else so I literally feel like killing myself because nobody ever wants to be around anymore so I don’t because I know someone wants to be around so that’s why I just laying here in this horrible best filled with negativity and just scars but in the end it doesn’t really matter right?🙃
I'm Not Very Creative
I'm Not Very Creative Hace 2 meses
One of the good Billie songs. For men and women both
Carmen Rojas
Carmen Rojas Hace 2 meses
When I hear this song I feel like hurting myself
Evedoesmakeup Hace 2 meses
My grandma died so this makes me feel close to her
Jeanne a
Jeanne a Hace 2 meses
This is to you! You will get trough it! You have come this far! Don’t give up! Be strong, be patient and everything will be fine! You are important! You are worth it! And you are so loved! Remember that ❤️💪🏻😇
Dio Kati
Dio Kati Hace 2 meses
Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus
Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus Hace 2 meses
I'm just here to promote the KWK43 88mm cannon. A versatile gun that can be used on all types of battlefields, rugged or not, this gun can handle the terrain irregularities thanks to it's amazing depression and elevation characteristics. This gun (if used correctly and efficiently) can shoot a declared amount of 10 shells per minute. That's 1 shell every 6 seconds. That's not bad for an 88. So what do you say?
music 4lyfe
music 4lyfe Hace 2 meses
i think i’m in love with my guy bsf and this song makes me think about him
Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams Hace 2 meses
nba highlights
Di C
Di C Hace 2 meses
This person is in your soul forever
Emily Morales
Emily Morales Hace 2 meses
this hit different at 3 am when your alone eating in your room while everyone sleeps
For legal reasons that was a joke
For legal reasons that was a joke Hace 2 meses
Splish Splash Billie Eilish is Trash
Bhatt Hace un mes
Yet shes more successful then you will ever be... So..... 🤡👌
xBig Clan
xBig Clan Hace 2 meses
Is it weird im suppost to be in feeling but all i did is liked my own comment
Ouala Hace 2 meses
When the cute guy blocked me bc I won’t send
Arlene Boiser
Arlene Boiser Hace 2 meses
I love this song
Datha Robertson
Datha Robertson Hace 2 meses
It hurts so bad I don’t be here anymore
Insiya Rangwala
Insiya Rangwala Hace 2 meses
does she sound like Tate McRae to anyone else. Just me? oke
Karbonara Hace 2 meses
no they do have similarities in their voices you're right
Hx5乄 V1P3R
Hx5乄 V1P3R Hace 2 meses
Jus a emoji to explain this song : 💔 But the song bring a warm feeling in our hearts.
eleanor moran
eleanor moran Hace 2 meses
arguably billies most underrated song
Maria Sojka
Maria Sojka Hace 2 meses
Na wysokim poziomie muzycznym
this is immi
this is immi Hace 2 meses
2 years ago this wonderful song came out.
los oyuelitos que te salen
los oyuelitos que te salen Hace 2 meses
Louana Calagua ;D
Louana Calagua ;D Hace 2 meses
Ocean eyes: I’m scared Bellyache: I wanna make them scared Bury a friend: Why aren’t you scared of me? Bad guy: She’s scared of me
ariana martinez
ariana martinez Hace 2 meses
In real life, I'm a really smiley person. I smile when I talk and I laugh. Billie Eilish Aside from singing, I'm also a dancer. I've been dancing since I was 8.
Loulou Planchet
Loulou Planchet Hace 2 meses
I love you billie ❤️🥺😭😭😭😭
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez Hace 2 meses
This song reminds me of my crush and my dog
noone cares
noone cares Hace 2 meses ...
T-WORLD2K Hace 2 meses
when ur fornite girlfriend dies and ur bff revives her
Raxhel Lee
Raxhel Lee Hace 2 meses
the bass just adds so much emotion to the song along with finneas singing in the background. you can just hear the hurt in their voices. this song is beautiful. 3 yrs later ily bils
Josefina balmori
Josefina balmori Hace 2 meses
Anyone who is here in July-2020?
Zodiatic _Virgo
Zodiatic _Virgo Hace 2 meses
This song made me remember me and my grandfathers spending time together when my dad didnt notice me and i just cried...
Lindsey Grijalva
Lindsey Grijalva Hace 2 meses
I am sad 🙃
シXD_Gxbe Hace 2 meses
Enh Jin
Enh Jin Hace 2 meses
road to 40m subs ⚡️⚡️
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