Stray Kids "Back Door" M/V Reaction

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Stray Kids

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Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "Back Door" M/V Reaction
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HANAN ღ Hace 19 minutos
ايه القمال ده
ha yo
ha yo Hace 26 minutos
I think they are the only idol that watch their mv 3 times lol
Bright Roongsang
Bright Roongsang Hace 33 minutos
귀여워 🥰😍😘
Effie Louie
Effie Louie Hace 43 minutos
oh my god!!! I love you so much stray kids!!! Signed:何祖耀。
Mille Lim
Mille Lim Hace un hora
No one: Han: *asking why there are so many doors in an mv called “back door”*
yujinie Hace un hora
(2:32) *Yup* 👁👄👁
Dunya_aldale Hace un hora
Stray kids streaming their own song STAN LEGENDS
Everyone:We got no English captions Me:"LAUGHES in korean"
Do you listen To girl in red
Do you listen To girl in red Hace 2 horas
Ok I keep watching this and I paused the video at this time shhshsnene 2:36
sуka Hace 3 horas
Вы такие милые ❤️👉👈 Мои солнышки))))
riz Hace 4 horas
6:30 there is hope in 2min divorced couple. there is still hope.
riz Hace 4 horas
they really are training minho in acting :’) also in ex video, it is more noticeable. AAAAAAAAAAAH WE WANT ACTOR LEE KNOW
Pinkie Pie Reincarnate
Pinkie Pie Reincarnate Hace 6 horas
The looks of just about everyone's hair, the outfits, Felix's eye makeup, and Changbin and Felix's earrings like this whole video is too beautiful 😍
Aiman Munir
Aiman Munir Hace 6 horas
They are their own fanboys and im loving to see it
r_eee_ 12
r_eee_ 12 Hace 6 horas
riana rays
riana rays Hace 6 horas
I dont know the detail until they talk it lmao hahahahahahhaa so funny ❤
Gabriela Tola Mamani
Gabriela Tola Mamani Hace 6 horas
Fue muy hermoso el MV de Back door a cada rato lo miro y me encantó Soy nueva en el fandom y los apoyaré chicos que les vaya muy bien Y éxitos para ustedes Los adoro a todos (saludos desde BOLIVIA )
Kiki Harris
Kiki Harris Hace 6 horas
I cried when this came out
Leslie A.R.M.Y15
Leslie A.R.M.Y15 Hace 8 horas
Felix, Alias el "Thanos"
Paula Garcia Rivera
Paula Garcia Rivera Hace 8 horas
They are so amazing, so talent, they are art, love thembso much
Shano Jaden
Shano Jaden Hace 9 horas
Changbins hairstyle really suits him!!
Fadma id
Fadma id Hace 9 horas
الترجمة الاخوان!
jiae princess_
jiae princess_ Hace 9 horas
아니 한복 입고 한번만 무대 해주면 안돼요..? 왜 안입는거야 미친 존나
Paola Flores
Paola Flores Hace 11 horas
I love Stray Kids ❤ Stay Forever 💖 my bias is Felix, Han and I.N ❤💖💞
polly Hace 11 horas
Otaku felix dokidoki
Otaku felix dokidoki Hace 11 horas
the most fun about being STAY is that, The stray kids member themselves are also STAYs. and thats makes us strong! period!
Raf Min
Raf Min Hace 11 horas
I love you 💕
Otaku felix dokidoki
Otaku felix dokidoki Hace 11 horas
If if wasn't for Skzs reaction on their MV, I wouldn't notice that the members VANISHED when Felix knocked i was too focus on him
Johanly Cabrera
Johanly Cabrera Hace 12 horas
Yo buscando comentarios en español 😂😂
Miracle Hace 12 horas
So are we going to ignore the fact that Seungmin, Felix, Chan, and lee know didn’t just say that they watch reaction videos?
Noor Fatima
Noor Fatima Hace 12 horas
It's Lee know or Minho I am confused. I mean one person has two stage name.
ha yo
ha yo Hace un hora
Lee know is his stage name and Lee minho is his real name. Some people are used to call him minho because before debut they didn't have stage names. Also han's full name is han jisung so some people call him jisung. I.N's real name is jeongin, and felix's full name is Lee felix yongbok so some people call him yongbok.
Carylle Nongui
Carylle Nongui Hace 12 horas
S Hace 13 horas
they're so funny plss
peachy Hace 14 horas
Seungmin is the one who analyzes everything and make theories
jeon wisso k_pop
jeon wisso k_pop Hace 14 horas
i mees hyojin😢😢
Ananass_ 707
Ananass_ 707 Hace 14 horas
так хорошо посмотреть клип с ними
crownxoxo Hace 15 horas
I hope they keep getting successful cause they're so deserving of all the love
idlk5 Hace 15 horas
When I.N said that he thought Hyunjin was shirtless I also thought that too lol xD
Sachin Basdeo
Sachin Basdeo Hace 12 horas
Russianbread 53
Russianbread 53 Hace 15 horas
Me is listen the "Back door" :i love this song :3❤️🥺
shysana Hace 15 horas
So no one is goons talk about Changbin’s hair