Billie Eilish - i love you (Live At The Greek Theatre)

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing i love you (Live At The Greek Theatre). © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records

Ruth Rujay Mwitwa
Ruth Rujay Mwitwa Hace 5 horas
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Me crying while listening to Billie's music: Does Billie listen to her own songs and cry?😪😪
Fifi Chahayed
Fifi Chahayed Hace 9 horas
i love her 🥺🥰
Pavel Baryshnikov
Pavel Baryshnikov Hace 16 horas
показаны Я (прикинь) и твой бог (прикинь)
Pavel Baryshnikov
Pavel Baryshnikov Hace 16 horas
ok find i and your god
Aylin Sadeghi
Aylin Sadeghi Hace 17 horas
I LOVE YOU BILLIE 😍 💗 💛 💓 ♥ 💖 😍
minminggomX Hace 17 horas
Wonho brought me here.. He cover this song in his online concert... now i'm sobbing......
Diovana Assis
Diovana Assis Hace 18 horas
look back at it
Marii a.
Marii a. Hace 20 horas
This songs makes me so emotional even though im not thinking about someone...
Phyllis Inabinet Huey
Phyllis Inabinet Huey Hace 23 horas
I love this girl! Wow! I'm a 68 (69 in Nov) yr old grandma, but I love everything about her music, her writing, & her brother & his writing & guitar playing. My friends (what's left anyway) don't care for her "kind" of music, without even listening to it. Oh well, but to me, she & her brother are the best thing that's happened to all the generations of this world these days. The very young teenagers even love it. That's saying something right there & they're a great influence, even if older ones can't seem to even say "I love you".....they can & they will & then maybe......who knows? Sorry, but I love everything about her & her brother. They're a team. Not sorry at all. Gotta stop saying that & saying .....
Iiiilx.0. Hace un día
i'm miss u (FA...
Santtiagho Hace un día
El comentario en español que buscabas
Selman Öztürk
Selman Öztürk Hace un día
I miss x
Edwin Maldonado
Edwin Maldonado Hace un día
camila cabello
Hogr Amer
Hogr Amer Hace un día
Wow it's so cool Thanks 👍😊
ЕМН jmedoj
ЕМН jmedoj Hace un día
Billie is a miracle!
シastxrism Hace un día
“...the smile that you gave me even when you felt like dying" damn its so deep im crying 🥺🥺🥺
Lina Hamdaoui
Lina Hamdaoui Hace un día
i love this song.. i remember my little horse..she die...
Amanda Alsborg
Amanda Alsborg Hace un día
I love you
Adriana Dolphinmountain
Adriana Dolphinmountain Hace un día
Why am I the only one to hear the melody of Hallelujah?
Magui Gutierrez
Magui Gutierrez Hace un día
beautiful song without a doubt the best
Nimiria Metira
Nimiria Metira Hace 2 días
Just incredible awesome.
Muffins Hace 2 días
Hol up
Je Fountain
Je Fountain Hace 2 días
It's not true Tell me I've been lied to Cryin' isn't like you Ooh What the hell did I do? Never been the type to Let someone see right through Ooh Maybe won't you take it back? Say you were tryna make me laugh And nothin' has to change today You didn't mean to say, "I love you" I love you and I don't want to Ooh Up all night on another red eye I wish we never learned to fly I Maybe we should just try To tell ourselves a good lie I didn't mean to make you cry I Maybe won't you take it back? Say you were tryna make me laugh And nothin' has to change today You didn't mean to say, "I love you" I love you and I don't want to Ooh The smile that you gave me Even when you felt like dyin' We fall apart as it gets dark I'm in your arms in Central Park There's nothin' you could do or say I can't escape the way I love you I don't want to, but I love you Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh
Inês Silva
Inês Silva Hace 2 días
i miss tour soo much😭
why did i want to scream "yall look llike phineas and ferb!" ( i was there)
Saulė Činčiukaitė
Saulė Činčiukaitė Hace 2 días
Зуфар Хабибов
Зуфар Хабибов Hace 2 días
RainyyNights Hace 2 días
This so is so beautiful ❤️ But not happy in some way.... This is what Billie is.
Ashleigh Hace 2 días
Sara Awdah
Sara Awdah Hace 2 días
Oh god I’m literally crying as fuck💔💔💔
Family Oshell
Family Oshell Hace 3 días
"my strange addiction": listening to billie eilish all day
12 cordon villca Wildon brayan
12 cordon villca Wildon brayan Hace 3 días
I love you song like
jazmin Hace 3 días
this is my go to when i wanna be sad like now
I'm Chris
I'm Chris Hace 3 días
2:43 best part
WasabiAsian Hace 3 días
Billie and Finneas are the best of siblings. Thats not opinion, thats a fact. I know it and you do too.
Parbin Shahin
Parbin Shahin Hace 3 días
U didn't mean to say i love you i love you and i don't want to bt i love you 🥺🖤
Azra Aybars
Azra Aybars Hace 3 días
Livia Chandra
Livia Chandra Hace 3 días
My sleep song
Nicole Hernandez
Nicole Hernandez Hace 4 días
When she said “what the hell did I do” I felt that 😔🥺
Al Horohsiy
Al Horohsiy Hace 4 días
You best!
Josemaría Hace 4 días
How the hell makes Finneas to have a great cleaner sound in that Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster
Akkas Illiax
Akkas Illiax Hace 4 días
I’m okay I’m fine but I’m not talking when the song is playing
Sweet Pulm
Sweet Pulm Hace 4 días
How could people not like a like😒 it was so much more than wholesome 😭😭
Yobi Boo
Yobi Boo Hace 4 días
Polly Hace 4 días
Everything about this video made me feel like I was at that concert 💚
yihua hsiao
yihua hsiao Hace 4 días
This is awesome
Cocoa Channel
Cocoa Channel Hace 4 días
Замир Шаболотов
Замир Шаболотов Hace 4 días
Замир Шаболотов
Замир Шаболотов Hace 4 días
shehab salem
shehab salem Hace 4 días
I love you so much ❤
rus rusyda
rus rusyda Hace 4 días
Im back after a year
Rose Gold
Rose Gold Hace 4 días
Is Finneas taken...Just asking for someone I know!!! That Voice...O Me O My!!!
Vinicius Oliveira
Vinicius Oliveira Hace 5 días
I love the dad at 2:17, he's like: "WTF is going on ?!"
Carina Orco
Carina Orco Hace 5 días
ojala algun dia pueda ir a uno de sus conciertos :,,,,,,,,,,(
Belu Serer
Belu Serer Hace 5 días
Can't wait for this virus to end and finally be able to watch these two live, and cry my eyes off
Hohan Ionut Marius
Hohan Ionut Marius Hace 5 días
Your music is gonna heal the world ! God bless you !
Gahiot Hace 5 días
Heyy i made a cover of "i love you" on my channel, if you can, go check it out please 💖💓
Ashford Hace 5 días
I’m a grown man and this song has my eyes watering. She’s not a depressing singer she’s just so good at touching emotions “...the smile that you gave me even when you felt like dying...” so deep man❤️
Cloe Turcotte
Cloe Turcotte Hace 5 días
Billie: I love you (for the people) People: I LOVE YOU BILLIE Finneas: What about me? :(
i'm worldwide handsome bitch
i'm worldwide handsome bitch Hace 5 días
I'm not a that big of a fan of billie . But i really appreciate her brother he's smart and taleneted and he look like he care for her💜
Татьяна Тимофеева
Татьяна Тимофеева Hace 5 días
Cover by me
Biznez Biznes2
Biznez Biznes2 Hace 5 días
Biznez Biznes2
Biznez Biznes2 Hace 5 días
Togrisi juda yoqdi
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor Hace 5 días
Danger Devil
Danger Devil Hace 5 días
Imagine having two talented kids like Billie and Finneas. IMAGINE.
Livia Chandra
Livia Chandra Hace 3 días
I'll be the happiest parent
FrenchArtAntiques Paris
FrenchArtAntiques Paris Hace 3 días
Their parents were also talented, and creative and fostered their kids creativity with pianos all over the house, and letting them stay up late at night making music. Pretty cool parents.
MK S Gaming
MK S Gaming Hace 6 días
Delores Corbin
Delores Corbin Hace 6 días
Every time I hear this song I cry
Estefania Cortes Diaz
Estefania Cortes Diaz Hace 6 días
Billie I'm so glad that you are able to connect to your profession, you've brought so many people comfort with your words.
Laura Maurino
Laura Maurino Hace 6 días
Meggy Moo
Meggy Moo Hace 6 días
I love Billie
Kook Hace 6 días
2:04 The Camrea man is just zooming up on this girls face
qq. clown
qq. clown Hace 6 días
To people who say Billie's songs are depressing- They are just showing the real life and tryna to make you realise that we need to stay in this world as long as god will decide.
Hafiz Azeem Haider
Hafiz Azeem Haider Hace 6 días
she's iluminate but i like his voice
Deppie Drakonaki
Deppie Drakonaki Hace 6 días
Δόμνα Σαραγιώτη
Δόμνα Σαραγιώτη Hace 6 días
I love uuuuuuuuuuu , best song ever 😜 It makes me cry 😢😭
iloBillo18 Hace 6 días
κάποιος Έλληνας?😌😂
samantha nicole
samantha nicole Hace 6 días
iloveyou Billie!
Perfection is not real
Perfection is not real Hace 6 días
the real reason behind Billie's concerts crowd is quite and respectful is,,, only the people who are really in that kind of situation, hear her songs. They can feel the real music, they can feel pain. Because they understand,what she is trying to tell her in her songs,
diveen lee
diveen lee Hace 6 días
Fuck my heart just hurts... why
Billie Eilish fan
Billie Eilish fan Hace 6 días
This song is o good and sad. Im not crying my eyes are sweating
Isla Kahaki
Isla Kahaki Hace 6 días
hahah same :) :)
grisham setya
grisham setya Hace 7 días
Back again
Cool Blue Recharge
Cool Blue Recharge Hace 7 días
Very beautiful art.
ana gamerシ
ana gamerシ Hace 7 días
sou sua faaaaaaa i love forever te amooo
Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis Hace 7 días
1000000000000000000 yerssssssss ok
Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis Hace 7 días
do you no how hrde it is my voyzw will take
Lamar Álvarez Crespo
Lamar Álvarez Crespo Hace 7 días
Yo sigo billie eillish no precisamente por su música ella canta bien es genial, felicidades, abrazos y besos, pero lo real es que su hermano está ufffff no paro de verlo 😍
Lorenna Magalhães
Lorenna Magalhães Hace 7 días
I always cry, shiver when I see this video. Omg, I love this song!! Iove all songs Billie, this woman is amazing!!
Oliver Varga
Oliver Varga Hace 7 días
You are a sick and twisted person and nobody knows what you are
Kiki Sidiropoulou
Kiki Sidiropoulou Hace 7 días
One of best's Billie's concert's :)
Usman Dar
Usman Dar Hace 7 días
I came here just for the song but my next time here will be because of 2:59
HORA DO GAME! Hace 7 días
I love English music I love Billie (。・ω・。)ノ♡
Kirra Joseph
Kirra Joseph Hace 8 días
Eduardo Barrantes
Eduardo Barrantes Hace 8 días
2:02 this girl is me
Neha Raghunathan
Neha Raghunathan Hace 8 días
Idk why fine as isn’t more famous. He writes most of billies songs, he has his own songs, he plays a lot of instruments and he produces billies songs
Neha Raghunathan
Neha Raghunathan Hace 2 días
billiewheresthealbum yeah I’m not saying he should be more famous. If they do things 50/50 then he should have the same amount of fame
billiewheresthealbum Hace 2 días
They write the song together(50/50), they can both play instruments. Finneas said he likes how things are going...
Karelly Velasco
Karelly Velasco Hace 8 días
I love the song so so so so so much 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶😌😉
Eleonora C
Eleonora C Hace 8 días
She's soo good,the way her emotions get through us even if we're only listening to her live,not being there in person.Still her feelings convey to us...
Alourexial Hace 8 días
When they all said I love you with her I got goosebumps
Desiree Morton
Desiree Morton Hace 8 días
why are the fans crying
nisa Hace 7 días
it reminds them something maybe
Maria De jesus Fernandes
Maria De jesus Fernandes Hace 8 días
Hello i love you Billie eilish
كيف الحال
كيف الحال Hace 8 días
I fell in love with a girl before a long time but now she's gone But i feel bad now cause I wanna fall in love again But the problem that my heart doesn't love just any girl i see Cause when i love a girl I love her personality first And after that i love everything about her Even her imperfections it becomes beautiful to me Wish someday i find the one for me
Anti Sakura
Anti Sakura Hace 8 días
can you try to make a live somewhere and sing bury a friend? That were mega cool :) LY
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