$128 Hot Pot Vs. $798 Meat Board

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In the season finale, Steven and Andrew compare two ultimate steak experiences.
This video was filmed before shelter-in-place orders were announced. BuzzFeed employees are now practicing social distancing and sheltering in place. We encourage everyone to do the same.
Highlander prototype shown with options.
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Lang Kuoch
Lang Kuoch Hace 5 horas
Catherine BERREY
Catherine BERREY Hace 11 horas
I love you Steven!!!!
charm kazuko
charm kazuko Hace 13 horas
i love how steven asks every now and then "one bite" grr so cute!
Nhat Ha To
Nhat Ha To Hace 18 horas
I wish worth it has a place for me to search worth it videos based on the cities they visited because this is traveling gem
Dann JraD
Dann JraD Hace 19 horas
I know this is weird but Steven, Andrew, and Adam have played a significant part in my life. I've lost a lot of my will to go on with living my unfortunate existence, but I haven't completely lost the desire to achieve my dreams of making it big and traveling. Seeing them travel, share laughs as friends and eat great food make me want to reach for the heights that I always say is impossible for me as an individual.
Shaquille Bryan
Shaquille Bryan Hace 2 días
Baller board
Ruslan L
Ruslan L Hace 2 días
Is it just Me or those two are getting Bald?
janice jtj
janice jtj Hace 2 días
So initially they prepped more than 6 episodes for this season?
nadia khalid
nadia khalid Hace 3 días
I love when the expensive thing is not an everyday item topped in gold and caviar .
ツLeo Hace 3 días
Yo what about the prices
Angely Rose
Angely Rose Hace 3 días
From 1:35 on, look at how Steven smiles so big, perhaps a crush on the female interviewee? She also smiled shyly, lol.
TRDomy Hace 4 días
the first guy was like a Japanese Andrew
anybody606 Hace 4 días
Andrew stopped being a d*ck ?!? I’m shook
Eric L
Eric L Hace 4 días
Hopefully the dempanic ends soon before all these restaurants go bankrupt.
spare97 Hace 4 días
I miss seeing these guys weekly...anyone else been hitting up old episodes?
JaQue TV
JaQue TV Hace 5 días
Hey guys! I just want you to know that you are the reason why we started our own channel. I am not really sure how many times I’ve watched your videos but all I know is that I’m still watching them when I could. Keep doing it guys and I hope after this pandemic you can try more Filipino foods. Love from the Philippines. Thanks so much guys!
Laiman Tukumoeatu
Laiman Tukumoeatu Hace 5 días
Y'all need to put the closed captions on at 4:17 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!!!
YizTheGreat Hace 6 días
I can’t be the only person who thinks both of these weren’t worth the prices...
Thanh ThanhTuyet
Thanh ThanhTuyet Hace 7 días
798$ for a ton of meat ? Damn , it's worth it !
David Huang
David Huang Hace 7 días
The lick 14:49
Mario Plush Maker
Mario Plush Maker Hace 7 días
Haven't seen this in a long time and Andrew looked different in the beginning
Chloe Dorton
Chloe Dorton Hace 8 días
elmo's world
Diane T
Diane T Hace 8 días
Wow another great year...love this show and will miss it till next time!! Great job
AKF44 Hace 8 días
Good god all that food... I wanna try it all, even the stuff I wouldn't think I'd like. It all just looks that amazing... When it's safe for you guys to film together again and continue Worth It, I think more drink episodes could be really fun! Like hot chocolate, apple cider, smoothies, or malts! And if you do ever choose to do a malt episode, I can't even express how much I recommend the Portland Malt Shoppe in Duluth, Minnesota. If there's better malts out there than their's I... don't actually know that I'd believe it, tbh. 😂😂
TangyTomcat716 Hace 8 días
8:34 I GUESSED 34
Mary Jane Hurtado
Mary Jane Hurtado Hace 9 días
watching mayu cook the hot pot is mesmerizing you can tell she puts so much effort and care into her craft
whitefairytails Hace 9 días
please do more worth it facts hahahahahahaha
missing Nose
missing Nose Hace 10 días
This is just expensive Vs more expensive
Danielle M Hall
Danielle M Hall Hace 10 días
The Baller Board is intimidating.
Blah Blahsen
Blah Blahsen Hace 10 días
i cant be the only person who thinks the baller board is just a scam to test human psychology? Right? they literally remove your free will and charge you like a grand for whateverthefuck they wanna give you. that's a ticket to print money.
Steve Chen
Steve Chen Hace 11 días
They should do lamb
Flo Hace 11 días
The owner of the first restaurant is junki
bryce trillo
bryce trillo Hace 11 días
Adam is my favorite out of the bunch lol hot take? That baller board is straight porn lol xxx with all that meat.
Vaibhav Verma
Vaibhav Verma Hace 11 días
U guys are already doing craazy
eltzrothm1 Hace 12 días
Where can one find A1 to A4 steak? Does anyone serve that anywhere? (If you make a bbq sauce joke because A1..)
Anton Mason
Anton Mason Hace 12 días
This episode was totally worth it. 👍🏾
Numbnuts Hace 12 días
I kinda feel bad when I knew they had Hernia :/ It’s not easy to carry a whole company...
Jake Goldberg
Jake Goldberg Hace 12 días
I forgot his name, but the guy who isn’t Andrew or adam looks so different now, it’s scary
Ibrahim Sheikh
Ibrahim Sheikh Hace 13 días
I dont think you can dislike these guys
Glenn Hace 13 días
They're different moods, hard to compare. Mayumon feels “peaceful” while Baller board feels “wild”. Neither is bad, depends on your mood. The price is fair for both too, considering 4-6 people for Baller board. Both worth it, imo
Davin. Hace 13 días
the lick at 15:01 and 15:40
Pretty Binch
Pretty Binch Hace 13 días
i’ve been vegan for 7years but i can still totally watch this and be jealous af
Stoble Yang
Stoble Yang Hace 14 días
Plz come to China, we will let you know what is real hotpot :D
Robert Boyd
Robert Boyd Hace 15 días
The good old days. How many people cringed when they bumped food?
Maya Kamer
Maya Kamer Hace 15 días
That vegan teacher🌱 is typing.....
Rotmg Legend
Rotmg Legend Hace 15 días
They gotta do a hot dog video, and maybe go to Chicago for it
NitroBattleToader Hace 15 días
Guys someone tell them about covid 19 there still in February
Harshini Sreedhara
Harshini Sreedhara Hace 15 días
I would like if u guy make worth next season in India
Bud Light
Bud Light Hace 15 días
Buzzfeed needs to stop with the unskippable ads
Anshaj Kumar
Anshaj Kumar Hace 15 días
Buy great big story and continue the legacy
ZIM Hace 16 días
We are at a point where the cheap one costs as much as the expensive ones in season one
J K Hace 16 días
LOL the joke about the most expensive taco at 14:25 , they realized they made a mistake buying that
Stinkipp Hace 16 días
the whole ass baller board was so unnecessary for 2 but ok kings
Rhett Dante
Rhett Dante Hace 16 días
En el segundo restaurante hacen una cosa HORRIBLE: Sacar todo a la vez. Inevitablemente se te va a quedar fría la carne ... No me puedo creer que en un restaurante en el que te cobran casi 800$ te lo sirvan todo así. Me quedo cien mil veces antes con el primero. Es más, el primero parece a simple vista un restaurante de más lujo que el segundo. Incluso tienes a una persona que te prepara todo y te enseña las cosas. Me iría de cabeza al primero.
TheTargetlockon Hace 16 días
Wew this is so yum wish I could 😋 eat my phone xd
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Hace 16 días
Can we talk about how amazing the shabu-shabu lady’s skin looks
Hera Zotou
Hera Zotou Hace 16 días
666 negative 👎!!!! Put another one 👎 before conspiracy theories start run the show........... See ya next season guy's!!! Corona free hopefully!!!♥️
Nikola Barantiev
Nikola Barantiev Hace 16 días
14:49 Couldn't help ,but notice-the L I C C
Scarlet Speedster
Scarlet Speedster Hace 16 días
i subbed Buzz feed for them
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Hace 16 días
Food Porn AWESOME! start to finish!
Mariposa en Peru
Mariposa en Peru Hace 17 días
Please still make a hot pot episode and a meat board episode once it is safe to do so, guys. 🥺🙏🏻💕
Sara Israel
Sara Israel Hace 17 días
that meat is raw
Wayward Mind
Wayward Mind Hace 17 días
"Meat Luge" will 100% be the name of my restaurant.
Stephen Hace 17 días
The thumbnail has the price of the meat board wrong. Says 738 instead of 798
Clive Nguyen
Clive Nguyen Hace 17 días
Adam’s smile eating the baller board was the happiest I’ve ever seen him 🥺
jmn666 Hace 17 días
12:30-12:31 if a man looks at me like that im marrying him
Dilara A
Dilara A Hace 16 días
Awww i didn’t notice this 😍
Yor D
Yor D Hace 17 días
When they said they were going to Texas to meet an old friend I thought it was big mista :(
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Hace 17 días
Adam sitting there the whole time like 𝓌ₕᵧ ₐₘ ᵢ ₕₑᵣₑ?
massimo marrone
massimo marrone Hace 17 días
fish and red wine ? only in USA.
massimo marrone
massimo marrone Hace 16 días
@Cameron Hoglund yeah., It is a bit like wearing trainers and Armani suit. well everything is possible. Only Russian spies order 'red wine with fish' like in James Bond movie 'From Russia with love'. Greetings. Thumbs up !!!
Cameron Hoglund
Cameron Hoglund Hace 17 días
I mean there was one dish of white meat and like 4 of red meat
miguel cerda
miguel cerda Hace 18 días
pls go to 14:40 and lmk what you hear😬
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong Hace 18 días
they didn't even try the fish LOLOLOL
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong Hace 18 días
they should do an episode dedicated to wine and cheese boards
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Hace 17 días
I am more concerned with what happened with the leftovers. It would be a lot of waste.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Hace 18 días
Adam sitting there the whole time like 𝓌ₕᵧ ₐₘ ᵢ ₕₑᵣₑ?
moonlighter6 Hace 18 días
Food Porn AWESOME! start to finish!
nonchalant Hace 18 días
I love to watch these types of vids while eating something as well makes me feel part of it lool
Angelo Natividad
Angelo Natividad Hace 18 días
Lol in my country, Shabu is an illegal drug so...
Soong Simon
Soong Simon Hace 18 días
They just eating whatever they want now and we want moreee
Tun Fathi
Tun Fathi Hace 18 días
imagine asking adam to sit infront of a camera for a few minutes so he could be put at the back seat of the car
Sara Hace 18 días
augh it's 2AM and I'm having cravings-- that first place looks like a dream-- I love hotpot, soy skin, seaweed, enoki mushrooms, wontons, noodles-- and the chef seems so kind and gentle while serving them
bhawesh prakash
bhawesh prakash Hace 18 días
$798 wow but it looked so worth it
Emmi L
Emmi L Hace 19 días
The idea that they don't do the car review immediately after eating it makes me supremely uncomfortable. I can't remember what I ate for lunch today how do they go into this detail months later?
Aistis Taraškevičius
Aistis Taraškevičius Hace 19 días
yakes. meat. go vegetarians
Michael banks
Michael banks Hace 19 días
Candace D
Candace D Hace 19 días
Rudy Gomez
Rudy Gomez Hace 19 días
this is the only thing that buzzfeed does good
Nadine Piontek
Nadine Piontek Hace 19 días
I am more concerned with what happened with the leftovers. It would be a lot of waste.
craig lee
craig lee Hace 19 días
Tired of HOT POT
Louise Daniels
Louise Daniels Hace 19 días
Please go flexitarian to fight climate change. 🌱
pida siouy
pida siouy Hace 19 días
Finally, Chef who pronounces wagyu correctly. 👍
June Cheng
June Cheng Hace 19 días
very good production of the video. The voices on the car, then the street, then into the restaurant sounds seamless and smooth!
pida siouy
pida siouy Hace 19 días
mm hot pot
Loya Frostwind
Loya Frostwind Hace 19 días
I want to be at a party where they order a baller board. 🤤🤤🤤
Amogh Rao
Amogh Rao Hace 19 días
The Lick at 14:49 makes it even more worth it.
IceWolfPlayz Hace 20 días
raw meat
IceWolfPlayz Hace 20 días
Hailz Hace 20 días
14:00 Irl Food Wars
Keith Dearinger
Keith Dearinger Hace 20 días
I want to go for a ride in a car as a video. Also I think I would be an amazing addition to your team. 🙏😎🥘☕
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Hace 20 días
This literally is the epitome of why people think Americans eat too much; when you compare these two amazing meals...
Eae Sioson
Eae Sioson Hace 20 días
Ramya Saravanan
Ramya Saravanan Hace 20 días
the first dish itself was $$$
Rifat Zabeen
Rifat Zabeen Hace 20 días
Why am I smelling the bowl as I watch it..
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson Hace 21 un día
This is the best worth it ever! Baller board wins hands down, i love the mystique about it and how well its made!!!
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Hace 20 días
Anyone else the Adam in the friend group
*Royale* Hace 21 un día
One bite?
endog Hace 21 un día
adam always looks like he is editing while being filmed. no bueno my shy scared boo boo.
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