Top Gear: The Most Offensive Clips... In The World.

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R.J. Lupin

Hace 4 años

A shout-out to all of the people from Russia who seem to be inundating the comments section of this video. The same sort of thing kept happening throughout 2016. Funny how that works.

Here we have a compilation of clips as an example of just what the Clarkson/Hammond/May iteration of Top Gear got away with. Crude humor like this is part of what made the show so appealing to myself and many others (though Hammond's Mexican bit, in my opinion, went beyond the line of good taste).
This compilation is... by no means complete. There's plenty more footage like this.
Seeing presenters completely unleashed and mostly unfiltered is great. Alt-right circle jerks in the comments section are not. :-)
Vladimir Putin can suck my dick. (He's already got Donald Trump & Co. sucking his.)

areasevenpro Hace 3 años
Not as offensive as Chris Evans taking over the show before he got sacked.
Bilal Khalid
Bilal Khalid Hace 3 días
One of the best comments I've read... Take a W 😎👍
Yeet400 Hace 5 días
@Arno Modelstate a
Challenge Masters
Challenge Masters Hace 8 días
@Arno Modelstate lol u got roasted and put in ur place mate 🤣🤣
Scotch Mist Con-ception
Scotch Mist Con-ception Hace 10 días
@Stotty01 Set Up, probably.
Scotch Mist Con-ception
Scotch Mist Con-ception Hace 10 días
@Clark Kent Fuck, that's some shit, i repent!!!
Kacper K
Kacper K Hace 16 minutos
4:14 I didn’t hear n-word?
Kotaco Hace 2 horas
As a Mexican, I'm offe... *ZZZZZZZZZZZZ*
Mike 117
Mike 117 Hace 4 horas
Crazy how society changes, these days you try to light a candle but end up setting the house on fire
Julio Barrera
Julio Barrera Hace 5 horas
As a Mexican I am completely offended and I will. . .
john banks
john banks Hace 5 horas
tried giving this show a chance after they left...worthless..this show was brilliant ..then BBC ruined it..back when people could take a joke, also to be fair..there are a lot of shows/movies/people in general that are free with jokes about british people and our food/clothes/weather/cars etc :)
pope slayer
pope slayer Hace 7 horas
I truly miss those times, as if they were long ago. They ain't. World just went so mad, so fast.
M. Azra Qudratullah
M. Azra Qudratullah Hace 7 horas
This level of offensiveness is impossible nowadays because people can't take jokes very well. I miss the old days
Rafael Diaz
Rafael Diaz Hace 9 horas
Im mexican and I had quite a chuckle at 2:42 😂, if I can take those jokes then you can take a joke about your own race
C W Hace 10 horas
😭 this is why we need these 3 buggers. God I love them
SirSquids Hace 10 horas
As an American I have enough time to watch this cause the person in front of me is going 5kph
oh no
oh no Hace 10 horas
Bring em back
MichaelBack2702 Hace 12 horas
Do Me!!! Do me!!! - it’s SO funny and people should stop feel offended and grow the ability to laugh a little of themselves. That show was excepted to be rude - don’t watch it if you are too self centered.
john cary
john cary Hace 12 horas
As Saudi I'll say funny
Taiwan is a country
Taiwan is a country Hace 12 horas
Don't people seem to understand that for the most part, the joke isn't "haha those stereotypes are so true" it's "haha you're not supposed to say that"
Aarush Thakur
Aarush Thakur Hace 13 horas
As a British I am too busy licking maaah queeees feets to be offended
Snxwy Hace 15 horas
I miss these 3. Absolutely loved how just real, funny and just rude they were. I actually loved them, still do! Wish I had friends like this lmao
Krzysztof Kluzek
Krzysztof Kluzek Hace 17 horas
harlequin75 Hace 17 horas
To be fair, Koreans are quite tall
Oliver B
Oliver B Hace 18 horas
Jeremy claiming the mexicans won’t complain and then having to apologise to the mexican ambassador a while later is very ironic.
Alex Cottin
Alex Cottin Hace 20 horas
I love it
Roman Fisher
Roman Fisher Hace 22 horas
Wait, I just have smt to add. When he pointed out that there was a “slope on it” he meant that there was a literal slope, it was coincidence that the guy was crossing the bridge when they pointed it out.
buTTonz Hace un día
Greatest show ever, before they got let go.
Rammah Felemban
Rammah Felemban Hace un día
Some people make you happy when they insult you 😂😂😂
Ironman Hace un día
As an American who put down his Big Mac to write this comment... Actually can you say the joke again,? I couldn’t understand Jermy’s Australian accent.
Dono Hace un día
The American one isn't really offensive
Klevis Heta
Klevis Heta Hace un día
How is 1:24 not a meme
JDMlatino Hace un día
3:14 i can agree
The Goner
The Goner Hace un día
as a brazilian,i couldnt be offended because i didnt understand half a word since i was tripping balls
Sr. Clumsy
Sr. Clumsy Hace un día
As a mexican i find this highly offensive, how can you dare call the poncho a blanket?!
De Von
De Von Hace un día
This was such an amazing show
Amin Hace un día
I love this so much
Kavabunga Man
Kavabunga Man Hace un día
This is what humanity needs back
Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly Hace un día
Oh my god it’s so racist, or i guess that’s just the british superiority and it’s all just silly stereotypes
CEE DEE Hace un día
Jeremy Clarkson just slipping in that racist comment
SSShadow3 Hace un día
This is the most British thing I’ve ever seen
I love coconuts
I love coconuts Hace un día
Precisely why this show was such a hit, and why this trio is amazing.
Nickspencer Fishing rod :D
Nickspencer Fishing rod :D Hace un día
5:03 Richard's face XD
James Creations
James Creations Hace un día
They aren't offensive if you dont get offended
Guidoge Hace un día
Im dutch and i love the dutch joke i mean its true
theviper1999uk Hace un día
Big Fudge
Big Fudge Hace un día
If this show came out 10 years later it would have been cancelled.
Piggery onYT
Piggery onYT Hace un día
The eeny meeny miny moe one was fake, he says catch a pirate 🤦🏻‍♂️
Dani Navarro
Dani Navarro Hace un día
As a Spaniard, I will have a siesta and then decide if I'm offended.
Teo Benjamin
Teo Benjamin Hace un día
realise that most of this shit is jeremy clarkson
beetboxben Hace un día
TroyTheBeast Films
TroyTheBeast Films Hace un día
As an Australian, everyone I've ever known has been killed by about 40 spiders within an hour and my kangaroo that I ride into town with was eaten by a spider yesterday.
TroyTheBeast Films
TroyTheBeast Films Hace un día
7.1k people have no sense of humour.
Legendary Adult vids.
Legendary Adult vids. Hace un día
The greatest of all The Boys doing what they do best.. Offending everyone, except ME.
Super World
Super World Hace un día
Ah the brits.... complaining about stuffs better than theirs.
Jampack Gaming
Jampack Gaming Hace un día
You didn’t choose to be Mexican... you just got lucky. 💯
Owen Thomas
Owen Thomas Hace 2 días
I can remember when times were like this, you could say something an no one would really mind. But now... there’s always a way to offend someone in anything you say.
Super Sharp Shooter
Super Sharp Shooter Hace 2 días
Jesus they pulled no punches on Mexico lmao.
kolax 87
kolax 87 Hace 2 días
I can't wait to make my yearbook quote from these guys
Louis Valdivia
Louis Valdivia Hace 2 días
I own a guzzi too guess I'm a homosexual
LoudMouf 92
LoudMouf 92 Hace 2 días
Hey Lupin, awesome video and fuck Biden. Cheers.
Chuck MF Norris
Chuck MF Norris Hace 2 días
As an American I couldn’t hear this because my neighbors keep shooting in their back yard
Siq Madiq
Siq Madiq Hace 2 días
Offensive = good comedy.
TY Hace 2 días
Guarantee the Argentines are still offended
John Lockman
John Lockman Hace 2 días
As a French person, I will beat these guys with a baguette for having offended me!
HarlekinGER Hace 2 días
Americans: I AM OFFENDED, Brits: I'm a little bit upset
HenkPrenk XD
HenkPrenk XD Hace 2 días
This video told me that jeremy clarkson and james may are in fact not the same person
Aidyn Alston
Aidyn Alston Hace 2 días
Nobody: British people teeth: _--__-_--_-_
Anemic Hace 2 días
lolfunacount Hace 2 días
So this is a typical Bottom Gear episode.
Jason Marusic
Jason Marusic Hace 2 días
Exoost fumes
Redslayer86 Hace 2 días
As an American I am offended. We will shoot you anywhere
William West (student)
William West (student) Hace 2 días
the slope bridge one isn't even offensive
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny Hace 2 días
As a French person I can confirm we eat cheese and surrender a lot
Joshua Gray
Joshua Gray Hace 2 días
I wonder what kind of humour the current presenters have
Matt Phil
Matt Phil Hace 2 días
We have to make sure the twitter girls never find this video because they will try to cancel them
The Man On The Mountain
The Man On The Mountain Hace 2 días
Well, an english criticizing mexican food, or any other food... 🤔
The Shrimpy Tomato
The Shrimpy Tomato Hace 2 días
Mustang Hace 2 días
I did not realise how outrageous some of these jokes are hahahaha
C Hace 2 días
Dikkertje Fap
Dikkertje Fap Hace 2 días
4:21 i'm Dutch and i wonder how this is one of the most offensive clips..... in the world. Yes it's a stereotype, so what?
Viktor Bengtsson
Viktor Bengtsson Hace 2 días
This show worked because it was the only show on air that allowed normal pub conversation. I mean this is the types of conversations and silliness that a lot of normal people have and the media censor it because it's not right with the idealistic society. Almost everyone has been a little bit racist, sexist or in some way offended someone at some point, this show just showed 3 real friends haveing a laugh, the only real reality show.
Stuart Murphy
Stuart Murphy Hace 2 días
It was all jokes. Remember them?
mr.j Hace 2 días
i still can't believe this is my childhood show lol
Big Red
Big Red Hace 3 días
Nothing half as offensive as Clarksons nicotine stained teeth & mouth. No excuse for that at all. Personal hygiene at it lowest. His breath must rank & be absolutely foul smelling too. Only reply if you agree 😎
The Shrimpy Tomato
The Shrimpy Tomato Hace 2 días
Somebody got offended.
Ryan Hace 2 días
Someone’s upset Edit: He edited his comment too lmao
Corben Leneham
Corben Leneham Hace 3 días
I love that everyone is talking about the stereotypes he made of their countries, and as an Australian, i want to add to that and say AAAAHHHHH SAVE ME FROM THE SPIDERS OH GOSH THEY ARE EVERYWHERE
Shanislaus Hace 3 días
as an american i got shot and will shoot others
TheCerealSlayer Hace 3 días
2:53: Hammond said Feck. A callMeKevin Trademark...
Mac Does Stuff
Mac Does Stuff Hace 3 días
As an American, can confirm America is exactly like Clarkson said, just maybe switch the red lobster with other cheap restaurants like applebee's or chili's. Oh, and he forgot a mcdonalds.
Tara More
Tara More Hace 3 días
Oh so funny.
Thistasteslike ass
Thistasteslike ass Hace 3 días
Damn, so far everything has been pretty funny but... that Mexican joke. Man. Didn’t age well. Like holy shit I’m surprised that got left in
AF Bennett
AF Bennett Hace 3 días
2:05 pretty sure you’d be burnt at the stake if u said that theses days lol
Red Panda Records
Red Panda Records Hace 3 días
as a mexican i would be really offended if i wasnt dying of food poisoning after eating refried cheese and sleeping
Nodrog Mulac
Nodrog Mulac Hace 3 días
I miss when we could make jokes about other ethnicities but know it’s just racism or xenophobic.
Scott Machaser
Scott Machaser Hace 3 días
British humour at its best 😂😂
Martin372 Hace 3 días
Back when people could get a joke...I miss those days.
L.V Hace 3 días
as a dutchie i'm so offended i ate 5 kilos of cheese and smoked all my sadness away
Clumsy Streaks
Clumsy Streaks Hace 3 días
America is the most easily offended country on the face of the earth.
Boma Ayi
Boma Ayi Hace un día
@Neth 7 That's untrue, but there are more Americans on the internet than anyone else.
Neth 7
Neth 7 Hace un día
@Boma Ayi Idk man, all the offended people on the internet are mostly from america..
Boma Ayi
Boma Ayi Hace un día
No bro, its Britain and Australia
David Baumann
David Baumann Hace 3 días
If todays Twitch moderators would have been in charge for this show, those guys would be in jail
Louchesjon Hace 3 días
If Twitter wrote the show they would add a Mexican for diversity.
Yves Rosnmund
Yves Rosnmund Hace 3 días
the woman at 2:50 in the background looks good
Erdan the Bard
Erdan the Bard Hace 3 días
“Back when people didn’t get offended over everything” Oh fuck off bud these jokes ain’t even that offensive
SBworks Hace 4 días
4:41 h e l l o
The Amazing Squim
The Amazing Squim Hace 4 días
I’m Dutch and I definitely laughed at Jeremy’s impression 😂 guy has a great sense of humor
Madoka Hace 4 días
Ahh, so *Top Gear* is the reason why I am able to take criticism!
tr sf
tr sf Hace 4 días
1:10 " oh it is a documentary , it's not a fooling around show " -Clarkson. Biggest bull shit he has ever said in his life 😂
ArsenicSulfur Hace 4 días
Someone: Talks about a family member dying in order to self promote Everyone: *OH NO* anyways
carolina correa
carolina correa Hace 4 días
Imagine making fun of Mexicans when their country has no culture 😂😂 P.S. if you’re offended remember it’s all joke right
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