The Zipf Mystery

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The of and to. A in is I. That it, for you, was with on. As have ... but be they.
How many days have you been alive?
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Mathias Pampus
Mathias Pampus Hace 49 minutos
[WARNING: "read more" will extend this to 871 lines] Hi everyone, I know it's a little late, but I just watched it and actually wondered if this video itself would show signs of zipf-iness. So I took the transcript and processed it a little. Some info upfront: I sliced things like "power-law" and "day-to-day basis" into completely separate words I kept the distinction between singular an plural of the same word, as well as all the conjugations I stripped words of possessive suffixes (languages' to languages; word's to word) I extended abbreviated forms of "is", "have" etc. to full length (I've to I have; can't to can not; etc.) I kept digits as digits, numbers as well, I did, however, separate "ten", "hundred", "thousand" etc. if they were terminating a number (30 thousand; 181 million) So here are the results, draw your own conclusions: Word count total : 2,885 (2,308 = 80%) Word count unique: 853 (171 = 20%) Hapax legomena: 514 First 20% of most common words are used 1998 times total which is 71% of the total word count. Words used only once make 64% of the unique word count and 18% of the total word count. ----------------------------------------------------------- the: 164 of: 103 a: 84 is: 73 and: 72 in: 53 to: 51 that: 47 it: 46 words: 31 percent: 30 are: 29 word: 27 as: 27 for: 25 used: 22 we: 21 but: 21 be: 20 Zipf: 20 about: 19 or: 19 more: 18 not: 18 one: 17 I: 17 this: 16 have: 16 will: 16 often: 16 on: 16 you: 16 most: 15 so: 14 language: 14 law: 13 just: 13 even: 12 what: 12 20: 12 get: 12 if: 12 by: 12 there: 12 all: 11 letter: 11 way: 11 up: 11 can: 10 out: 10 at: 10 when: 10 has: 10 world: 10 was: 9 0: 8 how: 8 them: 8 they: 8 80: 8 principle: 8 said: 8 many: 8 according: 8 things: 8 some: 8 does: 8 appear: 7 from: 7 number: 7 than: 7 which: 7 only: 7 point: 7 much: 7 these: 7 English: 7 like: 7 every: 6 26: 6 Pareto: 6 times: 6 corpus: 6 been: 6 few: 6 once: 6 languages: 5 here: 5 something: 5 after: 5 eighty: 5 least: 5 half: 5 frequency: 5 likely: 5 typing: 5 result: 5 randomly: 5 also: 5 spacebar: 5 (ESshow won't actually let me post the whole thing XD so here's the 100 most common words)
huski! Hace un hora
1:48 I love that Chilean appears like a different language than Spanish
Finnrock Hace 3 horas
We remember the less used words from a book because they are what make it different from all other books.
Sasha Alexander
Sasha Alexander Hace 3 horas
I'm breathless.
DefualtSphere Hace 4 horas
I'm a 3D artist and I'm confused as well, when rendering 3D objects with lightning, the way the light goes from 100% intense (the light source) and to the furthest place reflecting the light also follow Zipf's law, so we as 3D artists tend to put lightning far away from the object with high intensity so the difference isn't noticed and is almost equally distributed.
DefualtSphere Hace 4 horas
Holy shit we also follow the 20/80 rule when learning and practicing.
DefualtSphere Hace 4 horas
Holy shit we also follow the 20/80 rule when learning and practicing.
アカウント Hace 11 horas
That Nat
That Nat Hace 11 horas
He should make a video about Benfords law Its really cool if you don't know what it is look it up
robert walker
robert walker Hace 12 horas
Michael: diameter of moon craters Me: You’ve lost this time
Wyatt Russell
Wyatt Russell Hace 20 horas
can somebody write out everything Michael said in this video and see if zipf law works with it
Shem Aves
Shem Aves Hace 20 horas
this make a great audio book
xargaeth Hace 20 horas
heyyyyy how to, basic here
Unauthorized Expression
Unauthorized Expression Hace 21 un hora
This guy is entirely too happy to actually be as intelligent as he tries to come off.
Sushant Rathore
Sushant Rathore Hace 21 un hora
So we are in a simulation after all
Tswissie Hace 22 horas
you use 20% of blenders features 80% of the time
Alex S
Alex S Hace 23 horas
Time to use quizatiously or however you spell it on a paper and confuse my ela teacher
Tyler MG / Tyler mega games
Tyler MG / Tyler mega games Hace un día
So 20% of scientists discover 80% of stuff. So 80% of scientists discover 20% of stuff.
Wild Youth
Wild Youth Hace un día
In case anyone's wondering... I think I counted 126 "the" s in this video. Probably not too accurate but I used a Tally Counter lol
iRaskulz Hace un día
LMAO Vilfredo Pareto... I can't be the only one dying at that name. 5:00
Jacob H
Jacob H Hace un día
Humans interpret information logarithmic to base ten, so that's probably what causes our language to exhibit Zipf's law.
Ben Kutenets
Ben Kutenets Hace un día
My theory to why this exists is because of the nature of language. Certain words have more preference and play different roles in a language (words such as 'a or the' are used in pairings with other words, meaning they will occur more often then the other words themselves). That is why when a language forms, it naturally uses shorter words to allow these words to be used in higher EFFICIENCY and to allow better expression. Imagine if we replaced the/a with baculiform, ex: "baculiform cat ate baculiform red treat". In general, the goal of a language is to be an efficient and fast way to express ideas, and using short sounds to do this would make sense. Zipfs law makes a language what it is support to be.
Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ
Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ Hace un día
i’m 80% confused and 20% understand
teever Hace un día
... the number of people that die in morgues...
teever Hace un día
Jamie W
Jamie W Hace un día
You have to wonder with all these coincidences, if it points to coding in real life...
Kng Cobra
Kng Cobra Hace un día
80% of what i say is 20% of what the voices are telling me to say jk they arnt real but they do got some good ideas
arash ghorban
arash ghorban Hace 2 días
11:30 almost closed the video :|
The Athenian guy from NativLang`s videos
The Athenian guy from NativLang`s videos Hace 2 días
awsome video. needs more views
joe Lynch
joe Lynch Hace 2 días
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Lindi Nhlebela
Lindi Nhlebela Hace 2 días
So I tried to count how many times he said the word 'the', but I lost. His to interesting
joel23456789 Hace 2 días
And that is why english is ez
4l1U Hace 2 días
Jokes on you, my language doesn’t have the word ”the”.
Olivia Collins
Olivia Collins Hace 2 días
I have a question. Why do we want to learn a language? Why do we (I) feel as if we need to learn everything, or seek out knowledge?
Moon Animatronic
Moon Animatronic Hace 2 días
Soooo... does this mean that studying 20% of the work give me 80% of the grades?? 🧐
gabriele marasco
gabriele marasco Hace 2 días
myksweet Hace 2 días
Your grasp, communication, and expressiveness of the subjects you expound on is without equal in a delightful way. Makes me want to pay attention and that is rewarding. Thank you.
kakatuibaka lol
kakatuibaka lol Hace 3 días
God:They are finding out the Easter eggs
Michael Davis
Michael Davis Hace 3 días
While accurate, interesting, and of value to examine and analyze - A problem (80%) is addressed by a solution (20%). Be careful of a solution is search of a problem! i.e. what about the OTHER problems? If one is looking for this pattern, one will find it. -- Sorry - Explained at 8:41 - If you are a mathematician, give up and dislike here.
JuanTheDude Hace 3 días
Why am I getting Christmas ads it’s not even November yet
n.sambed prakash pati
n.sambed prakash pati Hace 3 días
the fact about vsauce video is it throws mysteries and questions without answering them and even if answers makes it more complicated.. it must be listed as one of the most mentally haunted site of youtube
nate makes bad memes
nate makes bad memes Hace 3 días
idk why vsauce makes me really tired
palla ciccione
palla ciccione Hace 3 días
This is vsauce's best video
Julius Götze
Julius Götze Hace 3 días
what's the song at the end of the video?
MasterNick Hace 3 días
20% of all countries have 80% percent of coronavirus cases
Funk Bone T
Funk Bone T Hace 3 días
Why you many words, few work fine
IronHarpoon Hace 3 días
Maybe the Zipf Mystery was just a easter egg put in by the developers.
Two Guns
Two Guns Hace 3 días
could this be used to find out if the voynage manuscript is bulshit or not?
roykoopa31 Hace 3 días
the most common words make a sentence. not a good sentence.. just a sentence
Burton Julianne
Burton Julianne Hace 3 días
3:25 Sorry God forgive please i like-1 sorry
Allana Cushman
Allana Cushman Hace 4 días
We are in the matrix... (the)
Ghalem Samira
Ghalem Samira Hace 4 días
0:27 *my English teacher is questioning reality rn*
David Saric
David Saric Hace 4 días
18:08 imagine his video started like this😅 You wouldnt be surprised, would ya?
Adam Miceli
Adam Miceli Hace 4 días
Beautiful video! Very profound! Michael is such a pure example of the ENTP personality type...asking questions about overlooked aspects of reality and going on numerous rants about various different but seemingly unrelated topics just because it's fun and interesting!!!
Paolo Russo
Paolo Russo Hace 4 días
We are what we eat.... we are what we read...
n o
n o Hace 4 días
Reality is probably some toy bought by a rich kid in a parallel universe.
Extremely Salty Player
Extremely Salty Player Hace 4 días
Pea pod pea pod pea pod
Haha names go brrr
Haha names go brrr Hace 4 días
And so chaos theory comes into play
Etb Etb
Etb Etb Hace 4 días
Because I'm a smart ass dickhead whenever someone posts one of those naf 'the first word you see' blah, blah says blah, blah grids I always answer what the Hell does 'A' indicate I guess it indicates that I'm a smart ass dickhead.
Andrew Boldi
Andrew Boldi Hace 5 días
Instead of writing my essay, I watched this video and got an A because I used a word my teacher hasn't heard. thank you quizzaciously AND DONT TREAT ME QUIZZACIOUSLY IN THE COMMENTS FOR TELLING A JOKE :]
Sai Krithik S
Sai Krithik S Hace 5 días
Zipf's law seen in comments and comment's replies and likes of this video Most liked comment has twice the number of likes of the second most liked one...
Jimbo Gracias
Jimbo Gracias Hace 5 días
0:27 Sounds like Dennis reading the campaign video monologue that Charlie wrote in Sunny
Broodjekaas !
Broodjekaas ! Hace 5 días
I always find myself back on this channel because I want to watch a vsauce video but there isn't a new one. It's whatever, Michael's videos are timeless anyway.
Mohamed Hace 5 días
But not Arabic 👌🏽😎
Flamingo D
Flamingo D Hace 5 días
The of and to a in is that it for you was with on as have but be they
flaetsbnort Hace 6 días
That last segment was pretty sorrowful and angsty even before I discovered Michael is only a day older than me
Nathan Taylor
Nathan Taylor Hace 6 días
So it seems two exponential data sets that conflict often create a zipf relationship. Interesting
Aidan Crawford
Aidan Crawford Hace 6 días
old english be like 0:27
Thats brain washing ..... Don't deep observe it....
Jerry Cote
Jerry Cote Hace 6 días
José Daniel Herrera
José Daniel Herrera Hace 6 días
José Daniel Herrera
José Daniel Herrera Hace 6 días
huh968 Hace 6 días
the pareto principle sounds really dumb. of course 80/20 is gonna apply to a bunch of things, but so would 70/30 and any other combination of numbers
Abhinav Hada
Abhinav Hada Hace 6 días
Shakespeare laughs in 'Thine'
Elvinere Elvinasere
Elvinere Elvinasere Hace 6 días
I'm gonna go read a book now
Mop Top
Mop Top Hace 6 días
José Daniel Herrera
José Daniel Herrera Hace 6 días
Michael Groomes
Michael Groomes Hace 6 días
And as always, thanks for (2 unskippable 15 second ads)
Jack Bender
Jack Bender Hace 7 días
When he was listing all of those examples with the graphs, what was that last one?
Maindola Hace 7 días
20% of my basement is occupied by 80% of the neighbor kids..
David Hace 7 días
Now I’m looking every single comment to find it
Divya Vyas
Divya Vyas Hace 7 días
Fun fact: Michael uses a Mac.
Sinception Hace 7 días
"It looks like this test brought down the class average by 80%" _Me and the other 20% of kids_
Austin Smith
Austin Smith Hace 7 días
How do I find the list of the number of times the word was used?
Goosænimates Hace 7 días
six year old me when I don't get to eat ice cream 30 minutes before my bed time: 2:45
Colin Myers
Colin Myers Hace 7 días
sauce cant be the 5555th most common word.. i use your name in conversation ALL the time because i cant wait to discuss theories like this...
Chris Shearer
Chris Shearer Hace 7 días
i see this as undeniable evidence that the theory of everything does exist. we will find it one day.
Edmundo Zaragoza
Edmundo Zaragoza Hace 7 días
Yeah like how time feels like it's going faster as you age. 1 1/2 1/3 ... 1/27 1/32 1/40 Etc You are experiencing it by that much of a fractional amount.
Peter Alton Mertz
Peter Alton Mertz Hace 7 días
I watched this video a while back and was amazed at how much I forgot.
Rocky_ BostonPuppy
Rocky_ BostonPuppy Hace 7 días
He reads the top 20 most popular words like my grandma reads a bible verse
Jay C
Jay C Hace 7 días
Interesting stuff! Now, could you please explain how Zipf applies to things like commodities and the stock market? I mean, if it applies to all of the different things we talked about here then it has to apply to the market n stuff, right? Come to think of it, this explains why some guys have all the luck....;(
Reed Edmunds
Reed Edmunds Hace 7 días
Does this confirm that we dont have free will?
Pagan Min
Pagan Min Hace 7 días
i came for knowledge but i got existential crisis in the end
Maindola Hace 7 días
18:15 Michael spitting some faccs part of the video...
Maindola Hace 7 días
20:03 too...
ARVIN Hace 7 días
U know the theory about our life was a simulation?? Maybe the coder set this up
Golden Gaming Channel
Golden Gaming Channel Hace 7 días
How many times did he say "the "
Golden Gaming Channel
Golden Gaming Channel Hace 7 días
How many times did he say the
Angel of Art a.k.a. Artwear Couturier
Angel of Art a.k.a. Artwear Couturier Hace 7 días
Could Zipfs Law be used to determine if the Voynich Manuscript is written in a real language by looking at the number of times the “words” that repeat appear? 🤔
Otonashi Yuzuru
Otonashi Yuzuru Hace 8 días
"Hey 55555, Michael here, what is.. Here"
Zach Abraham
Zach Abraham Hace 8 días
sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce
Robin Hace 8 días
I dont think the amount of letters is the reason for that. I think its the other way around. More common words are shorter, because they are used so often. This might sound some kind of strange, but think about how language might came into being. And think about what algorithm your brain might use to formulate a phrase. Its not like: "Take random letters until I get the word I need -> finish". For me it works like this: "How can I tell someone what Id like to say -> What kind of words are there -> Which word has a matching meaning -> translate them so non-german people know what you are talking about -> finish". For example: 130.000 years ago human wanted to say they are hungry. They said: "Huguh guahah guguluggugulugukuuku". But "Im hungry" was often needed, so the said "Huguh" becomes "I", "guahah" becomes "am" and "guguluggugulugukuuku" becomes hungry. Thats it (or at least: That might be it).
Great Gig
Great Gig Hace 8 días
WHY. DOES. THIS. KEEP. COMING. UP. NEXT. i've sadly even been forced to dislike this video, and the which way is down video. because they just dont stop coming up next, highly annoying.
Nourii Hace 7 días
there's an option to click "don't recommend this video" so it wont shows up again
SUNIL KUMAR Hace 8 días
90% of population lives in 30% of land
SUNIL KUMAR Hace 7 días
@Nourii no
Nourii Hace 7 días
Jesse Hensley
Jesse Hensley Hace 9 días
The 16 words sounded like a quote from 200 years ago for me
H.G.I Hace 9 días
Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously QuizzaciouslyQuizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously QuizzaciouslyQuizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously QuizzaciouslyQuizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously QuizzaciouslyQuizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously QuizzaciouslyQuizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously QuizzaciouslyQuizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously QuizzaciouslyQuizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously QuizzaciouslyQuizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously QuizzaciouslyQuizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously QuizzaciouslyQuizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously QuizzaciouslyQuizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously QuizzaciouslyQuizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously QuizzaciouslyQuizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously QuizzaciouslyQuizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously QuizzaciouslyQuizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously Quizzaciously
Christian Nerios
Christian Nerios Hace 9 días
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