Miley Cyrus & The Social Distancers Perform “Gimme More” | Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions

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Hace 13 días

Miley Cyrus and The Social Distancers perform a cover of “Gimme More” by Britney Spears, unplugged on Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions. More at
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cheyma la
cheyma la Hace 34 minutos
Andres Hernandez
Andres Hernandez Hace 3 horas
You should have this in the new record with the other two covers, it’s amazing
Iris Iris
Iris Iris Hace 4 horas
the first time i hear the real lyrics...
Quézia Martins dos Santos
Quézia Martins dos Santos Hace 7 horas
Amei !!!! Ahhhhh que lindo !!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️. Arrasou !!!! Miley Britney Spears, te amo !!!!!!
Eduarda Geovana
Eduarda Geovana Hace 8 horas
É a patroaaa
Eric Casia
Eric Casia Hace 8 horas
Amazing! I love you Miley!
Madison Eats
Madison Eats Hace 10 horas
I love you smmmmm😫😭💜
Lídia Passos
Lídia Passos Hace 11 horas
Amo quando os artistas POP fazem assim, param um pouquinho com as coreografias, e mostram suas vozes somente, geralmente são maravilhosas como a da Mile.
San San
San San Hace 11 horas
Who else wants this on Spotify 🥰
liv-irene berglund
liv-irene berglund Hace 11 horas
Wish this song were longer!!! Love it so much
Ozan 92
Ozan 92 Hace 12 horas
ı can understand the lyrics right now thx miley :D
Sandy Tibou
Sandy Tibou Hace 13 horas
😮😮😮😮💯💯💯💯 thanks for this Miley, u rock 🔥🔥🔥🔥
José Manuel Cepeda Landin
José Manuel Cepeda Landin Hace 14 horas
Miley rules
Malabika Ghosh
Malabika Ghosh Hace 15 horas
I always considered this to be a sexy song, but now that I hear this, I feel it was about what Britney had to go through in 2007. That really makes me sad She spoke a lot through her songs, but we couldn't understand. I m sorry Britney and thankyou Miley for doing her justice
Blu Patches
Blu Patches Hace 15 horas
Lena ackerman
Lena ackerman Hace 17 horas
and to think all the public shame this woman went through back in 2013... mannnnn. so crazy.
Tamires Porto
Tamires Porto Hace 21 un hora
Miley cantando Brit é tudo pra mim ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Vesna Stihovic
Vesna Stihovic Hace 21 un hora
She's like new Madonna
Jacob Markman
Jacob Markman Hace 22 horas
0:16 - I know men who can't hit those low notes
Aditi Gaur
Aditi Gaur Hace 23 horas
colleen godwin
colleen godwin Hace 23 horas
I don't know about you but I miss Disney Miley
Wiktoria U
Wiktoria U Hace un día
I want this on spotify 😫
Gustavo Borges
Gustavo Borges Hace un día
Guys you're doing it all wrong! This is the one that should be a hit and go straight to Spotify! It's incredible the energy here!
Rafael S
Rafael S Hace un día
Essa música e dá Britney né ?👄👁️
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PC Socket 7 Intel 430vx tx Hace un día
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Li li
Li li Hace un día
Girl you are just amazing
Bruno Scherzinger
Bruno Scherzinger Hace un día
Minha bb tá amadurecendo ❤️
Bruna Fidalgo Flores
Bruna Fidalgo Flores Hace un día
OMG! Perfect
Maria Cecília
Maria Cecília Hace un día
better than the original version
Sue Drake
Sue Drake Hace un día
The world NEEDED this rock goddess. Gimme gimme more.
Hannah Nzedinma
Hannah Nzedinma Hace un día
Miley's like, "hold my wig while I slay every genre of music" New Fans: 0_0 Day One: Yaassss
Motorola Xts
Motorola Xts Hace un día
Brasil 🇧🇷
lucas carvalho
lucas carvalho Hace un día
lenda de maissssss nega !!!!
Charlie R
Charlie R Hace un día
why she look like moira rose
Jessica Arreola
Jessica Arreola Hace un día
these covers she's been doing lately!
ask the axis
ask the axis Hace un día
Wow, thought this was a song about sex, turns out it’s about being exploited
Hello Good Vibes
Hello Good Vibes Hace un día
she's so loyal to Britney
Gary Sultanian
Gary Sultanian Hace un día
I love this version of the song.
Valerie Barajas
Valerie Barajas Hace un día
I mean I said it before but I fucken love you 🥺👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Arída Norden
Arída Norden Hace un día
Бритни и не снилось такое исполнение
Alessandra Hace un día
Jakob Whale
Jakob Whale Hace 2 días
Every era people be talking about *"Miley is becoming her true self"* like y'all.. she is *ALL that!* Miley has no limit.
xg1027 Hace 2 días
She turned every songs into Miley Cyrus
Weronika Jarzyna
Weronika Jarzyna Hace 2 días
Im so glad that Miley finally focuses on making good music, not making scandals. She's becoming a very mature singer with incredible voice. I've never been a fan of her but now it's changing. Wish her the best!
Lautaro Raposo
Lautaro Raposo Hace 2 días
necesito este cover en Spotify
Funeral Giggle
Funeral Giggle Hace 2 días
Thiago Melo
Thiago Melo Hace 2 días
Im living for This performace
Homeless Highway
Homeless Highway Hace 2 días
Edz Regis
Edz Regis Hace 2 días
Britney spears the ultimate pop super star of her generation
Agathi Xyda
Agathi Xyda Hace 2 días
Edoardo Dardi
Edoardo Dardi Hace 2 días
Just Fantastic!❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏Thank you for sharing this piece of great musical Art!
MadMerrYard Hace 2 días
I need tabs for this
alexis lachance
alexis lachance Hace 2 días
I wish she would have also done a version with the real beat
Eduardo Fornazzari
Eduardo Fornazzari Hace 2 días
A Marie
A Marie Hace 2 días
This made me cry
florcita n
florcita n Hace 2 días
woow.... 😲❤
Styś Hace 3 días
Many stars should learn from Miley how to pronounce words in songs and have impeccable diction.
shakera golding
shakera golding Hace un día
Fact Her pronunciation is unmatched
Mike Black
Mike Black Hace 3 días
I give my love to Miley Cyrus with 12oo. Comments and views
Absinthe Hace 3 días
Miguel Arévalo
Miguel Arévalo Hace 3 días
Hola 🌹🌹🤗🤗💐💐🌻🌺💖💖🤠🤠😌😌😌😌👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽
Andrea Pisaniello
Andrea Pisaniello Hace 3 días
you are the best
Andrea Breider
Andrea Breider Hace 3 días
She should be set on fire for this
daniela anne cruz
daniela anne cruz Hace 3 días
What can’t she sing?? so talented !!
Bia Veleza
Bia Veleza Hace 3 días
I'm addicted to this, I keep coming back here 🤦‍♀️
Gustavo Lucas
Gustavo Lucas Hace 3 días
Leonardo Bessauer
Leonardo Bessauer Hace 3 días
So much talent, I cant handle this 😱
Sila Hace 3 días
gulcan goren
gulcan goren Hace 3 días
Please add this masterpiece on spotify 🙏🏼
Tessa VerMilyea
Tessa VerMilyea Hace 3 días
Good Lord did she even take a breath? This is just great, I love everything she's doing
Jam Gomez
Jam Gomez Hace 3 días
I'm in shock. This sounds so good.
Kate Gabbana
Kate Gabbana Hace 3 días
This made me emotional.
Will Lima
Will Lima Hace 3 días
Amo tanto. Maravilhosa 😍
Rachel Graham
Rachel Graham Hace 3 días
I’m dying this is absolutely incredible I love Miley even more
Sabrina Davis
Sabrina Davis Hace 3 días
This better then the other one
Krista Grym
Krista Grym Hace 3 días
mas Hace 3 días
who’s listening to this for like the millionth time
The Scott Sisters
The Scott Sisters Hace 3 días
I love the Lady Gaga Joanne era Miley
Kareem 18
Kareem 18 Hace 4 días
This is amazing wowwww
Yesha Zion
Yesha Zion Hace 4 días
I only subbed BECAUSE OF MILEY
Maxwell Mooney
Maxwell Mooney Hace 4 días
Miley’s killing it, but also this dobro player adds everything to this cover.
Hermance A.
Hermance A. Hace 4 días
Miley is and has always been a powerhouse. She made it her own while also staying true to the original feel of the song. A true legend.
WhatIDoWhoIam Hace 4 días
Omg the low notes in the beginning and "the center of attention" melted me
whomever Hace 4 días
Put this on Spotfty!!!!!!
zizi on the beat
zizi on the beat Hace 4 días
Irit Hurtado
Irit Hurtado Hace 4 días
Lika Kostava
Lika Kostava Hace 4 días
Impossibly perfect
E Santi
E Santi Hace 4 días
Her covers always leave me speechless! 🥰
Elyse Crawford
Elyse Crawford Hace 4 días
Early 90s Jane's addiction style! Love it!
Britney D
Britney D Hace 4 días
I definitely prefer the classic Gimme more but i appreciate that Miley sang one of the most iconic songs in pop history
mas Hace 4 días
chills! every-time she says you got my permission!
Donya P
Donya P Hace 4 días
This WOMAN 👑GOT it GOING on!!!
Ariel Esteban Ormeño
Ariel Esteban Ormeño Hace 4 días
nadia l
nadia l Hace 4 días
i keep coming back to this cover at least one time a day. send heelllpppp
shakera golding
shakera golding Hace un día
Same here
Yomi Velez
Yomi Velez Hace 4 días
I love 💘 this!!!!!!
Angelique Hace 4 días
"& The Social Distancers" lol love this
Carter Gould
Carter Gould Hace 4 días
her voice is enthralling! i love her
Raindrop#1 Hace 4 días
Hmmm 🤔 idk how I feel about this as a Britney fan. I’m use to the badass beat of the original I guess.
Sidin' With Biden
Sidin' With Biden Hace 4 días
Wow that was powerful!
Zachary Denny
Zachary Denny Hace 4 días
Would love a studio version of this and full song. 😭 this song has a completely new meaning. 🤍 always love your work Miley.
hotintheheights Hace 4 días
I always liked her, but never a FAN FAN. But she's growing on me.... 👏👏👏👏 I like most of the covers she's done