Sam Smith - My Oasis (feat Burna Boy) (Lyric Video) ft. Burna Boy

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'My Oasis (feat Burna Boy)' out now:
Keeping thinking that I’m seeing water
You’re playing tricks on me in the sun
See your shadow in the courtyard
Stays until the day is done
The desert don’t end
The rain don’t fall
And I can’t pretend I don’t want you all
Cos I want you all (you all, you all, you all)
Oh babe I really need you
My feelings getting deeper
My mind is in a free fall
But there’s nothing I can do when it comes to you
You play with my emotions
I’m flowing like the ocean
I pray for your devotion
Cos there’s nothing I can do when it comes to you
My oasis
My oasis
My oasis
There’s nothing I can do when it comes to you
I’m lost on my own (bring me back to life)
I’ve been empty in my soul (bring me back to life)
Promise you won’t let me go
Say the word and we’ll fly away both fly away now
The desert don’t end
The rain don’t fall
And I can’t pretend I don’t want you all
Cos I want you all
Oh babe I really need you
My feelings getting deeper
My mind is in a free fall
But there’s nothing I can do when it comes to you
You play with my emotions
I’m flowing like the ocean
I pray for your devotion
Cos there’s nothing I can do when it comes to you
My oasis
My oasis
My oasis
There’s nothing I can do when it comes to you
My oasis
My oasis
My oasis
There’s nothing I can do when it comes to you
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Music video by Sam Smith performing My Oasis (Lyric Video). © 2020 Universal Music Operations Limited

Catherine Ngokonyo
Catherine Ngokonyo Hace 9 horas
So firery damnnn💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
steeve Gerald
steeve Gerald Hace 9 horas
The rhym itself makes it nostalgic🥰 Dynamic 🤙
Adrian Kondia
Adrian Kondia Hace 9 horas
Burnaboy and ed sheraan😍😍
Benita Naomi
Benita Naomi Hace 9 horas
AB Saga
AB Saga Hace 10 horas
Bruuuh, this song is too pretty for words.
adam tanimu sarki kwamba
adam tanimu sarki kwamba Hace 10 horas
Our days fela give us one whit Lewis capaldi pleeeeeeas
DoJin MusicTherapy
DoJin MusicTherapy Hace 10 horas
adam tanimu sarki kwamba
adam tanimu sarki kwamba Hace 10 horas
Mad oo this song is killing me
As you Want am
As you Want am Hace 10 horas
Angela ambrosio torres
Angela ambrosio torres Hace 10 horas
beautifull ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Joshua Mjoli
Joshua Mjoli Hace 11 horas
Nancy R
Nancy R Hace 11 horas
La musica di Sam Smith si contraddistingue ❤️
RMR -RMR Hace 11 horas
Oh man!!!!! All your songs are hits no matter what. Your beautiful melodic voice with those lyrics and songs arrangements are a silver bullet for any soul in love or seeking for love. Felicidades por esta otra gran lovely song Sam.....
Adwoa Meraki
Adwoa Meraki Hace 11 horas
Anybody looking for a Kizomba version. There is one. You're welcome. ☺️
Pyae Phyo
Pyae Phyo Hace 11 horas
Opps Sam again i love it too much
hen ko
hen ko Hace 12 horas
Love Sam Smith and especially his latest song. "OASIS"
Maria Hace 12 horas
The lyrics with this beat is Fire!
Treycie Rose
Treycie Rose Hace 12 horas
wow its so nice,,i love it
UnknownGaming Hace 12 horas
Play the song on 1.25 speed its even more of a vibe
Maryam Ali
Maryam Ali Hace 12 horas
sam is so underrated 🥺
Myiesha Mundia
Myiesha Mundia Hace 12 horas Wat is dis.. can anyone explain dis to me 🥺😳
BHAVYA SHARMA Hace 12 horas "Late queens" can also be savage ❤️😂👍🏻have a look🙈
Zhaina A
Zhaina A Hace 12 horas
Absolute summer favorite💞
Refiloe Ramolahloane
Refiloe Ramolahloane Hace 13 horas
Can’t believe y’all got this song to 2.7M within 6 days!!! Love to see it
Rosaria Nyamadzawo
Rosaria Nyamadzawo Hace 13 horas
My oa, my oa, my oasis where are you?
Talk n it
Talk n it Hace 14 horas
U can do everything to this song , cry , dance , have sex , vibe ,!!!
Coming Up Next
Coming Up Next Hace 14 horas
Noma M
Noma M Hace 15 horas
Burnas voice 👌🏽
Noma M
Noma M Hace 15 horas
Oh wow i love the Collab❤️😮
blessing musa
blessing musa Hace 15 horas
Sam smith never disappoints 🥰
Gift May
Gift May Hace 15 horas
I love this song so much
Jeremy Bosire
Jeremy Bosire Hace 15 horas
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orlando cisneros gonzalez
orlando cisneros gonzalez Hace 15 horas
agradecido de vivir en la misma época que mi poderosisimo Sam Smith! 🙌
강연우 Hace 15 horas
아ㅏㅏㅏㅏ 너무 좋다❤️
Welse Pambou
Welse Pambou Hace 15 horas
Sachin Sharda
Sachin Sharda Hace 15 horas
My current obsession..
Lara Luara
Lara Luara Hace 15 horas
Que maravilha. Minha alma agradecer .
Ibrahim Taufiq
Ibrahim Taufiq Hace 16 horas
Listening to this song while the rain is falling
Delaila Petty Salakana
Delaila Petty Salakana Hace 16 horas
Raquel Gonsalves Guardado
Raquel Gonsalves Guardado Hace 16 horas
I love music, and it definitely has a nice beat. However is a sad melody. Burna Boy is a guy of joyful music and I must say this song did not fit to what one is expecting. When Sam Smith feats with Burna Boy to give sence to his song it's a pity. I love both, but separately ;)
Michael Skomarowski
Michael Skomarowski Hace 16 horas
In case anyone wondering what the Burna Boy outro lyrics are: I remember say me tell you You're my all and you're my everything And me tell you 'til it's all over Oluwa Burna, oh
Entertainment Hace 16 horas
ok what can i say it's more than amazing i love u sam ur voice is so amazing
abu 254
abu 254 Hace 16 horas
More love from Kenya... Wakenya pitia hapa smash the like button
nguinamu carvalho
nguinamu carvalho Hace 17 horas
Uma das melhores musica que eu ouvi esse ano congratulation for them
Tebello Michelle Thamae
Tebello Michelle Thamae Hace 17 horas
Apparently this is on tiktok that hurts me cause that app has ruined so many good songs 😭😭
KIDA ! Hace 17 horas
On repeat honestly ❤️❤️
Mariechen Karises
Mariechen Karises Hace 17 horas
African giant💞💞👑
Prosper Zegue
Prosper Zegue Hace 17 horas
I was 😲 when i saw the title Sam Smith ft Burnaboy. Couldn't imagine that combination on day. Happy to see this collaboration and the song is Waouh✅ Love you from Benin 🇧🇯, West Africa 🌍.
Flora Iris
Flora Iris Hace 18 horas
Обожаю 😍
Çağatay Bayram
Çağatay Bayram Hace 19 horas
I listen even if he whistles.
Kaci Lynn B
Kaci Lynn B Hace 19 horas
Sam Smith never ceases to impress me 😌😌😌😊👍
Neheart's Lovers
Neheart's Lovers Hace 20 horas
Love it
Grivian king
Grivian king Hace 21 un hora
Anyone listening to this song... Heart touching lyrics.... We value this amazing beings Remember to subscribe
Majda Kourich
Majda Kourich Hace 21 un hora
I’m in love with song ❤️
Kadian Edwards
Kadian Edwards Hace 21 un hora
Wish it wasn't so short .. this song put me to bed every night ❤❤❤❤.
Keneish Johnson
Keneish Johnson Hace 21 un hora
My ears are 𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓰🧚🏽‍♀️✨💖
Patti Marsh
Patti Marsh Hace 22 horas
I don't care what Sam Smith song he makes that man is so lyrically talented and I will always be a fan of whatever song he makes or sings #ADORESSAMSMITH
pipit runita
pipit runita Hace 22 horas
Collins Mambo
Collins Mambo Hace 23 horas
From kenya with love
claudia.s Hace 23 horas
Me enamora este tema🤩😍