Second 2020 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

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President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden participate in the second 2020 presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville, TN.
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LPTV Hace 4 horas
This was a nice debate
Xd Mendoza
Xd Mendoza Hace 4 horas
XD vote for Donald Trump .... he does have experience with murder killer 19.... we have this problem because of the Chinese !!!!
Diana Abarca
Diana Abarca Hace 4 horas
I’ve seen a lot of people arguing on here and repeating either what Biden said or what Trump said as “backup.” I want to see research as backup for statements. I don’t want to just accept whatever each says as true. Every respectable American citizen here, Republican or Democrat, please do your own research on what the candidate says is true or false. Do this research for the one you’re against AND the one you plan on voting for. Don’t be a sheep and take what either says like a pill. Think for yourselves. Thank you for at least taking the moment to read this and best of luck to you.
Eddy T
Eddy T Hace 4 horas
4 years to release tax returns and nothing. Only an idiot listens to trump.
TOM SANTOS Hace 4 horas
Jose Labrador
Jose Labrador Hace 4 horas
He never answers a question directly he always gos around the question
Brave Mountain
Brave Mountain Hace 4 horas
If anything happens in Canada, not even Canadians watch it. If anything from the USA, everyone from all over the world watches it. I don't get it!
Mathias Fruhmann
Mathias Fruhmann Hace 4 horas
Who are these guys and why does it matter...
Bauks Hace 4 horas
I fucking love America !
Dale Press
Dale Press Hace 4 horas
Hunter Biden sex tapes have just been released on the internet by Chinese dissidents. God only knows what else they have on the Bidens. We're about to get real friendly with China.
Naga Kushite
Naga Kushite Hace 4 horas
I just want everybody to know joe Biden is a crack head with short term memory loss
Gabriele Hace 4 horas
Angel Trump win 🙏 🌷🌺🍇 👁‍🗨 Reptilian Sleepy Biden and his friends , lose. 🔺 ⬅ all this is over Deep State ; The truth is winnig ❕ ✡ God bless all of us , let the power of pure love be in you . Amen .
Just Saiyajin
Just Saiyajin Hace 4 horas
1:42:25 Trump won this debate by a KO.
Jerome Graff
Jerome Graff Hace 4 horas
Biden looks like a mole because my cat used to catch them. Moles are colorblind so they can't see red or blue either, but I don't want one running and ruining my country. Trump is the cat, and he's got moleface Biden in his claws! Viva the USA!
赵奕钦 Hace 4 horas
why Russia give everybody money except me?
Ifa Girmae
Ifa Girmae Hace 4 horas
"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." John 14:6 KJV
Jesus is Lord
Jesus is Lord Hace 4 horas
Believe it or not, this might be the most important post you'll read Everyone of us has broken God's moral law, the Ten Commandments. We have all lied, stolen, hated and lusted. And James 2:10 states that breaking one of the Commandments makes us guilty of breaking them all. Problem is, we can never outweigh our sins through good works because the Creator is perfect in Holiness, meaning His standard is far above ours. And He is also perfect in Justice, meaning not a single sin will go unpunished. And the punishment of sin is being cast into hell, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth with no end. Ever. Fortunately, God is also perfect in love, so 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ left His throne in Heaven and came to this earth as a man. He lived a perfect, sinless life and He so loved us, that He took the punishment of our sin, when He suffered horribly on the cross. Isaiah 53 tells us that his face was marred beyond recognition and that he suffered more than any man. But right before His death, Jesus said "It is finished" meaning the the debt for our sins was paid in full. But on the 3rd day, Jesus conquered death and He was resurrected. So that means now, we can go free from the wrath of God's judgment not by earning it, but rather as a free gift of grace, if you accept Jesus. But, a gift can either accepted or rejected. So if you want to accept the free gift or forgiveness, of grace, and of salvation, this is what you should do: Humbly admit to God that you have sinned against Him, and through gratitude in the sacrifice of His Son, repent (turn away) from your old sinful ways. Then, confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord, your Savior. Believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross, was buried, and was resurrected 3 days later. Roman's 10:9 and 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 says that if you do this you are saved. I'm not telling you to get religious, because Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship with God. And the moment you do this, God will grant you a new heart, which does not take pleasure in sin and He will give you eternal life. Nothing on this earth even close to compares to what awaits believers. What you do with this information will determine where you will be for Eternity; meaning accepting Christ is the single most important decision you'll EVER make. And all of us here, believer or atheist, know that this is very true. Jesus Christ wants YOU to come to Him this very moment; don't even think about sleeping until you have accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior, because your tomorrow isn't guaranteed. You could die at any moment. Hebrews 9: 27 "It is appointed unto man once to die, but after this, the Judgment." Seriously, please think about your eternity. All praise and honor to Jesus Christ, King of kings, Lord of lords. Worthy is the Lamb who was slain
Jose Labrador
Jose Labrador Hace 4 horas
Every time he lies he starts to stutter just listen to it
Jacob Stern
Jacob Stern Hace 4 horas
Wow can't believe biden said "teachers not that many of you will die, c'mon" That's not good
Aram Anwar
Aram Anwar Hace 4 horas
You are racist Donald Trump
Chance Hace 4 horas
Off to the comment section, let’s see what the experts think.
Playboi Meesh
Playboi Meesh Hace 4 horas
Literally to the 1% who’s reading this, may god bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day ❤️. (My dream is to become a famous ESshowr) thanks.
Jared Davidson
Jared Davidson Hace 4 horas
Jack Stone
Jack Stone Hace 4 horas
SNL, where you at?
True solution
True solution Hace 4 horas
Mr. K
Mr. K Hace 4 horas
From Korea. what a poor guy Joe...
brazil e trump 2020
Tahira Alexandre
Tahira Alexandre Hace 4 horas
Trump is a bitch right on my head right
Brady Zabawar
Brady Zabawar Hace 4 horas
Two hundred, twenty thousand...... what a way to begin joe
Rick Harrison
Rick Harrison Hace 4 horas
Kudos to Kristen Welker. She is amazing. Joe lost. He said he wouldn't end fracking; he lied; he will. When asked why he got nothing done in 47 years & as VP, he said "Republican congress". Trump quips you got to work with them Joe. It would have been funny if Trump said, you're all show and no go. You're Sleepy No Go Joe!
R A Hace 4 horas
As a Christian who has actually studied Christianity it is SHOCKING SO MANY CHRISTIANS SUPPORT TRUMP!
Choncho Sauno
Choncho Sauno Hace 5 horas
America took it to far 😭😭 joe could of gotten killed fuck America I swear I was born here I get to stay here
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Hace 5 horas
1:38:58 “Come on, this guy has a dog whistle about as big as a fog horn” 😂😂😂
Jose Labrador
Jose Labrador Hace 5 horas
Joe will only let the strong survive all the older ppl he don’t give a fuck take the chain and walk outside to your car it was a white man that told him that he is a racist History does not lie
Heather Welty
Heather Welty Hace 5 horas
Biden is a joke that's all their is to it! Trump is the ONLY President EVER Who has done what he said he was going to do!!! Even if its the smallest thing! He made it happen!
Kendrick Hill
Kendrick Hill Hace 5 horas
No one should ever compare themselves to Mr Lincoln...smh
Vanish Hace 5 horas
Stop the agitation against Trump in the media and the censorship on social media platforms I hope Trump wins greetings from Germany. ❤
irish girl
irish girl Hace 4 horas
Thank you. I like to see the rest of the world respecting a man while half his own country is blind to his benefits. Bunch of traitors. I stand with you.
Emily F
Emily F Hace 5 horas
Biden: There's no such thing as red states or blue states. We are American states. But the Coronavirus spikes are in the red states. 🧐
Unknown Donkey
Unknown Donkey Hace 5 horas
Honestly I feel like the moderater would be a better president than the both of them 😂😂
Alexa C. Brown
Alexa C. Brown Hace 4 horas
No. She has let Drumpf speak, When it was not his turn. She failed. She continued to give him so much time. No
Esperando wiser
Esperando wiser Hace 5 horas
is Biden alive ??
DT Rams
DT Rams Hace 5 horas Please watch, share, and make your vote because we, born as Americans and affected by presidential policy cannot.
Nick Sargent
Nick Sargent Hace 5 horas
MentalBrothers Hace 5 horas
Damn, you guys are fucked either way arent you? :c
Koziol1 Hace 5 horas
Trump is the least racist person in the room, guys. Everyone else is just a little racist whereas him, not at all. Or maybe he loves all races so much that no one else can possibly compare? That's not what racism is about, though, so I'm not sure. Either one is laughable.
Midnight Blue
Midnight Blue Hace 5 horas
1:53:36 LMAO
Danail Danailov
Danail Danailov Hace 5 horas
Trump is a moron. We all know that. If I have to vote based on this debate, I will vote for him. Biden doesn't have the energy to lead America. Where are the young people. This is sad, two elders one more inadequate than the other.
Jose Labrador
Jose Labrador Hace 5 horas
He is Charmin soft
MyLord DIO
MyLord DIO Hace 5 horas
45:36 "American's dont panic" So that was a fucking lie
ÙÓ UMZW Hace 5 horas *You can listen to sacred music!*
Gwen Smith
Gwen Smith Hace 5 horas
Every one in that white house must be removed we are ready for a fresh start and that includes the president
喻伟 Hace 5 horas
ChowdongsFameCrew Hace 5 horas
sleepy joe come on
Jose Labrador
Jose Labrador Hace 5 horas
Biden wins we are fucked he’s a lie you back and watch him Call Black people names and go harder on drug dealers and everything else that man is not for America call Black people names and go harder on drug dealers and everything else that man is not for America he’s about him his family and money mark my words USA will go under in 1 year
Anh Hoang
Anh Hoang Hace 5 horas
Joe is looking a lot like Emperor Palpatine nowadays.
Kill Monger
Kill Monger Hace 5 horas
“The military will distribute the vaccine” 🤔
Heroine KAC
Heroine KAC Hace 5 horas
I know, right?! 😕
Juan Bahama
Juan Bahama Hace 5 horas
Abraham Lincoln was a poor dude, he ran a bunch a poor boys.
The 3 J-Amigos
The 3 J-Amigos Hace 5 horas
Joe Biden thinks first responders make less than $15 dollars per hour. Joe they make more than that per hour. Joe Biden is out of touch. And Joe Biden built the cages and separated families before Trump was President.
Lindsey Perkins
Lindsey Perkins Hace 5 horas
I live in America a lot of people make fun of me and my contrey I really think no bulling should be a law I'm only 8 I don't know why I'm watching this I don't understand at all if you're a bully how did you think it was a bully did some one do something to you did they hurt your feelings well I understand maybe you should stop being mean and find a friend and be a good friend
Dillon Richard
Dillon Richard Hace 5 horas
Well done on all sides. I didn't watch the first debate, but heard it was a gong show. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this, it was well moderated, and both candidates were mostly respectful.
bee urbina
bee urbina Hace 5 horas
This debate is sponsored by lil ''Marty💣💥''
william horvath
william horvath Hace 5 horas
Well done Joe! 🇺🇸💙
Kris Brock
Kris Brock Hace 5 horas
There are no longer 2 partys there is Good against evil ! The democrats from hell!
Ayad Orator
Ayad Orator Hace 5 horas
Marie Morino
Marie Morino Hace 5 horas
so trump will terminate OBAMA care and come up with a beauuuutifullllll Trump care.
Diane Daly
Diane Daly Hace 5 horas
Meeee.. Trump love from Scotland 🥳
EmelyplaysYT Hace 5 horas
I as a CHILD dont really care who wins because if trump wins theres gonna be a problem if Biden wins theres gonna be a problem beacuse other people have opinios
mu al
mu al Hace 5 horas
America is doomed.
Cktime ThirtyTwo
Cktime ThirtyTwo Hace 5 horas
Honestly it was nice to see a fair commentator for once. Instead of a complete softball circus for Joe and Trump fight against both of them. But I can’t trust a man to run the country who has to have someone else like Obama run his campaign for him. If he can’t run his campaign how can he run the dam country. What is Kamala going to run the country for him while he’s president?! I don’t think so.
赵奕钦 Hace 5 horas
i love comedy last one is better
Karnella Winslow
Karnella Winslow Hace 5 horas
Mike Matson
Mike Matson Hace 5 horas
Trump whooped that ass
Yazan Ghawanmeh
Yazan Ghawanmeh Hace 5 horas
Is this honestly considered a debate for who leads the world’s strongest country ? Your brother did this no you did this no my shoe is faster than your shoe , this is sad i swear !
Una Petioni
Una Petioni Hace 5 horas
In my opinion of this debate, Trump did not answer questions as directed.He was a rebuttal to Biden. He was very good and annoying with rebuttals. Trump has not said the magic words I will ............
Vinz Dave Muego
Vinz Dave Muego Hace 5 horas
No matter your political party is, but Trump definitely won this debate!
Be Faithful
Be Faithful Hace 5 horas
@Eagles Fan You have a very low IQ, y'all trump supporters just can't understand.
Muno Unom
Muno Unom Hace 5 horas
@Be Faithful How did Trump not win? Biden answered to nothing, he said nothing of value, when he was asked about something he wouldnt even answer. Also the debate moderator never held Biden to anything, but let him just slither away. Biden basicly had a plan to have a plan, which is pure insanity. Trump where actually asked about specific and he answered. He also acted proplerly in this debate, which was a pleasant surprise.
Be Faithful
Be Faithful Hace 5 horas
@Eagles Fan I'm not
Iman Eletry
Iman Eletry Hace 5 horas
Just one question I don’t understand if like ur just saying ur honest opinion about what you actually think happened or if ur a trump supporter so I don’t know wether to hate you or not- 😂
Eagles Fan
Eagles Fan Hace 5 horas
@Be Faithful Stop liking your own comment. It shows that you have a very low IQ. TRUMP WON.
Judy Oerly
Judy Oerly Hace 5 horas
Yes he does. I think his running mate vice resedent lady is telling him what to say
Doreen Zappala
Doreen Zappala Hace 5 horas
Be Faithful
Be Faithful Hace 5 horas
Yes but are you a true christian?
Napoleon Retuerto
Napoleon Retuerto Hace 5 horas
Its better to let all moderator to have a debate and i will ask them you have 10 second to answer
Aaron Riemer
Aaron Riemer Hace 5 horas
Bidens face the first time Trump mentions Joe getting money from Russia🤣🤣🤣 49:24
Aishik Ashraf
Aishik Ashraf Hace 4 horas
"How tf does he know the exact amount?!" * Looks around for his accountant *
mike smith
mike smith Hace 5 horas
I think trump ment hes the most raceist person 🤣🤣🤣 god i hope Biden wins
Be Faithful
Be Faithful Hace 5 horas
He did
Pay iInthiphon
Pay iInthiphon Hace 5 horas
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TORRES MEDIA Hace 5 horas
posted from calculator
Ros H.
Ros H. Hace 5 horas
Wow, I hate when moderators move on. Trump never answered the question about how they plan to reunite the kids and their parents.
Areeb Murad
Areeb Murad Hace 5 horas
Poor Biden, wasting so much energy jus to lose.
Lionheart Harrison
Lionheart Harrison Hace 5 horas
*We need to end social media censorship!* The major social media tech companies are actively censoring dissident voices, especially here on *ESshow.* Down below is a list of channels and content creators that have been banned permanently off this platform, simply for having views that *ESshow* doesn't agree with. Some of these channels had upwards of 100s of *thousands* of subscribers. Now, most of them have taken their business and audience to *Bitchute.* Vincent James of the Red Elephants Stefan Molyneaux Gavin McInnes Nick Fuentes Mouthy Buddha Baked Alaska Atheism is Unstoppable Pastor Steven Andersen American Renaissance /Jared Taylor Red Ice TV E. Michael Jones Roosh V Martin Sellner VDARE Andy Warski High Impact Flix Brother Nathaneal TruNews Dan Dicks James Allsup Buds131 Lift the Veil Colin Flaherty Owen Benjamin The Ralph Retort Soph Cultured Thug Love Life and Anarchy Iconoclast Patrick Slattery Xurious YouKipper The Great Order ThuleanPerspective Richard Spencer NPI/Radix Most political conversations are held online. The internet is officially the new town square. We must demand that these corporations allow us to speak freely, regardless of political ideology. *If you want to know who rules over you, simply find out who you cannot criticize.*
andrea Hace 5 horas
these comments do not pass the vibe check
Jessica P
Jessica P Hace 5 horas
Joe Biden is CORRAPT!!! I will NEVER vote for him. Horrible fake media controlled by Democrats don't say the truth. Joe Biden did horrible things in Ukraine and China. Joe Biden just disgusts me!
TORRES MEDIA Hace 5 horas
fuck you
The 3 J-Amigos
The 3 J-Amigos Hace 5 horas
Moderators need to stop thinking we as US citizens want them to interrupt the President and Vice President debating. I want to hear them yelling at each other so the truth comes out.
Jesus Will Rise
Jesus Will Rise Hace 5 horas
Leonard Sugarman
Leonard Sugarman Hace 5 horas
Lmk if you want q??,.....)) has to come
Naga Kushite
Naga Kushite Hace 5 horas
Trump 2020
cody price
cody price Hace 5 horas
Trump won. all day all long
Hood Digital
Hood Digital Hace 5 horas
Support Black Movements
TJ Z Hace 5 horas
C Gravely
C Gravely Hace 5 horas
All I hear is Biden name calling and getting treated like a princess by the moderator
Dusty Miller
Dusty Miller Hace 5 horas
if you think this moderator is biased then you people are impossible to please
DashGaming101 Hace 5 horas
1:38:09 LMAO "im the least racist person"
Imcreatingthiscuz Imbored
Imcreatingthiscuz Imbored Hace 5 horas
That was a very poor way to say “ Im not racist”
hao chen
hao chen Hace 5 horas
It’s so much fun
Fill Johnston
Fill Johnston Hace 5 horas
Napoleon Retuerto
Napoleon Retuerto Hace 5 horas
Every time presidential debate moderator always says answer quickly !this is useless debate,you have 30 second to answer those bullshit question!!!how you able to answers those question in a nice manner !!all moderator are nonsense!
Tepe Hall
Tepe Hall Hace 5 horas
Why was Jo Jorgensen not in this debate? I heard she is a valid presidential nominee. And requested to be in the debate!
TOM SANTOS Hace 5 horas
COVID-19 is a BIOLÓGICAL WEAPON: The purpose of this biological weapon (covid-19) is to destroy the economies of the United States and Europe (but especially the economy of the United States). The Chinese dead in Wuhan were inevitable human sacrifices in order to create a perfect alibi for not blaming the Chinese biological weapon program for this pandemic. To carry out this biological attack, the Chinese Communist Party was supported by the WHO and the communist regimes of Cuba and North Korea. On January 1, 2020, Kim Jong Un said “The world will witness a new strategic weapon in the near future.” @t
youzar seef
youzar seef Hace 5 horas
trump trump 2020
youzar seef
youzar seef Hace 5 horas
trump trump 2020
TOM SANTOS Hace 5 horas
COVID-19 is a BIOLÓGICAL WEAPON: The purpose of this biological weapon (covid-19) is to destroy the economies of the United States and Europe (but especially the economy of the United States). The Chinese dead in Wuhan were inevitable human sacrifices in order to create a perfect alibi for not blaming the Chinese biological weapon program for this pandemic. To carry out this biological attack, the Chinese Communist Party was supported by the WHO and the communist regimes of Cuba and North Korea. On January 1, 2020, Kim Jong Un said “The world will witness a new strategic weapon in the near future.”
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