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Blue & Grey · BTS (방탄소년단)
Released on: 2020-11-20
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Min yoongi?!
Min yoongi?! Hace 2 minutos
I just wanna be 𝓗𝓪𝓹𝓹𝓲𝓮𝓻
Min yoongi?!
Min yoongi?! Hace 3 minutos
Wait, let's go to fake Love next
deedee 2シ
deedee 2シ Hace 4 segundos
BTS ARMY Hace 30 segundos
@Min yoongi?! Ok
Min suga Lıʄє ɠΩɛʂ ơŋ
Min suga Lıʄє ɠΩɛʂ ơŋ Hace 2 minutos
•ƘƖM4 Hace 2 minutos
@Min yoongi?! ok
Min yoongi?!
Min yoongi?! Hace 3 minutos
And then ON official.
•ƘƖM4 Hace 5 minutos
Min suga Lıʄє ɠΩɛʂ ơŋ
Min suga Lıʄє ɠΩɛʂ ơŋ Hace 3 minutos
Min yoongi?!
Min yoongi?! Hace 4 minutos
Sara Alenezi
Sara Alenezi Hace 7 minutos
Magaly Hernandez
Magaly Hernandez Hace 17 minutos
Me encanta
Antonella Burgos
Antonella Burgos Hace 24 minutos
La voz de Tae es preciosa...
Sü Ángel
Sü Ángel Hace 26 minutos
G22 ODL Jean Melie Roa
G22 ODL Jean Melie Roa Hace 32 minutos
I'm here to heal myself, but it is hard to heal yourself if the fate is trying to destroy it again. Da*mn it!! why am I crying after listening to this song?!
yu xuezhang
yu xuezhang Hace 32 minutos
😭😭this is one of my favourite songs, along with life goes on
Abril love
Abril love Hace 47 minutos
carmen gomez
carmen gomez Hace 50 minutos
Ameeeeeeeeer.. .
First Love
First Love Hace 55 minutos
Dont free fall this masterpiece please army
{Akari Chan}
{Akari Chan} Hace un hora
Remember:jimin starved himself,he called himself a fat pig and worked so hard until he nose bleed Remember:Jung kook feels like he wears a mask Remember:suga had depression and anxiety his parents threw away his lyrics Remember:namjoon parents never supported his dreams,he was called a bad leader Remember:V came from a poor family Remember:jin was called untalented and ugly Remember:hobi father didnt support his dreams , was called a horse and called too happy Remember:YOU ARE ENOUGH REMEMBER :YOU ARE BEAUTFUL AND DONT NEED TO CHANGE
Akangkshya Hazarika
Akangkshya Hazarika Hace un hora
I love you V you are the best man in the world
Rica Dama
Rica Dama Hace un hora
i'm cry so much 😭😭😭😭 Thanks Taehyung for this beautiful song
Milda Yt
Milda Yt Hace un hora
Miss u
Milda Yt
Milda Yt Hace un hora
I really miss u my boy
Milda Yt
Milda Yt Hace un hora
I miss u oppa
Belen Morato
Belen Morato Hace un hora
que hermosa canción
Edwin Melgar
Edwin Melgar Hace un hora
Morina Mor
Morina Mor Hace un hora
Andrea Celeste
Andrea Celeste Hace un hora
Vote for tae
Purple snow
Purple snow Hace 2 horas
V create this beautiful melody at the time when he feel so tired and sad but don't wanna share with anyone else. And he release this song in BE album..He tried to share his feeling with ARMY and he did it! So,appreciate his talent just like everyone else appreciate his visual. Cuz,this song is to comfort everyone,not to burden someone..
Sharwari dali
Sharwari dali Hace 2 horas
really want an mv of this
BP is tooo BAD
BP is tooo BAD Hace 2 horas
ممكن اسم الانمي ١:٢٢
Madhvi Ramanuj
Madhvi Ramanuj Hace 2 horas
I don't know why I'm so emotional 🥺🥺V 💜💜
Aryan Das
Aryan Das Hace 2 horas
Rs Edwin
Rs Edwin Hace 2 horas
Bts 💜 Life goes on
clarayou ra
clarayou ra Hace 2 horas
everything will be better soon, just wait a little bit more..
Vashti Naomi Lois
Vashti Naomi Lois Hace 3 horas
R12.5 *B T S* _"Blue and Grey"_ ♡
jake monster
jake monster Hace 3 horas
I wish i could speak Korean so i can make Korean friends and it could be easier for me to understand but either way i am still connected to my boys and their music
Ashe 19
Ashe 19 Hace 3 horas
Riska DewiR
Riska DewiR Hace 3 horas
Please make MV for this song ..
눈물 Hace 3 horas
se viene a llorar
LalisaSea Hace 3 horas
Wuuuhuuu great single🙊❤❤
Lakshana hegde
Lakshana hegde Hace 3 horas
When i first heard this song in "bts in the soop" i loved this song and i searched for the lyrics so hard and of course i couldn't find it 😂😂 I love this song i hope they release the original English V version.
Ixed Tea
Ixed Tea Hace 4 horas
This song has so much meaning and makes me tear up at the very beginning of the song. It reminds me of the hardships of their beginning and them not even being a group at the beginning. Now you look at their success and I think about this song, give me a moment.
Ixed Tea
Ixed Tea Hace 4 horas
I hope he includes this in his mixtape as well but in English I feel like both versions would be beautiful
Galya Mouselli
Galya Mouselli Hace 4 horas
When it's raining, this is the best song
Charu Chaudhary
Charu Chaudhary Hace 4 horas
BTS : i just wanna be happier...... ARMY : yes!! we will
Aisha Isha
Aisha Isha Hace 4 horas
2:05 Thank you. Ignore this. is a loop for me.
HYUNMI PARK Hace 4 horas
0:59 omg
Luri Ananta
Luri Ananta Hace 4 horas
If u need a hug and someone comfort you, just come here, i and other armys will be there for you💜
kitty Bts-Army
kitty Bts-Army Hace 4 horas
*This is probably the most beautiful and breath-taking song BTS could ever give us.. It's about deep depression, loneliness as well as profound sadness which relates perfectly to Covid-19 period. The instrumental is absolutely gorgeous with the piano (played by V himself) and the assembly of duet vocals like V and Jimin mixed with Jin's are just outstanding. This is one of their most worked piece of art. And they did it all by themselves. They keep amazing me every time..*
Lily Reynaga
Lily Reynaga Hace 4 horas
Una canzone che ti da pace.....bella...
luna Hace 5 horas
Where is my angel 하루의 끝을 드리운 Someone come and save me, please 지친 하루의 한숨뿐 사람들은 다 행복한가 봐 Can you look at me? 'Cause I am blue and grey
He Tian
He Tian Hace 5 horas
Essa música tem o dom de me fazer relaxar...Ela é tão perfeita e preciosa♡
He Tian
He Tian Hace 5 horas
20M views,fighting army♡
Taehwi Shun
Taehwi Shun Hace 5 horas
No words can explain how much i love these boys
José Marcos
José Marcos Hace 5 horas
A voz de Taetae é tão perfeita
Siriluk N.
Siriluk N. Hace 5 horas
Purple U BTS
i nov
i nov Hace 6 horas
I just wanna be happier
Arleth Castellon
Arleth Castellon Hace 6 horas
Eylül Chimochi 3
Eylül Chimochi 3 Hace 6 horas
Derin ülkeme söyle YT yi silip tekrar yüklesin yada YT güncellesin
Eylül Chimochi 3
Eylül Chimochi 3 Hace 2 horas
@Lia'nın vokali inş
Lia'nın vokali
Lia'nın vokali Hace 2 horas
@Eylül Chimochi 3 nasıl güncelleniyo dedi knk glb telefonunda play store yok ama geçer merak etme
Eylül Chimochi 3
Eylül Chimochi 3 Hace 3 horas
@Lia'nın vokali yaptı mı
Lia'nın vokali
Lia'nın vokali Hace 6 horas
Eylül Chimochi 3
Eylül Chimochi 3 Hace 6 horas
Bugün ve yarın fazla gelemeyebilirim bye
Lia'nın vokali
Lia'nın vokali Hace 6 horas
Tm sorun değil bb
Arvi PJS
Arvi PJS Hace 6 horas
First time I heard this song in the scoop ep, I knew it would make army's heart melt
Alzeah Dela Cruz
Alzeah Dela Cruz Hace 6 horas
There's something about BTS... there's something about these 7 amazing mans...Perfection. They're legends.
selvire alan
selvire alan Hace 6 horas
Taehyung' un güzel elinden çıkan bu şarkı çok anlamlı ve değerli bir şarkı. FİGHTİNG ARMY FİGHTİNG TURKISH ARMY
Drishti kapoor
Drishti kapoor Hace 6 horas
Blueishgirl01 Hace 7 horas
Someday I just want to lay down and close my eyes forever. Just like the lyrics 'this ground feels so heavier'.
Madison Hace 7 horas
I want them to sing this live and to see their expressions❤️❤️
juliate Ho
juliate Ho Hace 7 horas
healing softly
Carmen González Guzmán
Carmen González Guzmán Hace 7 horas
Please Grammy for BTS
Astrid asw Astrid asw
Astrid asw Astrid asw Hace 7 horas
song best ever valid ..
BTS, grammy nominated artist!
BTS, grammy nominated artist! Hace 7 horas
Abyss and Blue and grey give me the same vibes T^T One wants to be happy One is disappointed But both are fighting because life goes on
Carol Gardens
Carol Gardens Hace 7 horas
So lovely.The melody and the lyrics. Depression is often a fatal illness. Reach out to those you know, especially if they are being quiet,now. Strangers touched me, and told me that I deserved to be happy, many years ago,and because of them, I sought help and recovered.
Avantika Narkhede
Avantika Narkhede Hace 7 horas
I dont want this song to end
Brown Girl_15
Brown Girl_15 Hace 7 horas
I need a full english version of this 😭💜
Gethsy suganthi
Gethsy suganthi Hace 7 horas
3:10-3:16 idk but I need one hour loop of this.
annie Hace 7 horas
유진 Hace 8 horas
제일 좋아
army jimina .__.
army jimina .__. Hace 8 horas
Ankita Rout
Ankita Rout Hace 8 horas
I'm not the only one who comes here everyday right?
GEETA RATHEE Hace 8 horas
Wae it's sooooooo soothing
Aira Marie Domingo
Aira Marie Domingo Hace 8 horas
That " I just wanna be happier Am I being greedy?" I felt that ...
itsghielucelle Macalinao
itsghielucelle Macalinao Hace 8 horas
Taehyung's voice makes our soul calm. His voice is soothing a perfect for soul searching. Makes you chill from this chaos world. 💜
wingxidous Hace 8 horas
ok dont touch me im still crying ,this masterpiece TT TT
Vera Silver
Vera Silver Hace 8 horas
Most Army: FIRE, Dynamite, Boy with luv... Me: Blue & Grey, Friends, The truth untold, Lights....
dame ndk
dame ndk Hace 8 horas
Apa cuma aku yang berpikir klo lagu ini mirip sma lagu yang di putar sama taehyung pas "IN THE SOOP" waktu dia naik perahu sendirian
Angela Khalil
Angela Khalil Hace 8 horas
TaeTae: _where is my angel?_ Me: *im here Taetae, you can’t see me but I’ll* *always be here*
Cristina Jeon
Cristina Jeon Hace 8 horas
Jimin ♡
Min Suga DynѦmɪte
Min Suga DynѦmɪte Hace 8 horas
I just wanna be happier ~
Tweety Tweety
Tweety Tweety Hace 8 horas
Tae's voice I just can't put it in to words. Him and his voice is unexplainable.
Byunghyun kim
Byunghyun kim Hace 9 horas
Where is my angel 하루의 끝을 드리운 Someone come and save me, please 지친 하루의 한숨뿐 사람들은 다 행복한가 봐 Can you look at me? 'Cause I am blue and grey 거울에 비친 눈물의 의미는 웃음에 감춰진 나의 색깔 blue and grey 어디서부터 (어디서부터) 잘못됐는지 잘 모르겠어 나 어려서부터 (어려서) 머릿속엔 파란색 물음표 어쩜 그래서 (어쩜 그래서) 치열하게 살았는지 모르지 But 뒤를 돌아보니 여기 우두커니 서니 나를 집어삼켜버리는 저 서슬 퍼런 그림자 여전히도 파란색 물음표는 과연 불안인지 우울인지 어쩜 정말 후회의 동물인지 아니면은 외로움이 낳은 나일지 여전히 모르겠어 서슬 퍼런 블루 잠식되지 않길 바래 찾을 거야 출구 I just wanna be happier 차가운 날 녹여줘 수없이 내민 나의 손 색깔 없는 메아리 Oh this ground feels so heavier I am singing by myself I just wanna be happier 이것도 큰 욕심일까 추운 겨울 거리를 걸을 때 느낀 빨라진 심장의 호흡 소릴 지금도 느끼곤 해 괜찮다고 하지 마 괜찮지 않으니까 제발 혼자 두지 말아 줘 너무 아파 (oh) 늘 걷는 길과 늘 받는 빛 But 오늘은 왠지 낯선 scene 무뎌진 걸까 무너진 걸까 근데 무겁긴 하다 이 쇳덩인 다가오는 회색 코뿔소 초점 없이 난 덩그러니 서있어 나답지 않아 이 순간 그냥 무섭지가 않아 난 확신이란 신 따위 안 믿어 색채 같은 말은 간지러워 넓은 회색지대가 편해 여기 수억 가지 표정의 grey 비가 오면 내 세상 (oh) 이 도시 위로 춤춘다 맑은 날엔 안개를 젖은 날엔 함께 늘 여기 모든 먼지들 위해 축배를 I just wanna be happier 내 손의 온길 느껴줘 따뜻하지가 않아서 네가 더욱 필요해 Oh this ground feels so heavier I am singing by myself 먼 훗날 내가 웃게 되면 말할게 그랬었다고 허공에 떠도는 말을 몰래 주워 담고 나니 이제 새벽잠이 드네 good night
Rikook ARMY
Rikook ARMY Hace 9 horas
I every day listen to Blue and grey after my workout to relax.
Estelle est
Estelle est Hace 9 horas
Zoya siddiqui
Zoya siddiqui Hace 9 horas
#13 on billboard Power of Producer King Taehyung(V)
_ Cyansims
_ Cyansims Hace 9 horas
i love you so much taehyung
bbmuimuipug Hace 9 horas
16,053,361 5 December 2020 14:59 ♡♡♡ really want to hear your Kim Taehyung original version
zoeylol Hace 9 horas
*this song is comforting like a big warm hug and sad at the same time.*
zoeylol Hace 9 horas
Alanis Zavala
Alanis Zavala Hace 9 horas
이거 ✨ 아트 ✨
snowlan d
snowlan d Hace 9 horas
이제야 들었네요 슬픈데 좋아요 정말 좋아요
marisol monroy
marisol monroy Hace 9 horas
Esta canción me hace reflexionar
Jacilyn Daniels
Jacilyn Daniels Hace 9 horas
Yoon Gi and Ho Seok deep vocals/rap gave me GOOSEBUMPS. SHIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAA
DYSMB PH Hace 9 horas
tani jun
tani jun Hace 9 horas
한 보컬멤버는 요새 야옹 야옹 윽윽하면서 노래부르는거 같아서 귀에 거슬린다. 그전처럼 담백하게 부르면 좋겠다. 충분히 매력있는 보이스인데..
yo a
yo a Hace 10 horas
ARMY MASS VOTING MAMA VOTING LINK → TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF VOTING ! -Artist Of The Year -Song Of The Year -Worldwide Fan's Choice -Best Male Group -Best Dance Performance Male Group -Best Collaboration
Vina Windiari 22
Vina Windiari 22 Hace 10 horas
this song is very cool, i like it
Zeba Shaikh
Zeba Shaikh Hace 10 horas
English subtitles please here😭🙄❤️❤️
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