Most Unorthodox Tennis Match Ever (50FPS)

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Hace 2 años

Dustin Brown won agaisnt Nadal at Wimbledon 2015 in the most strangest ways possible! His unorthodox play style was just too much for Nadal. Enjoy the 50fps highlights!
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TheBigSquirrel 50
TheBigSquirrel 50 Hace 2 años
Man, you don't know how much I love this 😂😂
WolfHeart Hace un mes
Youre a tennis artist. 👌👌👌
Jan 02
Jan 02 Hace un mes
Raj Hoi not every one is behind slams. He earns enough to live comfortably and enjoyed playing similar case to Nick. And these guys are more entertaining than those grinding plays in every tournament. When you see Rafa fans in crowd enjoying this match and applauding Dustin it shows that this was really a good one inspite of him being eliminated in next round.
Mr Anwar
Mr Anwar Hace 2 meses
Who win i don't finish the video i think the man with long hair 👌
Dd_ quick
Dd_ quick Hace 2 meses
No way 😂
Anika’s World
Anika’s World Hace 3 meses
I’ve seen you where ever Dustin plays
Никита Абакумов
Никита Абакумов Hace 18 horas
east or west nadal is best))))))))))
go go
go go Hace 2 días
Serve n volley boring play of style
Annette Elliott
Annette Elliott Hace 3 días
I always thought Dustin was a brilliant player.......
Chibrit 93
Chibrit 93 Hace 3 días
Brown surely did the match of his life over here. Things like this don’t happen too often, do they? :)))
Kavan Kumar
Kavan Kumar Hace 4 días
I would give anything to see a three-way match between Dustin Brown, Gael Monfils, and Nick Krygios.
Edu CHÁVARRI Hace 4 días
And Brown never played a game like this again. It was a summer swallow.
The General
The General Hace 5 días
with these amazing abilities, I don't know why couldn't see Brown in the top 10 with no titles.
Cem Emir Yeşilyurt
Cem Emir Yeşilyurt Hace 5 días
I would rather watch dustin brown than nadal. unlike federer or dustin brown, nadal is super boring to watch... plus why would a male tennis player scream like a bitch?
Mosul Iraq
Mosul Iraq Hace 6 días
I need to see the post-game Nadal Press conference.
Music for your SOUL
Music for your SOUL Hace 6 días
Master Volley Brown reminds me Leo level 10 of Tennis Clash game :v I always lose the game by this type of player :)))
M A Hace 6 días
If you like him, you should check Marcelo Rios, the difference is that Rios managed to be number 1.
forzaAcMilan03 abc
forzaAcMilan03 abc Hace 6 días
It’s so ugly to watch this player
Nikhil Eshwar
Nikhil Eshwar Hace 6 días
I never saw probably ever will see Nadal so clueless ever again
I Play Games
I Play Games Hace 7 días
holy crap it looks like a game of ping pong but it's tennis. These guys are incredible. seeing this top level strategy is what i live for
Max Pax
Max Pax Hace 8 días
Brown played so old-school. It looks so much cooler than tennis from Nadal, Federer and the Djoker
Matias Galarraga
Matias Galarraga Hace 9 días
Pro player vs Hacker
Fox Croc
Fox Croc Hace 9 días
amazing style of brown
apollos78tube Hace 9 días
The Power Genius & Finesse of Dustin Brown!!! 😲🎾
Jack Luke
Jack Luke Hace 9 días
I feel like I just saw the same point played on repeat for 18 minutes.
Clark C
Clark C Hace 9 días
Unorthodox, sure. But Nadal is supposed to be the great adapter. Rafa made it pretty clear in the first set that Brown was going to control a lot of the volleys by keeping the ball at a slower speed. You guys can scream luck all day, but he’s really just outplaying him at a lower speed (again, supposed to be in Nadals favor)
Trinity Chronic
Trinity Chronic Hace 9 días
Vadim Smirnov
Vadim Smirnov Hace 10 días
Reflecting on this exciting match one cannot seize refraining from despair that Dustin's unfortunate "exodus" has been a tremendous loss to Big Tennis.
Tom Webb
Tom Webb Hace 10 días
From a Nadal fan, one of the most entertaining tennis matches ever. At the most entertaining tournament.
hans wurst
hans wurst Hace 10 días
Nadal tried to play Tennis, brown played squash
Martin Zhang
Martin Zhang Hace 10 días
All I can say is This guy's got an insanely strong wrist and arm to be able to backhand nadal's serve like that consistently
Rasmus Roasto
Rasmus Roasto Hace 10 días
No long rallies in this match.
ashwin ashwin
ashwin ashwin Hace 11 días
No one could believe that until u posed this video
꧁MyceliumBug꧂ Hace 11 días
Robin_Lüthi Hace 11 días
i prefer this
Brain Nibbler
Brain Nibbler Hace 12 días
brown is a smoking player on grass ...
parno Hace 12 días
short balls on nadal means suicide for him
Vinh Nguyen
Vinh Nguyen Hace 12 días
Amazing ! I can t imaging . What a match
Nhuong Nguyen
Nhuong Nguyen Hace 13 días
Poor nadal
Saint Just
Saint Just Hace 13 días
Gp Gurung
Gp Gurung Hace 13 días
9:54 Thank me later 👍🏼.
Clarina De noche
Clarina De noche Hace 13 días
Que asco el Brown vamos rafaaa
Dani Parejo Morcillo
Dani Parejo Morcillo Hace 13 días
20 th Grand Slams Rafa Nadal. Good Luck. Don't cry jajajaja
Owen Chiu
Owen Chiu Hace 14 días
Man the thumbnail is why I clicked on it.
anacap007 Hace 14 días
I come here after watching every French Open Final.
Madd Max
Madd Max Hace 14 días
Brown's coach: here are some guidelines, but just do whatever tf you want bro.
Bitan Mandal
Bitan Mandal Hace 3 días
Brown: I'll always go to the net and play
Chris K
Chris K Hace 9 días
@Pali Wong Plans? What plans? No plans round here.
Pali Wong
Pali Wong Hace 13 días
His coach before night: Brown, fu*k all those plans just hit random smash will do
Isaac Low
Isaac Low Hace 14 días
Guys everybody is giving this too much emotion... Stop debating about what "unorthodox" shots Brown used. The only reason why he won its because Nadal is a base line player. His weakness is serve and volley. So really there's nothing much to see here than someone swimming in a Jamaican river with long hair.
ste** Best
ste** Best Hace 14 días
Believing you are better than your opponent is essential to becoming a champion. Believing that your opponent has a chance keeps you a champion.
ste** Best
ste** Best Hace 14 días
Hats off to nadal. I'd be raging if I was him.
Hari Prasath
Hari Prasath Hace 14 días
Hardik pandya went with a long hair wig to play tennis
Alfonso De las Alas-Pumariño
Alfonso De las Alas-Pumariño Hace 15 días
One win tennis players.....
Nevermindd87 Hace 15 días
Brown ❤
Wild Bill
Wild Bill Hace 15 días
Brown surely must be hampered by his massive dreadlocks. I reckon we must put him in a windtunnel & get him running around..
Eric Liu
Eric Liu Hace 15 días
2:38 would've been an easy lane winner
clint Hace 15 días
Browns style is good for 1970s
chawki challadia
chawki challadia Hace 15 días
i always thought Nadal has no grace to his game, just brute physique and good shots. it damn right showed here. it was like dustin was playing fetch with him.
Terrilee Tatum
Terrilee Tatum Hace 16 días
I love Rafa's game, but you have to give his opponent credit for his athleticism and skills on the grass court. Just goes to show even the top players on tour have room for improvement. I respect both competitors.
Florin Bora
Florin Bora Hace 16 días
dustin is the best
matty b
matty b Hace 16 días
The thing I love about Brown is that he plays his tennis completely without fear, smashing second serves, coming to the net straight off a serve, etc. He takes risks and it's maybe not the best way to consistently win matches but when it does work it's entertaining as hell to watch.
Harah Agrah
Harah Agrah Hace 13 horas
seems like a smart move against nadal as well, low percentage game but probably a higher % game than playing from the baseline
jannick vanacker
jannick vanacker Hace 12 días
@Christopher Purcell but i think he play nice as well not?
Christopher Purcell
Christopher Purcell Hace 13 días
There's a quote, I've forgotten where it comes from, but it's something like "I'm only interested in winning a beautiful game". I think the people who win the most disagree with that attitude, but I suspect Brown would agree with something similar.
OriginalKarasu Hace 16 días
12:15 wtf is that morpheus in the background? xD
Nightbot !
Nightbot ! Hace 16 días
Nadal, still one of the best player ,Brown doesn't exist.ha ha .one of millions sezon players
Σταυρος Τζωρτζος
Σταυρος Τζωρτζος Hace 16 días
So..God is black ?
Rohit bhargava
Rohit bhargava Hace 16 días
Nadal : Pro player Meanwhile Brown : Hacker
esquibelle Hace 16 días
Dustin Brown is a right wanker who never won anything.
Millie B
Millie B Hace 16 días
Why is nadal being fisted in the thumbnail
Alex Vayner
Alex Vayner Hace 16 días
Kasia Lotnik
Kasia Lotnik Hace 17 días
Nimesh Hendre
Nimesh Hendre Hace 17 días
This brown is impressive, what happens to you ehen you play fedrrer or joker? do you keep home your skill set in these matches?
Gustavo Machado
Gustavo Machado Hace 17 días
4:43 now, that hurts.
dev payakkal
dev payakkal Hace 17 días
i think brown is an alien from outerspace
panda4247 Hace 17 días
6:14 "ten inch tennis" WTF? :D
#nerves of steel
#nerves of steel Hace 17 días
His precision in this match was god level. Control was standing
Mitul Patel
Mitul Patel Hace 18 días
Simply mind blowing energy and aggression by Brown!!!! Hats off 🙏🙏🙏
Elias Swift
Elias Swift Hace 18 días
3:57 "shot of the day" Nah, that was a pretty easy shot compared to other shots he made in this match
Federico Hace 18 días
2:54 "2020 it will be a very good year for everyone"
Alex Fedoriv
Alex Fedoriv Hace 18 días
i just hope the thumbnail was unintentional
Press F
Press F Hace 18 días
dustin brown play for fun, and i love it.
FeelsOkayMan Hace 18 días
That thumbnail lmfao
Johnakkji Hace 18 días
4:43 I felt his pain
Akshat Gupta
Akshat Gupta Hace 19 días
Plays like a badminton player
Allan Dela Rosa
Allan Dela Rosa Hace 19 días
Yea but did he win the tournament? I bet not.
Milan Dzunda
Milan Dzunda Hace 19 días
Thumbnail looks like Brown is scratching Nadal.s balls hehe.
Dennis Wang
Dennis Wang Hace 19 días
9:13 or 9:14 if you put it in 0.25x speed, I think Brown made a foot fault
Calebcze Hace 19 días
Volleyball type beat.
David Oluwagbemi
David Oluwagbemi Hace 19 días
Just had to ruin the suspense from the begin...douchebag
Ekin Topuz
Ekin Topuz Hace 20 días
9:11 The "..and loser" was perfectly timed
ippoish Hace 20 días
Its like watching marcelo Ríos again
Peter Tulia
Peter Tulia Hace 20 días
What a wonderfull tennis player! I´ve never seen Nadal so upset! I like tennis, I like this kind of players!
Chad X
Chad X Hace 20 días
brown kills nadal’s boring defense top spin game
GreaterGood510 Hace 21 un día
Rafa got schooled by my weed dealer.
Tzechow W.
Tzechow W. Hace 21 un día
bufon63 Hace 21 un día
Brown is the most exciting, naturally gifted player ever.
kiltro pablinho
kiltro pablinho Hace 21 un día
And that was the last time a saw that rasta dude
VOLCANO HD Hace 21 un día
Actually Rafa played very poorly throughout the match.
Shpinga let
Shpinga let Hace 22 días
The thumbnail... :D
Prison Mike
Prison Mike Hace 24 días
Is it just me or is Brown's Backhand stronger than his forehand. God damn
JayDieJack Hace 24 días
Nadal: I use power Brown: TROLL
Ajay Prasad
Ajay Prasad Hace 24 días
I watch this match, atleast once in a month !!! Now crossed 2020
バカうるさい奴の遊び場 Hace 25 días
Minjae Kim
Minjae Kim Hace 25 días
2:43 what a slice oml
Minjae Kim
Minjae Kim Hace 25 días
this is probably the only way to beat Nadal
David brown
David brown Hace 25 días
Brown toyed with Nadal like he was a rookie...I love this match
Skeeter McTavish
Skeeter McTavish Hace 26 días
Rafa is pure OCD and Brown is pure chaos.
S T Hace 26 días
Danm, Dustin returned the sh*t out of Rafa in that match. Excellent lawn player.
Tell Me More About it
Tell Me More About it Hace 26 días
What a disgusting skank
Veslemøy Haugen
Veslemøy Haugen Hace 21 un día
You mean an amazing athlete***
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