every draco scenes, pack (link in desc)

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dl: mega.nz/file/hIJw0KZb#pGdJrI8vEBX-XOMiNY7Ig0hrWRBuNRXXFc0K5-2CPtk
key: pGdJrI8vEBX-XOMiNY7Ig0hrWRBuNRXXFc0K5-2CPtk
to celebrate draco's birthday here's a pack of every draco scenes! feel free to use but don't forget to give me credit on ur edits ;)) and subscribe for more!!
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Green Dino
Green Dino Hace un hora
It's kinda sad because draco was being nice in the beggining introducing himsellllfffff until Ron laughed at hiimmmmmmm
draco's wife
draco's wife Hace 2 horas
i have such an unhealthy obsession with him
sl m
sl m Hace 2 horas
5:47 "Scared POTTAH"
Hania Weremczuk
Hania Weremczuk Hace 3 horas
To jest ten Polski komentarz ☆(:
Sofía De Mitri
Sofía De Mitri Hace 4 horas
sya syafa
sya syafa Hace 5 horas
Everyone :Harry pother Draco malfoy: Harry pottah 😭😂
Ezgi Kara
Ezgi Kara Hace 7 horas
Draco is always upset after being happy, they are doing it unfairly :(
Nania Xyreez
Nania Xyreez Hace 8 horas
totally not me trying to memorize all of the characters' lines so I can randomly say them to annoy my family;)
Nania Xyreez
Nania Xyreez Hace 8 horas
you're allowed to like if you didn't came from tikok
SamFreecss Hace 9 horas
7:15 im sorry why did Draco walk like that💀
Anastasia Lolohea
Anastasia Lolohea Hace 9 horas
OMG HIS FACE 🥺🥺 0:20 I feel so bad 🥺🥺
Scarlette Artist
Scarlette Artist Hace 10 horas
Jk rowling can tell us all she wants that Draco was evil.. BUT WE KNOW THE TRUTH HE IS A BOY WHO WAS MANIPULATED BY HIS SURROUNDINGS
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy Hace 10 horas
Yup, thats 𝗺𝗲
Xzarina Cadungog
Xzarina Cadungog Hace 10 horas
drarry is real ron x doumbledore joke u fell for it heheh
Gabrielle Ortiz
Gabrielle Ortiz Hace 12 horas
you have no idea how much i come back here
Izabella Williams
Izabella Williams Hace 12 horas
This made me cry ugh
It's your Boi
It's your Boi Hace 13 horas
he is literally the main character
Isabella Coleman-Poggi
Isabella Coleman-Poggi Hace 14 horas
Cara Carter
Cara Carter Hace 15 horas
10:24 honestly who wouldn’t do that #cancelkids
Marian Tamayo
Marian Tamayo Hace 15 horas
I wish it's free to download
Kristin Waddell
Kristin Waddell Hace 15 horas
1:53 probably my favorite clip of him
CJYC Original
CJYC Original Hace 17 horas
If i trick you, you subscri...Read more
Milla Boyd
Milla Boyd Hace 18 horas
iF iT rAiNs YoUlL bE tHe FiRsT tO kNyOoo
Wxntersシ Hace 18 horas
I watching Harry potter years ago, I didn't know he was so squeaky!
Paul Renfro
Paul Renfro Hace 19 horas
So was it just refusing his hand shake that made him a pathological rival ever since that moment ?
Katherine Pyle
Katherine Pyle Hace 20 horas
Omg his little smile in the first movie
Gisselle Tena
Gisselle Tena Hace 21 un hora
Catrin 478
Catrin 478 Hace 23 horas
7:46 lmao
Nerdy News for Nerdy Kids!
Nerdy News for Nerdy Kids! Hace un día
It hurts me to see him cry. :C
Shreks Swamp
Shreks Swamp Hace un día
lovia chandra
lovia chandra Hace un día
he is so funny imao (my father will hear about this) THATS MY FAV WON LOL
Shashi Kunj Kumari
Shashi Kunj Kumari Hace un día
Well, they have missed many scenes
shanel grace
shanel grace Hace un día
1:20 get my head bad boy
Lucy Dixon
Lucy Dixon Hace un día
People really are simping over a character with 17 minutes of screen time........... I’m people 😳
Azranaz Yazıcı
Azranaz Yazıcı Hace un día
Nobody: Draco:ssssssssscary potter
Denise Ferreyra
Denise Ferreyra Hace un día
su sonrisa se fue apagando....
Dog Lover090
Dog Lover090 Hace un día
I Love Hermione
Aurelia Gabriele
Aurelia Gabriele Hace un día
Idk y but Draco is everything in Harry Potter 🔥
Parker Lester
Parker Lester Hace un día
Parker Lester
Parker Lester Hace un día
Parker Lester
Parker Lester Hace un día
Maria Svard
Maria Svard Hace un día
I was so obsessed with him that this was all I watched xD
Zuzanna Wasik
Zuzanna Wasik Hace un día
9:31 😍
Zenton za ziwi zruit
Zenton za ziwi zruit Hace un día
I can't believe so many people in the comments are like "17 MinUteS Omg hE bLeaChed HiS hAiR For This" ~~ first of all, that's wrong and second, he's an actor jeez people do a lot more than bleach their hair for films
Zoe Dyson
Zoe Dyson Hace un día
thats my husband
Emma Thiery
Emma Thiery Hace 2 días
ro ro
ro ro Hace 2 días
iTs KiLleD MeH iTs kIlLeD MeH ICONIC
Oii are you triggered
Oii are you triggered Hace 2 días
He wanted to be Harry's friend.
София Плотникова
София Плотникова Hace 2 días
Omg... His cute voice in first minutes 🤩
Hehe Oofies
Hehe Oofies Hace 2 días
Sources/Philosophers Stone 0:00 Chamber of Secrets 3:41 Prisoner of Azkaban 6:39 Goblet of Fire 9:37 Order of the Phoenix 10:30 Halfblood Prince 10:51 Deathly Hallows 1 16:18 Deathly Hallows 2 17:03
Naty F
Naty F Hace 2 días
6:57 love that
kchan8 Hace 2 días
Happy to sad real quick 😭😔
szarlotka ;*
szarlotka ;* Hace 2 días
1:20 IDK WHY BUT this is the funniest moment of the show
刘 ;;xheng
刘 ;;xheng Hace 3 días
3rd year malfoy is best 🐍 6:57
Tigs Bŷrn3
Tigs Bŷrn3 Hace 3 días
the way draco says potter is so iconic
jekwbdkw Djksjd
jekwbdkw Djksjd Hace un día
Missierrr Hace 3 días
emotional* Hace 3 días
Zii Casiano
Zii Casiano Hace 3 días
1:54 hes face i can't-
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger Hace 3 días
Caiti Plays
Caiti Plays Hace 3 días
So your telling me... the love of my life was in the movies for 17 minutes!?!
Anaya Samsotha-Cooley
Anaya Samsotha-Cooley Hace 3 días
He deserved to be in the movies more
anindita adinda
anindita adinda Hace 3 días
anindita adinda
anindita adinda Hace 3 días
Kiara Black
Kiara Black Hace 3 días
you can see him falling apart 😔
:’l Hace 3 días
When seeing Harry Potter it honestly makes me want to watch it again but u did a million times
Alice Turick
Alice Turick Hace 3 días
when hes walking up to voldy is like when you have to talk to the teacher and the whole class is watching
Kerensita uwu
Kerensita uwu Hace 3 días
Maya K
Maya K Hace 3 días
the hat didn’t even touch his head and it’s like “slytherin”
Jordane Magpayo
Jordane Magpayo Hace 3 días
Hat: let's get over with draco it will be quick Hat: imma just not touch him Hat: Slytherin bye
Haily Rocha
Haily Rocha Hace 3 días
not me looking clips of draco for a pov for tiktok
juan camilo orozco carmona
juan camilo orozco carmona Hace 3 días
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Ian Enrique
Ian Enrique Hace 3 días
Slytherin series strike first strike hard no Merc...oops wrong story😂😂
Syeda Ali
Syeda Ali Hace 3 días
he had to bleach his hair for a decade (which damaged his hair really badly) for 8 movies over 10 years in which he only has a total of 17 minutes of screen time - I WOULD SUE
Лерка Ходоскова
Лерка Ходоскова Hace 3 días
5:25, 5:46, 6:58, 7:46, 14:03
Kiara Lozano
Kiara Lozano Hace 3 días
TLC Bomb
TLC Bomb Hace 4 días
This is not every scene
the noobs
the noobs Hace 2 días
yeah but we got what we deserved so we enjoy it
Waleed Nassar
Waleed Nassar Hace 4 días
*me watching* *add coming in* *me*NO NO
Kardia Riddle
Kardia Riddle Hace 4 días
7:13 Crabbe really said "Bro wtf I wasn't ready"
ANA SCHMITZ Hace 4 días
ÇrystalÅsh._ Hace 4 días
Any Gryffindors that literally love draco? ✨🥺
ʟᴇɴɪ ᴀɴɴᴇ
ʟᴇɴɪ ᴀɴɴᴇ Hace 4 días
I swear %90 dracos vocabulary is “pOtTaH” and then the other %10 is “mY fAtHeR wILl hEaR aBoUt tHiS” 😂
Paige Hewy
Paige Hewy Hace 4 días
MARUB ST Hace 4 días
Lo adoro.
Letih Tube
Letih Tube Hace 4 días
pika bruh
pika bruh Hace 4 días
wait...it's only 18 minutes?
Antice Fantise
Antice Fantise Hace 4 días
DOES nobody Care that Harry potter still has the scar, after so many years-
Yup I like Harry Potter
Yup I like Harry Potter Hace 5 días
Harry: rejects dracos handshake Draco: ahhh you have chosen death😌
slushlieee Hace 5 días
it hurts me to watch this. you can see him progressively getting sadder and more controlled.
Pastel Potato playz
Pastel Potato playz Hace 5 días
No one: No one at all; Hermione: yoU NEed tO gEt hIm tO thE NAS
Alisa Maps
Alisa Maps Hace 5 días
* ни одного русского в комментариях найдено не было *
The Kierra Show
The Kierra Show Hace 5 días
what annoys me is they had to bleach toms hair AND eyebrows for 10 YEARS, for him to only be in it 17 minutes.
Alexiana Malong
Alexiana Malong Hace 5 días
why did they do tom like that when draco is an “adult” 💀
Natalie Audish
Natalie Audish Hace 5 días
a Harry Potter ad came up-
malfoy ct
malfoy ct Hace 5 días
He changed totally, obviously why he had grown older, when he got older it seems that it got more attractive 🤷‍♀️
Cvsmix Obx
Cvsmix Obx Hace 5 días
Okay, just gonna make this clear for everyone. Tom had more than 17 minutes of screentime. Including times where he didn't even speak so had a good 40 minutes. He definitely deserved more but it isn't 17.
Severus Snape
Severus Snape Hace 5 días
fun fact: in this scene, 3:42 , the fangs of the snake on the stick Lucius was using, the actor (jason issacs) didn’t get the weight right and accidentally pierced tom felton’s skin. But tom felton still managed to play out the scene. (Jason obviously apologized after)
Kira Hatsumi
Kira Hatsumi Hace 5 días
I'm sorry yall but when ginny walked up and was like leave him alone was so funny and annoying to me like nooo girl sit down somewhere and the fact that she was shorter made it more funny but thats just me chile bye
Let’s Get 100 Subscibers With No Video
Let’s Get 100 Subscibers With No Video Hace 5 días
Yes, I did watch the whole thing. No, I am not ashamed.
*—Honey_Bun—* Hace 5 días
Wingardium levioSaAH
mystrios Hace 5 días
13:26 me shifting to hogwarts to get railed by him
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