Doja Cat - Like That (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane

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Thais Ramirez
Thais Ramirez Hace un hora
Don cat is love
Team Wilson
Team Wilson Hace un hora
Love her Voice
Ana ᴛᴊ
Ana ᴛᴊ Hace un hora
I LOVE DOJA 😍🔥 👁️👄👁️
Keira Edwards
Keira Edwards Hace un hora
Everyone:shes cancelled she wont be the same Doja: hold the pieces of my pants i cut out to look better than james charles 😂😂
Mlpanimecutie Hace un hora
Yasss anime diva!! 😜😊
Emily salgado uwu
Emily salgado uwu Hace un hora
Jessica C
Jessica C Hace un hora
I love sailor moon but this version is definitely not for kids lol
ben123 ytyyfhhf
ben123 ytyyfhhf Hace un hora
I am confuse
Student Robert Ross
Student Robert Ross Hace un hora
These edits :)
Pono B
Pono B Hace un hora
Haters gonna hate, not me. I like her music👍🏼
João Farsen
João Farsen Hace un hora
Why her arm keep disappering on Chroma Key?
LucifeR Hace un hora
Can we take a moment to appreciate her dancing. Queen slays
Stef Hace un hora
Kitt Fln
Kitt Fln Hace un hora
She can dance. That's what got me
Love Yu2
Love Yu2 Hace un hora
This song is so cute..I like it.
Rehman Ali
Rehman Ali Hace un hora
this song need more views to get viral and by using'''' AUTHENTIC VIEWS COM'''' this song can get views as some other use it.
Nyaa Thomas
Nyaa Thomas Hace un hora
soo when are you dropping men aint shit
Pink Black
Pink Black Hace 2 horas
Craig Russell
Craig Russell Hace 2 horas
Just came onto say I can't believe how fat she is
Ash gr
Ash gr Hace 2 horas
Woahhh everyday 1milion views are increasing
Surgafryz a
Surgafryz a Hace 2 horas
Someone should compared 2015 to 2020 music videos💀
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson Hace 2 horas
Musiq video lit asf 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Reefer95 Hace 2 horas
I love her
Ishan Oswal
Ishan Oswal Hace 2 horas
Man she is been getting into my nerves love her voice
Bunker Boy
Bunker Boy Hace 2 horas
Ayden_Chadway Hace 2 horas
That chorus sounds like Janet Jackson no cap
alpha omega
alpha omega Hace 2 horas
The animation is giving 90s anime vibes. :P Sailormoon maybe!.
OmniVerseStar Hace 2 horas
Gdi Doja, chill
25 Dads
25 Dads Hace 2 horas
Never thought she’d get so big
moarlust Hace 2 horas
Rica mi amor 💞💞💞💞💞💞💗💗💗💗
En En
En En Hace 2 horas
XxSavage NoddlexX
XxSavage NoddlexX Hace 2 horas
People who only came from the thumbnail can like this.
samuel conceiçao
samuel conceiçao Hace 2 horas
Dat_coolgirl Hace 2 horas
Some body come get her plzz
En En
En En Hace 2 horas
Funny play
Funny play Hace 2 horas
Я один ищю русс комент??
Arielle Spaventa
Arielle Spaventa Hace 2 horas
Doja is making many waves
En En
En En Hace 2 horas
Jackie Makahununiu
Jackie Makahununiu Hace 2 horas
wow that song sucked. ouch.
En En
En En Hace 2 horas
Breanna Bryson
Breanna Bryson Hace 2 horas
Could you imagine leaving doja cat on read
CLOTILDE :3 Hace 2 horas
An Intelligent Cookie
An Intelligent Cookie Hace 2 horas
Doja's costumer: "So do what kind of pants do you wanna wear for this music video." Doja: "Yes."
MILLI MILL Hace 2 horas
Is it just me or is Tinashe and her comparable to each other
Lalalala Jade
Lalalala Jade Hace 2 horas
The song is very horrible and the clothing is also horrible tooo thooo no lie to much 🍑🍑s
En En
En En Hace 2 horas
Isaak Opp
Isaak Opp Hace 2 horas
I thouthought doja was cancelled but she got bare views in one week
DOG fIsH Hace 2 horas
Why people in youtube so positive and complementing her but in instagram and twitter💀
MegaGrubkiller Hace 3 horas
This video has me mesmerized this has to be the sexiest video of the year
Ariff Hamid
Ariff Hamid Hace 2 horas
dat azzzz tho
Ricky Whitfield
Ricky Whitfield Hace 3 horas
Now i see why Chris brown shot his shot she a hottie
unfinished_sentenc Hace 3 horas
I just keep listing to it on replay. I can't help it it's addicting.
GuderII Hace 3 horas
3d girls in this music video ruin everything somehow. 6/10 for me
Nikki Amoreee
Nikki Amoreee Hace 3 horas
Cancellation Denied 🤣🤣
En En
En En Hace 2 horas
john .temple
john .temple Hace 3 horas
Im happy dojacat is doin good. ❤️But to me she looks so so much better less ‚styled‘. Only because you can do smth, doesnt mean you should. Less is more. In gods name🤷‍♂️
IncorporatedOps Hace 3 horas
2018: dresses as a cow 2019: dresses as a banana and a watermelon 2020: dresses as sailor moon
Samantha Ulysse
Samantha Ulysse Hace 3 horas
Yes gril 👌🏾
En En
En En Hace 2 horas
Ester Stefanllari
Ester Stefanllari Hace 3 horas
She stole James Charles’s cochella dress
Jenny Creations - Mind Relaxing Music
Jenny Creations - Mind Relaxing Music Hace 3 horas
If a man does not have the sauce, then he is lost. But the same man can be lost in the sauce. - Gucci Mane
En En
En En Hace 2 horas
stephen persley
stephen persley Hace 3 horas
Umm lm sorry she do not like Black people so lm do not like you jojo cat 😡so if you Black she do not like you sorry so i don’t like her
AvaBunni Hace 3 horas
damn the editor had fun
Bryan Junior
Bryan Junior Hace 3 horas
Me encanta esta canción 💗
emily clarissy
emily clarissy Hace 3 horas
kpoptea Hace 3 horas
bruh just look at twitter she debunked everything yall tried to cancel her for
Swaggy Desh
Swaggy Desh Hace 3 horas
Her ass is underrated
Rene H
Rene H Hace 3 horas
How many of you out there know the real meaning of Doja?
Lord licorice
Lord licorice Hace 3 horas
Where da boobies
makeu polar
makeu polar Hace 3 horas
Lyrics Cállate, Mike Crook (ooh) Burr, burr Gucci (don't stop), Doja, got away (no) Yeah (don't stop) That's my shit, that's my wave Do it like that and I'll repay it Don't be scared, I ain't afraid Just like that, come my way That's my shit, that's my wave Do it like that and I'll repay it Don't be scared, I ain't afraid Just like that, come my way Yeah I said, "Do that, do that, baby, all night long" And I'ma turn off all my phones You know I hate it when I'm left on read But he make it all up in the bed And he take me out, dinin' on nothin' but the best He got Off-White on right, damn, he can dress Makin' plans from the East, makin' bands in the West Rock star, Black Beatle type, bands on his bread And baby, I want it, and I just be honest 'Cause I just can't front when I look at you Just keep it one hunnid when I throw these hunnids I hope that your ass gon' know what to do That's my shit, that's my wave Do it like that and I'll repay it Don't be scared, I ain't afraid Just like that, come my way That's my shit, that's my wave Do it like that and I'll repay it (huh?) Don't be scared, I ain't afraid (Wop) Just like that, come my way Gucci El Dorado, we in Rome, I'm a model (Rome) Gucci Mane and Doja Cat, call me El Gato (Gato) I'm the big boss and I got big bread (yeah) I'm gettin' big-headed and I like good head (shh) I'm not cheap, baby, and I'm sure not selfish (no) Shakin' like Elvis, damn near broke my pelvis (sheesh) Jumpin' off the top rope, got 'em tag teamin' (tag) Putting' on a show, I got the whole crowd screamin' Bougie with the bread, I'll knock a top-notch freak (freak) Act like I'm a treat when a dog see me Like a thief in the night, just like she stole my green Got me walkin' off the scene like a whole in my jeans (damn, Gucci) That's my shit, that's my wave (yeah) Do it like that and I'll repay it (huh?) Don't be scared, I ain't afraid (huh?) Just like that, come my way That's my shit, that's my wave Do it like that and I'll repay it Don't be scared, I ain't afraid Just like that, come my way Said I like it, I like it I like it, I like it like that Said I like it, I like it (ooh) I like it, I like it like that That's my shit
R. Heart
R. Heart Hace 3 horas
This is how you know someone can really dance, they don't have to do a lot to grab attention.
Schnell Hace 3 horas
What do you call that pants that doja wear?
Schnell Hace 3 horas
Never mind guys it's chap pants and this is my weird fetish smh..
FBI Hace 3 horas
Doja’s body is just, ughhh she’s so naturally beautiful
Official YAtv Channel
Official YAtv Channel Hace 3 horas
This my new favorite nobody better
sock toast
sock toast Hace 3 horas
Oh god.... Those pants... They're bringing back memories...
Oh no she didn’t
Naresha Doolarchan
Naresha Doolarchan Hace 3 horas
only people not from tik tok can like this heard this on the radio and two seconds into the song i was like yuppp my fave song
Liam-Man 72
Liam-Man 72 Hace 3 horas
Now this is quite the galactic acid trip if you ask me. 🤩
Itz_CrispyCakes Hace 4 horas
Oh my god its Doja Moon.
Augusta Umumarogie
Augusta Umumarogie Hace 4 horas
Man congrats to the person that made the animation bits it was fire
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones Hace 4 horas
All I gotta say is her dancing is amazing like I literally copied it after 😂😂😂
nausseaa Hace 4 horas
Don’t you ever see a comment and think, “damn, I wish I wrote that”
Lil Cris_20
Lil Cris_20 Hace 4 horas
I’m only here cuz Gucci mane
bigthingzagwan Hace 4 horas
so....... are we still proceeding with the cancellation or ....??
EliteTrey Hace 4 horas
full body du rag.
Fernanda Zorzo
Fernanda Zorzo Hace 4 horas
why is cartoon doja white
shookerina Hace 4 horas
2:03 /e dance
Talita Nascimento
Talita Nascimento Hace 4 horas
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