@Little Mix kick off Battle of the Bands with Sweet Melody - Little Mix The Search - BBC

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Little Mix's six bands make their debuts, competing to impress and performing head to head for the very first time. Only five can make it through to next week and stay in the running for the prize.
Little Mix The Search | Episode 7 Battle of the Bands - BBC
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some thing
some thing Hace 4 horas
"I just realized how the song is perfect with Four women "... Not saying that they didn't do it Right but still Four is another thing together is just another level.
Olivia weber
Olivia weber Hace 17 horas
perrier’s voice seems tired in this show. still killing it as usual though!
x Hace 3 horas
Did u hear her high note ?!!
Jasmeet Unzan
Jasmeet Unzan Hace un día
Where is jade!!!
mi ran da
mi ran da Hace un día
i miss jesy so much :(
LeAnne Hace un día
Guyssss....3:28-3:30 I'm crying y'all😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️Such a lovely performance.....I miss u Jesminda bt ur health is more important....Lots of love♥️
Edmund Policarpio
Edmund Policarpio Hace un día
Jesy is the only artist who can dance sexy even not in high heels. Make it blue if you agree
siranmg Hace un día
Jesy my fav! I wish i can than sexy! Lover her from Mexico :)
Ashanna Grant
Ashanna Grant Hace un día
Little mix best girl group of all time
Meg Luke
Meg Luke Hace 2 días
Jesy dancing and singing is amazing
Jeons baby
Jeons baby Hace 2 días
Jesy‘s body tho this woman is fire
Arora Perera
Arora Perera Hace 2 días
A reminder that Little Mix became the biggest girlgroup without the help of their label. RESPECT LITTLE MIX
Cleber Souza
Cleber Souza Hace 2 días
Jesy volte logoo deusaa♥️🇧🇷👑
Camila Morais
Camila Morais Hace 3 días
I miss Jesy 😭
Mayrla Rodrigues
Mayrla Rodrigues Hace 3 días
Juliana Cáceres
Juliana Cáceres Hace 3 días
Mixer Colombia!
Archie Zoldyck
Archie Zoldyck Hace 4 días
Jesy is very stable y’all.. vocals on point!
Andres Lipa
Andres Lipa Hace 5 días
I love Jesy ❤️😻
jade Hace 5 días
I miss Jesy so much :(
Region Gayoso
Region Gayoso Hace 5 días
where's Jade? this time?
Sierra Star
Sierra Star Hace un día
She was in contact with someone who had covid so she had to self isolate
Emma Jones
Emma Jones Hace 2 días
She had covid
Leiam Clarke
Leiam Clarke Hace 5 días
I love you guy's i,m your fans😀
Leiam Clarke
Leiam Clarke Hace 5 días
I am realy t
Glazing Grace
Glazing Grace Hace 6 días
I salute Perrie for her dancing with her back well done Perrie 👏👏👏👏✨✨✨
Glazing Grace
Glazing Grace Hace 6 días
those outfits suit them all so much especially Perries
Glazing Grace
Glazing Grace Hace 6 días
OMG I love Jesy's part on that song sooooooo much
Glazing Grace
Glazing Grace Hace 6 días
I 💕 little mix!!!
Antonia Campean
Antonia Campean Hace 6 días
Perrie ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ I love
Antonia Campean
Antonia Campean Hace 6 días
I love perrie ♥️♥️♥️💋💋💋😍😍😍
lucas santos
lucas santos Hace 6 días
I luuuuuuuuuuuuv u Jesy!!!!
Chelly Llorado
Chelly Llorado Hace 6 días
Why is jade not there?
Nicole Mikellides
Nicole Mikellides Hace 8 días
GUYS can you please write a comment on REBECCA THE VOCALIST ATHLETE to react to the live performance of Secret Love Song on LM The Search?? She’s doing some amazing reactions and it would be dope if she could react to this live performance 😍
arlen galicia
arlen galicia Hace 9 días
We miss you ❤❤😭hope your fine my would could not be complete without you jesy also .why call yourselves little mix if you guys are anything but little you guys rock my world if we could I would be your friend be safe😷stay together never grow apart👭👭tell jesy we miss her I cry about it every day😭😭
Michelle Cheng
Michelle Cheng Hace 9 días
Jesy's last part is sending me to another dimension
reid wither-spoon
reid wither-spoon Hace 9 días
why do they only perform this song in three's where is their fourth member?
H&K Hace 9 días
Been trying to do that leg twist thing that they do and I just can’t do it 😭 we need tutorials!!
Franzxhine Angelie Tabelin
Franzxhine Angelie Tabelin Hace 9 días
wheres jade
Emma Jones
Emma Jones Hace 8 días
JADE JANE Hace 9 días
pliss some one answer mya question
JADE JANE Hace 9 días
where is jade
Khim Aranez
Khim Aranez Hace 10 días
Am I the only one sensing that Jesy is not feeling well here? ☹️ I miss her.
Jade’s Coffee
Jade’s Coffee Hace 10 días
I can’t be the only one who replayed jesy’s part a hundred times
Jacob Markman
Jacob Markman Hace un día
You're not the only one
Alex Ayoubi
Alex Ayoubi Hace 5 días
She sings so steadily while dancing!!😍😱 unlike when they sing her part, they don’t dance.
BTS X CELINE Hace 10 días
We miss Jade :(
BTS X CELINE Hace 8 días
@Emma Jones in this performance Jade was absent right?
Emma Jones
Emma Jones Hace 8 días
Jade? Do u mean jesy
Samantha Manga
Samantha Manga Hace 10 días
Dear RCA Records or Mixer management, isn't it time for Little mix to be on Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon show to perform this song? I mean, they seem easy to get if they got a small beginner Belgian artist (Lous and the Yakuzas) from Belgium. How hard could it be to get a world reknown girlband like LM on these popular US show? What is happening to their promotion team :-( ? So sad, this song deserve more performances on TV. I mean, do fans needs to start to vote or promote the band more than their actual label?
Sierra Star
Sierra Star Hace un día
Rca unfortunately can't promote them in america and columbia isnt gonna do it
Mbeurora Nganjone
Mbeurora Nganjone Hace 10 días
Jessy is a slay queen and her voice is just amazing
joselyn Quillay Bardales
joselyn Quillay Bardales Hace 10 días
Miss Nelson we miss you!
It's Romi
It's Romi Hace 10 días
Just came from their performance in the EMA's, Jessy was missing, and here Jade is. Damn you corona virus! I just wanna see my girls perform this masterpiece together!!!!!!
fan channel
fan channel Hace 10 días
We miss you jesy
Confetti humblebee
Confetti humblebee Hace 10 días
unpopular opinion: Jesy's hair, flips better than my world
Denys Mello
Denys Mello Hace 10 días
Jesy is SO amazing, i love her ❤️
Jay 4eva
Jay 4eva Hace 10 días
I actually learnt the official routine and it feels so dope to dance it! If you wanna check it out, its on my channel :)
Margaux Hace 11 días
Laura Aliaj
Laura Aliaj Hace 11 días
Wow Perrie's vocal is amazing ❤️
Tré Collins
Tré Collins Hace 11 días
Okay but jesy’s lyric at the end of the song is ANGELIC wtf I keep rewinding just to listen to it again 😭
Leo A-Y
Leo A-Y Hace 6 días
I know the goosebumps are UNREAL
Michi Me
Michi Me Hace 11 días
pinkpanthers99 Hace 11 días
I miss jesy :(
Zeilah Williams
Zeilah Williams Hace 11 días
Waiting for the day I can see all 4 perform this
Egg Dog
Egg Dog Hace 11 días
damn jesy's hair keep getting in the same position after that hairflips.. meanwhile i have struggle to keep my hair stay while im standing still D:
Vkook is my life
Vkook is my life Hace 11 días
Gosh I miss Jesy so much
Ryan M
Ryan M Hace 11 días
They all did so well but Perrier with that live note was so good
Ѧlper Ƹrgül
Ѧlper Ƹrgül Hace 11 días
i'll never understand when one of the other girls missing why does leighanne get bread crumbs she always shares a verse with perrie when clearly perrie has one all to her self in the second verse, might as well perrie share hers in half with leighanne if they want to call it even.
Sierra Star
Sierra Star Hace un día
Leighanne usually gets her own verses???
x Hace 11 días
Do u realise that lee sings the bridge !?
XRosemarieX XHathawayX
XRosemarieX XHathawayX Hace 11 días
Leigh and perrie sung the same amount of jades part and had their own parts
Evy Karlsson
Evy Karlsson Hace 11 días
Well Leigh Anne got the 3rd vers all to herself 🙄. So it’s quite even
Felipe Matias
Felipe Matias Hace 11 días
The Mystery Singer
The Mystery Singer Hace 12 días
I asked my dad; “How much money does Little Mix get, £100 a month?” Dad; “No, about £100 a minute!” ‘GASP’
Mahder lule
Mahder lule Hace 11 días
3000$ per hour
TheArthurBot Gaming
TheArthurBot Gaming Hace 12 días
Ikr 😂😂 they make so much
Heena naz
Heena naz Hace 12 días
Jesy is gorgeous
Iyannn Hace 12 días
It's not okay if someone is missing.
Jennifer Pham
Jennifer Pham Hace 12 días
Hello Sony. When I graduate college in the future. I shall use my own money to release some songs with you. Just for fun. Eh, I am ugly. xoxo
MakeUpYourSelf Hace 12 días
That’s how the new reality looks like! Masks, computer effects and no audience! Disgusting
Amelia M
Amelia M Hace 12 días
Amelia M
Amelia M Hace 12 días
I love this
Eliza JM
Eliza JM Hace 12 días
Where's jade???
Sophia Guzman
Sophia Guzman Hace 12 días
Dear Mixers little mix cannot keep being this underrated come on lets get this to 40 million views by this week we got this, all of you are special in every way lets continue showing all the love we can even if your ears fall come on lets continue watching love you little mix and all mixers have a great day From : sophia guzman /mixer
Ageng Condro
Ageng Condro Hace 12 días
Man the dance of the male dancers is so stunning
Koray Dugencili
Koray Dugencili Hace 12 días
Perries high vocals are everything
Gia Go 321
Gia Go 321 Hace 12 días
TLC No Scrubs (Official Video)
Laurão S
Laurão S Hace 12 días
they look like game characters (even the dance)
Esteban Demanet
Esteban Demanet Hace 12 días
Did somebody notice that in 1:40 Jesy sang but had the microphone off? :( sjsnsjsusjsjjdzj it's a good performance though
aldi cicala
aldi cicala Hace 12 días
mama i think that i love jesy
Gamer 4Life
Gamer 4Life Hace 12 días
Wait where is jade?
Moon Dancer
Moon Dancer Hace 13 días
They don't sound as good as the music video?
Ktrn J
Ktrn J Hace 11 días
Music videos are studio recorded with all their voices edited and tuned properly. Im sure they sound a million times better than like 95% artists these days and some u probably support lol. Little mix dance & sing 100% live without backtracking/autotune/lipsync unlike most singers and they kill it with their vocals. Idk what youre listening to but u clearly need a hearing aid and a whole lotta knowledge 😕
Moon Dancer
Moon Dancer Hace 11 días
@x No they sound worse than the music video
x Hace 11 días
Right , they sound better than the music video !
LJ Oxley Official
LJ Oxley Official Hace 13 días
well yeah that’s kinda like the whole point. it’s live, sound is different and it’s not recorded.
Alexia Grant
Alexia Grant Hace 13 días
Were is jade Jesy?
sarah Alflaij
sarah Alflaij Hace 13 días
Can we talk about jesy for a min like woooww she’s literally perfect 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
olivia LM
olivia LM Hace 13 días
the best!
A.M. du 62
A.M. du 62 Hace 13 días
Where is Jade ?
KHUMLALVENA Hace 13 días
D. T
D. T Hace 13 días
wonder if Jesy and Jade had a falling out. It's oddly coincidental that one isn't there when the other one is.
Sierra Star
Sierra Star Hace 12 días
@insomnecastello yeah I know now 😊😊
insomnecastello Hace 12 días
@Sierra Star no Jade said so herself that she had COVID.
Sierra Star
Sierra Star Hace 12 días
@insomnecastello jade never tested positive. She was in contact with someone who was
insomnecastello Hace 13 días
no. Jade wasn't in this performance because she tested positive for COVID at the time, and Jesy hasn't been there recently because she's taking a break from Little Mix due to private medical issues.
The Wanderslut Jucaso
The Wanderslut Jucaso Hace 13 días
Personally I like this performance a little bit more than the EMAS one. Jesy looks amazing here...she needs to know it and be back 100% with the group soon.
x Hace 11 días
Me too !
Jack Smart T
Jack Smart T Hace 13 días
Where is jade
Aa Vee
Aa Vee Hace 13 días
The ending note that Jesy does is what you hear on the gates of heaven
Nurela Juani
Nurela Juani Hace 13 días
Alvaro Jaña
Alvaro Jaña Hace 13 días
Where is jade?
Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez Hace 13 días
u could def tell jade was missing 🥺
S 100
S 100 Hace 13 días
Too much miming and pre recorded vocals!
Ktrn J
Ktrn J Hace 11 días
U need a hearing aid
Sierra Star
Sierra Star Hace 12 días
None of this is miming actually.
Joulie Dama
Joulie Dama Hace 14 días
The best dancer little mix is Jesy😍
Justin Coleman
Justin Coleman Hace 14 días
Kian McDonald
Kian McDonald Hace 14 días
The fact that it hasn’t been performed as a group and probably won’t be for a while😭
Zara Bharadwaj
Zara Bharadwaj Hace 11 días
@Kian McDonald oh :( I hope jesy gets better soon
Kian McDonald
Kian McDonald Hace 11 días
@Zara Bharadwaj because jesy has left for an extended period of time for medical reasons but its rumoured that they’ll go solo after this tour
Zara Bharadwaj
Zara Bharadwaj Hace 11 días
What why??!
ᄋ. Hace 14 días
Where is jade
Rita Karabekyan
Rita Karabekyan Hace 14 días
This performance is top tier! Also, Jesy looks great here!
Freya Adele
Freya Adele Hace 14 días
sounds so diff without jeed but it's fantastic
張喆庭 Hace 14 días
Jade confirmed that she had Covid-19 at the time so she can’t performed
Sierra Star
Sierra Star Hace 12 días
@張喆庭 I've seen them all as soon as they came out. I can't find it
張喆庭 Hace 12 días
@Sierra Star no, she confirmed on a broadcast go on to Twitter
Sierra Star
Sierra Star Hace 12 días
She was in contact with someone who tested positive. She herself didn’t have it
Thảo Uyên Linh Nguyễn
Thảo Uyên Linh Nguyễn Hace 14 días
I am so looking forward to seeing this song on stage with all 4 of them OMG this song killssssss
Phoenix St
Phoenix St Hace 14 días
Just give them better marketing and they will explode
Wharfedale Lodge
Wharfedale Lodge Hace 14 días
Congratulations to Jesy. I guess she could only keep the pregnancy as secret for so long.
x Hace 14 días
Wtf !😂😂 she is not !!
Donnell Mitchum
Donnell Mitchum Hace 14 días
wtf, that high notes of perrie break The world in a minute.
mary murray
mary murray Hace 14 días
Sad how these girls all end up the same way used and abused. It's not about singing anymore they look like hookers sorry.
Limelight Mixer_RESPECT LITTLE MIX. Hace 14 días
You’re out of your mind!
TÔ BÉLGICA Hace 14 días
GO TO THE CHURCH !!! IT’S ALMOST 2021 !!! The only hooker that I know ... I will stop here. BYE
Little Mix - Sweet Melody (Official Video)