Every White Friend Ever

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“No, but like, where are you *really* from?” This is EVERY WHITE FRIEND EVER!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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Ian Hecox // ianhecox
Courtney Miller // co_mill
Shayne Topp // shaynetopp
Damien Haas // damienhaas
Olivia Sui // oliviasui
Keith Leak Jr. // keithleakjr
Kimmy Jimenez // kimmydoesstuff
Jacklyn Uweh // jacklyn_uweh
Director: Ryan Finnerty
Written By: Phillip Walker, Jacklyn Uweh, Olivia Sui, Cole Hersch, and Kurt Maloney
Editor: OnJonet Williams
Executive Producer: Ryan Finnerty
Head Writer: Monica Vasandani
Production Manager: Alicia Gaynor
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
Production Assistant: Jacqi Jones
DP: Brennan Iketani
Camera Operator: Kevin Rygg
Gaffer / AC: Billy Yates
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Coordinator: Yasmeen Mughal
Art Assistant: Austin Barrett
Assistant Editor/DIT: Matt Duran
GFX: Brittany Metz
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
Stage Manager: David Hill
Executive Assistant: Sammie Miller
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Namikino Hace un hora
Do Every Black Friend Ever!!!! :))))
bb jessie
bb jessie Hace 5 horas
the second clip about pho hurt me 😭😭
Floyd Botica
Floyd Botica Hace 7 horas
I wonder what the backlash of "every black friend ever" would be
ibrahim ali
ibrahim ali Hace 13 horas
Hey man you know they don’t say the m word face 1st that sunburns 🥵 black say it loud black say it loud black and it’s my fault not my fault but not cuz she’s black I voted for Obama ugh all right yes I do no guys you probably wanna sit down for this one haaaaaaahaahahahhahahahaha That’s only if it’s made by internet
Amnesia Gamez
Amnesia Gamez Hace 13 horas
I voted for obama lmao
jeremyud Hace un día
I did the math and realized Shane could have only voted for Obama in '12 because he would have been too young in '08. That made me feel old.
BlackShinji Hace un día
The pic of the vulture with corn rows LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
BlackShinji Hace un día
This is hilarious lmaooooo
Not Your Average Person 000
Not Your Average Person 000 Hace 2 días
When I heard “I’m doing the white person smile” I some how did it back and I’m scared
Amani5576 Hace 2 días
3:16.... LOL. The way Jackie mouths what Shayne is saying is soouuu funny! LOL. So true! LMFAAOO !!!!😂😂😂
Kamryn Duff
Kamryn Duff Hace 2 días
I look white but I'm Native American I look like my mom and people think my dad is like my stepdad or something but my parents are happily married
rema ___
rema ___ Hace 2 días
0:28 gonna try this lol 😂
Elliott Oliver
Elliott Oliver Hace 2 días
They think its a joke but we seriously do not know so when we ask, do not think we are psychopaths please
Albert Becerra
Albert Becerra Hace 3 días
I dare you to do every black friend
Gacha Adrian
Gacha Adrian Hace 4 días
699K views yep a lot but the first 2 numbers no-
Anya Nicole
Anya Nicole Hace 4 días
I’m your biggest fan in the world I love you guys ❤️❤️
Runar He
Runar He Hace 4 días
Why is it ok to stereotype white people?
edward squad 22
edward squad 22 Hace 5 días
Collin Olsen
Collin Olsen Hace 6 días
Pho is Vietnamese food. It is also pronounced "fuh" like duh. Not fo. Lol
whittered Hace 6 días
3:35 isn't she talking about Mulan production?
Terrible Texas Gamer
Terrible Texas Gamer Hace 6 días
This is to accurate
Naveya M
Naveya M Hace 6 días
do the people in the comments not know what comedy is... honestly lol, as a hispanic, i do have friends like this, not that they’re bad people at all (because that’s literally not what this video is implying) but they can just get annoying with all this apologizing for stuff they physically didn’t do lol.
Bpoow 23
Bpoow 23 Hace 6 días
To go pho is the worst you need you eat it in the restaurant
Unboxing Unicorns
Unboxing Unicorns Hace 6 días
Im a white person and this has all happened to me, I’m like 10 tho O^O What do you say and not say and hOw dO yOu dEAl wItH tHeSe tHinGs oH mAh gAwD
Jessabella Productions
Jessabella Productions Hace 7 días
I have a person of color friend, and people constantly do this. I did it to, but learned not to, but everyone else still does.
Mal Hace 8 días
It is not relatable
heyysimone Hace 8 días
"i love all my black friend"
Aidan Karys
Aidan Karys Hace 8 días
Watching this after an idubbbz video
Gabriella Comito
Gabriella Comito Hace 8 días
Sorry - I’m sorry ‒ LOL. 😂
Gabriella Comito
Gabriella Comito Hace 8 días
1:59: I honestly always thought that woman playing “Danielle” was white…now I’m guessing she’s Latina-but‚ her eyes do ALMOST look almond-shaped like an Asian’s eyes‚ but then again, a lot of Hispanics have almost-Asian-looking eyes, almost Asian‑looking. It’s okay to comment that or say that, though, right? Just almost almond‐shaped. By the way‚ did you know “Caucasian” does NOT *originally* mean white as in a white person? It’s on Wikipedia ‑ just search it up. It’s true! It’s some sort of indigious people from Africa and some extinct type of human beings…I know‚ I know‚ Wikipedia is “editable”, but just look it up, okay?
DB gaming
DB gaming Hace 9 días
I miss the old ones 🥺
megatron the leader of the desepticons
megatron the leader of the desepticons Hace 9 días
You say philipins yey i im a PHILIPINO AND I IM A BOY!!!!!!!!!
Kassie Marcelis
Kassie Marcelis Hace 9 días
Kassie Marcelis
Kassie Marcelis Hace 9 días
I just watched this Every 1 is VERY WEIRD and funny
Steven Chisham
Steven Chisham Hace 9 días
I love it when my friends get the nationality question and I just jump right on in and yell "american!"
Hope Hace 10 días
They needed to do one for mixed people.
ArAy Hace 10 días
I won’t understand cause I have no friends
Junkclub Hace 10 días
I wanna see the alternative video
KSI Beat Logan
KSI Beat Logan Hace 10 días
Every biden supporter ever
KSI Beat Logan
KSI Beat Logan Hace 10 días
This seems like an attack
Cescafied Hace 10 días
I enjoyed this because I overthink like an awkward white person on the inside.
Herpy derp
Herpy derp Hace 10 días
We all live in a society
THAT identify thief
THAT identify thief Hace 10 días
"Where are you from?" "Texas" "No like, BEFORE that...."
Sara B
Sara B Hace 11 días
This was really good.
__Parmida __
__Parmida __ Hace 11 días
Brian Finnegan
Brian Finnegan Hace 11 días
1:56 bruh she is white
L I N N X Hace 12 días
Can wait for very black friend ever
Kim's Family
Kim's Family Hace 12 días
I’m Asian
WarriorOfGoo Hace 12 días
All those things are super American
Giannakos Stamos
Giannakos Stamos Hace 13 días
Wow u r so woke smosh...so woke
Dylan Paine
Dylan Paine Hace 13 días
Every black friend ever
McNeedless Hace 13 días
What about every black friend ever
the normal player
the normal player Hace 14 días
3:20 i cant stop laughing
Gloryallfornothing YT
Gloryallfornothing YT Hace 14 días
As the only black kid in my school I can say this completely 100% accurate and should be a tutorial on how not to sound like an idiot :/
Phunkysai Hace 14 días
As a white person I agree
Scenario _
Scenario _ Hace 14 días
Those two guys screaming black: BLACK BLACK BLACK Cops: I heard gunfire!
Dylan Nguyen
Dylan Nguyen Hace 14 días
Wonder if there’s anyone else that’s Vietnamese with my last name
clarissa dz
clarissa dz Hace 14 días
bruh the one where they ask “where are you FROM” is so accurate jrkekktneoenfow
MasterCookieREAL Hace 14 días
jmbahugulo Hace 15 días
There should be "Every Fresh Off The Boat Ever" sequel to this
Ninjaiceboy Frost
Ninjaiceboy Frost Hace 15 días
I wonder what would happen to this comment section if this video was the other way around 😐
kylee brubaker
kylee brubaker Hace 15 días
Now I'm waiting for Every Straight Friend Ever
Butterme Pancake
Butterme Pancake Hace 9 días
And also every gay friend ever
Toxic Productions
Toxic Productions Hace 16 días
*....Who Is Here At 666k Views*
Long_Don _Willy
Long_Don _Willy Hace 16 días
I think this is kinda funny because I used to have a black friend and we used to call each other the N word not hard R but Ni**a
Annoying Kids
Annoying Kids Hace 16 días
Imagine if they made this about black people everyone would be so mad but because it’s white no one cares
Paul Asimow
Paul Asimow Hace 15 días
Yeah, I feel like that goes without saying. It is pretty frowned upon to “punch down” in comedy, which is why people “punch up”. Making fun of white people doesn’t really rock their position in society and their place in most seats of power.
Grant Casperson
Grant Casperson Hace 17 días
Poignant content.
Awesome Sauce
Awesome Sauce Hace 17 días
I’m that whiiiiiiite friend. Duh
Gayendra Baijnath
Gayendra Baijnath Hace 17 días
"I'm an ally" Damien got me I tears 🤣😂🤣😂
Icy Anims
Icy Anims Hace 18 días
I'm just happy that they said my country's name "Philippines".
Alec Johnson
Alec Johnson Hace 18 días
This shit is why nobody watches smosh anymore😂
YRN RockyTM Hace 18 días
where tf is utero i dont know my countrys
Polar Bear
Polar Bear Hace 18 días
1:50 Hell yeah, Black power!
John Striker
John Striker Hace 19 días
Do you ever read a comment & think, “Ah, I wish I commented that…!” xD
chris larry
chris larry Hace 19 días
Smosh is buzzfeed now???
Kaidyn’s Computer
Kaidyn’s Computer Hace 19 días
Now make one about black friends
Cameron Pritula1245
Cameron Pritula1245 Hace 19 días
This video is 100%true
Martin Toder
Martin Toder Hace 19 días
4:47 do you not know who Frederick Douglas is?
لمعان Hace 19 días
Please do every black freind next!
Vena Hace 20 días
LMAO olivia teaching them how to eat pho was so funny XD
CustomProps Hace 21 un día
I once said that my family originates from Ireland and all my friends said "WOAH SO YOU LIKE LOVE POTATOES AND DRINK BEER RIGHT!?"
Benjamin Ascher
Benjamin Ascher Hace 21 un día
This isn’t really making fun of white ppl, more so white liberals
PETROS LALEZAS Hace 21 un día
White people scare me
Butterfly Queen
Butterfly Queen Hace 22 días
I like all my black friend. 1 black friends...🤣
Flaming Cherry
Flaming Cherry Hace 22 días
I love how Jessica pranked her friends 😂😂
Dremx Hace 22 días
Esme F
Esme F Hace 22 días
I've lived all around Asia my entire life and it annoys me so much when people don't eat pho or other noodles face first :)
Life as Thato
Life as Thato Hace 22 días
The eating one kills me
Mihaela Dulic
Mihaela Dulic Hace 22 días
Every indian friend next
Megan Pack
Megan Pack Hace 23 días
Every stereo type ever
Matthew Adam
Matthew Adam Hace 23 días
3:56 look at the back
Ewalko Beats
Ewalko Beats Hace 23 días
There used to be one guy in my class who literally had a notepad with notes about all the cultures since he was one of the few white people there
11thBoyz Hace 23 días
Do every black friend ever
whyyouneed mynametho
whyyouneed mynametho Hace 24 días
The fact my white friends still say urban when they mean black
Alex N
Alex N Hace 24 días
El Grando Smoke
El Grando Smoke Hace 24 días
Damn this channel has become liberal
Bonnie the Shiba Inu
Bonnie the Shiba Inu Hace 24 días
I got a Black Friday sale ad while I watched this, I never got this ad any other time.
Hasan Bleda
Hasan Bleda Hace 25 días
Parallel Universe: Every Black Friend Ever
Georgia Sporrer
Georgia Sporrer Hace 25 días
omg noo "say it with your chest" I can't.
•Pînk•Bøba• Tėå•
•Pînk•Bøba• Tėå• Hace 25 días
I’m biracial sooo dose that mean... *I act like this half the time???*
% Schnapsp %
% Schnapsp % Hace 25 días
I'm embarrassed I've been though some of these situations
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