Billie Eilish - bad guy (Live From Austin City Limits)

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niznomore s
niznomore s Hace 19 horas
Watched a rerun of this show on PBS last night. Front fans were lively, back of theater low energy? Or were sitting back to listen to her. Or parents of the front fans. I don't know what people are talking about this show is the most I ever heard her sing. Her other live concerts you can't hear her at all from the whole arena scream-singing over her. I felt bad for her though, she wanted the older people to jump and bop, that's like asking a turtle to run. I'm not so young and I couldn't jump but 3 seconds. Knees started aching, earth started shaking, so forth. But I sang and danced the whole thang.🤘🏼Rerun on Oct 3 at 2am on PBS.
bebe bebe
bebe bebe Hace 20 horas
I was laughing so hard people so loud
Puran Thapa
Puran Thapa Hace un día
She's even good at lives...woahh New fan here👐👐
Hala Ahmed
Hala Ahmed Hace un día
Woooooow 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
kanika Singh
kanika Singh Hace un día
Q. What is luck? Ans. There are 195 countries in the world and I'm born in India 🇮🇳. Proud to be Indian
mY V0ice
mY V0ice Hace 2 días
Holla I'mma bad guy😎💯😜
Sara Liseth Chaux
Sara Liseth Chaux Hace 2 días
Ella es hermosa 💗🇨🇴💚
Lashell NP
Lashell NP Hace 2 días
Hey Billie can I pls use one of your songs? In one of my vidz? I'll add your name in the description.Thanks.
phoenix gaming
phoenix gaming Hace 2 días
Gamerboy 01v1.0
Gamerboy 01v1.0 Hace 2 días
The people in the background just ruin the damn song, like wth people...
Samara Silva
Samara Silva Hace 3 días
Bille você arrebenta
Samara Silva
Samara Silva Hace 3 días
Bille você é muito minha idola
Jaconias Nunes
Jaconias Nunes Hace 3 días
Brasil sil sil sil..
Yaa Konadu
Yaa Konadu Hace 3 días
Me: man I would love to go to one of her live performances Something in my head : u can't go stupid she's in the USA n u are in Ghana Me ::'(:'(:'(:'( [°_°] MOMMYYYY
iipvu_Ϟ Hace 4 días
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Bille on top
芥川龍之介 Hace 4 días
Roxi Ruiz Salazar
Roxi Ruiz Salazar Hace 5 días
i love you Billie Eilish
LocalSnail Snail
LocalSnail Snail Hace 5 días
lol all the dads in there are not even not singing or jumping or not saying nothing haha lol...
ihavenoname Hace 6 días
1:16 Dad: she weird 13 year old girl: LOVE ME!!!!!
Husna Haidari
Husna Haidari Hace 6 días
Evryone: the audeince and so energetic and annoying Me: its not their energy its all Billie's performance which gives away the free energy to her audeince I love you billie
SKy Hace 6 días
i love ❤️ you Billie
Sofri Um Acidente De Amor Pela Bellie Eilish
Sofri Um Acidente De Amor Pela Bellie Eilish Hace 7 días
i love Billie Eilish very much and all i wanted was to be able to hug her but it is very difficult for this to happen because i am from Brazil and she will never notice me :( but if this happens i will have completed my life mission
Jamba Jords
Jamba Jords Hace 8 días
Am i the only one oticed that the crowd didnt bring their cellphones out? Amazing. Lol
earth Hace 8 días
i cant handle this im disliking
• wxffle •
• wxffle • Hace 9 días
who knows when her next concerts are
IKKIRASKI Hace 9 días
A versão remix e melhor
IKKIRASKI Hace 9 días
So mais essa música Versão Remix
Captain America CAP
Captain America CAP Hace 9 días
miriã borges
miriã borges Hace 10 días
The The
The The Hace 10 días
I would way more like to watch k-pop instead of the this cringe I remember when music was actually about your life like wtf is this about having sex with your bff dad you 12 year girls better get a life or watch thriller
Madison Brown
Madison Brown Hace 10 días
'i like when you get mad' 'I LOVE YOU!' edit: timestamp is 2:32
Matthew sherman
Matthew sherman Hace 10 días
She ain't as good of a singer as I thought without autotune
أم مالك أبو مالك
أم مالك أبو مالك Hace 10 días
معقوله بس اني بل عرب احبه
Wederson Silva
Wederson Silva Hace 11 días
Bad guy love ❤❤😍😍
Jonaszulski 25
Jonaszulski 25 Hace 11 días
Crowd! Shut up!
Fays Md
Fays Md Hace 11 días
Moha Xk.
Moha Xk. Hace 11 días
كفو بيلي مفلح 😂😂
Robloxroses Kiki
Robloxroses Kiki Hace 11 días
Billie eillish bad guy cover-by the crowd
heady Hace 11 días
billie eilish>bts
María Angulo
María Angulo Hace 12 días
Te amooooooooo billie 🥺💕🥰