Inside Anfield: Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona | THE GREATEST EVER CHAMPIONS LEAGUE COMEBACK

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Watch the unseen footage from Liverpool's greatest ever Anfield comeback. Get up-close to the players and the fans as the the Reds put four past Lionel Messi's Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final second leg. This is the Inside Anfield you've all been waiting for.
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Calvin Tai
Calvin Tai Hace 8 horas
4:26 bruh the disrespect
Drífa Magnúsdóttir
Drífa Magnúsdóttir Hace 14 horas
Liverpool fans are so disrespectful
Drífa Magnúsdóttir
Drífa Magnúsdóttir Hace 14 horas
Greatest ever comeback no it’s PSG 4 - 0 barcelona 6 - 1
Wadila03 Wadila
Wadila03 Wadila Hace 18 horas
NDOk 2 atuS ajeNg gOOd wife terbawa suasana
Wadila03 Wadila
Wadila03 Wadila Hace 18 horas
ajeNg gOOd wife ngisep manekin Wahyu adi
Wadila03 Wadila
Wadila03 Wadila Hace 18 horas
Shark Shark
Shark Shark Hace 19 horas
Claim ur ticked before 20 mil views
Muhammad Faizan
Muhammad Faizan Hace 20 horas
The greatest game in the history of football !!
amstrong avi
amstrong avi Hace un día
Hello! please, I have serious medical condition and i need financial help. I am thinking of committing suicide, but something just said i should ask for help because i am sure there are good people out there. Thanks very much
love flower
love flower Hace un día
7:37 Christian eriksen is that you?
Steven Godsend
Steven Godsend Hace un día
I will never stop watching this
KinderSpel Hace un día
6:02 Rugby activated haha
leon paliwoda
leon paliwoda Hace un día
In German we say Gänsehaut
Shreshth Kaushik
Shreshth Kaushik Hace 2 días
Sorry but even though Barca were the ones that allowed this comeback they still orchestrated the greatest comeback of all time vs PSG.
alexis musa
alexis musa Hace 2 días
Barcelona vs psg is by far the greatest come back
we are liverpool this means more
we are liverpool this means more Hace un día
We know😐
自殺 Sorrow
自殺 Sorrow Hace 2 días
Don't mind me, just my 400th time watching, each time this pops up in my recommended im straight on it like bees round honey.
cmon chelsea
cmon chelsea Hace un día
4:24 robertson is kicking messi. what a great manners. its not a victory. its just disgusting violence
Will Hace 2 días
This comeback would have been impossible with no crowds from covid
RAF Hace 2 días
12:56 i miss dejans energy
Darwin Jones
Darwin Jones Hace 2 días
Subtitles: "Fans: Yes."
Rojaun Dixon
Rojaun Dixon Hace 3 días
Robertson is the most disrespectful play ever 4:23 Cristiano Ronaldo is my favorite football but you have to give respect where it's due he shouldn't have done that to Messi in my opinion the man is a on off if n not the greatest ever show some respect waste man
Kacper ochnik
Kacper ochnik Hace 3 días
It's the best
Eduardo Carlos
Eduardo Carlos Hace 4 días
I think Klopp it's ungrateful with Origi, is better shooter that Minamino, Minamino sucks. Now they don't even give Origi a chance, unfair...
Rahul Hace 4 días
“Welcome To Anfield” ryt ?
Jannis Meier
Jannis Meier Hace 4 días
How important was Anfiel and the fans?
WispyCube Hace 4 días
this was a great match dont get me wrong but "greatest champions league comeback"? i will take barca 6-1 psg anyday
HRH Hace 4 días
Trent you made some of the world's best deffenders look like absolute idiots
Sohan Nikam
Sohan Nikam Hace 4 días
Liverpool- GREATEST EVER COMEBACK Barcelona- 6-1
Normal Guy
Normal Guy Hace 3 días
Barca was against PSG....the king of bottling
Therese Fuglestad
Therese Fuglestad Hace 4 días
Best day in my life🥺❤️😍
Theresa Arrigan
Theresa Arrigan Hace 4 días
Daniel Lucio
Daniel Lucio Hace 5 días
Damo Cullen
Damo Cullen Hace 5 días
Divock origi is class 👌the people the city he wants to make us happy 😂
ZaHiRuL rApidO
ZaHiRuL rApidO Hace 5 días
The great barca trembled in fear
allah batman
allah batman Hace 5 días
Honestly, this is one of the greatest comebacks, but i dont think it is the greatest. I still see barca's 6-1 as greatest. But I'm no barca fan
Terry Numpkins
Terry Numpkins Hace 5 días
October 2020 Barca still waiting for that corner
Richard Janowski
Richard Janowski Hace 5 días
I never expected to be lucky enough to watch a game like that in my life.
Quỳnh Ngọc
Quỳnh Ngọc Hace 6 días
Fan Vietnam.👋
MasGhaz 17
MasGhaz 17 Hace 4 días
How much nguyen namevin vietnam?
Yxnnel X
Yxnnel X Hace 6 días
Wijnaldum and shakiri is underrated.
kelvin agyekum
kelvin agyekum Hace 6 días
A night to remember ❤️❤️
Mas A
Mas A Hace 6 días
Anyone watch this every now and then because it puts a smile on your face?
Ali Mohammed
Ali Mohammed Hace 6 días
Imagine Covid happened around this time and we was robbed off this atmosphere. I genuinely believe the result would have been different, should fans not have been allowed to enter. God’s Plan.
ALD7MY CR7 Hace 6 días
Great feeling 😢😢😻😻😻😻❤️❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤
Burak Yurdakul
Burak Yurdakul Hace 6 días
Paris'ten Türkiye'ye derken birader hayırdır
Lasciel Hace 7 días
I need cheering up... So I came here
Ivan Markoski
Ivan Markoski Hace 7 días
as a barca fan i cant even get mad to be honest
Chaozer Toby
Chaozer Toby Hace 7 días
We celebrated like we won the CL. And then we did...
Regitec Ventas
Regitec Ventas Hace 7 días
Kadir Emre ÖZCAN
Kadir Emre ÖZCAN Hace 7 días
Niye hiç Türk yok türkçe altyazı bile var ben bir türk olarak liverpool taraftarıyım
Min Haokip
Min Haokip Hace 8 días
Gives me goosebumps every time I watch
Deborah Salaverria
Deborah Salaverria Hace un día
7 2
Semmeke Hace 8 días
Sing the lyrics of: you will never walk alone if you read this comment, post one line under my comment, so i will begin. Walk on!!
Ennio Hace 8 días
Roma vs Barcellona real best comeback
0rb1taL_ Peppermint-Pasta
0rb1taL_ Peppermint-Pasta Hace 8 días
Nice joke bro
Slashツ Hace 8 días
7:23 was what you were looking for
Omar Swailum
Omar Swailum Hace 9 días
They may have won the game but they certainly lost my respect after such a cheap goal.
イチロー Hace 9 días
これを今年からDAZNで見れないとか DAZNの意味ないじゃん 解約します
Rick Teyder
Rick Teyder Hace 9 días
This is such a emotional game to me, Love to liverpool🖤🤘
Damon M
Damon M Hace 9 días
Raw emotions what a game get in there you mighty reds
Jose Lobo
Jose Lobo Hace 10 días
We humans were happy, and we didn’t realize it...
Omari Campbell
Omari Campbell Hace 10 días
Greatest champions league comeback? Hell no
haf331 anonymous
haf331 anonymous Hace 10 días
The 7-2 serves Liverpool fans right for being toxic to other clubs
Normal Guy
Normal Guy Hace 3 días
some of us yes,some of us dont, i cant even watch both Liv-arca and Liv-ASV cause of school
haf331 anonymous
haf331 anonymous Hace 10 días
Who is hear after 7-2 Aston villa
haf331 anonymous
haf331 anonymous Hace 10 días
Pedro Nascimento
Pedro Nascimento Hace 8 días
and still in 3rd place in the Premier League table 😂😂😂 cry Liverpool forever 🔴🔴
Kiku Pallach
Kiku Pallach Hace 11 días
Totally deserved, from a barça fan
William Pomeroy
William Pomeroy Hace 12 días
Came back to watch after that disgrace of a derby.
JustSkrunch Hace 12 días
Ezra Zamora
Ezra Zamora Hace 12 días
I thought the greatest comeback was Barca 6 - 1 Psg ?
Graciela Gomez
Graciela Gomez Hace 12 días
Here after virgil’s injury, I need a pick me up 🥺🥺
Deborah Salaverria
Deborah Salaverria Hace un día
this is the only thing you watch watch n=something healthy 7 2
Saif Iqbal
Saif Iqbal Hace 12 días
I love and respect Liverpool but the greatest ever UCL comeback is Barca 6-1 PSG.
ss ss
ss ss Hace 12 días
7 : 22 ... Thanks me later..
สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง
สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง Hace 12 días
ถ้าจะลงแข่งขันในสนามให่มๆจะต้อง เลือกพลังจากทุกทิศมารวมกันเป็นหนึ่ง ตั้งสติให้คงหมั้นเชื่อหมั้นในตัวตนให้ แม่นย่ำส่งลูกบอลให้แนวแน่แล้วยิงเรง ไปที่มุงประตชัยชนะ?นะ
Tommy The Gamer 1234
Tommy The Gamer 1234 Hace 12 días
Corner taken quickly ORIGIIIIII
สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง
สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง Hace 12 días
Mama's Cookhouse
Mama's Cookhouse Hace 12 días
Still so emotional watching it now ❤️
Zac Tanchevski
Zac Tanchevski Hace 13 días
Second goal gini rips the ball out of ter stegans hands and shows no mercy
Shreev Zhegh
Shreev Zhegh Hace 13 días
12.04 - 13. what songs 🤗🥰 1? 2? 3?
natascha moratti
natascha moratti Hace 13 días
Anders Varun
Anders Varun Hace 13 días
Van djik and matip is a great duo
The Keepin it Real Podcast
The Keepin it Real Podcast Hace 13 días
SO fucking lit!!!!
Warin Maletswa
Warin Maletswa Hace 13 días
Yeah you can't buy moments like this
Cheat Yukhu
Cheat Yukhu Hace 13 días
Cheat Yukhu
Cheat Yukhu Hace 13 días
Roberto Furukawa
Roberto Furukawa Hace 14 días
Come on Liverpool!. Great match, big victory. You killed the Barca.
VisHal PraTap
VisHal PraTap Hace 14 días
The day Jurgen Klopp leave I'll cry for my life
Aryav Sinha
Aryav Sinha Hace 14 días
the greatest UCL comeback no one has forgot 6-1 and everyone has forgotten this how is this the biggest ucl comeback BARCA YAAAAAAAAS
J C Hace 14 días
i don't think its the greatest but its up there, all i will say 6-1
Makannasigas Hace 14 días
عبدالله بويرعبة
عبدالله بويرعبة Hace 14 días
It’s 7/2 no
Beranoush Khakpour
Beranoush Khakpour Hace 14 días
Liverpool ❤️❤️❤️
Oswaldo Javsom
Oswaldo Javsom Hace 15 días
Liverpool : I have the greatest champion league comeback Barcelona 2017 : Hold my beer
Deborah Salaverria
Deborah Salaverria Hace un día
Brian Masakari
Brian Masakari Hace 15 días
Always when I feel down, best medicine. CHAMPIONES SONG, RINGING IN my HEAD
حمد الرشيد
حمد الرشيد Hace 15 días
Mahdi Rahman Inan
Mahdi Rahman Inan Hace 15 días
Idk why this Match always come in my recommendation? To give me nightmares 😅
cmon chelsea
cmon chelsea Hace un día
4:24 robertson is kicking messi. what a great manners. its not a victory. its just disgusting violence
Aryan Kadam
Aryan Kadam Hace 15 días
0% messi 0% Virgil 100% Aaaaaaaaaaaah
Abdon Franco Hinojosa Quispe
Abdon Franco Hinojosa Quispe Hace 16 días
B!R:O!S-K:i kk
B!R:O!S-K:i kk Hace 16 días
This comeback is great comeback but not greatest comeback. Do you guys remember psg v Barca 6-5 comeback that was greatest ever🙂
Alessandro Casaburi
Alessandro Casaburi Hace 16 días
A 4:27 afamokk messi🤬🤬🤬
Rais Rahardja
Rais Rahardja Hace 16 días
YNWA selalu di Hati🇮🇩
Nikhil Karve
Nikhil Karve Hace 16 días
I'm an Arsenal fan. But I cried while fans were singing "You'll never walk alone" at the end. Beautiful moment❤️
Marlon Sierra Hernandez
Marlon Sierra Hernandez Hace 16 días
4:26 lol xd
Inthezal Hace 16 días
That head smack to messi by robertson tho 😂
deep Irk
deep Irk Hace 17 días
🎶 Could be worse, could be scouse, eating rats in the council house 🎶
N R Hace 18 días
Great win over a year ago
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