Day in the Life of a Japanese Butcher Shop Owner

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Paolo fromTOKYO

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A Day in the Life of a Japanese Wagyu Butcher Shop Owner in Tokyo. This Japanese Butcher living in Tokyo Japan offers premium A5 Japanese wagyu beef, Japanese pork, Japanese chicken and various curated meats. This is an average day living in Tokyo as well as average day working in tokyo as a meat butcher. You'll get a glimpse into Japan work culture for this field. Teru, 44 years old, runs a local Japanese meat butcher shop in Tokyo, Yanagiya, which has been in his family for 73 years. It’s named after his family, Yanagi. Yanagiya only sells A5 Sendai Gyu Beef, which is famous for having a strict grading criteria for it’s meat, as only 30 % of the cows in Miyagi prefecture are good enough to be certified with premium A5 medal. All Japanese beef is considered wagyu beef, but not all Wagyu beef is A5 grade. A5 wagyu beef is the highest quality of meat you can get in Japan based on it’s beef grading system. Basically, you have Yield Grade and a Quality Grade, hence A AND 5. The Yield Grade, is the amount of meat you can get from the cow, and is graded either A, B or C, A being the highest mark. While the Quality grade, depends on 4 categories, marbling, color & brightness, firmness and texture, and finally color, luster and quality of fat. Each is graded from 1 being poor all the way to 5 excellent. In order to achieve an overall 5 grade, the meat must receive a 5 in every category. So Receiving all 5’s but 1 4 in a category, won’t cut and it’d result in an overall grade of 4. If you look closely at the Wagyu beef, you can see what the Japanese call Sashi, or in English the marbling or thin stips of fat in the beef. Without this excellent marbling, the meat wouldn’t be considered grade 5 quality.
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Paolo fromTOKYO
Paolo fromTOKYO Hace 24 días
It's a crazy time to be filming these Day in the Life vids. You can really see how Japan has changed. Although infinitely more difficult to coordinate filming, I have more videos to come! In the meantime, checkout my previous Day in the Life video series Playlist - - See behind the scenes in my Daily Life on Tokyo Zebra - Help support the channel and get my Toe-kyo Merch here
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F*CK tRump Hace un día
Too bad he doesn't sleep with his Dog beside him :(
Wise President
Wise President Hace 20 segundos
In my country a butcher will most probably covered in blood in a filthy scary dark room.
Star Tetrahedron
Star Tetrahedron Hace 3 minutos
I would absolutely love to visit Tokyo one day🤗
Star Tetrahedron
Star Tetrahedron Hace 6 minutos
Apparently everyone in Japan is beautiful and defies the laws of human aging. It's incredible lol. Hace 19 minutos
He is 44!? What an awesome dude and dog❣️
Itz_uni Rainbow
Itz_uni Rainbow Hace 29 minutos
I’m pretty sure it’s just me but he reminds me of Johnny depp
alejandro martinez
alejandro martinez Hace un hora
very educ thanks keep doing
Andri Salim
Andri Salim Hace un hora
My only question: Why is he holding a helmet?
noxl Hace un hora
شكرا للي ترجم بالعربي
noxl Hace un hora
I love like this ved
TwilightWolf032 Hace 2 horas
14:00 "I wonder if every country is this meticulous about cleaning" Me, a Brazilian, looking at our local butchers handling the meat with the same hand they use to handle the money without gloves... (;^_^A
Bill Cheng
Bill Cheng Hace 2 horas
Can you make a day in a life of a Japanese airline pilot?
Butt Cheek
Butt Cheek Hace 2 horas
YC Teoh
YC Teoh Hace 3 horas
I literally can see paolo’s teeth behind the mask.
Jiacmilia Salim
Jiacmilia Salim Hace 4 horas
this butcher is so cool! i like paolo video, keep up the good work! ganbatte!!
sneksnekitsasnek Hace 4 horas
anyone else getting hungry?
Nothing Hace 5 horas
Still waiting for a day in the life of a gundam
TheSecondWing Hace 5 horas
Awesome ! I'm a meat lover and that looks delicious. The neighbourhood of his shop seems lovely too.
David Stanley
David Stanley Hace 5 horas
Great video. Thanks.
Yodabeesh DC
Yodabeesh DC Hace 5 horas
I found this to be completely fascinating. I patronize the local butcher and farms as much as I can as opposed to getting meat from the grocery stores.
Elma Basang
Elma Basang Hace 6 horas
Cant wait to see day in life of a police man/woman
Matthew Oates
Matthew Oates Hace 6 horas
This guy reminds me of a Bondi Australian.
007Gudboy Hace 6 horas
Hey, can someone tell me the breed of the dog please?
Gitesh Aggarwal
Gitesh Aggarwal Hace 7 horas
Nasa : We need someone to clean ISS Japan : Yes
Ork Hace 7 horas
I hope we muslims migrate to Japan soon, perfect for us.
Shergold Zhou
Shergold Zhou Hace 8 horas
He sells unicorn meat out back for the “special” customers.
Justin Virgil
Justin Virgil Hace 8 horas
Can someone please enlighten me as to why the garbage from yesterday's activity was in the meat storage? I know they wash and clean their garbage. but is it hygienic still?
TECHxSTAR Hace 10 horas
As an INDIAN as well as being HINDU i do not like that someone sell our eat cow parts .....but it is their choice they can eat and i do not have right to complain about this.. I new note:-we indians respect and feed cow as our own mother is one of our goddess..
Undecisive Angel
Undecisive Angel Hace 10 horas
If i could sample A5 wagyu and believe it to be worth the price tag, I'd be a maid just to eat it 😇😵
TR!Z Hace 11 horas
love the vid, but does anyone know what his phone case is called? lol
Pimentel Rodriguez Angel Elyon
Pimentel Rodriguez Angel Elyon Hace 12 horas
Like si te metiste al vídeo pensando que este hombre es la versión asiática de LuisitoComunica xD
Eugene Hace 13 horas
At 2:16 what is that sound?
DAMN DRAMAS Hace 13 horas
instead of studying for my hsc i somewhow end up here!!!! U GOTTA LOVE FOOD!!!
Raja Game
Raja Game Hace 13 horas
day life pro gamer and making game
Rohit Verma
Rohit Verma Hace 15 horas
44 my ass dude😂
Madison Hang
Madison Hang Hace 15 horas
i feel so, boutique
Madison Hang
Madison Hang Hace 15 horas
dang, talk about upscale
Ariel K
Ariel K Hace 16 horas
Is it common practise there that the owner of the store works more than everyone else?
Ariel K
Ariel K Hace 16 horas
The secret to this Butcher's youthful appearance-great personality, bringing joy to others despite being very exhausted. These are such noble qualities!
ぽてさらドラム Hace 16 horas
Kr Br
Kr Br Hace 16 horas
JaggedEdgedJava Hace 16 horas
he just transformed into hideo kojima
Treb or
Treb or Hace 16 horas
It is also nice that they use the same alarm sound! How convinient!
Reza Lika
Reza Lika Hace 17 horas
Other Media documenting a war : a terrified, horrible and nightmare condition. Paolo fromTOKYO documenting a war : The Soldier looks positive, excited of his job killing People to defend his country. Their job looks fun and the Work condition are enjoyable. The opposing soldier and civilian looks enjoying their Work too. What a fun Day.
Sir Khamelot
Sir Khamelot Hace 17 horas
I never seen an butcher shop that is this clean except of the floor of course. I’m just wow.
Todd Miller
Todd Miller Hace 18 horas
This man is 45, he looks 20 or early 30s
Glenn Freeman
Glenn Freeman Hace 20 horas
This guy works hard and delivers a good product wish I could work in Japan
L Al
L Al Hace 20 horas
He’s not a morning person Wakes at 7 AM hmmmmm
purelove chicken
purelove chicken Hace 21 un hora
I would love to open my own butcher this video inspired me alot
Arpan Guptaray
Arpan Guptaray Hace 21 un hora
Is there anyway I can come learn how to do this in Japan? At this store?
Charlie Snow
Charlie Snow Hace 21 un hora
So nice to see the cross around his neck Jesus loves everyone ➕️🙏❤
Luciano Sioson
Luciano Sioson Hace 22 horas
Very nice!
Jorge Machado
Jorge Machado Hace 22 horas
Amazing very cool! Check out the local BBQ with Miller Lite! -
StraightUpGrow Hace 23 horas
Definition of a high end smart hard working business owner
Kwai Caine Chang
Kwai Caine Chang Hace un día
Nice Truck!
Connor Holt
Connor Holt Hace un día
I cleaned the whole shop every night the same way at the butcher shop I worked at in the US
SonnyHD1080p Hace un día
People who disliked are vegans and vegetarians... Let's not hate on them... They got enough of shit in life with anorexia and failing metabolism... Let's make them not stress out... Bad for liver and stomach... Which they probably don't know...
Jordan Starks
Jordan Starks Hace un día
I see he is wearing a cross, does he wear it because he is a Christian or because he thinks it looks cool because westerners tend to wear it? I'm curious and not trying to be rude or offend I'm just interested in Japanese culture.
Mads Mehnen
Mads Mehnen Hace un día
So he waks up chop meat go to sleep sounds fun
amanda moore
amanda moore Hace un día
he lives in that apartment and drives yhat car... in tokyo! can i be a butcher!???
AikWK Hace un día
It is good to see that a job in Japan that the owner not overworking himself, love this!
Tavish Finnegan DeGroot
Tavish Finnegan DeGroot Hace un día
ever seen a vegan butcher?
Мики Маусович
Мики Маусович Hace un día
Japan never stops surprising me
Cheese Fart
Cheese Fart Hace un día
Paolo looks like a male smiling titan
Samir Mohammed
Samir Mohammed Hace un día
Not gonna lie his life looks like heaven
Shawn Allan Webb
Shawn Allan Webb Hace un día
Holy shit! he's life is awesome! pretty chill compared to office jobs in Japan which are pretty stressful. I think I wanna go learn to be able to cut different cuts of meat and be a butcher in Japan! that, and learning the language haha. I wonder if a regular butchers pay would be good enough to live off of there.
2O7OO2O83 Naufal Jamil Abdillah
2O7OO2O83 Naufal Jamil Abdillah Hace un día
uwu Hace un día
I was about to leave a thirsty comment about the butcher, but he’s married so I’ll hold off :T
Trusted Hace un día
Soo... How do they kill the animals- WITHOUT RUINING THE MEAT
Andrew & Vicky
Andrew & Vicky Hace un día
Damn !! This Japanese butcher looks like the actor in that Chinese movie at 17:12 Is that you ?!? 😂
Wassup Bros
Wassup Bros Hace un día
6:39 A5 wagyu for little children...... lucky
Niko Hace un día
I swear every butcher in Australia is some nice old fat Italian, Greek or Lebanese dude with blood splattered everywhere around his shop and he himself has atleast a litre of blood on his outfit. Such a contrast compared to Japan.
Thamindu kavinda
Thamindu kavinda Hace un día
Japanese people keep their places Super clean and tidy. Also their very nice for each other. This is why japan is known for great product and great nation
Do Anh
Do Anh Hace un día
This is not butcher, he is just meat seller
2020 LOVE X.X.X
2020 LOVE X.X.X Hace un día
notytgames Hace un día
Lol just sitting there watching them eat and recording them loll
Love to Cook
Love to Cook Hace un día
Awesome video 👍
montanadoctor Hace un día
As a butcher, how does he afford a $50,000 truck?
Flight Hace 11 horas
he's in Japan not America, its not $50,000
Srushti Pawar
Srushti Pawar Hace un día
Do Japanese brush their teeth after having breakfast??
Lanz Jeremiah
Lanz Jeremiah Hace un día
bro the streets wow so clean
Francis Shimizu
Francis Shimizu Hace un día
God Damm, I miss Japan.
bulado cebrero
bulado cebrero Hace un día
just watching his family he looks like a older brother and his wife is his younger sister and a 2 younger brothers ahahahahah
Brandie Mueller
Brandie Mueller Hace un día
Yang milih Allah SWT like.
Angrarim Hace un día
Started from 18 "So it has been 27 years" Dude doesn't even look 45. Genetics, man.
Johnston Maggie
Johnston Maggie Hace un día
The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.
X.X.X LOVE Hace un día
Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.
Miles Hace un día
Someone better give Guga this guy's number.
Geetha Rubasinghe
Geetha Rubasinghe Hace un día
Please do a video about Day in a life of a international university students 🙂
Derek Dodson
Derek Dodson Hace un día
Can I live his life please?. Wait he pays 1.50$ for trash! Oh hell no Im out.
the øffspring
the øffspring Hace un día
now this is the life I strive for
2020 LOVE X.X.X
2020 LOVE X.X.X Hace un día
Yang milih Allah SWT like.
louis boi
louis boi Hace un día
lol its almost comical how it feels like you're annoying him with the questions
Indian Hace un día
Yang milih Allah SWT like.
C H Hace un día
I love Paolo documentaries! Joined the channel because everything is so well put together and I learn something nice and interesting every time.
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith Hace un día
Nice to see so many families visiting the shop.
Hayati Rania
Hayati Rania Hace un día
Collabs with jerome polin pls, indo youtuber who live in tokyo, he got 4.7 million subscriber
Pete Vagiakos
Pete Vagiakos Hace un día
I probably missed half of what they were talking about drooling over that insane marbling
Girl Indian
Girl Indian Hace un día
Que Dios nos perdone.
Girl Indian
Girl Indian Hace un día
Ingat.... Ada allah....
Richard Nightcore
Richard Nightcore Hace un día
question but would i be able to buy the fat/scrap meat of the wagyu meat if i would like to buy that?
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