When Tennis Turns Into WAR! #2 (Federer VS. Kyrgios) | The Day Nadal Became Federer's Biggest Fan!

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In 2017, Roger Federer and Nick Kyrgios gave us one of the greatest tennis matches ever! When Tennis exhibition turns into WAR! Battle of creativity, skill and magic Tennis shots. If you think Tennis is boring, this match will completely change your mind!
Intro : esshow.info/watch/3BtEm4loQrM/v-deo.html
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Leo Abundez
Leo Abundez Hace 2 horas
What’s brilliant is at 5:50, Rafa knows the ball is in the net before it hits
zabag Hace 6 horas
Kyrgios is a clown. I’m surprised he’s not in organized crime or stealing bikes in some bogan neighbourhood
King Wiwuz IV
King Wiwuz IV Hace un día
Kyrgios is such an underachiever considering the amount of talent he has
Bujji Vallepu
Bujji Vallepu Hace 3 días
Such a useless attitude guy Nick..u never will be on there level any of those 3.. piece of s...nick
Kajetan Naworol
Kajetan Naworol Hace 3 días
3:50 did anybody else notice Kergios touches the net before the ball bounces a second time?
Storm Isaías
Storm Isaías Hace 3 días
Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk abertura de Naruto!!!!
Camden Hace 4 días
i really love this court. Its got an industrial feel to it and makes the red and blueshirts look more epic
Chris Harris
Chris Harris Hace 5 días
This match and the one they had in Miami were two best matches(outside the majors) of 2017.
the is a little bit video in this advertising
yuteman Hace 5 días
Can you imagine playing the best tennis of your life and looking up between points/games/sets and having the face of this guy @23:18 cheering hard for you in your corner??? How PUMPED will you be man..damn!!
Joel Sterling
Joel Sterling Hace 5 días
That backhand at 2:56 woke me up! Hot damn!
Oliver Juria
Oliver Juria Hace 5 días
One of the few times i rooted for Roger.
rohit yadav
rohit yadav Hace 6 días
Nick crybaby krygious
Brennan Davenport
Brennan Davenport Hace 7 días
4:07 that return was nasty
Sergio Barreda
Sergio Barreda Hace 7 días
The student praises his Master. The respect between them is the best in tennis history.. PD: Rafa says in 25:36 ¿Vamos carajo? haha
Tanmaya Nayak
Tanmaya Nayak Hace 7 días
Their friendship is so pure.❤️❤️
Eshaan Simha
Eshaan Simha Hace 8 días
Nadal: I’m his biggest fan Also Nadal: “I don’t wanna look like I’m his boyfriend no”
BE HAPPY MY FRIEND ! Hace 9 días
love rafas reactions
BE HAPPY MY FRIEND ! Hace 9 días
damn my heart rate is high as ** when watching this
ruben tarrillo
ruben tarrillo Hace 9 días
Roger Roger Roger!!... Que manera de defender los primeros saques de kyrgios 😱😰 ese último punto del 2do ser. Caraambaaaa 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Christian Mathurin
Christian Mathurin Hace 10 días
Nick deserved the win
TK2019_Muhammad Adafa Kenyo
TK2019_Muhammad Adafa Kenyo Hace 10 días
29:00 poor boy
Alex Alzate
Alex Alzate Hace 10 días
I'm scared about what is going to happen when Rafa, Roger and Novak retire, right now they are the only good players...
My Piano Keys
My Piano Keys Hace 11 días
That intro will never get old
Mini Meister
Mini Meister Hace 11 días
What tournament is this? Why are they in teams? And nick is a douchebag guy.
Markus E
Markus E Hace 11 días
Team Europe vs team world. Just say Novak, Rafael and Roger vs world.
Arun Chemparathy
Arun Chemparathy Hace 12 días
Rafael Nadal is not used to the stresses and turmoil of a Federer fan🤩
mv lac
mv lac Hace 12 días
Europe vs the rest of the world is not even a fair contest
Rinal Sahputra
Rinal Sahputra Hace 12 días
Where was djokovic? I didn't see him here.
Rinal Sahputra
Rinal Sahputra Hace 12 días
Oh OK. Thanks.
WivoRN Productions
WivoRN Productions Hace 12 días
He wasn't invited that year
Ian Pietersz
Ian Pietersz Hace 12 días
Europe looks very serious while red just vibing 🤣👌🏽
Alfonso De las Alas-Pumariño
Alfonso De las Alas-Pumariño Hace 12 días
He doesnt show respect for nothing but him
Alfonso De las Alas-Pumariño
Alfonso De las Alas-Pumariño Hace 12 días
Kyrgios is the biggest loser I have ever seen in my whole life
Yeetus Feetus
Yeetus Feetus Hace 2 días
how and why
santy rox
santy rox Hace 12 días
You can literally here Rafa shouting after every point Roger got
T S G Hace 12 días
The Laver Cup is not an exhibition tournament, all the European players take this tournament extremely seriously, an equivalent of the Ryder Cup
Alex Snow
Alex Snow Hace 13 días
I don’t watch tennis but I’ll watch this cup every time. I was biting my nails for team Europe lmao
Yuva Silvanathan
Yuva Silvanathan Hace 13 días
Did they switch recording this on a camera to a potato early on?
Maurizio Di Schino
Maurizio Di Schino Hace 13 días
SpaghEthan Hace 13 días
Okay I'm confused about the tiebreakers. Federer won the first one when the score reached 8-6 in his favor, but in the second one, the score was 8-5 in Kyrgios's favor at 26:00, so how was that not the end of the tiebreaker? Or even before then when he was up 7-5?
WivoRN Productions
WivoRN Productions Hace 13 días
It's a super tiebreak, whoever reaches 10 points first wins!
SSMF FX Hace 14 días
Eu não sei quem come a ass de quem, mas Nadal e Federer tem um caso kkkkk
Astrid Benedek
Astrid Benedek Hace 14 días
the winning point was bs, someone in the crowd yelled "out"
Klaas Hace 14 días
I hate how the commentator keeps saying KyriOs like he's some kind of breakfast cereal
petaludas88 Hace 14 días
Federer always wins in tie games...wtf
petaludas88 Hace 14 días
Why nadal supported so much Feder??
Akash Gode
Akash Gode Hace 14 días
This is how many times kyrgios said F**k
S Chi
S Chi Hace 15 días
Nice to see tennis as a team sport and rafa and roger on the same side for once. Great champions.
Srini Hace 15 días
Why do much hate for Nick? Give him a break
TheBabass276 Hace 15 días
Europe the Best 😝😋
etinye xtopher
etinye xtopher Hace 16 días
so intense match
oswoq okedwwew
oswoq okedwwew Hace 16 días
It’s nice to not see Djokovic part of the European team
Sadik Muktar
Sadik Muktar Hace 16 días
Greatest fight ever in tennis history
Echo TV
Echo TV Hace 17 días
All I see is Roger not running and failing to defend drop shots
Zeeshan Haider
Zeeshan Haider Hace 17 días
A day will come where they will make Fedal CUP
nbroleur Hace 17 días
Rafa is not cheering FOR Roger, he just really hates Nick.
moltimondi Hace 17 días
I love how the Laver cup looks on the screen. It's like a black and white movie with colorized players and ball
HUAYU Hace 17 días
5:48 hilarious response
Mango Hace 17 días
he's been changing a bit recently, and I think he's getting into a better mindset. just hope he gets to a grandslam before he's too old.
Ben Lamers
Ben Lamers Hace 18 días
I love how you let the tennis do the talking once the video starts
abel nicolae
abel nicolae Hace 18 días
A young sith fighting a master jedi. Rage, emotion and hackling your opponent can fuel you for some time, but calmness, focus and experience will always win.
abel nicolae
abel nicolae Hace 17 días
@Nikita Horunzhy your knowledge of the force is clearly weak, young one..
Nikita Horunzhy
Nikita Horunzhy Hace 18 días
more like young jedi fighting master sith w nick hitting trick shots and sabering while roger not cracking a smile the whole match
Arty Brew
Arty Brew Hace 18 días
Champions are capable to win on the days when they play bad, thats what differentiates them from just good players.
Choua Xiong
Choua Xiong Hace 18 días
I love how Nick hide his hit. Definitely a game changer and its what has been throwing Roger off.
Kazz Hace 18 días
14:47 - Reminds me how I played Wii Sports Tennis with my brother
gonzalo Hace 18 días
I felt bad for the other guy, he played really well
joydeb roy
joydeb roy Hace 18 días
Breathtaking performance.... What a match!!!
doedoe Brother
doedoe Brother Hace 19 días
If Nick would play almost every match with this intensity and motivation he would be number 1 in no time
TheGoldenhill Hace 9 días
That’s a massive if
Soulless Senpai
Soulless Senpai Hace 10 días
Mayank luniya
Mayank luniya Hace 19 días
I found nick playing really well against legends
Cyr Sep
Cyr Sep Hace 19 días
One of the amazing tennis match in a fantastic atmosphere.
Francesco Hace 19 días
You can hate kirgios but you have to admit that he is very talented
mahamed helwa
mahamed helwa Hace 20 días
While watching this keep in mind that nick is a decade and a half younger than Federer and yet Federer beat him anyway.
Mango Hace 17 días
@mahamed helwa mildly but if you preserve yr body as well which Rodger has done ut doesn't affect you AS much.
mahamed helwa
mahamed helwa Hace 17 días
@Mango but it is a fact that as u get older your fitness and agility decrease and a decade and half is a big age difference. Age doesn’t matter when the difference is like 4 years maybe but a decade and a half is significant
Mango Hace 17 días
lol experience. age doesn't matter when roger keeps his body in a good condition. tony hawk is 55 and still does 450's on vert,
佐藤仁 Hace 20 días
danielsoeharto Hace 20 días
am I the only one who admires how the colour of the court contrasts perfectly their outfits to make it look like there's some sort of camera effect? Sick..
yuteman Hace 5 días
looks like a video game with awesome graphics I agree
Alfonso De las Alas-Pumariño
Alfonso De las Alas-Pumariño Hace 10 días
Sasank Varma
Sasank Varma Hace 15 días
So that isn't a camera trick?
Hamaf Alabdullh
Hamaf Alabdullh Hace 20 días
اكو عرب بالطياره ... غريبه فيدرر ونادال تيم الي يعرف يعلمنا
Sadik Muktar
Sadik Muktar Hace 16 días
ما ذا؟
Julius Tjahyadi
Julius Tjahyadi Hace 21 un día
a lesson from the tennis goat for such cocky player..
lazios Hace 21 un día
The day Nadal became Federer's biggest fan? Honestly I don't think that's the reason for his unleashed cheering for Roger, sure I think they are rivals who deeply respect each other (both recognize the other's greatness) but in this specific case I think the answer is one and it has a name; Kyrgios. Rafa would pay out of his own pocket to see him lose (and I think who would have paid a lot). 😎😏
Sharan Gill
Sharan Gill Hace 21 un día
Big Federer fan but Nadal is legend himself.
KM Hace 21 un día
seeing nick cry just made my day
Zoram Pavalai
Zoram Pavalai Hace 21 un día
22:42 i just love this part so much. GOAT guiding another GOAT
Himanshu Khandelwal
Himanshu Khandelwal Hace 21 un día
Each time Roger schools Kyrgios, Rafa be like, " Yeah, U teach him Roger" lmao
max mus
max mus Hace 22 días
The way nick runs in this match is so amazing. Running for longshots is really great to see. Wish he did it more
Harry Liang
Harry Liang Hace 23 días
21:36 is it just me or is Sock literally twearling his earbuds
Nicolas John Elder
Nicolas John Elder Hace 24 días
That team world just had no class haha
Retro Lover
Retro Lover Hace 25 días
I love seeing Nick Kyrgios lose every time.
luan maia
luan maia Hace 26 días
What a great game. Kyrgios has really really bad shoulder posture while standing but he plays like a champion.
MSQ 54
MSQ 54 Hace 26 días
Where is Novak?
The Mooch
The Mooch Hace 27 días
I love fed. But I feel bad for nick. He had that. And blew it. Amazing match
Thomas Leifseth
Thomas Leifseth Hace 28 días
PEOPLE LOOK AT THE COURT, IS AMAZING LIKE IS BLACK AND WHITE, AMAZING !! Ball and players are so visible i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ass taste ok
Ass taste ok Hace 28 días
kyrios threw tbh
Corne Van Gulik
Corne Van Gulik Hace 28 días
Nick is probably the most gifted player I've ever seen. He has what it takes to become no. 1 of the world, the only thing dragging him down is his own mentality, such a shame.
mdj74 Hace 14 días
most gifted?lol
oh Hace 19 días
his life was easy cause of his tennis, never had to try harder
Barry Heath
Barry Heath Hace 22 días
@Corne Van Gulik nice I have one as well, called Bobby :)
Corne Van Gulik
Corne Van Gulik Hace 22 días
Barry Heath yupp. Its my dog, Toby.
Barry Heath
Barry Heath Hace 22 días
true. also i like your profile picture haha. Flat coated retriever?
Maria Rivas
Maria Rivas Hace 29 días
It's a pity, kyrgios will be an amazing player if he wasn't such an ashole!
Maria Rivas
Maria Rivas Hace 29 días
My fav part is Nadal living the match with all this heart 😂😂😂💙💙
rakan550 Hace 29 días
Honestly Kyrgyos in this match he deserves to win
Harris Siddiqui
Harris Siddiqui Hace un mes
Roger is always a game changer ❤
Armmin Rodich
Armmin Rodich Hace un mes
The King 🤴 Roger Federer 🎾 👑
Fabian F.
Fabian F. Hace un mes
Nik is just his own worst enemy. Could be the best player in the world, if he wouldn’t always stand in his own way
Bryan Xu
Bryan Xu Hace un mes
Bruh at 14:24 Jack Scott is just-
Schäfer G.
Schäfer G. Hace un mes
How come no one has done a World Cup tennis tournament? That would be sooooo cool. 16 tennis teams of 6 players each. 4 teams qualify automatically, the worlds number one ranked player gets a free pass for his country, right now (Serbia), and the other 3 would be the nations with the most players in the top 100. Doing a quick check it would be, Spain, French, and Russia (I think). The remaining 12 teams can either be teams with the most players in the top 200 ranking, OR qualification tournaments similar to what FIFA has right now to ensure either region has some representation in it. What do y’all think???
Naigh-naigh Why
Naigh-naigh Why Hace un mes
Its the Laver Cup, they are in the same team!
HKKL Hace un mes
Kyrgios produces great tennis but he makes too many basic errors, some of those groundstroke errors - he was under no pressure, just ordinary rally shots but ... out they went.
Neon Frost
Neon Frost Hace un mes
You don't mess with the legends kyrgios
SuperAlex2504 Hace un mes
Kyrgios is a mediocre player with very low determination. He will never be a top 10 player. He doesn't have it mentally or physically. He will never win a Grand Slam or a masters 1000 .
Mango Hace 17 días
@SuperAlex2504 nope
SuperAlex2504 Hace 17 días
@Mango You are obviously being sarcastic.
Mango Hace 17 días
he's a great player with a limiting mentality. all he needs I a good coach and he's number one material
Dawa Thongchi
Dawa Thongchi Hace un mes
Any non tennis fans will think Kyrgios is GOAT of tennis , cause he is literally in every tennis video thumbnail.
artur arturovich
artur arturovich Hace un mes
Lol its about me))) im new in this game and i was thinking this man is best in world.
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