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eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE is available from today on PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam).
Get you Official Partner Club Editions here:
FC Barcelona: konami.jp/32wx8a6
Juventus FC: konami.jp/3hxNsvF
FC Bayern: konami.jp/32waYVG
Manchester United: konami.jp/35zs2fe
Arsenal FC: konami.jp/3kgg7Hi
Delivering all the critically acclaimed features and gameplay from eFootball PES 2020 that was awarded “Best Sports Game” at E3 2019, plus more. Along with the latest player and club data for the new season, the game also includes the exclusive UEFA EURO 2020™ mode and content in advance of the rescheduled real-life tournament.
For all the latest news from the eFootball PES franchise and for further information, please follow:
Music Credit:
"Everything Happens for a Reason" Original composition made by Trafalgar studio.

andafantasma Hace un hora
My Club totalmente DESTRUIDO! que hiciste Konami!!!?? hay algun mail para quejarse, no puedo terminar los eventos porque kitean cuando pierden y mucho tiempo de espera para encontrar una partida!
Gilbert Kamandar
Gilbert Kamandar Hace 3 horas
Fix your AI problems before fooling new players to spend money on this. yes, I played myclub online in Pes 2020, against real humans online and still all my games are heavily scripted either in favor of my opponent or in favor of me. If you have two player at the same level, basically Konami is deciding who is gonna win behind the scenes through scripting and AI. I don't know what makes their software to decide which player will have the benefit of scripting in a game, but no matter what it's definitely there. I have lost games to people who is obvious are just newbies, but since scripting is on their side, they can have ronaldo shoot from impossible locations and it's a goal, vs for me I'm attacking and making opportunities the whole game and nothing. Somehow all my players are slow passing, slow shooting, slow everything, and the opponent's goalie suddenly is a beast that even ronaldo cant make a goal against him 3 times in a row from as close as penalty box. Dont make my players slow Konami, I spent a lot of money to get the better versions of them and you made me pull my hair by your scripting, and I'm not gonna want to spend even a dime from now on on any Pes 2021 or whatever comes after that. I noticed the more I win games in a row, the more scripting becomes in favor of my opponents. Your AI's unfair favoritism due whatever factors you have inserted in your software, either in my favor or my opponents favor, makes the game one of the most costantly nerve crashing games of all time. Sure, great graphics, but horrible unfair AI. They treat this game like when a new manager who doesnt know anything comes to a new corporation, making the looks of everything better, but doing not enough about how things work. Just put some color on everything and call it good. That's how you treat us Konami. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Gilbert Kamandar
Gilbert Kamandar Hace 3 horas
You know a game brand is scripted when you see a whole bunch of times when your opponents are just fed up and abruptly quit the game in the second half or even extra time due to too much scripting against them. Konami messes up the game experience and the poor second half quitters get blamed. Konami is the absolute guilty here to be blamed not the players.
bheku Hace 4 horas
Nah.. after this year im just gonna wait until you stop with the scripted coding. This game used to be a simulation.. now it's how you want gamers to play
handsome boy
handsome boy Hace 6 horas
Pes is a best game in free thanks a lot to Konami
Fxrcez_ Hace 6 horas
FIFA be copying trailers instead of making their game much better
Zulmi Salam
Zulmi Salam Hace 7 horas
Update 2021 Please Love the club "Indonesia Liga 1 and the national emblem of Indonesia 🙏🙏🙏
Lonely Wolfs
Lonely Wolfs Hace 7 horas
A falta de licença mata o jogo! Principalmente eu que jogo no Xbox one, comprar um jogo que tem só Barcelona de espanhol licenciado não dá. Por isso prefiro o fifa jogo o 17 até hoje não vale a pena ficar gastando dinheiro todo ano pela mesma merda de jogo só atualizam elencos e as camisas dos clubes a gameplay do pes 20 não é as melhores e o pes 17 e 18 são os melhores da nova geração
FALCON WATER Hace 11 horas
Oyun mükemmel perfect asla bozmayın böle devam ederseniz FIFA yi geçeceksiniz brawo pes 21
Perspective Music
Perspective Music Hace 11 horas
Music name?
Toby LEE-EVANS [12U20]
Toby LEE-EVANS [12U20] Hace 11 horas
whats the song at 1:58?
Gabriel Muniguinho
Gabriel Muniguinho Hace 14 horas
I play with all licensed European teams I've played since Pes 2013 and I really wanted to play with all licensed European teams This is my dream pleaseee pleaseee thank you😉😇😇😘
Claudio Chapoñan
Claudio Chapoñan Hace 20 horas
y pon mas clubes o para crear
Claudio Chapoñan
Claudio Chapoñan Hace 20 horas
pes te doy un consejo has las caras como el pes 2011
PESam 2021
PESam 2021 Hace 22 horas
Abdullah Kamil
Abdullah Kamil Hace 22 horas
those who gave dislikes are totally fifa fans
عبدإلاله القحطاني
عبدإلاله القحطاني Hace un día
christian prio kusumo
christian prio kusumo Hace un día
Come on Lionel Messi for FC Barcelona! #VamosBarça
Reubes Kays
Reubes Kays Hace un día
Plz update the clothing make it reach the body and make it move
A-Z Fishy
A-Z Fishy Hace un día
Make the game for Nintendo switch Iam dying to play ur game
Shiwoo Diablo
Shiwoo Diablo Hace un día
Master league for pes2021 mobile, please..
Ajay B AjU
Ajay B AjU Hace un día
The Goat 🐐💯🔥
Alex Toma
Alex Toma Hace un día
Pes: showing gameplay trailer Fifa: New celebrations trailer
Luigi luigi
Luigi luigi Hace un día
Song Free Copyright
Song Free Copyright Hace un día
Song Free Copyright for gamers maniac.
John F Fonseca B
John F Fonseca B Hace un día
Gameplay de PES= No se trata de ser el mejor, se trata de ser mejor cada año.
Razershake Hace 2 días
Great trailer, and looking at Rashford's volley, I think they fixed the cloth physics.
It would be nice if the free version of that game was released.
Sakshith Shetty
Sakshith Shetty Hace 2 días
which song is that starting from 1:40??? guys
Sakshith Shetty
Sakshith Shetty Hace 2 días
can you help me with the song, I am not able to find it
Everything is here in my channel
Everything is here in my channel Hace 2 días
biller bharma
biller bharma Hace 2 días
More like Messi trailer
gidudu simon
gidudu simon Hace 2 días
we want pes2021 mobile offline this year please who is here to support my comment guys
Hasan Sugibit
Hasan Sugibit Hace 2 días
Very nice
pro club
pro club Hace 2 días
ronaldo plese 2008.2012.2014.2016.2018
Andro Gamer
Andro Gamer Hace 2 días
talking about ronaldo like a simple footballer .... very rude
Javed Khan
Javed Khan Hace 2 días
Please change the master league for pes 22 Like fifa and add a lot of cutscences To bring some more reality to the game
somesh maran
somesh maran Hace 2 días
please give us something in mobile version
how to download this game free pls anyone say pls
Siddeeq Sidde
Siddeeq Sidde Hace 2 días
What a bad Konami because I am not getting any legend 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭