Billie Eilish - No Time To Die (Audio)

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Listen to “No Time To Die”, the theme song for the 25th James Bond film, out now:
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See NO TIME TO DIE - in theaters April 2020.
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Music video by Billie Eilish performing No Time To Die (Audio). © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records

Jeauntileau Hace 49 minutos
The live performance of this tho!
Vitto Labaass
Vitto Labaass Hace 2 horas
Who is downloading this before the shut down of youtube, yeah, 2026 its not fare enough btw
Sora Topa
Sora Topa Hace 8 horas
Still listening to this in 2022 💙
Black BieberTM
Black BieberTM Hace 8 horas
Can't wait to peep the movie
Talia Norman
Talia Norman Hace 8 horas
I’ve been listening to this song since it came out and only now I relate to it 😭😭
Arya Hace 9 horas
Shes my hero🖤
Ola Kotus
Ola Kotus Hace 10 horas
Full me once full me twice
C h e r i
C h e r i Hace 10 horas
Dang, these comments are so freshh!! Let's keep it this way
Naveen Zafar
Naveen Zafar Hace 10 horas
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Jean Marin de L'Isle
Jean Marin de L'Isle Hace 11 horas
For you, These are daisies, It's sunday morning ! Hmmm... I want a kiss. Yes Puppy, a good day for a stroll, little cute dog ! Oh... I wish you a luminous day.
maricota kk
maricota kk Hace 12 horas
tava pensando em fazer cover dessa música. Minha voz é feia, mas né akka
ricardo brandão
ricardo brandão Hace 12 horas
Not time to release
Jean Marin de L'Isle
Jean Marin de L'Isle Hace 14 horas
On my plane, When it's cold, Angels put a plaid on my shoulders. They are so kind. I can see ocean, Oh, I come to you. Hmmm.... In sun light, That you are so cute, Is not innocent... Over a small piece of silk, Softer still, The grain of your skin, On your belly. Hmmm... Your belly... Your hips... My kisses. Oh, What a beautifull morning ! Birds are doing loopings, Sun is smiling. Good morning Billie sunshine. Here, a coffee, Hmmm... You're so smoothy there too. Sunny today. Jean-Yves
soonermagic24 Hace 15 horas
Cornell’s was the best.
forest yves
forest yves Hace 15 horas
c'est pas mal, choupette !
T Lo
T Lo Hace 16 horas
This sooo can be in a Bond movie
マーメピヨの祠 Hace 18 horas
Loony Jack
Loony Jack Hace 19 horas
James bond has hit a new low.
FloBraMan Hace 21 un hora
No hate (it's a beautiful song), but...the chorus sounds like copy/paste from "Writing's On the Wall" and "Skyfall."
Loony Jack
Loony Jack Hace 19 horas
It’s a awful song
Misia Brawl Stars
Misia Brawl Stars Hace 21 un hora
Mohamed Ahmid
Mohamed Ahmid Hace un día
Miguel angel Montero saldaña
Miguel angel Montero saldaña Hace un día
Beautiful music no time to die
Loony Jack
Loony Jack Hace 19 horas
Awful for the bond franchise
Joao Ferreira Luz
Joao Ferreira Luz Hace un día
Uma doce,eu amo .
Graham Collins
Graham Collins Hace un día
The more I here this the more I like it than Sam smiths version of last movie😂
viktor lebedev
viktor lebedev Hace un día
Я фильм хотел покупать в оригинале а теперь хрен знает буду или нет тока из за трека не хочу покупать в коллекцию а я люблю фильмы о бонде
BluBlaDe Hace un día
This is shit for a James Bond movie. Come at me bros. You know my name and OHMSS themes are the defining songs of the series.
Loony Jack
Loony Jack Hace 19 horas
You know my name was fire
viktor lebedev
viktor lebedev Hace un día
За главный трек говно проста щняга я фанат бондианы зачем такой трек говно
Bradley Brand
Bradley Brand Hace un día
I quite like this song, as well as Sam Smith's Writing On The Wall for Spectre.
Loony Jack
Loony Jack Hace 19 horas
This songs just bad, it’s more of a love song then a bond song
Rebeca Cadena
Rebeca Cadena Hace un día
billie is perfect
angela montgomery
angela montgomery Hace un día
She just sounds like she's moaning and slurring through the lyrics. I wish someone with a voice had sung it.
Loony Jack
Loony Jack Hace 19 horas
Iván Valiente
Iván Valiente Hace un día
I want this to sound when I'm about to jump off a mountain.
Sugar-plum.MP3 Hace un día
il edit this comment in 2021. (if im alive"
Tom Warlitner
Tom Warlitner Hace un día
There are very few bad Bond theme songs. They make the movies with some being better than the movies they represent.
jake dormand
jake dormand Hace un día
How is this the new bond song?
dayna diamond tehe
dayna diamond tehe Hace un día
3:20 oooooo I said 🦋🦋🦋🦋
Disadvantxge Productions
Disadvantxge Productions Hace un día
I love how 007 looks like oof
Jean Marin de L'Isle
Jean Marin de L'Isle Hace un día
On my plane, I chant with angels : "Love is all, love is you". I look around, It's beautifull, I come to you. In cool morning, I rubbed myself with aromatic bushes, I wet my cheeks in the dew. You're leaning out of the window, The rising sun is lighting you, I am on the ladder, Hmmm... I am putting a kiss, In your cleavage. Butterflies are butterflying. Oh, You are beautifull. Birds are doing loopings. Sun is smiling. Good morning Billie babe. Here, a coffee, Hmmm... You're so delicious there. Sunny today. Jean-Yves
Khôi Phan
Khôi Phan Hace un día
Mukesh Uppala
Mukesh Uppala Hace un día
It touches my heart
MrBroke Hace un día
Adele : Hello Billie Eilish : No time to die Ed sheeran : I don't care Pewdiepie and Post malone : Congratulations Justin beiber : What do you mean Sabrina : Why? Bazzi : Why? Red : Pewds sus *Red was not the imposter*
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