Billie Eilish - everything i wanted

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Listen to “everything i wanted”, out now:
Directed by Billie Eilish
Developed/Edited by John Paul Horstmann
VFX by Ingenuity Studios
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Facebook: billieeilish
Instagram: billieeilish
Twitter: billieeilish
Music video by Billie Eilish performing everything i wanted. © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records

Nistha Kowlessar
Nistha Kowlessar Hace 28 minutos
I saw some people low key hating on this song in the comments of another lyric video. Instead of wondering why she wrote this or if it's "fake depressed " why don't respect that she is one of the very FEW artists who actually speak up about deep, meaningful topics. I respect her immensely for this song.
Dookie Howser
Dookie Howser Hace 36 minutos
Your music sucks. All of it.
Eathan Markus
Eathan Markus Hace 47 minutos
Nice car
Poi Lethe
Poi Lethe Hace un hora
had a feeling this would happen. When popularity snowballs it gains the toxic as well as the positive. I like Loud by Jessie J too...similar subject matter.
Carolina Ligas
Carolina Ligas Hace un hora
Yo viendo todos los comentarios en inglés :-[
Dixïa Hace un hora
"I had a dream I got everything i wanted" lmao she does get everything she want
Lidia Astudillo
Lidia Astudillo Hace un hora
Ella es perfecta 🙋♥️
Thomas Wilbur
Thomas Wilbur Hace un hora
This song reminds me of my brothers suicide july 11, 2003 where he jumped about 10 stories off a bridge into concrete. I was suicidal myself in 1999. Their is always hope. Don't give up on youeself
اصرف قرشك ودلع كرشك
اصرف قرشك ودلع كرشك Hace 2 horas
You can subscribe to the channel, please😅✌
OneStop4Sports Hace 3 horas
Cumfused in the earth 🌎 would have anybody ask Nd wonder 💭 about the after life Nd I’m here to say let it happen we going back to where we came from and that’s home 🏡
SleepingGiant Hace 4 horas
That’s her dream car, she’s said her dream car was a matte black Dodge Challenger, none of her imagery is coincidental and I think her videos are so fantastically articulate
Ėrrør Føüńd
Ėrrør Føüńd Hace 4 horas
I wonder how they got back uP that's my question
Kelvin Williams
Kelvin Williams Hace 4 horas
The car goes underwater AQUAMAN:My uber has arrived😂😂
Rosey Palm Trees
Rosey Palm Trees Hace 5 horas
Hey Billie: here is your autobiography in case you ever want to write one. Goo, goo... Gah, gah.. Coo, ah, ah. Boo, boop, mah, mah. End. Working title: Billie Elish: deepest intellectual thoughts Do us a favor you untalented hack. Try and write some real songs that don't sound three steps below nursery rhymes.
Amy McGraw-Pate
Amy McGraw-Pate Hace 2 horas
ith cac te
علاء 6 Alaa .
علاء 6 Alaa . Hace 6 horas
سيلاي أول
rayllon_ rodrigues
rayllon_ rodrigues Hace 6 horas
Billie I understand you I already went so you can change
bil bae
bil bae Hace 7 horas
This real you go to in the car to ocean?
Arya Hace 9 horas
Monika nera
Monika nera Hace 10 horas
Me BILLIE BILLIE EILLISH what Me I love your musics
JJ Andrew Horan
JJ Andrew Horan Hace 10 horas
Vote for Billie, it would be great if she wins
JJ Andrew Horan
JJ Andrew Horan Hace 10 horas
Vote for Billie, it would be great if she wins
JJ Andrew Horan
JJ Andrew Horan Hace 10 horas
Vote for Billie, it would be great if she wins
JJ Andrew Horan
JJ Andrew Horan Hace 10 horas
Vote for Billie, it would be great if she wins
JJ Andrew Horan
JJ Andrew Horan Hace 10 horas
Vote for Billie, it would be great if she wins
Maria Eduarda Rezende
Maria Eduarda Rezende Hace 10 horas
Cadê os Br?🇧🇷🇧🇷
Anastasia Sonora
Anastasia Sonora Hace 11 horas
Support the young and the performer! Song 💥💥💥 Ivan Grap "And I Said Just Take Me Home"
،، ،
،، ، Hace 11 horas
Ravi Ravi & Ravi
Ravi Ravi & Ravi Hace 12 horas
God Level! 🙏🏻❤️
Kim Tae Tae
Kim Tae Tae Hace 13 horas
In song: her brother saves her from falling off bridge In comments section: *their brothers push them off the bridge*
Alice Naart
Alice Naart Hace 13 horas
I just listen to Billie Eilish songs when I’m ab to go to bed cuz I can’t sleep
dream tech
dream tech Hace 13 horas
noot noot
noot noot Hace 13 horas
I wish my brother smiled at me like that.
Diana Benková
Diana Benková Hace 14 horas
76 thousand people are jealous ✌🏿
INI Hace 14 horas
Lakshmi Thyagaraju
Lakshmi Thyagaraju Hace 15 horas
I think the message of this song is that a good friend always believes in you when nobody else does no matter how many mistakes you make
Khalid Badaje
Khalid Badaje Hace 15 horas
Tanay Watson
Tanay Watson Hace 16 horas
If Billie was wearing socks, I would feel sorry for her
Viviane Nonato
Viviane Nonato Hace 16 horas
Viviane Nonato
Viviane Nonato Hace 16 horas
What love you Billie
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