Simon Asks Him To Sing Acapella, Watch What Happens Next! | Boot Camp | The X Factor UK 2017

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Hace 3 años

Anthony Russell - The X Factor UK 2017 - Full Audition
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Mikayla C.
Mikayla C. Hace 3 años
Does he have ADHD? Because I think that could be the reason he can't stay still or focused. His voice is amazing but I think it may be something else that is keeping him from exceeding his best ability. He may not have it but that's just what I'm guessing please don't attack me for voicing my thoughts. He has so much talent its unbelievable.❤
gaijininja Hace un día
Yeah, he comes from Liverpool, and if the stories the rest of the world hears about Liverpool, everyone moves like that. If you don't, you stick out like a sore thumb, and are likely to get punched, stabbed, or shot. He's got that street punk movement to him. It would be a hard habit to break, but once he's constantly practicing and performing, and away from the Liverpool scene, he will calm down, and focus more.
Sharon Doherty
Sharon Doherty Hace un mes
Exactly what I thought!
Silingan Music
Silingan Music Hace un mes
He was perfect no out of tune and no off beat the only reason others commented is because the song is not familiar but i tell you he's doing alright and better than other singers much better
Niu Campus
Niu Campus Hace un mes
News on ESshow
Niu Campus
Niu Campus Hace un mes
Maribel Gaona ESshow news
Porco Fante
Porco Fante Hace un día
Very wrong!
paddy Hace 2 días
so glad he did not throw the mike.
Donna Scharaffa
Donna Scharaffa Hace 4 días
I think he should feel blessed the let him through, because honestly I thought it was horrible!
Pleine Campagne
Pleine Campagne Hace 5 días
Dans le titre, c’est chanter " a capella ", c’est à dire sans musique.
M Monti
M Monti Hace 7 días
Seems like Simon's son😄😄😄!!!
Swingler Academy
Swingler Academy Hace 10 días
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16
Jacek Piotrowicz
Jacek Piotrowicz Hace 12 días
He was so nervous. But this voice! Amazing! Go Skippy!
Lame Guy
Lame Guy Hace 12 días
He just has some real severe adhd
Doink The Clown
Doink The Clown Hace 13 días
he hits all notes, wow..
Ризвангуль Ильясова
Ризвангуль Ильясова Hace 14 días
А субтитры на русском языке добавить слабо
John Patrick Fay
John Patrick Fay Hace 15 días
The lad has got a good tune
R B.
R B. Hace 16 días
Simons a harsh dude
Jean Louis BLEU NUIT
Jean Louis BLEU NUIT Hace 16 días
De chanter A CAPPELLA, et non CAPPELLA !!
Kinga87 87
Kinga87 87 Hace 16 días
Jason Van Velzen
Jason Van Velzen Hace 16 días
Who's reading this? I'm trying to pursuit a music career. I'd like your guys' feedback.
pietro tritto
pietro tritto Hace 17 días
complimenti!!!! wow
Bosis of Sweden
Bosis of Sweden Hace 17 días
I have never seen so much physical ADHD in my life. This guy could reach the moon if some one helped him with that!
Aatu Hace 18 días
Yx pieni vinkki. Toi sun myyntijuttu on ihan OK mutta kannattais varmistaa tuo pieni pointti tuolla takana: Ota pois se palovarottimen vajaa patteri sieltä katosta.
ETHAN539 Hace 19 días
EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!
Candita Cruz
Candita Cruz Hace 19 días
Canta precioso
Ingrid Pineda
Ingrid Pineda Hace 20 días
Margaret Dykstra
Margaret Dykstra Hace 21 un día
Hair style and cut for women over 60
William Baynes
William Baynes Hace 21 un día
God he's terrible!
EmeraldCity Hace 22 días
The song, if one could call that a song, was weird, terrible. And I think his career is going nowhere. That's just my opinion.
anna Nardo
anna Nardo Hace 26 días
Hold yer shorts here, it takes more than one voice to sing acapella. One person cannot sing 3 part harmony by their self. Choirs sing acapella.
GIFPES Hace 29 días
His accent remembers me the portuguese pronunciation o the letters; for example "jump" he says "joomp"
GyroPyro12 Hace 29 días
I didn’t know thatdudeinblue was from liverpool and could sing!
Britty boo
Britty boo Hace un mes
Sad dooh guess he have a problem standing still
Citrec Worldwide
Citrec Worldwide Hace un mes
Beatles pressure
I don't spill tea I sip coffee
I don't spill tea I sip coffee Hace un mes
He's got a great voice, but some people cannot do this in front of a big crowd. He nailed it tho
ziad alkaoun
ziad alkaoun Hace un mes
Simon is the king 🤴🤴🤴 Great Simon
Chillbilly Hace un mes
He's frkkn tweeking and that's too bad.
Wardah Carelse
Wardah Carelse Hace un mes
He is talented 😍
Susana Ramírez Ramos
Susana Ramírez Ramos Hace un mes
Tú que estás leyendo esto y tal vez solo entraste a este video por curiosidad. Te puedo asegurar que si crees en Dios, todo es posible hermano:) . Si estás pasando por un mal momento, ten la seguridad que Dios te ayudará y hará que todo lo malo termine. Te guiará por su hermoso camino y te mostrará todo lo bello que tiene para ti. Dios te dará su mano y hará que tú y la persona por la que tanto esperas que esté bien, puedan vencer cualquier mal. Yo te cuento esto por experiencia propia, yo tampoco me encontraba en un buen momento, mi padre estaba enfermo y sabes qué decidí hacer? Pues decidí creer en Él :) , tanto tiempo yo no haciendo caso a lo que Dios me trataba de decir, pero aún así Él me pudo escuchar una vez más y curó a mi padre. Hoy en día mi papá se sigue recuperando gracias a su gran bondad y perdón que Dios nos da. Es por eso que te invito hermano mío, a intentar por lo menos decirle algo, intenta hablar con Él. Dios te ama tanto que no sabes lo contento que está cuando tú conversas con Él. Es muy hermoso hablar con Dios, ya lo verás :). Y si crees que no sabes qué decirle, no te preocupes, Dios también escucha intentos. 😊 Así que no lo olvides, si ahora mismo no estás pasando por el mejor momento, no dudes en hablar con Él. Dios hará que TODO esté bien. Para Dios nada es imposible. ❤️❤️❤️
Ronda Witt
Ronda Witt Hace un mes
Love his hit song
Ronda Witt
Ronda Witt Hace un mes
Love his hit song
Abderrahmane Fathallah
Abderrahmane Fathallah Hace un mes
The funny thing about it is that he looks like a younger version of Simon thought it was him ..
Jeannie Reynolds
Jeannie Reynolds Hace un mes
I love his singing and his accent too
Michael Wooll
Michael Wooll Hace un mes
Marta Langier
Marta Langier Hace un mes
Widziałam ten filmik, chłopak latał po scenie jak poparzony ale trzeba przyznać, że ma talent, gratulavje😊
KBEES MOT Hace un mes
What a guy, hen has a great voice and is on the show for all the right reasons, someone you can belive in.
Josefa Monje
Josefa Monje Hace un mes
Marc Anthony y quien es el
Michel Boudot
Michel Boudot Hace un mes
A dime a dozen like him
TheGudsdotter Hace un mes
There must be room for persons like this young man too. Not everyone like the same. I liked his energy.
john broadhurst
john broadhurst Hace un mes
Given to many, changes,
mitsko fitzgerald
mitsko fitzgerald Hace un mes
What's all these criticisms for??!! He is brilliant, sounds fantastic! Nothing is wrong with his movement either. Unique, too.
Suleiman Otai
Suleiman Otai Hace un mes
. . .
Pati Dubois
Pati Dubois Hace un mes
je n'ai jamais vu une personne aussi nerveuse mais quel talent
Silingan Music
Silingan Music Hace un mes
But he was doing perfect didn't go out of tune and out of beat maybe the judges find otherwise because his song is not familiar but he was very good
Glenn Grossarth
Glenn Grossarth Hace un mes
he is not that good....
acuariana15 Hace un mes
Si la cantaba pensando y sintiendo lo que dice la letra hubiera conmovido a todos en one Cuál es el título de ese tema? por favor...
Free Dimension Now
Free Dimension Now Hace un mes
Get him some EMDR therapy and he can calm all that down, excellent voice!
Maria Moura
Maria Moura Hace 2 meses
His accent 😊😄 I like it a lot. Don't understand almost anything 😜
scarlett1426 Hace 2 meses
Grace -N- Mercy
Grace -N- Mercy Hace 2 meses
Really seems like he has a hyperactive disorder, key 🔑 word ‘seems’ .
Pchli Targ Miastko
Pchli Targ Miastko Hace 2 meses
Denise Poling
Denise Poling Hace 2 meses
He's nervous
Krzyś Krzyś
Krzyś Krzyś Hace 2 meses
Great yoice
Avicennite GH
Avicennite GH Hace 2 meses
he has an awesome jazz quality voice, untrained, and if anyone worries about that kind of marsy energy, it needs to go into his singing. Just sayin' He, and his accent are adorable
alexamaM5 Hace 2 meses
Justin Bieber also sings much better when he doesn't dance
Krzysztof pędzich
Krzysztof pędzich Hace 2 meses
maria cimpojesova
maria cimpojesova Hace 2 meses
zes super thnk you neskučne rdcovka plaacu dakujeme pekne
عسل الصاكة
عسل الصاكة Hace 2 meses
RayRay Starshipp
RayRay Starshipp Hace 3 meses
In the his instrument he a lead man It's rocker stage presence he feels it and he's interacting with the audience.
Amanda Choice
Amanda Choice Hace 3 meses
He just really nervous. But he can sing.
Batteries not Included 8883
Batteries not Included 8883 Hace 3 meses
His voice is amazing! He just needs some Ritalin brother was the same-minus the voice!
debra martinez
debra martinez Hace 3 meses
Svetla Nikolova
Svetla Nikolova Hace 3 meses
I think he might have ADHD. Maybe
Charles Killen
Charles Killen Hace 3 meses
Jennifer Roberson
Jennifer Roberson Hace 3 meses
Before I read this, I thought ADHD. But it doesn't matter. He's good!
Jose Ortiz
Jose Ortiz Hace 3 meses
can't he just stay
TheAlphahyena Hace 3 meses
That's what ADHD looks like!
Jesús José Quispe Roque
Jesús José Quispe Roque Hace 3 meses
Mike Jardin
Mike Jardin Hace 3 meses
The kid made me cry a little bit. He loves music.
Nim Hace 3 meses
De la merde.
Rescate Animal shellthon Zamora Nicaragüa
Rescate Animal shellthon Zamora Nicaragüa Hace 3 meses
Canta horrible , no eres y no serás cantante , busca otro sueño
Patrick--- Hace 3 meses
If they canot reconize one full of coke ?
Prestonesfpv Hace 3 meses
Amfetamine maybe
Gamer Ibrahim
Gamer Ibrahim Hace 3 meses
I thought that was Simon in the thumbnail
Nelly Hevelen Castro Tajes
Nelly Hevelen Castro Tajes Hace 3 meses
La misma actitud del Nino aquel del dúo a canto al bullying
Jen Lee
Jen Lee Hace 3 meses
Amazing voice
princess kim
princess kim Hace 3 meses
So what if he has some sickness he still has the talent to sing...we should not judge him..sometimes simon can so rude n sarcastic and the lady judge beside him reminding of principal n teacher previous sch...mean ass lol
Adam Blankenburg
Adam Blankenburg Hace 3 meses
C'est un scouser, un vrai, allez Liverpool, allez les Reds, simon est un mancunien, alors il ne l'aime pas ./
Rocco Love
Rocco Love Hace 3 meses
Sorry. I've heard people sing better in there car or karaoke, he is not a good singer, at all....seriously he has no talent whatsoever!!!!
Ca Chito
Ca Chito Hace 3 meses
Es una vergüenza como Simón o cualquier personaje ... con creídos poderes abusan de los participantes ! ... Da asco ! ...
Ilona katalin Egeresi
Ilona katalin Egeresi Hace 3 meses
Ilona katalin Egeresi
Ilona katalin Egeresi Hace 3 meses
Lehetne csiszolni rajta
MR Greene
MR Greene Hace 3 meses
Adrenalin can also cause the excessive energy build up, sometimes the shakes...
Tonya Bohanon
Tonya Bohanon Hace 4 meses
I couldn't read many comments, cause I'll tell ya, his accent is perfect and very rare.. if people would stop judging him for a moment, it wouldn't take them long to see that he is actually scared, and clearly alone
Tonya Bohanon
Tonya Bohanon Hace 4 meses
Ive read a lot of comments, and it's all here, for the listener.. he has an exceptional voice and accent, true brilliance.. but everyone is judging him on his obvious impairments instead of what he's screaming thru his audition, 'help'.. why is it impossible for people like these judges, and commenters, to not see his beautiful cry for help, to NOT see his very serious cry out to us, that he is desperately holding back, if for no other reason than humiliation, and desolation? I'm ashamed of Simon here, regardless of their judging job. I's it so bad to stop and say here I am, I hear you, I see's quite obvious.. stop judging people, especially when thru his perfection, he's crying out for help, like very very few you have seen thus far so......
420 420
420 420 Hace 4 meses
dude on crack fr
Luis Paz
Luis Paz Hace 4 meses
Adelante muchacho, lo hiciste bien
ruth gody
ruth gody Hace 4 meses
I think this guy has a fantastic voice please give him another chance.
Jorge Varela
Jorge Varela Hace 4 meses
He has a mazing voice. He should doing by him self he dos not ned they voute for him hell no
Antonio Cambarau
Antonio Cambarau Hace 4 meses
La mar La mar
La mar La mar Hace 4 meses
El chico es muy simpático,muy simpático!
La mar La mar
La mar La mar Hace 4 meses
Muy simpático,muy simpático
JR Herrera
JR Herrera Hace 4 meses
I need subtitles...
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