ALL ACCESS: Davis vs. Santa Cruz | Ep. 1 | Full Episode (TV14) | SHOWTIME PPV

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Hace 10 días

Episode one of the the Emmy Award winning series takes viewers into the lives and training camps of two world champions as they prepare to square off in one of the most anticipated fights of the year. Gervonta Davis and Leo Santa Cruz will meet in the main event of a Halloween thriller on Saturday, October 31 on SHOWTIME PPV.
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Gino Chen
Gino Chen Hace 49 minutos
Respect Santa Cruz. its a hard fight and good luck
Abdullah Dashti
Abdullah Dashti Hace 59 minutos
If only he could talk like floyd
OG Benny
OG Benny Hace 2 horas
Santa Cruz gone fuck him up!! He ain’t none of them other bums he fought!!
2566' Hace 4 horas
Mann this doco really hit home. Both fighters really poor at start and ended up living comfortably bc they put in the hard work. I've learnt that when you work hard at something you can achieve it with GOD ❤
Lord Burlap
Lord Burlap Hace 4 horas
Look out,'s always about Floyd....always....
totoy Golem
totoy Golem Hace 5 horas
Fraud gayweather jr.
Bryce Akwo
Bryce Akwo Hace 6 horas
too many ads
Ville Markkanen
Ville Markkanen Hace 6 horas
Good to see a more mature, quiet and focused Tank. Better than the act he was putting on before. That said, I'm rooting for Leo.
Paid In Full Jones
Paid In Full Jones Hace 7 horas
Tank is winning this mark my words that's how much confidence I have in him.
Alexis LM
Alexis LM Hace 8 horas
Boxing ain't the same no more,but this fight is low-key bring it back to great fights
Bear Maple
Bear Maple Hace 8 horas
What's the song that starts 9:20??
T1688 Hace 9 horas
What about AB?
thirty shorty
thirty shorty Hace 9 horas
Both these fighters and their camps are excellent, should be a beautiful bout
Darian Carvajal
Darian Carvajal Hace 10 horas
Man I wish I could do this for a living. I don’t even want to be super rich I just want the grind lifestyle and title
Tyler Jones
Tyler Jones Hace 11 horas
This deserves a lot more publicity then it is getting!
Jay Lu
Jay Lu Hace 11 horas
Much as I like kid he dnt stand a chance against teo
Matthew Hidario
Matthew Hidario Hace 11 horas
🇺🇸 vs 🇺🇸. I love it. Going for Santa Cruz. California all day
Eduardo Medina
Eduardo Medina Hace 11 horas
Any one know the name of the track at the beginning of the Santa Cruz bit???
Edgar Omar Sanchez Medina
Edgar Omar Sanchez Medina Hace 12 horas
Any one has the name of the song playing at the ending of the episode
Allen Watkins
Allen Watkins Hace 12 horas
Looking forward to the fight
twinscoupe Hace 12 horas
Damn Leo is fast but tank hits hard . Gonna be a great fight
ThatDudeJessie Hace 13 horas
Broner crying rn
AntiSquad NewPage
AntiSquad NewPage Hace 13 horas
Calvin cheating man 😂😂😂
Icekilla3Hunna Hace 14 horas
I love watching these all access events
Michael Sutton
Michael Sutton Hace 14 horas
God Bless the American Dream
oneeighty08 Hace 15 horas have speed,power,and iq.Remember to not neglect your opponents heart and will!
Atif King
Atif King Hace 16 horas
He's so slow but very nice! I wish him the best
DOUGIE FRESH 007 Hace 16 horas
GOOGLE is now mine and the deep state wants it back and those 33,954 emails. Respectfully, #DOUGIEFRESH007
Mo's Extroardinary Persona
Mo's Extroardinary Persona Hace 16 horas
~If Gervonte keeps training under Floyd....He'll Be the epitome of a "Complete Boxer": He naturally got the Knockout Power similar to Mike Tyson and training under an already proven and probably the "Greatest Boxer of All Time", Floyd Mayweather, learn his Boxing skill Set.....If he incorporates all the beneficial positives Floyd teaches him about boxing and the business of it....He'll be one of the Greats....Goodluck to both Davis & Santa Cruz...May the best man win
DOUGIE FRESH 007 Hace 16 horas
Jr Santos
Jr Santos Hace 17 horas
Not everyone will see this ...... But I was lucky to . I've been training by my self ....... Was running out of motivation till today . Seeing this put me a higher level.
Termall Williams
Termall Williams Hace 17 horas
These guys are fighting for 2 different reasons . That's makes the fight a great match. We will see soon who's will wins?
DOUGIE FRESH 007 Hace 16 horas
Tsar Bomba
Tsar Bomba Hace 18 horas
Yes leo your father is absolutely correct about what he said We never stop learning we always learn everyday regardless of how young or old You have beautiful family leo and i like your positive humble attitude keep up the great work and never giveup on your dream !
R M Hace 18 horas
Davis gonna hurt Cruz bad...Davis to fast for Cruz defense..i can c Cruz bleeding by the 5th round
IDGAF Hace 19 horas
If Tank loses Floyd will disown him 😂
You know who
You know who Hace 19 horas
millions of people. losing their homes or unable to pay rent due to pandemic and showtime. put this fight on ppv. this is an insult to the fans
Michel Exler
Michel Exler Hace 20 horas
its more about mayweather than the fight jajajaj
Brian Jimenez
Brian Jimenez Hace 20 horas
Ryan garcia can easily knock him down can’t wait to see that fight happen
jon The Don
jon The Don Hace 21 un hora
lol tank couldn’t even get a word out
T Scales
T Scales Hace 21 un hora
I like both of their stories. Great young men. Should be a hell of a fight!
Edward Calderon
Edward Calderon Hace 21 un hora
Leo is decent, but he's a twig he doesn't have a chance, put tank in there with teo, haney, move up n do catch weight with Mickey
Jorge Baleriano
Jorge Baleriano Hace 22 horas
Lame ass foos u scare when u pull up to DTLA mr sippies
zxzrp0 Hace 22 horas
Nice job Showtime.....I'm excited AF . Good luck to both fighters.!
Jhony Aztro
Jhony Aztro Hace 22 horas
May the best man win althoug both have won the peoples HEART
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez Hace 23 horas
Tank gonna kill Santa Cruz.
Malcolm Davis
Malcolm Davis Hace un día
You know the workout suck when you tell your coach "he cheating"
ham and cheese
ham and cheese Hace un día
Don't get butthurt again when Devon fights next and he gets to go on floyds plane.
Liam Gardner
Liam Gardner Hace un día
I want this guy yo beat Jake Paul
Hami Ngatai
Hami Ngatai Hace un día
The fix is on, im calling it now, DRAW, through the rent money on it
Ruben Robles
Ruben Robles Hace un día
They Both Want It Bad I think It’s Gonna Be a Good Fight they both hungry will be watching this
Kevin Hace un día
It's always the ones that are playing basketball and having fun and showing off the house that end up losing 😂
Oyo boy Paguio
Oyo boy Paguio Hace un día
can't choose both deserved to win.
sr3625 Hace un día
Mayweather is fooling everyone! 🤣 He’ll never put Tank against natural lightweights. Any top 5 lightweights will kill Tank.
luisvega666 Hace un día
looks like young mandela
Christian Fernandez
Christian Fernandez Hace un día
Chyna Hart
Chyna Hart Hace un día
Talk about bringing in the New Year
Derek g
Derek g Hace un día
Damn that kind of money from never having paper view damn where I sign up
Jose Gallardo
Jose Gallardo Hace un día
I just hope they don't fix the fight and just let us watch a great boxing match,a real boxing match won or lost in the ring and not at the bank.
Daniel Nicodemus
Daniel Nicodemus Hace un día
This could have been Adrien Broner🤦🏽‍♂️
Felipe Coronel
Felipe Coronel Hace un día
He’s been inactive for 11 months. I hope he comes back crisp.
Three Vibin
Three Vibin Hace un día
I just want someone to look at me the way Floyd looks at Tank during training
Jonathan Contreras
Jonathan Contreras Hace un día
Damn I want both of these fighters to win. Both are like-able individuals.
Christopher Leonard
Christopher Leonard Hace un día
I was definitely disappointed 😔 with Davis when he moved up to a different weight class, and then came in OVERWEIGHT!! This Shows some disciplinary issues !! Hopefully Floyd can get this boy on the proper path! Leo is no joke, so Tank needs to bring his A+ game!!
Elite Perfumes
Elite Perfumes Hace un día
This dude look way to healthy for 56 yr old
Crazy Turk
Crazy Turk Hace un día
khokoOO7 Hace un día
Wait, his coach spar with him? 🤣
Lavail Hace un día
I’m more afraid of his trainer...
Daniel Valenzuela
Daniel Valenzuela Hace un día
You never lined them up in there prime floyd
Joseph Valentine
Joseph Valentine Hace un día
This gone be a hard fight , Leo is bigger, stronger , and throw many many punches. I don’t think Tank can beat Leo
Casey Nope
Casey Nope Hace un día
Davis is so tough nobody has the balls to tell him how bad his facial hair looks. lol
Ben Humphreys
Ben Humphreys Hace un día
Ben Humphreys
Ben Humphreys Hace un día
Let’s go gervonta
Massmade 360
Massmade 360 Hace un día
V 77902
V 77902 Hace un día
Best fighter's come from the hood not the hills. From the bottom not the top..
edwinlopez30 Hace un día
Dislike. Too many ads.
Sonny Black
Sonny Black Hace un día
Floyd still the king of cringe 🤪 Gervontas more humble and quiet but to align yourself with Floyd is definitely "on the money" 💯
Rodrigo Gomez
Rodrigo Gomez Hace un día
Leo Santa Cruz
BassBullyTV Hace un día
Dam... 1 minute in and all they show is FLOYD...... let the fighters shine and focus on them.....
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Hace un día
become "The All Time Greatest" Muhamad All have the balance qualities between fighting attitude and inspiring people. Hope Tank Davis will bring a different...
stufoo Hace un día
mayweather out there lookin like his dad lol
stufoo Hace un día
@bilinas mini his father is a trainer. I was making the comparison to that
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Hace un día
I can see a huge different between a world champion boxer mfw and Muhamad Ali. As you aware this mfw like to show of their wealthy. Its all about big money, big house, big
Kai Burque
Kai Burque Hace un día
Boxing is for cowards. Fist fighting with impractical and huge gloves, A boxer will cry murder if an elbow glances their soft head. MMA is physically and mentally tougher due to the variety of offensive and defensive skills involved. Cowards dancing around the ring with their shiny outfits. Disgusting!
Condom Blueprint
Condom Blueprint Hace un día
The left hand of tank go drop Leo it’s to much with Leo being a fast load off puncher so his defense better be ready
Boston quad
Boston quad Hace un día
I grew up the same way never never pity me always motivating me to move up and be what my parents could never be
Real Hood News 216
Real Hood News 216 Hace un día
Tank old neighborhood look like a episode of the wire .
raddit Hace un día
here too
J P Hace un día
Davis is a woman beater just like he's kingpim
T H Hace un día
This fight is going to be something serious. I don't care who wins because both these dudes deserve all the hype.
FlyChriss Hace un día
Someone sponsor this man with some better headphones.
L J Hace un día
Let me tell you something... I love these documentaries before the fights that let you see the boxers prepare just as much as the bout. I have seen a bunch of really good ones on HBO and Showtime has improved over the years.
Sly Hace un día
My moneys on tank
Lowkey_ jay
Lowkey_ jay Hace un día
Mayper view😂😂😂😂😂😂
B Jackson
B Jackson Hace un día
Tank All Day stay Blessed n Humble💖
Ivan Delgado
Ivan Delgado Hace un día
"That's the theory at least" thank you
eone nadz
eone nadz Hace un día
I can see a huge different between a world champion boxer mfw and Muhamad Ali. As you aware this mfw like to show of their wealthy. Its all about big money, big house, big car and all the big things. Very seldom or may be never at all come from his mouth such as an incourage words or word of wisdom. This is the reason mfw or other boxer never become "The All Time Greatest" Muhamad All have the balance qualities between fighting attitude and inspiring people. Hope Tank Davis will bring a different...
Justin M
Justin M Hace un día
I like Santa but I think tank for the win
13:38 almost made me cry
Doctor Marvelous
Doctor Marvelous Hace un día
This guy is about to get his whole ass whooped. He is a hard hitter, but they could’ve sent someone better IMO. Davis is hands down one of the best boxer of all time, landing a solid hit on him is very hard. It’s like he can read the future the way he dodges punches, perfectly timed and always just in enough time to be ready to return a vicious blow.
Gilbert Gonzales
Gilbert Gonzales Hace un día
The only thing that going to stop tank from being a multi multi multi multi -divisional champion is his height
PUSCASH Hace un día
UFC should do documentaries like this... I love reading this warriors history... Different roads men...
Martin Kulik
Martin Kulik Hace un día
I hope the mexican boy wins. I am not a fan of street bred wife beater
Campos Vazquez
Campos Vazquez Hace un día
99.9 wont watch this...if you do... Thats time your life will never get back...
29:49 fire
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