SUNMI(선미) - pporappippam(보라빛 밤) @인기가요 inkigayo 20200705

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SUNMI - pporappippam #SBSInkigayo_EP1054
선미 - 보라빛 밤 #SUNMI #pporappippam
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Doaa pink
Doaa pink Hace un día
*So perfect and beautiful 😭🧡*
Dope girl
Dope girl Hace 13 días
This gives a familiar nostalgic vibe. Gotta love sunmi
Zara Ariffin
Zara Ariffin Hace 13 días
I like it like it💜
_ Mila02_
_ Mila02_ Hace 17 días
Sometimes she feels like the Korean version of an indie queen... yanno?
S. B.
S. B. Hace 17 días
크레프 Hace 17 días
너무 좋아서 눈물 날꺼 같애
Mou Moi
Mou Moi Hace 18 días
Her dresses in every performance of this song is so freaking pretty
서수려 Hace 20 días
jida kanawati
jida kanawati Hace 24 días
Sunmi fans we should make her the most successful female artist come on we can do it start by 1 million views on this or the mv like if u want
Lya Cardozo
Lya Cardozo Hace 24 días
Me encanta es tan perfecto tod por dios
ori ori
ori ori Hace 25 días
가수가 아닌 댄서들에게 이목 집중시키는 이번 무대컨셉은 너무 아쉽다.
박수완 Hace 25 días
진짜 우리 선미누나는 못하는것도 없고 표정,화장 등 제대로 살아있는듯, 선미누나 컴백해서 저 날아가는줄 알았는데, 솔직히 날라리 부터 화장이 진짜로 이뻐진듯, 대부분 선미누나는 화장때문에 인기가 늘었다고 선마누나가 말했다. 선미누나 잘 모르는 사람들은 잘 모를수 있는데, 선미누나는 화장이 젤 큰 매력 인것 같다. 우리 갓선미 누나 진짜 사랑해요 그리고 보라빛 밤 노래 너무 좋아요. 노래 질릴때 까지 볼께요💜 누나 사랑해요
Arthur Rodrigues
Arthur Rodrigues Hace 26 días
Susan Dans
Susan Dans Hace 26 días
she is way to perfect
파파 Hace 27 días
She looks like a princess or fairy each stage her outfits are seriously so gorgeous. Her stylists team deserves a raise. Her stage its also just dreamy, I love this comeback so much. Please miyane vote and stream so she can get a win for this amazing comeback🥺😭
Uno Astro
Uno Astro Hace 27 días
I love these recent comebacks, Blackpink, Sunmi, Seulrene, Hwasa, Chungha. This is legit one of the best few weeks in 2020 Kpop.
Mary Phantomhive
Mary Phantomhive Hace 27 días
Her voice is just mesmerizing😍
KimTaee Hace 27 días
2:24 THIS part right here gives me chills... so frickin beautiful
KimTaee Hace 27 días
She look is such a bop, it runs in my head all day long
KimTaee Hace 27 días
Sunmi IS an aesthetic
Anna D
Anna D Hace 28 días
Is it bad to ship Sunmi with her back up dancers both the men and the woman.
KimTaee Hace 27 días
Is it bad I ship her with me lol
Shaa 18
Shaa 18 Hace 28 días
Expression ✔️💜
green tea
green tea Hace 28 días
1:51 sunmi w her 2 trusty henchmen
Николай Никифоров
Николай Никифоров Hace 28 días
Beautiful song! Love you Sunmi!♥️😍😘
NajwaRoslan Hace 28 días
I can't with this song, it is so aesthetic that I find its beautiful
Kayla Adelia Panerusan
Kayla Adelia Panerusan Hace 28 días
Ppropapipam is a complicated way to spell BOP and Sunmi is a beautiful way to spell Goddes
songs happy
songs happy Hace 28 días
Natalia Depp
Natalia Depp Hace 29 días
Is she even real?
Tusjin N
Tusjin N Hace un mes
The song is addictive af
Mi Amor
Mi Amor Hace un mes
Gosh the back-up dancers, i wanna be one of them asdfghjkl
koskamr Hace un mes
I love her. She is so talented and so pretty
Eesha K
Eesha K Hace un mes
Omg she is so pretty like wtf
michelle audrey
michelle audrey Hace un mes
the song, the concept, and everything are addicted. No one can denied it 💀
markhyuck are in love
markhyuck are in love Hace un mes
where is a solo artist, not a guy, who doesn't use backup dancers?
Flora Flora
Flora Flora Hace un mes
swetty girl
swetty girl Hace un mes
What oppening of anime has the same rythme ?
Hasebe Louis
Hasebe Louis Hace un mes
2:45 : coreo be like 7am she wake up it's only dream :D
Dominika Hace un mes
The definition of perfection
Bella A
Bella A Hace un mes
This is so perfect. The dress, the lightning, the dance, and most importantly Sunmi looks so freaking stunning. I cannot stop to repeat this video. Sunmi 사랑해~
Susan Liu
Susan Liu Hace un mes
Here’s the male version of Sunmi’s Pporappippam:
Panda Cherry
Panda Cherry Hace un mes
Love this aesthetic comeback 💜💜
Kade Thompson
Kade Thompson Hace un mes
an actual Goddess on stage
heidy s
heidy s Hace un mes
I’m in love😔💘💘💘
Yavuz Hace un mes
Support for ✨SuNmI✨ from Turkey 🇹🇷😘
Maria Mendez
Maria Mendez Hace un mes
what a GODDESS
DressedRunner Hace un mes
what does pporappippam mean?
홍진하 Hace 29 días
purple night
Watashi Washo
Watashi Washo Hace un mes
her smile!
Cecília Lisboa
Cecília Lisboa Hace un mes
PIERRE Hace un mes
2:24 this is so dangerous her friendship with the dancers is cute 🥺
Zewen Hu
Zewen Hu Hace un mes
Wow, Sunmi’s this outfit is from For Love & lemons, right?
Yamashita Maki
Yamashita Maki Hace un mes
Sunmi is the cure for quarantine blues.
Mei v.
Mei v. Hace un mes
Ahhhh tan hermosa 😍
Caroline 255
Caroline 255 Hace un mes
2:24 i just had heart attack
I'm A WonderFul
I'm A WonderFul Hace un mes
The way Hyun Seung came in! That's my girl! 1:34
I'm A WonderFul
I'm A WonderFul Hace un mes
I can hear her voice so clearly! 💜💜💜💜💜💜
I'm A WonderFul
I'm A WonderFul Hace un mes
Queen SUNMI keeps slaying!!!!!!
Halily Haida
Halily Haida Hace un mes
i really hope this song can win😭😭😭😭😭 i realy fall in love with this song😍😍😍😍
Лариса Толикина
Лариса Толикина Hace un mes
lumi Hace un mes
Ela fez um stage com essa roupa aaa