Billie Eilish - WHEN I WAS OLDER (Music Inspired By The Film ROMA/Audio)

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing WHEN I WAS OLDER (Music Inspired By The Film ROMA/Audio). © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records

Jahaziel Alcaraz
Jahaziel Alcaraz Hace 8 horas
Billie: making amazing music Me: sees a funny comment Ctrl+V Ctrl+C
Brina Potocnik
Brina Potocnik Hace un día
But damnnn anyone else just full fo damn power😂😂
Ana Smile!
Ana Smile! Hace 2 días
The beat of this song is scary, but not as scary as the beat of my heart....
Julia Fides
Julia Fides Hace 2 días
I tried watching ROMA but it was in a different language and the subtitles didn't work- soooo I don't understand but I love this song anyway.
Autohuset DK
Autohuset DK Hace 2 días
Autohuset DK
Autohuset DK Hace 2 días
i love you Billie Eilish
شاهین بهادرزایی
شاهین بهادرزایی Hace 2 días
Billie , This is your best song 💙💚🔥👊
Komodo .x
Komodo .x Hace 2 días
this song is so eerie i love it
Arianna Kostopoulos
Arianna Kostopoulos Hace 3 días
This is one of my favorite songs ❤️
kanika Singh
kanika Singh Hace 3 días
Q. What is luck? Ans. There are 195 countries in the world and I'm born in India 🇮🇳. Proud to be Indian
kolarbeatz Hace 3 días
Am i the only one that goes off when the flute hits?
Sarah Patch
Sarah Patch Hace 4 días
My friend Morgan loves this song it's so short
Aleksandra Zdravkovic
Aleksandra Zdravkovic Hace 4 días
Billie + headphones = another universe
subiksha spr
subiksha spr Hace 4 días
Its Billie s world
Lara Melo
Lara Melo Hace 5 días
why don't people listen to this song?? is one of billie's best songs, if not the best. its so different from the usual with such smart lyrics whyyyyyy?????
billie_eilish 110
billie_eilish 110 Hace 5 días
:v me gusta
daddy pig official
daddy pig official Hace 6 días
this song has a lot of autotune!!!! jaja joke, the only autotune that is used here is for the effect on her voice, autotune helps for other things!!!
Louie Dasavage
Louie Dasavage Hace 7 días
Mayara Souza
Mayara Souza Hace 7 días
I Love you só much 🇧🇷💚🇧🇷💚
Helen LLaugert Fernández
Helen LLaugert Fernández Hace 7 días
i love you billie
Natalie Krovacsova
Natalie Krovacsova Hace 7 días
remmix remix cool lol
M1KU0 Hace 8 días
when i was a kid, i had a dream where it was only me, deep in a pool. i was reading something, i never knew what, but it looked like a newspaper. my skin was very pale too, but it wasn't normal, it had a grayish color. then, i realised i was dead. the dream was the same for the rest of the night, i didn't even move, and i saw myself in third person. this song made me remember it.
Malmal Sabiha
Malmal Sabiha Hace 9 días
I swear this girl has an old soul!
soraya jocelin
soraya jocelin Hace 9 días
I love she
This feels like when I am sleeping/dreaming
sunchild -
sunchild - Hace 11 días
this is why i don’t like auto tune 🥺 literally the only song bil has that even is auto tuned thank GOD
Kennith Sears
Kennith Sears Hace 11 días
No promises 🧐
Kennith Sears
Kennith Sears Hace 11 días
antoofcr :D
antoofcr :D Hace 11 días
billie you are reading hate comments?? nonono billie this is BEAUTIFUL go to sleep pleasee ily❤
Carmen Lee
Carmen Lee Hace 12 días
here's my cover :)))) hope to get comment~~ WHEN I WAS OLDER
Sam Rod
Sam Rod Hace 12 días
That auto tune tho😂
Banana Man
Banana Man Hace 12 días
billie does't use autotune but for this song she used some kind of machine or something to make her voice sound cool
sumiro kaji
sumiro kaji Hace 12 días
Am I the only one getting David Bowie vibes from this ??? Can't actually explain why but...
ABC Baby Games Kids Play Toys & Learn
ABC Baby Games Kids Play Toys & Learn Hace 12 días
This song should had been in the show Siren, love itt!!
Jaxson Kockler
Jaxson Kockler Hace 13 días
She has such a pretty voice
Jaxson Kockler
Jaxson Kockler Hace 13 días
I know right
Anniemations Hace 13 días
Sometimes I forget that Billie Eilish sang Bad Guy because I never listen to it. I only listen to her other songs because, honestly, I don't really like Bad Guy. All of her other songs are *way* better.
Ai Billie
Ai Billie Hace 13 días
Subscribe to me plz tryna hit 700
nutsa azhiba
nutsa azhiba Hace 14 días
rapper Bilie 💚💚💚😊😊😊
Sabrina Kauane
Sabrina Kauane Hace 14 días
Luis Velasco
Luis Velasco Hace 14 días
a minute of silence for those who do not know this great song.
I’m just a cat
I’m just a cat Hace 15 días
When I was older I was a sailor on an open sea But now I'm underwater And my skin is paler than it should ever be Hmm I'm on my back again Dreaming of a time and place Where you and I remain the best of friends Even after all this ends Can we pretend? I'm on my, I'm on my back again It's seeming more and more Like all we ever do is see how far it bends Before it breaks in half and then We bend it back again Guess I got caught in the middle of it Yes I've been taught, got a little of it In my blood, in my blood Memories burn like a forest fire Heavy rain turns any funeral pyre to mud In the flood When I was older I was a sailor on an open sea But now I'm underwater And my skin is paler than it should ever be I'm watching movies back to back in black and white, I never Seen anybody do it like I do it any better I'm goin' over you, I'm overdue for new endeavors Nobody lonely like I'm lonely and I don't know whether You'd really like it in the limelight You'd sympathize with all the bad guys I'm still a victim in my own right But I'm the villain in my own eyes, yeah When I was older I was a sailor on an open sea
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