Second Oldest Trick in Sleight of Hand

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Hace 7 años

Susie Films is proud to present Charlotte magician/comedian Chris Hannibal performing the second oldest trick in sleight of hand.

JD mustard
JD mustard Hace 10 horas
This is first-rate engagement with the audience. What an entertainer.
Eldowado Hace 12 horas
Fantastic patter, really a worked-out routine, and the humour is spot on!
David Shaw
David Shaw Hace 13 horas
TheSegacampGamer and Werecamp
TheSegacampGamer and Werecamp Hace 15 horas
*Do it again!* Fine I will for you Sir Absolutely! LOL I'm Dying!
TheSegacampGamer and Werecamp
TheSegacampGamer and Werecamp Hace 15 horas
This Guy Basically is Penn and Teller just Adding Comedy and Magic Together I love it!
Quinton Knight
Quinton Knight Hace 19 horas
this dude is a magician and a comedian love it
hcilkcülg Kawasaki
hcilkcülg Kawasaki Hace 21 un hora
The only magic trick to remove fat seems not working.
Shanobro Hace 23 horas
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̇ Hace 23 horas
Fatih Şahin
Fatih Şahin Hace un día
Guy sounds like Morpheus ?
KingGrooms747 Dwayne
KingGrooms747 Dwayne Hace un día
He gave a flawless performance bravo and did it on the fly
joshman06 Hace un día
its fun replaying the video to see how he did things
Caleb Matheson
Caleb Matheson Hace un día
When did this video get 10 million views. I'm pretty sure it was at 500k 2 weeks ago
Randy Petten
Randy Petten Hace un día
Big smiles for me. Good job
Ben Przystanski
Ben Przystanski Hace un día
What a legend. Chris, thank you for what you do.
Isaiah Bridges
Isaiah Bridges Hace un día
Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .
LBDJ The Third
LBDJ The Third Hace 2 días
Thanks to the magic of ESshow, I was able to figure it out. Under no circumstances would I have ever picked it up live though.
FerreTrip Hace 2 días THE HELL...?!
JonGamer16 Hace 2 días
Jinx The Kitty
Jinx The Kitty Hace 2 días
~nya nya ❤️ * *Blushes at you brightly and smiles broadly, her warm loving gaze resting upon yours. Wrapping you within the fluffy confines of her loving arms, she kept you held tightly and presses her body closely against yours. Letting loose blissful purrs, she parts her maw and laps her moist tongue against your cheek.* * ~mrrow, if you're reading this. pwease have a purrfect day. I love you ❤️ ♥
FerdinandFake Hace 2 días
Explanation: Hes a real skinny guy wearing a suit filled with hundreds of fusballs
FICK DICH Hace 3 días
What a fucking lame Audience.
Mr100duke Hace 3 días
He is very good, this guy would have made a fortune in the old west conning the gold from the prospectors with find the lady.
Robert Hace 3 días
You're fucking annoying Chris. Either be a good comedian or be a good magician. Don't do both half assed.
Robert Hace 3 días
This guy could make a hamburger vanish *Makes obscured hand to mouth movement* just like that. Only thing good about this magic act because thats what it is, is him making fun of himself and his bottom lip hanging low. He should just perform a comedy act where it looks like he's gonna have a stroke because that'll be reality for this guy pretty soon
Abhinav KM
Abhinav KM Hace 3 días
1:52 - 1:54 he had the ball from left cup in his right hand and moved it under the right cup.
Steven Victor Neiman
Steven Victor Neiman Hace 3 días
That line about "twice as identical" made me laugh so hard. I was kinda disappointed nobody in the audience responded.
tracytada Hace 3 días
As a magician I can tell you that the one thing I can't explain how he did is the trick at 2:36. durrrr
tracytada Hace 3 días
"I'm not trying to be condescending" Proceeds to explain word. This guys a legend
tracytada Hace 3 días
This dude is funny, like actual humor holy shit
Tuco The Rat
Tuco The Rat Hace 3 días
He sure knows how to carry his weight on stage.
Mike McDaniels
Mike McDaniels Hace 3 días
What a great Sleight. Loading the cups, while misdirecting with comedy. Usually not seen anywhere. Very good!
TGWNL MotoVlogs
TGWNL MotoVlogs Hace 3 días
at 3:52 you see him put the lemon in the cup and at 4:03 you see him put an orange in the cup and 4:33 you cant see it but when his hand went back he put the second orange in the other cup
Philosopher Philanthropist
Philosopher Philanthropist Hace 3 días
This guy is very good and really fast making and amazing show. If you play the video very slow at 2:53 the third ball is visible in his left hand. Later, the orange goes into the right cup at 4:05 and stays there. :)
Indian Girl
Indian Girl Hace 3 días
Beautiful love u.
ItsiAdam Hace 3 días
This guy is fat as fuck
ItsiAdam Hace 3 días
Just me then. k
ItsiAdam Hace 3 días
ItsiAdam Hace 3 días
Anyone watching this in 2020
LOVE X.X.X Hace 3 días
dakarus Hace 3 días
Everytime I see this thumbnail I think it's Notch
el_fresh_ memes
el_fresh_ memes Hace 3 días
0.25x is horrific
L Petillo
L Petillo Hace 4 días
thank god for youtubes 0.25x
Lord Easy
Lord Easy Hace 4 días
This is black magic
Lord Easy
Lord Easy Hace 4 días
How many balls did this man use lmao
No'am Peled
No'am Peled Hace 4 días
Thanks ESshow algorithm for suggesting something I've already liked years ago and would happily like again every day.
Margarita Gonzalez
Margarita Gonzalez Hace 4 días
Indian Hace 4 días
Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.
Zage Zealot
Zage Zealot Hace 4 días
X.X.X LOVE Hace 4 días
Danny Fleck
Danny Fleck Hace 4 días
Can anyone actually explain how he does this?
Jeff Noël
Jeff Noël Hace 4 días
Took me about 10 times to finally see all the slight of hand tricks. Solid. So solid.
Thee Paxio
Thee Paxio Hace 4 días
Thats a real idiot!
Bloody Jacket
Bloody Jacket Hace 5 días
i could notice when hi makes his moves but. How the fuck did you put 2 oranges and a lemon inside there matte..... what the absolute fuck
Torab Abdullah
Torab Abdullah Hace 5 días
4:04 i was thinking to myself why did he turn like that ? later 4:50 i got my answer. LOL
sheepcreeper Hace 5 días
This man is underrated.
Blue-Maned Hawk
Blue-Maned Hawk Hace 5 días
Conviniently, a lot of this was offscreen.
Martin Myggestik
Martin Myggestik Hace 5 días
This is outstanding!
Meatysteve Hace 5 días
Is it me or does his smile remind anyone else of Woody Harrelson
SivTora Hace 5 días
bro he has like 12893 balls on his pockets
The Don Of Dank
The Don Of Dank Hace 5 días
He puts the oranges in at 4:04 when he turns and is holding one cup with his left hand and returning the cup back to the table with his right.
ps10iceman Hace 5 días
this guy would make a good fat Penn Gillette impersonator
Jason Martin
Jason Martin Hace 5 días
I have to give credit where credit is due, the fact that *every* magic trick hasn't been exposed yet is nothing short of stupefying in the internet age. Pro wrestling should have taken a few cues from the world of magic, people would probably enjoy it more.
Indian Hace 5 días
Madmensch Films
Madmensch Films Hace 6 días
Hey folks! If anyone’s looking for actual footage of a D&D group’s natural gameplay & real life, bare-bones style role playing of 6 fellow adventurers in their early 20s - filmed in brief memorable moments (saved as Snapchat clips) ... Here’s a D&D compilation video I literally JUST uploaded with 11 months worth of footage from 2017 & 2018. Lmk if you’ve got any questions or concerns w/ a comment on the video if you’ve got any after viewing. Here it is... the FALLEN GRACES ERA !
Twister051 Hace 6 días
No doubt about it, this guy is mega talented. Great sense of humor, too!
sKyRyu Hace 6 días
The show I'll actually pay for
Ser Garlan Tyrell
Ser Garlan Tyrell Hace 6 días
Looks like he ate a lot of balls practising for this routine...
Chintan Patel
Chintan Patel Hace 6 días
Finally decided to after years of recommedation
FanVarious Hace 6 días
A quiet audience is not a bad audience. It just means they are shocked and gobsmacked. Wish I had a quiet audience when I once tried this trick at my local church hall. I was so nervous and needed the toilet as soon as I got on stage. They cruelly shouted at me: "Get off your shit!" I thought they were being unhelpful until I looked down where I stood and discovered I was literally standing on my shit.
Mertcan Dur
Mertcan Dur Hace 6 días
he puts the orage at 4:04
Marcello Zincone
Marcello Zincone Hace 6 días
3:45 he put the lemon in go to slowest speed
Tiffany Wart
Tiffany Wart Hace 6 días
at 3:44 you can see him put the orange in the cup if you look really closely!
Bogdan Chivoiu
Bogdan Chivoiu Hace 6 días
He looks like he is tired of soing the same shit every day 😂
Sohail Starpower
Sohail Starpower Hace 6 días
Even when pausing and figuring out how he did each trick it still amazes me, and no matter how much I watch I still can't figure out the trick at 2:36
Manel Hace 6 días
play it 0.25 slow and go to 03:45 you can see the lemon on his left hand :D thank me later
Nicholas Ogburn
Nicholas Ogburn Hace 6 días
3 balls
Giulio Rocca
Giulio Rocca Hace 6 días
2:50 his left hand...
DippinOutFool Hace 6 días
3:45 - 4:05 very nice
Indian Girl
Indian Girl Hace 6 días
Leonard Fittschen
Leonard Fittschen Hace 7 días
At 3:49 he put the Lemon into the cup. At 4:07 the orange. It is amazing you couldnt have noticed it unless you just cocentrate on the mans hand movement. Since he always talks to you you dont reliase the small details.
Fantastic Hace 7 días
I need boy friend
Fredministrator Hace 7 días
this was litteraly a stunnig preformance.
X.X.X LOVE Hace 7 días
Randy Hace 7 días
I try to watch these videos and attempt to totally ignore what they're saying and try to not focus on what it seems they want me to focus on and I can still never catch them doing it...Good show dude! And funny as hell along with it : )
fairschyte Hace 7 días
had to re-watch it 3 times at 0.25x to understand the soccer balls trick
The Magic Stick
The Magic Stick Hace 7 días
HaHa BrAiN cElLs Go BoOm
Magikarpoon Hace 7 días
This is what happens when a wizard comes into the muggle world just to mess with everyone.
Rebel, Sanketsu-ism!
Rebel, Sanketsu-ism! Hace 7 días
2:49 left hand
Rebel, Sanketsu-ism!
Rebel, Sanketsu-ism! Hace 7 días
3:10 right hand
Батрахозавр Сеймурия
Батрахозавр Сеймурия Hace 7 días
No magic, no gadgets. Just a talented magician, some fruit, a table, two brass cups and 3 tiny soccer balls.
Gascoigne Hace 7 días
They aren't clapping because they are me.
The 36 Lessons
The 36 Lessons Hace 7 días
Well, for having big ol' mitts for hands, he's quite dexterous and quick. Perfect combo for concealing objects while palming.
Bert Visscher
Bert Visscher Hace 8 días
1:38 Regulation? For *table* soccer maybe. :-) 2:36 How can we see that they're switched? :-) 3:55 You're going way too fast! This is so funny! :-)
RHayabusa Hace 8 días
Ok, I’ve watched ESshow - now stop recommending it to me.
D1collosus LMG
D1collosus LMG Hace 8 días
When gwendolin teaches you illusion magic.
KeyShay Hace 8 días
if see this truck so many times i can’t forgot how it’s done
Sophia Thorsen
Sophia Thorsen Hace 8 días
this guy is great
Bob Lund
Bob Lund Hace 8 días
I had to watch this so many times to find all the moves. Props
Homesteadworks Hace 8 días
Great performance, very much Michael Ammar style. Tough audience though! 👍 great job!
ColetheKing2002 Hace 8 días
ESshow, oh ESshow. Why have you brought me here?
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