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SuperM's 1st Album "Super One" is out!
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01 One (Monster & Infinity)
02 Infinity
03 Monster
04 Wish You Were Here
05 Big Chance
06 100
07 호랑이 (Tiger Inside)
08 Better Days
09 Together At Home
10 Drip
11 Line 'Em Up
12 Dangerous Woman
13 Step Up
14 So Long
15 With You

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Anna Kudo
Anna Kudo Hace 5 minutos
It's cute how SuperM already promoting aespa even before we realized it
Rini _U
Rini _U Hace 20 minutos
Holy cow i just realized 4:03 excuse me that's aespa's logo???
Intan Evanna
Intan Evanna Hace 26 minutos
I just realize the easpa logo at the end
namkang daffodil
namkang daffodil Hace 32 minutos
let's 20m today!!!
Lucy Smotlak
Lucy Smotlak Hace 33 minutos
4:04 sm new girl group aespa (?)
EmaChu Kawaii
EmaChu Kawaii Hace 41 un minuto
Please support and give love very much for GG, EXO, NCT, WayV, Shinee, Red Velvet, aespa
EmaChu Kawaii
EmaChu Kawaii Hace 43 minutos
EXOL, NCTzens, WayZenni, Shawols, SM Stans, Boy Group Stans hey help me, give support and love for SuperM and str3mng everyday : Jopping One (Monster Infinity) 100 Tiger Inside Luv yuh!
Ansela Filia
Ansela Filia Hace 48 minutos
I saw the aespa logo there the Teamin oppa part in the last scene👍
EmaChu Kawaii
EmaChu Kawaii Hace 50 minutos
hurry up 30 Million TT this is perfect songs (hehe SM always make different songs, detailed, very genius) : One from Monster and Infinity. I always love this idk people/who hate SuperM they are stupid
그대나의밝은별 Hace 57 minutos
4:04 11월 데뷔하는 에스파? 여기서 스포햇네....
Marcellia CT
Marcellia CT Hace 59 minutos
I feel like the vi3ws are frozen
AmyL Hace un hora
come on 20m leggo!!
Rachil Tharifah
Rachil Tharifah Hace un hora
Who's here again after aespa?? 🙂🙂
Jen Jaem
Jen Jaem Hace un hora
ten's part is so addictive
i am the grass
i am the grass Hace un hora
What you got I got more
Jen Hace un hora
Guys continue to stream SuperMs songs #SuperOne album. Let's support our boys. I'm very excited about them being nominated on Grammys as they have high chance..I read some tweet that seems legit and confident that claiming that the're one of 25 kpop choices to represent kpop then one of the final top 2 meaning SuperM vs other group (one who shall not name 😂) they have high chance coz their mini album debut 1 on bb200 then SuperOne album @2 according to an article there's no reason why the're aren't one of the choices. Final decision will announce on 24th of Nov. Hopefully 🙏 So proud of #SuperOne album, this is not to exaggerate but sooo worth it. 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠
mario Hace un hora
sabia que había visto ese logo en algún lado :)
janabear Hace un hora
“So if you’re aiming anywhere, aim high” line is so inspiring
Rooma Khan
Rooma Khan Hace un hora
Do we have any fandom name of super m and light stick
Helga Mond
Helga Mond Hace un hora
Name no, light stick yes
Zahira Lubna
Zahira Lubna Hace 2 horas
Back to this mv after i knew that the logo at the last is for sm new girl grup🤩
choiberry Hace 2 horas
Anyone here to check out Aespa's logo at the end? 👀 Welcome to the family 🙌
TaeVlicious Hace 2 horas
Paid promotion ? But why
SuperM CreativeUnion
SuperM CreativeUnion Hace un hora
The LG Wing
maugrim Hace 2 horas
Gela Gigi
Gela Gigi Hace 2 horas
All the way to infinity'
A to Z
A to Z Hace 2 horas
Why people not supporting them they deserve more more and more please support superm please 👍 like the vedio they really work hard day and night love you superm.
Jazive Roman
Jazive Roman Hace 2 horas
I love the part of baekhyun in the minute 2:43.... sounds great his voice
Jazive Roman
Jazive Roman Hace 3 horas
me encanta la parte de baekhyun en el minuto 2:43.... suena genial su voz
Kai Ismineonly
Kai Ismineonly Hace 3 horas
I'm here for lunch and str3am at the same time
Jaehyun Is bae
Jaehyun Is bae Hace 3 horas
This masterpiece should have 50M views by now... dont sleep on SuperM
Muskaan Nagra
Muskaan Nagra Hace 3 horas
4:00 Did yall peep that, Taemin was giving us a spoiler of the new girl group aespa!
Fire Park
Fire Park Hace 3 horas
Is aespa the superm's girl version or maybe aespa's concept/storyline is connected to superm's? omo jk.
silvia calderon
silvia calderon Hace 4 horas
La cansion me encanta pero mi parte favorita es donde canta TEN 1/50
maya yuliani
maya yuliani Hace 4 horas
"Disertai promosi berbayar" Finally gue tau maksudnya
Aespa spoiler
Nafira R
Nafira R Hace 4 horas
not @ me coming back to this mv only to see the aespa logo
Deia Pradhan
Deia Pradhan Hace 4 horas
Aespa is here
Ivena Tuanaya
Ivena Tuanaya Hace 4 horas
ae is aespa👍🏻
Niffa Hace 4 horas
Shawolc pZ
Shawolc pZ Hace 5 horas
Guys please support Taemim with act2 in November 9th. He has been working really hard here with SuperM and his SOLO, and maybe he will be busy with SHINee too "maybe" And don't forget to stream criminal please. 👉
Taeminie Baby Cheese
Taeminie Baby Cheese Hace 5 horas
The hint Taeminnie gave us is logo of new girl group 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
JAY 100
JAY 100 Hace 5 horas
Let's Aespa
JAY 100
JAY 100 Hace 5 horas
I love the song so much
Thatsaphone khanthavongsa
Thatsaphone khanthavongsa Hace 5 horas
Ten high note so wonderful 😍😍😍😍
rykaaxoxo 1004
rykaaxoxo 1004 Hace 5 horas
Big spoiler for debut aespa🙌
JAY 100
JAY 100 Hace 5 horas
Kurnia Hamdini
Kurnia Hamdini Hace 5 horas
Harbeer Kaur
Harbeer Kaur Hace 5 horas
Guys vote for "NCT 127" and "Exo" for "social artist award" in "AMAs" , votings is open!!!!
Khalisha Alyapoetry
Khalisha Alyapoetry Hace 5 horas
4:01 - 4:03 it's a spoiler for SM's new girl group. And the name of the group is aespa
Ilovecats Hace 5 horas
2:47 - 2:48 I don't know why but in this part, Baekhyun makes me laugh ... hehe
Maisha Samiha
Maisha Samiha Hace 5 horas
Anyone else noticed the "æ" of æspa at the end??
byun bacon
byun bacon Hace un hora
Yeah me too
JAY 100
JAY 100 Hace 5 horas
lil sock
lil sock Hace 5 horas
Why is ae ( the symbol for rumored new sm gg ) in a superm mv?
Rach P-C
Rach P-C Hace 5 horas
Please superm fans give some love to their performance on the Late night show with James Corden.we need more views
Audrey Wihelmina payara
Audrey Wihelmina payara Hace 6 horas
4:01 There is the AESPA logo
Chaidar Ahmad
Chaidar Ahmad Hace 6 horas
SM : *launch aespa IG profile me : hold on, i see this aespa logo somewhere.... ten : *evil laughing
kayla _Zrly
kayla _Zrly Hace 6 horas
ternyata aespa udah di spoiler sama kalean :")
marie regal
marie regal Hace 5 horas
Iya haha
Zea Shekinah Ciriaco
Zea Shekinah Ciriaco Hace 6 horas
Wait a minute... So that logo at the ending is aespa?! Sooooo that means that aespa will be like the girl version of superm ?!
Zea Shekinah Ciriaco
Zea Shekinah Ciriaco Hace 4 horas
Oh okay I was just confused earlier
Rose Marie Mendoza
Rose Marie Mendoza Hace 5 horas
sadly no, its their ngg
SKY Lucifer
SKY Lucifer Hace 5 horas
blue sky
blue sky Hace 6 horas
Fighting for streaming guys!!!
taengoo taengoo
taengoo taengoo Hace 6 horas
who’s here after the confirmation of the new sm girl group aespa! the hints omg
hcc sh
hcc sh Hace 6 horas
Taemin's solo come back is in November 9th. When he drops his album, please check him out :) I see lots of aespa fans here. Please don't forget to like this MV. SuperM is promoting them as their seniors :D Also if you don't know, Taemin is the one who is holding the phone with aespa logo 3:52 , 2:29 . And one of rumored member in new gg appeared in his solo music video "Want". He is a legend. So don't forget to check him out ;)
Arsenio Hace 6 horas
Who came back after finding out that they hinted aespa's debut here?
Siti Hadrayanti Ananda
Siti Hadrayanti Ananda Hace 6 horas
wait whats in the end
marie regal
marie regal Hace 5 horas
aespa logo
Humaira majeed
Humaira majeed Hace 7 horas
What is phone name please
Humaira majeed
Humaira majeed Hace 5 horas
@sweetea 01 thank you but I can’t found in uk price to buy
sweetea 01
sweetea 01 Hace 7 horas
LG Wing
Maynissa Nurma
Maynissa Nurma Hace 7 horas
ELF Chitta10
ELF Chitta10 Hace 7 horas
Fans who are here for Aespa, please like the MV..
Korea Sphere
Korea Sphere Hace 7 horas
Aiyenna Calacar
Aiyenna Calacar Hace 7 horas
omggg that logo at the end of the mv is the logo of sm's new girl groupp aaaaaaahhh
Laryssa Souza
Laryssa Souza Hace 7 horas
Eu tô impactada com o Taemin da parte 01:40 -01:50 até hoje
Melanin Yaadie
Melanin Yaadie Hace 7 horas
This is a bop... why doesn't this have more views
Noerlina Official
Noerlina Official Hace 7 horas
Logo Aespa 4:03 Akhirnya aku menemukannya
Celine G
Celine G Hace 7 horas
To all those coming hee to see the new SM Gg logo, may I kindly ask you to please like this mv and watch the full mv. Thanks!!
Noerlina Official
Noerlina Official Hace 7 horas
Aku kesini Untuk melihat Logo Aespa yg muncul di klip Ini
Naza García
Naza García Hace 8 horas
Came here after finding out that the logo at the end of the vid is SM new group Aespa omg
Gretel Mariñas
Gretel Mariñas Hace 8 horas
So that was indeed a hint for smngg aespa
carmen09 Hace 9 horas
This song is so catchy! I'm not tired to listen to it, and when I listen to Monster and Infinity by separated is another experience (*゚∀゚*)
Reign Hace 9 horas
so aespa???
Dana Hugel
Dana Hugel Hace 9 horas
omg that's the aespa logo at the end
Nadzwa Suad
Nadzwa Suad Hace 9 horas
Gila suara Baekhyun enak banget sama ten
hi hi
hi hi Hace 9 horas
0:16 absjsvfmfnd whO MADE HIM MOAN????
emily Hace 9 horas
okay but what does aespa have to do with super m i’m-
Camila Hace 9 horas
Kpop Doc
Kpop Doc Hace 9 horas
20_10_26 6:40 p.m. 19,467,241
farxi nura
farxi nura Hace 9 horas
Welcome aespa. I'm supporting my boys sisters, I'm sure they will be great. That ending was genius.
Serpil Idriz
Serpil Idriz Hace 9 horas
4:02 so this æ sign was for AESPA omg I'm so excited
Asmaa xx
Asmaa xx Hace 10 horas
The Aespa group logo at the end- SM really dropped that there expecting us to guess😭
I.T. Hace 10 horas
They really spoilered aespa in this masterpieces and we all asked ourself what this is, if it's related to the new comeback and such. - we really are clowns
Jen Hace 10 horas
#SuperM fans please vote them on IdolChamp app for APAN Music Awards - Popularity award. Lets help recognized the brilliant songs or music they served us in a span of year 😘 #SuperOne 💖
Glory Mer
Glory Mer Hace 10 horas
No se olviden de apoyar a KAI en su nuevo proyecto el domingo 1 de noviembre a las 8 am. En el canal de ESshow de Hyundai Worldwide...
Celine G
Celine G Hace 10 horas
Vote for SuperM on the IdolChamp app for the 2020 APAN Popularity Award.
Irene Serrano
Irene Serrano Hace 11 horas
All of you coming here for the logo you'd better str34m this song as it deserves!!! not just write a commemt and leave!!!
Cruz Hace 11 horas
here str34ming nct 127, taemin and superm. don't mind me
maggie ¡!
maggie ¡! Hace 11 horas
at the end appears the logo of the new girl group of sm :oooooooooooo
Bella C.a.T
Bella C.a.T Hace 11 horas
4:01 Aespa still not debuted but i'm a new fan!
No More dream
No More dream Hace 11 horas
LG Wing 😮
Bella C.a.T
Bella C.a.T Hace 11 horas
4:01 we waiting the Aespa debut
bianca porta
bianca porta Hace 11 horas
El logo de aespa sale al final del MV yo-
Simin Bubu
Simin Bubu Hace 11 horas
Taemin Taeyong Ten Lucas Mark Kai Baekhyun *SuperM*
Chan's Dimple
Chan's Dimple Hace 11 horas
aespa logo at the end of the mv we are all clowns yuhut
Sara oliveira
Sara oliveira Hace 11 horas
Será que vai ter colab com aespa
Suhani Fighters
Suhani Fighters Hace 12 horas
All the way to infinity I love you Super M
samuel Mendez
samuel Mendez Hace 12 horas
Now we know why at the end we see “æ” because SM give us a spoiler of the new girl group “ÆSPA”
Trianis magnae
Trianis magnae Hace 12 horas
4:05 aespa logo.
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