His Identity Was Stolen!
I Was Wrong
Hace 14 días
Stuart Taracena
Stuart Taracena Hace 8 horas
This man has his whole career set on paper bruh
Iraq Lobster
Iraq Lobster Hace 8 horas
How Dare U to Photoshop Aaron Rodgers in a damn Chicago Bears Uniform
Jeremy Backman
Jeremy Backman Hace 8 horas
Honestly dont think any pro athlete needs more than like 100,000 a year. It's getting absurd.
shawty Hace 8 horas
“Knocked him out in like 7 seconds or something like that” Jorge: 3 second knockout
Rick Sautner
Rick Sautner Hace 8 horas
I'll be damned if they take my rebel flag away
Acrocanthosaurus Hace 8 horas
When a group of Native American Indians were asked to choose the new name for the Boston Braves they chose the name Redskins. Indians are not offended by the term. Never were. So What are we actually talking about here?
C. Ruf
C. Ruf Hace 8 horas
When are the Cowboys going to change their name?. Per their mantle, They were 19th century terrorists, racists (esp. against Indians and Hispanics), anti-law enforcement, and common criminals (well on second thought not unlike many recent Cowboy teams).
Glo Gang Promoter
Glo Gang Promoter Hace 8 horas
Aaron Should Go To The Steelers Or New England
Noah Hace 8 horas
I believe in Mahomes ability to stay on top, but McNabb had a 12 year deal, Favre, Culpepper, Vick and Bledsoe got 10 years...
Jd Miles
Jd Miles Hace 8 horas
I'd bet on Luka over mahomes
Elon H
Elon H Hace 8 horas
Aaaaaaaand he gets injured....
satanlaffing Hace 8 horas
They should just shorten the name to the REDS & change the logo/uniform to the old yellow helmet with The Big "R".
DabingIsfun Hace 8 horas
I belive david blough will
Jessica Patton
Jessica Patton Hace 8 horas
NASCAR's going to be stronger than ever filling every seat you watch I am
S Patton
S Patton Hace 8 horas
Do people not realize that you are supposed to name a team after something that is fierce and intimidating? Having a team named after your people is an honor. Even if it’s not what they wanted to be called. The Japanese called the sr71 habu. It was because they were simultaneously intimidated and trying to belittle the u.s. The Air Force owned it and sr71 pilots wore habu patches on their flight suits. This is all stupid. This culture is so freaking messed up you can’t even call a woman pretty anymore. What is wrong with people?
Mauldania Hace 8 horas
Kenny "missed your shot" Smith
N A Hace 8 horas
Mahomes signs contract with the Kansas City -Chiefs- *Prarie Dogs* for 10 years! Come on we all know Chiefs is offensive
c roach
c roach Hace 8 horas
Is that after his dad took 200k from college
Oops Oops
Oops Oops Hace 8 horas
Chiefs wont win another SB for another 50 yrs.
Kyle Farley
Kyle Farley Hace 8 horas
Pat on trending 😍
Swaggz52 Hace 8 horas
Didn’t know you could get apts with the doctor at Espnla 🤔 🤔
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Hace 8 horas
As a KC native, I would wish nothing but glorious health and prosperity to Patrick and everyone else who plays in the NFL. I'm stoked more than ever for the next season for the Chiefs.
FidelCatto Hace 8 horas
I mean the dude's payout is coming in at roughly 40 million a year this is 5 million higher than the next highest paid quarterback. Highly doubt another quarterback reaches 40 million in the next 5 years at least in pay. Especially because there really aren't any current QBs active that are anywhere near Mahomes level. Although 30 million a year was big news in 2018 so maybe by 2025 Mahomes will be one of the worst paid QBs
Conner Bennett
Conner Bennett Hace 8 horas
The D.C. Natives. Simple, keeps the style, just changes the names
Maury Hutchins
Maury Hutchins Hace 8 horas
jesus christ they know nothing outside of the midwest
Red King
Red King Hace 8 horas
Well here me out what about the DC freedom?
Jax Munroe
Jax Munroe Hace 8 horas
Bahhhhhhh im tired if being humble?bahhhhhhh these guys dont live in reality!this is a reason no one should listen to anything sports people have to say!!!
collector96 Hace 8 horas
This video got a LIKE and made me SUBSCRIBE. Good inside on the nfl
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez Hace 8 horas
SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!💰💰💰💰💰💰 -Jerry Maguire
Garrick Oestriecher
Garrick Oestriecher Hace 8 horas
LeBong Jaymes
LeBong Jaymes Hace 8 horas
The clippers are winning the whole thing
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Hace 8 horas
I'd love to see Mahomes and the Chiefs rewrite the Super Bowl record book. Most wins, most wins in a row, most consecutive appearances, most SB rings. EVER.
Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez Hace 8 horas
Yes I’m biased but what Mahomes has been in the league for 2-3 years? I don’t think he deserves that much. I personally think that Mike Trout is the only Athlete in sports to have gotten a contract north of 400 Million.
Eclipse Playys
Eclipse Playys Hace 8 horas
Pat can you have a voice if your own?? Or you like ESPN?
Zach Stern
Zach Stern Hace 8 horas
Tyron smith deserves every penny
U Tube Surfer
U Tube Surfer Hace 8 horas
call them Romans
collector96 Hace 8 horas
NFL will not start this year . I'll bet anything . If anything itll take till December
Aaron Drake
Aaron Drake Hace 8 horas
The Denzel Washington s new name for the redskins
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Hace 8 horas
Super Bowl champs and 12 more years with the Myhomies. It'll be an interesting 12 years. Hopefully the Chiefs will be able to rewrite a good chunk of the NFL records. I would love to see Mahomes have only ONE TEAM in his entire NFL career. Give him a lifetime contract like the Royals gave George Brett.
Dalton Woods
Dalton Woods Hace 8 horas
They said let’s lock this man up for his whole career
Tobes Hace 8 horas
Part of me hopes he goes to the AFC East
Wayne Caudill
Wayne Caudill Hace 8 horas
Washington Warriors! Make their logo the spear it use to be!
Bryson Candelaria
Bryson Candelaria Hace 8 horas
Oh no Pat 🤦🏻‍♂️ lmao Americans need to stop talking about soccer
negative muse
negative muse Hace 8 horas
Mitchell trubisky
Alex James
Alex James Hace 8 horas
I love Law Abiding Citizens. Great dumb fun vengeance movie
Jaxon Smith
Jaxon Smith Hace 8 horas
From what I understand it's broken down into 2 five yr periods in the contract so it's good for both Pat & the team. It will still allow KC to put good players around Pat
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Hace 8 horas
$500 Million Dollar Man. That's the front page of the KC Star today.
Uncle Nature
Uncle Nature Hace 8 horas
Lmao Pat. I know it's shocking but Gilbert is as Brazilian as it gets
ratt pack
ratt pack Hace 8 horas
No McAfee and Hawk this week?
Dalton Woods
Dalton Woods Hace 8 horas
Dak rn: 👁👄👁
s lee
s lee Hace 8 horas
How are they paying for half that if no one is going to the games?
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez Hace 8 horas
DC Crooks
MixDatSalt Hace 8 horas
The only other thing about Lamar is he's 0-2 in playoffs on REALLY good teams. He's still extremely early in his career, but I think it's critical they win a playoff game this year.
Ashton King
Ashton King Hace 8 horas
God I wish they wouldn’t talk about mma
TheSilentHeel Hace 8 horas
Lynch seems like such an awesome guy to chill with. Laid back, and always himself. Pat did a phenomenal job in making him feel comfortable.
aveo 26
aveo 26 Hace 8 horas
Washington Wilsons? They play at FedEx field so why not a Castaway reference?
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez Hace 8 horas
Just change the name to the Native Americans
Northern Productions
Northern Productions Hace 8 horas
He makes $2.8M per game if he played every single game over the next 10 years. Or $860k per week whether he is working or not. Or nearly $1 per second for the next decade...
umaru barrie
umaru barrie Hace 8 horas
Only military people understand “about face!!”
Korben Jewkes
Korben Jewkes Hace 8 horas
I personally know lots of Indians and they wear redskins merchandise all over the place they love that they have representation
Akwasi Ohemeng
Akwasi Ohemeng Hace 8 horas
How bout the Washington Pigskins
John Kalba
John Kalba Hace 8 horas
One of the best names for a game.......Cornhole -sounds like a game played in the woods somewhere down south.
Tyler Brunstolio
Tyler Brunstolio Hace 8 horas
Let em know
Tom Riddle
Tom Riddle Hace 8 horas
Washington Cucks is the only name Washington deserves.
Tucson_Raised Hace 8 horas
Boys! You need to have a subscriber tournament for your partner!!
Miguel Chaires
Miguel Chaires Hace 8 horas
That’s a small desk bro
Louis Hace 8 horas
Better sign a prenup lol
Bear Down
Bear Down Hace 8 horas
Hes such an ass he will probably go with Washington snyders
93 Til Infinity Steez47
93 Til Infinity Steez47 Hace 8 horas
What happens if Mahomes gets injured?
John Arch
John Arch Hace 8 horas
Why would you change anything about the Chiefs that’s not a racist name their Chiefs that’s like saying the DC politicians nothing racist there
John Arch
John Arch Hace 8 horas
Oh my goodness I just came up with their new name the DC politicians or the DC bureaucracy
Matthew Holloway
Matthew Holloway Hace 8 horas
HOW IS KAEPERNICK A " BUSINESS MOGUL"? Def: A person who dominates an enterprise or industry... 🤦‍♂️ C.Kap is a fkn Tard.🤪 I hope he gets Amy Schumer ratings.
Matthew Holloway
Matthew Holloway Hace 8 horas
He pulled the race card about not being hired as a black quarterback in a league THAT HAS Black quarterbacks.
gabriel necuze
gabriel necuze Hace 8 horas
Jesus christ watched this whole show with my girlfriend watching tik tok videos and as soon as Josh McCown started talking my girlfriend became very interested in The Pat McAfee Show all of a sudden
Tucson_Raised Hace 8 horas
Pat! I’m telling you, if you need a partner I am your man! I am undefeated!!
Hamowamo Hace 8 horas
At some point the Chiefs are going to be the 2nd perfect team in the SB era (Shout it to my dolphins)
ghetto_Rigby Hace 8 horas
Buc-ees yes sir
Bear Down
Bear Down Hace 8 horas
Chiefs is kind of like presidents. Shouldn't be offensive.
T0mah4wk-7 Hace 8 horas
I am glad he is getting paid.
Callum Hewitt
Callum Hewitt Hace 8 horas
Sorry nike have slaves
Bear Down
Bear Down Hace 8 horas
As a white man the name white skins would not offend me at all
THIS IS NOT A GAME Hace 8 horas
Ashton Taylor
Ashton Taylor Hace 8 horas
I mean I have Native American friends that find it offensive and I have Native American friends that don’t find it offensive. But I think if the name is so divisive in the first place then change the name. It’s been a source of contention since the 40’s so change it.
joel Walberg
joel Walberg Hace 8 horas
"UNGUARDED" was one of the best 30 for 40 docs out there.
ugh no
ugh no Hace 8 horas
They should keep the name and change the logo to a potato
Trippy Grey
Trippy Grey Hace 8 horas
That Baker part took me out😂
Michael McFly
Michael McFly Hace 8 horas
Never heard of him
Gunnar Matson
Gunnar Matson Hace 8 horas
Why no more mcafee and hawk??
Vincent Wilson
Vincent Wilson Hace 8 horas
Washington orangeskins....
Tomoomba :D
Tomoomba :D Hace 8 horas
No 4:20 start on the intro :( sad days
IrritatedFighter Hace 8 horas
This video shows how casual mma fans are..
richard abbott
richard abbott Hace 8 horas
washington VETO's or IMPEACHMENTS. get fed-ex to go in on it and call them the FED-UPS.
Danut Mititelu
Danut Mititelu Hace 8 horas
Washington Natives
Jason Hojna
Jason Hojna Hace 8 horas
Watson is so underrated
R Pheasant
R Pheasant Hace 8 horas
The contract isn't all that good if you look at the guaranteed money. Only 141 million and the first 3 years is fully guaranteed. There is no way he plays out this contract. This is actually a bad deal for Mahomes. I would've wanted 5 years fully guaranteed. There is no reason for him to take less than that. After that 5 years is up, sign a new massive deal. It does him no good to lock in numbers for that length of time. If he plays poorly or gets hurt, they will cut him anyway. It is foolish to sign a deal that long.
Nathan Flores
Nathan Flores Hace 8 horas
Wheres mcafee and hawk sports talk?
Adam Brown
Adam Brown Hace 8 horas
Cal them the D.C. Virtue Signals
Joe Fogler
Joe Fogler Hace 8 horas
Washington Redtails is named after the first African American military unit. It’s by far the best name they could chose.
James Dean
James Dean Hace 8 horas
Hey pat which cornhole game are you playing? Because I was in prison in the mid 90’s and they had a game named that but it was a whole different game! Usually ended with a sore ass! So needless to say I don’t play either version!!!
Peter Schmitz
Peter Schmitz Hace 8 horas
How about keep the Redskins name but make the logo a redskin potato. It's a win-win, the name stays while also not being racist
ComedyJakob Hace 8 horas
This is a disaster for the NFL.
Kerry Smith
Kerry Smith Hace 8 horas
Check out Katina Eats Kilos. She can put groceries away.