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Analaura Ahuexoteco
Analaura Ahuexoteco Hace 14 horas
I love you Paris🤍
Lindsay Smith
Lindsay Smith Hace 14 horas
Borderline personality disorder. That's what I think. It makes so much sense. And, no, it will never end. Do your best to cope and make your coping mechanisms as healthy as possible. Survival is king.
Bonnie Prodanovic
Bonnie Prodanovic Hace 14 horas
Why does Paris speak so slow? I was worried that she had a stroke that affected her speech. I hope not the case.
Sarah A.
Sarah A. Hace 14 horas
Then maybe this can be just another character she is playing. If she truly was playing a character for all these years, then i cant trust that easily that this is her true self, this could be another persona that she is creating, more fashionable at the moment, this is a great way to draw attention again .... I dont know, i want to believe what she is saying, but ....
charissecoal Hace 14 horas
I think Kim doesnt seem to understand that a part of Paris’s allure is that she came from a wealthy well known dynasty and that factored in the media becoming obsessed with her. Kim’s claim to fame was that her father defended OJ Simpson in court in the 90s. The media literally had no interest in Kim until Kris landed kuwtk. She does have a point about Paris being the first person to become super famous without a career in entertainment, and thats what Kim aspired to 😒
sara jones
sara jones Hace 14 horas
Thank you so much Paris for doing this documentary! Means so much to me.
Kaushik Sindhav
Kaushik Sindhav Hace 14 horas
Ricky Dabral
Ricky Dabral Hace 14 horas
She is the most Beautiful women in the world...
Malkit Dd
Malkit Dd Hace 14 horas
I hate skinny bicth 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
RonniStyles Hace 14 horas
I am so over people like this...I'm sorry but not everyone is born into a fortune. The thing that bothers me the most is that she keeps living a lie, when I think animals need her help more. Never forget where you came from.
Silvi Stan
Silvi Stan Hace 14 horas
Pahleez, Paris, your last vacation wasn’t when you were 15, you’ve been “on vacation” since you were 15... and no wonder you’re bored. But your “privilege wave” has already crashed on the world’s shores.......... an hour and a half in this 1:45 minutes documentary, I’m bored out of my skull as the documentary lacks any plausible content. I read some comments and almost everyone is a Paris lover, but the pathetic part is they have no idea what to say, so they toss the L word around as if somehow that will score them a personal meet and greet with Paris herself at some exclusive, elitist celebrities party, and Paris will introduce the selected fan to all those celebrities as a gratitude gestures and turn that fan into a celebrity just like she did for Kim Kardashian and other “nobodies”. This documentary was a bad move for Paris. It’s empty, shallow, just like her. For Gen X, Paris Hilton will remain the ultimate party girl. Slapping us across the face with a “I was verbally and physically abused in boarding school,” one hundred years later is just not going to resurrect her to fame. She’ll be a “has been” like the rest of them. Maybe if she took out har hair extensions and stopped dating losers she meets in clubs, who, let’s face it “we don’t know what they’re on,” um, yeah, we might consider her attempting to get serious about living the mundane life of us non-famous folk. She created a fantasy world, but, Hey, Paris, the party’s over!
Vintage tears
Vintage tears Hace 14 horas
This makes me sad. I genuinely want her to be happy and take time for herself. Everyone deserves happiness.
Pete Solano
Pete Solano Hace 14 horas
Hey Parris we have something in common we love Lucky Charms and Captain Crunch.
Raya Rasayana
Raya Rasayana Hace 14 horas
For some reason I don’t believe that her parents didn’t know about it.
Yola Wangkay
Yola Wangkay Hace 14 horas
This show explained why she's not married yet. So sad story of life
Cindy Adtrinasari
Cindy Adtrinasari Hace 14 horas
umur dia beraapa ya wkwkw
Elaine Jonson Christie
Elaine Jonson Christie Hace 14 horas
I love Paris Hilton growing up til now, she's so funny and "HOT" LOL people laugh at her coz they're insecure haha!! everyone wants to be her, there's only one Paris Hilton. Love you Paris!! all the best hun❤ and more powers😘
escaped to Vancouver
escaped to Vancouver Hace 14 horas
gee paris only wants to reach out to her provo best friend after all these years, when she wants to make a film.
Grey Matters
Grey Matters Hace 14 horas
I feel like that whole skit with the wristband was just a girls way of causing drama- like throwing a fit at a birthday party. It's irrational, nonsensical, overly dramatic, but so fun. That's hot.
maddie1998ily Hace 14 horas
The "boyfriend" genuinely makes me scared for her. That is not a loving, caring person. Please be careful Paris! I can only imagine how awful things have been for you. I'm so proud of you for speaking out and your fans will always be here for you 💜
Anon Parson
Anon Parson Hace 14 horas
"she is probably one of the most intelligent people you will ever meet" *long pause
Sharona Rafaeloff
Sharona Rafaeloff Hace 14 horas
I went to boot camp then to Provo and the mental abuse, the staff drugging me, the abuse is real. Getting out of there made everything acceptable for others to abuse me. I wish that one day these schools would be shut down for others, I’m thankful that Paris came out and spoke about this, a part of me feels less alone 🦋
Amber Manuel
Amber Manuel Hace 14 horas
Wow she's just like me
Miranda Panda
Miranda Panda Hace 14 horas
I have SO much more respect for her after this. And I can totally see when the voice comes up during difficult times. She is so brave for sharing this and a lot of people, including myself, are able to relate to a lot of what she talked about. We love you, Paris, and were here for you!
Shayna Marie
Shayna Marie Hace 14 horas
Can I be on Paris' team? How did she have her whole team with her letting that guy abuse her... I'm sorry but if I were on the team that would never happen. They should be behind her 100% and have that abusive guy out the moment she says something. She pays their bills after all...
しか勝たんBOT「なかっち」くじゃくん Hace 14 horas
Jemm Rogers
Jemm Rogers Hace 14 horas
I've got a new found total respect for this wonderful woman. I wish you nothing but the very best for you ❤
Swayze 65
Swayze 65 Hace 14 horas
I'm so in love with you🥰
Belen Dominguez
Belen Dominguez Hace 14 horas
I am sending you a big hug Paris
Belen Dominguez
Belen Dominguez Hace 14 horas
I am sending you a big hug Paris
Someone’s channel
Someone’s channel Hace 14 horas
Waw this woman is stunningly strong.. but why didn’t she mention nicole richie??
Bertie Doyle
Bertie Doyle Hace 14 horas
Pure rubbish Her grandfather a billionaire
tera bapp hu mai
tera bapp hu mai Hace 15 horas
Kya be
ROSA SILVA Hace 15 horas
Wow, I feel a connection with you just because we experienced something so traumatic in our lives that moulded us to who we are now. I am so sorry u went through this. May you truly be happy and find LOVE💋
Latisha Dunning
Latisha Dunning Hace 15 horas
This was entertaining, but I don't really feel sorry for celebrities...sorry, not sorry..
Madelyn Povolni
Madelyn Povolni Hace 15 horas
I DONTTTT like her mom😡🤬😡🤬
ezeid137 Hace 15 horas
Her love for animals is so pure and genuine. So cute how she called the rabbit beautiful
Dj Nicoly
Dj Nicoly Hace 15 horas
Amazing , be free !! ❤️ love u Paris
gery samudra
gery samudra Hace 15 horas
But i cant speak english i dont knoe what shes talking abaout🤣🤣
ElliesBack Hace 15 horas
The views just seen botted considering the likes to view ratio tbh
Vicky Piorkowski-Cottereau
Vicky Piorkowski-Cottereau Hace 15 horas
WHATEVER! So really, Paris can't stand the emotion of her friends so she runs up to her shoe closet to process? This sounds like a soap opera to me??? She shows conversations with her mom and there she is.....Kris Jenner, really? Oh no no no no, I responded today because, people need to change. Done
no B
no B Hace 15 horas
Wow... That guy... I just can't....
Betty Pospisil
Betty Pospisil Hace 15 horas
Her boyfriend is toxic. She should get away from him asap.
mscali10 Hace 15 horas
Paris Hilton, Thank you for bringing light to this horrible, uncomfortable topic. Many aren't aware
Delphina Whitehorse
Delphina Whitehorse Hace 15 horas
Her sister hellaaa salty! -> 1 32 15 your welcome >drama
Andy Garza
Andy Garza Hace 15 horas
She reminds me of myself...
Reva The Diva
Reva The Diva Hace 15 horas
Love you Paris! This was so inspiring and I am glad you are healing. You deserve a happy life and you Will have it💕
Emma Bywater
Emma Bywater Hace 15 horas
I LOVE HER. SHE IS A QUEEN. This was amazing
Jazel DeLuna
Jazel DeLuna Hace 15 horas
Your amazing Paris ❤️
MykaAnnProductions Hace 15 horas
I'm proud of you for sharing your story
Angel Crow
Angel Crow Hace 15 horas
She is a nobody and no one cares.
Angel Crow
Angel Crow Hace 15 horas
She is a nobody and no one cares.
Sonya Quijada
Sonya Quijada Hace 15 horas
I always loved Paris but damn now I have so much more respect for you Paris. You and all those other kids didn’t deserve to go through what you guys went through. Geez I knew some of what you did throughout the years wasn’t your true self but I never knew it went this deep. Thank you for showing all of us that not even the richest most influential person who started the whole influencer movement is perfect. Behind all the pics you’re just as real as all of us. You’re amazing. Please don’t feel like you have to hide behind this facade anymore. Be free🥺💕
Emily Millsaps
Emily Millsaps Hace 15 horas
Niki acts like she never did anything outside of perfect
Steve Obrien
Steve Obrien Hace 15 horas
who cares
Ratchet and Fab Adventures
Ratchet and Fab Adventures Hace 15 horas
Angelica Veloz
Angelica Veloz Hace 15 horas
Brahhhhh.. this is legit the definition of depression.. I’ve always said she was in dire need of mental help.. my heart goes out to her 💜 hope she finds what she is looking for because everyone deserves a bit of genuine happiness 💜
Arien Van Stralen
Arien Van Stralen Hace 15 horas
This is why parents need to encourage honest and loving dialogue with their children.
Ashley Acres
Ashley Acres Hace 15 horas
How dare they allow grown men to just take her like that!! Of course that would cause trauma!!!
CryogenicBurn Hace 15 horas
You know i always hated you for your character because i actually thought that is how you were, but seeing you as you i actually like you and have a lot of respect for you. Mad respect
Christine Nelly
Christine Nelly Hace 15 horas
I loved this documentary so much. You can really see how real and raw she is. I hope for the best for her and anyone else thats going through similar situations. Girl you are so strong!!! Much love to you and i hope whatever battles you are going through, you come out stronger ❤
bella Mcfailure
bella Mcfailure Hace 15 horas
*watching this also makes me realize how much tana mongeau fabricates and lies to make her story sound just like paris’s..*
Jem Snow
Jem Snow Hace 15 horas
Crazy camp.
RonniStyles Hace 15 horas
no offence but the poor get poor and the rich get rich...sorry but it's a fact and I think the most important thing, is to take care of yourself no matter which you come from. Never let life overrule you that is when I think you have failed.
Ashley Acres
Ashley Acres Hace 15 horas
Rich parents act surprised when they hear the bad stuff that happened to their kids. You didn’t see it because the priorities are different than a family dynamic. It’s a business dynamic instead.
Pamela Soda
Pamela Soda Hace 15 horas
He loves me so much that’s why he’s going this crazy... my thoughts every time. I felt that Paris.
meh S
meh S Hace 15 horas
didn't even know paris hilton was still alive in 2019/2020. why does she think she needs to make a documentary about herself? why does she think people need or want to hear about her worry-less privileged lifestyle. you're filthy rich and never had to work a day in your life or worry about money. 98% of the world spends their entire lives worried about money and how we're going to make money to buy food for our families, because people like paris her family and all billionaires hoard 90% of all the worlds money in bank accounts and keep it from the rest of us. they don't use that money, it just sits in banks while the rest of us starve to death and work our lives away as slaves to the billionaires. Paris doesn't deserve a platform and no one should listen to her. I'm only here to write this comment and I will leave this video. I won't listen to anything this spoiled rich girl has to say.
Essi Kah
Essi Kah Hace 15 horas
Wtf was wrong with her BF????
ummarah shah
ummarah shah Hace 15 horas
What a freak of a boyfriend.. the fact that she put up with him shows how desperate for love she is. #IloveParisHilton
Kiera Johnston
Kiera Johnston Hace 15 horas
THANK YOU PARIS ✨💋This was amazing & very interesting to say the least.... You made me cry 😢 I’m srry your parents did that. I will say SORRY for them since they didn’t have the balls to do so. You are a TRUE ICON✨💕👑Queen PARIS for President !!!
doc futuresoul
doc futuresoul Hace 15 horas
How could her parents not check in the establishment where she was? I have known that rich people are self absorbed and now she portrays that somewhere too . All this rich people are like this because they are traumatised and conditioned to be cruel to others as they faced it too
Benjamin Guillot
Benjamin Guillot Hace 15 horas
Cynthia Macaringue
Cynthia Macaringue Hace 15 horas
Ppl judged her to be a bratty/stupid/entitled person... all this time she was dealing with all this... I feel so bad, she's such a strong person
rrivera iea
rrivera iea Hace 15 horas
That was fun and it looked mighty delicious!
elenatella Hace 15 horas
Her mom looks more ashame than sorry
Janette Juarez Vega
Janette Juarez Vega Hace 15 horas
Thank you. You and the other women are an inspiration! No one deserves to go through and live with the trauma of what happened to all of you. I hope your courage in speaking out about those awful places helps other children! I wish you all the best in your journey to being happy. We all deserve to be happy!! But it starts with accepting ourselves and loving ourselves first. When that happens I know you'll find that special person to share your life with. Again thank you
Ariana H
Ariana H Hace 15 horas
I'm only halfway through and I already abhor the sister and mom. Paris is drama...look at you whining because she wants to go back for her sunglasses. Personally I think shes jealous because Paris actually made something of herself and she...I'm sorry what does she do? Honestly I dont blame Paris for not trusting her family...especially when they dont reach out to comfort her when shes obviously hurting.
France Anne
France Anne Hace 15 horas
I feel like the main cause of all of this is her own family... 😶
Aisha Aisha
Aisha Aisha Hace 15 horas
Definition of strong woman Paris
Joanne Joanne
Joanne Joanne Hace 15 horas
The Scapegoat of a narcissistic family, forever apologising and who clearly has no boundaries..... I know because it used to be me. The paparazzi/fans etc are mirroring her clear lack of boundaries to her. She needs to go no contact with her family, her sister included.