Doja Cat - Say So (Audio)
Doja Cat - Shine (Audio)
Doja Cat - Juicy (Audio)
Doja Cat - MOOO! (Audio)
Doja Cat - Casual (Audio)
Doja Cat - Game (Audio)
Doja Cat - Fancy (Audio)
Doja Cat - Candy (Audio)
Help me reach 100 subs with a few videos
Help me reach 100 subs with a few videos Hace 8 horas
Sad pony: *"How aesthetic"* 69: *yes*
Masha Hace 8 horas
❤❤❤❤❤❤ absolutely love this
Ady's Channel
Ady's Channel Hace 8 horas
Who came here from ESshowrs sings??????
Thomas Farmer
Thomas Farmer Hace 8 horas
2:44!?! That's less than 3 minutes! It seems we're going back to the 60ies when singles usually clocked in just under 3 minutes. Is that all the attention span (young) people have nowadays? Apart from the visuals, I recall nothing from the song. #forgettable
Dericka Pointer
Dericka Pointer Hace 8 horas
At the fist part I really thought it was the actual the twins
d h
d h Hace 8 horas
damn that’s catchy~ dh waz here
6ix9ine fan
6ix9ine fan Hace 8 horas
Самая топовая песня
Camden DuBois
Camden DuBois Hace 8 horas
Brooo I got one of those trending galaxy projectors on TikTok that you can play music on from and I’m gonna play this on it and vibe out
N O Hace 8 horas
M a r i à
M a r i à Hace 8 horas
0:42 Hola 1:49 1:59
Floomy Flooms
Floomy Flooms Hace 8 horas
Bet everyone’s here from Tik Tok
Laura Fiorica
Laura Fiorica Hace 8 horas
Ciao italiano che sta guardando i commenti per cercare un un italiano
Tequila Tequila
Tequila Tequila Hace 8 horas
If you feel useless, just think about Doja’s pants
_0523 solleen 94
_0523 solleen 94 Hace 8 horas
Nahi Hai
Nahi Hai Hace 8 horas
This song is about Cunnilingus.
Lukas VP26
Lukas VP26 Hace 8 horas
Who else recognizes how many times you have driven past that car in the background in gta 5?
Thoi Phongsaphang
Thoi Phongsaphang Hace 8 horas
my thoughts on doja cat what dafuq? i aint no racist, its just preferences not a fan of dark skinned girls but to be honest she hot man like what the fuck she hot just shut up and look at her and appreciate it. the name doja cat itself is STUPID, but it perfectly fits with the artist so its not stupid its FUCKING AWESOME. rating for this thic MV them dance moves 60points the music 40points animation 40points if the score is 100 i would give her 140 im sold take my money ill buy your music ill listen to it, ill be your fan from now on.
Nathy Prado
Nathy Prado Hace 8 horas
Não sei oq essa mulher viu de bonito nessa roupa
Future EZ
Future EZ Hace 8 horas
Only here for the tings if you know you know 😉
soft punk
soft punk Hace 8 horas
doja cat's music sounds like recycled sub-par 2k's songs.what a fucking waste of sound
jentlehome Hace 8 horas
me when im lying:
Bridget Bundle
Bridget Bundle Hace 8 horas
She never disappoints. Her videos are 💣
Brave Artists
Brave Artists Hace 9 horas
I find this artist very confusing
Kyamuuuii ii
Kyamuuuii ii Hace 9 horas
So is nobody gonna talk about how they didnt credit the original artist that animated the scenes? credit to @Lu_Curie from twitter
Alice Alcinar
Alice Alcinar Hace 9 horas
*No one is talking about the man. Damn he’s sexy😍* Does anybody know his full name or insta?
LaJay Baby
LaJay Baby Hace 9 horas
Coco Bill
Coco Bill Hace 9 horas
I can't stop listening to this song
teenamazingsquad. Hace 9 horas
Is this the same woman that promised we would see tits if we put Say So on #1 only to get trolled? 🤔
chile anyway so
chile anyway so Hace 8 horas
it was a joke lmaoo
jentlehome Hace 8 horas
Maitry Chowdhury
Maitry Chowdhury Hace 9 horas
Priceless Raw
Priceless Raw Hace 9 horas
If this ain’t stripclub music I don’t know what is. Good song, I can see the strippers now
Tshepo Aubrey
Tshepo Aubrey Hace 9 horas
Every morning I listen to this jaaaaaaam; what Doja Cat & Gucci Mane did on this song cannot be undone. I fucking love it
• dawg •
• dawg • Hace 9 horas
Doja Cat- Woahh Dancing Sailor Moon And Dude You Rock That Outfit
I sub to everybody Who subs to me
I sub to everybody Who subs to me Hace 9 horas
She twerked so I forgive her 💕
LPS BlueRoses `
LPS BlueRoses ` Hace 9 horas
HellaSinful Hace 9 horas
So this is the what the fake Broward coward song is from
yarlagadda maneesh sai
yarlagadda maneesh sai Hace 9 horas
She have that charisma and she is enigmatic!!if not for quarantine she would have hit Billboard
Deacon Wolfe
Deacon Wolfe Hace 9 horas
Degenerate music
emerald Hace 9 horas
ok Deacon Wolfe
Gideon Okwena
Gideon Okwena Hace 9 horas
I just relized that all of Dojas songs are TikTok songs
Bastien Hace 9 horas
Namia Saiba
Namia Saiba Hace 9 horas
الواتســـاب 0079672701955 whatapps📲 بامكانك ايجاد اكبر الاوفرات المتخصصة ادويه المشااااكل الخاصه بغرف النوم مع الحكيم طلحت ✨✨تضخيم الغضيب و تاخير الكب و تقوية الانتصاب ✨✨ من اجل الاستفسار عبر تطبيقات واتس اب على الرقم المعتمد0079672701955
mae mae
mae mae Hace 9 horas
animation is like a winx character tries hard to be like anime kudos to the animator though
Davide Wernstrung
Davide Wernstrung Hace 9 horas
This video looks cheap as hell
ITZ WAVY23 Hace 9 horas
Where all the kkk members at
Phoenix Power
Phoenix Power Hace 9 horas
Reminds me of Sailor moon! I like it
Olivia Myat
Olivia Myat Hace 9 horas
I didn't come here bc of tik tok
ayy lmao
ayy lmao Hace 9 horas
Love her but wtf is she wearing??
si em
si em Hace 9 horas
Kittens where you at?
Bryce Watts
Bryce Watts Hace 9 horas
I’m here for the ass
Andre Odett Aguilar Sustaita
Andre Odett Aguilar Sustaita Hace 9 horas
Parece un personaje de la familia peluche
Laura Rodriguez
Laura Rodriguez Hace 9 horas
when you stop singing let's go
Gabriel Osorio Andón
Gabriel Osorio Andón Hace 9 horas
Levonnga Collins
Levonnga Collins Hace 9 horas
Nobody: ........ Rico Nasty: I just made a 100k in two weeks lil bitch. Do you need me to pull it up?!?!?! Nobody Again:....... Me: Umm Yes 🤷🏾‍♀️😭😭🤣🤣
ursula Seo
ursula Seo Hace 9 horas
I luv you😍
Chocolate Droppa
Chocolate Droppa Hace 9 horas
Its a gud song, to bad she’s a RACIST
Levonnga Collins
Levonnga Collins Hace 9 horas
My twins are big doe, I'm 44DD 😁😁🤷🏾‍♀️
Levonnga Collins
Levonnga Collins Hace 9 horas
Omg the looks and fashion on this video. I just want my life to feel like this everyday 😭😭💜💚🧡🧡❤️♥️. I love you Doja😍😍😍
¿¿Unknown Mystery??
¿¿Unknown Mystery?? Hace 9 horas
0:52 nobody gonna talk about how packin he is 🥵🥵🥵
hungrychance14 Hace 9 horas
Between the Sheets - Isley Brothers instrumental has stood the test of time. They keep remixing that joint.
Reckless Jayy1
Reckless Jayy1 Hace 9 horas
This song by itself is a whole vibe
theSea Hace 9 horas
She's gorgeous...but who is the dude!?!? PLEASE!!! HE IS SO FINEEE
벌룬후장 Hace 9 horas
Ya 여기한국in 없냐,,, 저 옷 볼때마다 중국 애기들 똥꼬만 도려놓은 옷같-A!!!!! 그리고 누가 도자캣한테 세일러moon보여줬냐,,,아니,,,이 애매한 일본감성+부담스러운 엉동이 조합,,,유교걸에게,,,위험하다,,
Klivia Valdez
Klivia Valdez Hace 9 horas
Me encanta tu voz!
Levonnga Collins
Levonnga Collins Hace 9 horas
I love how she portrayed the different types of A.I. females. Definitely giving me future costume ideas 😍🖤💜💜💚🧡💛
Ms. Keisha
Ms. Keisha Hace 9 horas
Doja's ass is so thicc its got wrinkles- (yes thats a good thing)
noaplayz Hace 9 horas
At this point why does she even wears clothes xD
Levonnga Collins
Levonnga Collins Hace 9 horas
Doja's videos are ssooo fucking creative and fun to watch. Meant to be viewed multiple times 😁👀👀
Vanessa Bhowanibhik
Vanessa Bhowanibhik Hace 9 horas
She's pretty
Vanessa Bhowanibhik
Vanessa Bhowanibhik Hace 9 horas
She's pretty
jon bellion
jon bellion Hace 9 horas
kinda disturbed by backup dancers mask.
SpongeTitan 99
SpongeTitan 99 Hace 10 horas
DAY TO NIGHT TO MORNING? I thought it was didn’t have to notice
Star Smith
Star Smith Hace 10 horas
do i make u horny baby
Marilyn Lira
Marilyn Lira Hace 10 horas
This video is sooo satisfying
Pink_Diamond Hace 10 horas
Natural bodies I love. It's definitely more attractive!! Who agrees? She kills me in the purple 👙
Alex Chavez
Alex Chavez Hace 10 horas
No lie this song makes me wanna go on a Cruz or something through the summer in a joy ride. And it has positive vibes so Doja came in clutch with this one NO CAP in my rap!!!!💯💯💯☝🏼🙏🏼🔥🔥🔥
Kirko _DTC
Kirko _DTC Hace 10 horas
I like good bread and I like good head
Adrian De La Cruz
Adrian De La Cruz Hace 10 horas
She’s finneee Asf I swear
Charliegone Hace 9 horas
Yeah man she totally my type.
Tatiana Dias
Tatiana Dias Hace 10 horas
When this music play at work and u need control your ass ups i wanna say body 😂😅
Kirsten Taylor
Kirsten Taylor Hace 10 horas
This is so vintage and my type of aesthetic Luv it girlie
David fernando Oviedo
David fernando Oviedo Hace 10 horas
like si vienes por la cancion de "hace tiempo que mi corazon no se enamora" donde baila una chinita baila
Кәусар Алмасқызы
Кәусар Алмасқызы Hace 10 horas
Bxby Lol
Bxby Lol Hace 10 horas
Is Doja cat really a cat?
APO LAVANO Hace 10 horas
More cuter and creative than left eye 95. Mfers would get in debt on credit repayments to keep this cat happy baby and will see unicorns and rainbows in their dreams. Just talkin shit.
Amarria Barnes
Amarria Barnes Hace 10 horas
Zeyad Hesham
Zeyad Hesham Hace 10 horas
Nicki Minaj felt jealous
Fatma Nuriyeva
Fatma Nuriyeva Hace 10 horas
Steven B.
Steven B. Hace 10 horas
Black and Brown women are the best looking women.
Eloise Seccombe
Eloise Seccombe Hace 10 horas
Stormtrooper? XD Shes so pretty that it hurts my face ;-;
KrisC shops
KrisC shops Hace 10 horas
The end! Yaaaassss!
sophie Hace 10 horas
the "we aint forget" bitches be the first one that be watching 😒
Bro Annoying
Bro Annoying Hace 10 horas
BRUHHHHH she droppin bangers lately
Melinda V
Melinda V Hace 10 horas
Cute, light-hearted, cool disco vibes. Easy-going music :)
TheKornum Hace 10 horas
Antonella Sialer Bocanegra
Antonella Sialer Bocanegra Hace 10 horas
She looks white, what the heeeeell, I thought she had aphro blood and that it was the reason she had that striking body xD Is she now tanned or sth?
memo Ordonez
memo Ordonez Hace 10 horas
This about to be ass Gucci mane is in it
ella zo -
ella zo - Hace 10 horas
y’all saying the rumours are fake when there’s literally videos backing up her cancellation. but nice video, 10/10! 🤝
CallmeSO Hace 10 horas
Tha hell!!! What is she selling my daughter?!! 👎👎👎
Bob Hace 10 horas
I like it. I like it. I like it Tha tha tha that's my shit 😝
Blades Hace 10 horas
Bob just stop.
Bob Hace 10 horas
"Do it like that and I'll repay it" nasty Doja let's gooooo, and that split in the end of the vid is smth else 😋
Marcos Aguilar
Marcos Aguilar Hace 10 horas
I sort of wish Gwen Stefani would make a song with her. Two unique female pop artists👌🏻
ariel mayordomo
ariel mayordomo Hace 10 horas
so cute
Give me them memes
Give me them memes Hace 10 horas
*_Her talent will always outshine the ignorance of others._*
Pink C
Pink C Hace 10 horas
I want to like it. But I can't get past her putting on and hating her blackness. She will definitely be missed on my playlist.
Xanny X
Xanny X Hace 9 horas
She doesn’t hate her blackness. It was a fake claim made by a man who wanted to ruin her career.
DJ Peelout 'Mixtape Boss
DJ Peelout 'Mixtape Boss Hace 10 horas
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