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Princess Mary Stella
Princess Mary Stella Hace 10 horas
Love this very much because Nigeria is in a mess now and need this song now seriously, thanks so much Demi Lovato
Tara Gold
Tara Gold Hace 10 horas
She's absolutely incredible, brave, and strong.
Courtney Phillips
Courtney Phillips Hace 10 horas
TRUMP 2020!!!!
JMoneyy Hace 10 horas
I speak success to anyone who see this ❤️#Bless #Support each other
Princess Mary Stella
Princess Mary Stella Hace 10 horas
Love this like million times nice song
CJ Zanders
CJ Zanders Hace 10 horas
OMG, they even have her shedding a tear in the video. What was that, eye drops? CGI? Trump 2020. YEEAAAWWWWW.
Briana Larenas
Briana Larenas Hace 10 horas
Demi u r literally my favorite artist, you’ve been through so much and even when u get down or hit the ground u still always come back up stronger and glowing!!!!! And this was amazing I’m so happy u did this it was just amazing there aren’t enough words to describe how much I admire you keep making music and messages through them plz never change ❤️❤️ would be an honor to even meet you in my life love u Demi
sTeven jOhn MUSIC
sTeven jOhn MUSIC Hace 10 horas
I’m so glad Im older than you. In Five years the view from above is much clearer, you’ll get there.
Rina Dana
Rina Dana Hace 10 horas
Hello people!! I have a debate protrump could someone help sharing me a true websites or articles protrump about why he have to be relected ????
Rebecca DiFava
Rebecca DiFava Hace 10 horas
I would be so ashamed to sing this song about our President. This is so disrespectful! I'm sure he does have nights when he can't sleep. People talk so many lies about him. It is so sad!😔
Bryan Ziemski
Bryan Ziemski Hace 10 horas
This is a sad view of reality, you are so incorrect, that’s why I can breath.
Yolanda Jerome
Yolanda Jerome Hace 10 horas
Jeez, y'all talk so much. Just post the lyrics already.
Reaper345 Reaper456
Reaper345 Reaper456 Hace 10 horas
Shutting down systems for your personal gain tell her to Obama please
Carnage Hace 10 horas
respect to my man travis
Gantiz Hace 10 horas
María Florencia Torres Urciuoli
María Florencia Torres Urciuoli Hace 10 horas
If I can write my feelings...
הופעה שהות
הופעה שהות Hace 10 horas
Long live Nigeria 🇳🇬 From Israel 🇮🇱🇳🇬🇮🇱
Sam Reilly
Sam Reilly Hace 10 horas
Another used idiot
Lois Osehenye
Lois Osehenye Hace 10 horas
This song should be dedicated to Nigeria 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬... Because basically everything she sang is what is happening in Nigeria right now.. #Endsars #Endpolicebrutality #lekkimassacre
Sushmeet 14
Sushmeet 14 Hace 10 horas
BIDEN 2020
Marilu Lopez
Marilu Lopez Hace 10 horas
i actually started crying not even 30 seconds into the video
Mandii Brooks
Mandii Brooks Hace 10 horas
Just another democratic pawn
Fab Songz
Fab Songz Hace 10 horas
This brought tears to my eyes...Nigerians🇳🇬 in the comment section can relate..#Endbadgovernment....Dami made this song for us 😭😭😭😭
Eche Evelyn
Eche Evelyn Hace 10 horas
🇳🇬Nigeria will be great again ✊ Thank you Demi for this beautiful song!
ο ήλιος είναι λάμψη
ο ήλιος είναι λάμψη Hace 10 horas
I love this song! Love from SWEDEN 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪❤️
Colton Hace 10 horas
Oh Dumi, please don't even pretend that you were nervous to release this song. Being critical of President Trump is THE popular thing to do in Hollywood and the media. You weren't risking your career even in the slightest by doing this and you know that.
J Boss
J Boss Hace 10 horas
J Boss It amazes me how she wrote a song that’s obviously about President Trump. He doesn’t get paid to be president so I’m not sure how he lines his pockets deep. How is it anyone’s fault who dies from covid? She needs to get her facts right before writing a song about someone! What happened to the Demi that’s against bullying/tearing someone down? I used her music to get through a lot of things but I can’t support someone that writes music about someone they know nothing about. I respect everyone’s opinions when it come to politics because everyone isn’t going to vote for the same person otherwise it wouldn’t be a race but to write a song like this I’ve lost all respect for her. Don’t be a ass kisser and say you’ll be in the streets because that’s what your “fans” want to hear because everyone knows there’s absolutely no way you’ll be out there! Your singing what your “fan base wants to hear but I guess that’s because you’ll be “lining your pockets deep” when they purchase this song! However I did go out and vote so my voice can be heard! #TRUMP2020
Triple Seven Vlog
Triple Seven Vlog Hace 10 horas
Isn't this song like 6 years too late? Obama is not the president anymore! #obamagate
Peacock Life
Peacock Life Hace 10 horas
From: America To: America 🇺🇸
Ramsey Ifada
Ramsey Ifada Hace 10 horas
Do we have Nigerians watching this, this is what we're facing currently now 😭😭😭😭
Joel Hace 10 horas
This applies more to other countries than its intended audience of the USA because it's simply misleading. Almost none of what she says applies to Trump.
Eitan Amiad
Eitan Amiad Hace 10 horas
Taking political advice from a heroin addicted Disney actor, what a joke.
Eitan Amiad
Eitan Amiad Hace 10 horas
This is such a joke.
Mike Luke
Mike Luke Hace 10 horas
That was beautifully done. Thank you Demi for sharing your words. ET Canada brought me here and I’m glad I watched the interview to recommend me here.
adediji richard
adediji richard Hace 10 horas
Moved to tears when I saw the sign language!!! How can you not hear the dumb even when they speak?????! #ENDSARS✊✊✊😥😥😥
Javyroo Hace 10 horas
Trump 2020🇺🇲 I can't wait to see the libtards cry when Trump is reelected 😂
Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith Hace 11 horas
This is the funniest video I’ve ever seen! Demi Lovato is such a joke!!
christinagreekct Hace 11 horas
I wonder how do you sleep at night Demi Lovato???? when people are homeless don't have nowhere to lay their heads ????because they lost all they had because of pandemic ????how do you sleep at night comfy and you nice bed.... if you are rich no problem..
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith Hace 11 horas
One nation, under God, indivisible FOR REAL
Master Ferragamo
Master Ferragamo Hace 11 horas
J'adore. Elle m'a beaucoup touchée !
Billyzz786 Hace 11 horas
Love!!! ❤✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿❤
she is love144
she is love144 Hace 11 horas
Damn girl ..applause to you hun
salauddin fathia
salauddin fathia Hace 11 horas
hearing this song as a NIGERIAN at this time breaks me
noravsoto Hace 11 horas
I think she's getting ahead of herself...Biden is not the commander in chief and God willing he will never be!
Matt Rutledge
Matt Rutledge Hace 11 horas
LMAO!!! HOT GARBAGE!!! Stay in your lane!! You know, NOT politics. Entertainers should entertain. If it weren't for all the BS and lies she's perpetuating, it might have been... alright.. i guess..
Matt Rutledge
Matt Rutledge Hace 10 horas
@rebecca stefan I have no interest in denying her rights at all. She should be free to make as big of an idiot of herself as she wants to (and clearly that's what she wants to do!). Just funny that someone in the entertainment industry wants to be taken seriously about politics or anything else.
rebecca stefan
rebecca stefan Hace 10 horas
No no no(: You have to allow her, her right to speak- she is making the leftist ideas look vapid and misinformed. Intelligent people will be able to see past the corny bullshit manipulation that is this video and see that she clearly has no idea what she’s talking about and that her only knowledge about how this country is run is from what she hears from a Hollywood bimbo publicist or sees on Instagram.
Quinten van Tonder
Quinten van Tonder Hace 11 horas
I WISH You knew the situation in SA right now. The Goverment is forcing propoganda upon people. They want farms taken by Europeans in the 1500s. They make blacks believe that they were here before europeans. farms are burning as i type because these people believe the goverment, come help us Biden or Trump. we dont care were crying we just need help pleaseeeeeee
CrazeTheSlime Hace 11 horas
my respect for Demi Lovato just skyrocketed
Maria-Luiza Hace 11 horas
Really???!! 41 thousand people!!
Tyrone Hace 11 horas
A ton of dislikes were deleted.
Coolevis Greatone
Coolevis Greatone Hace 11 horas
She wrote for Nigeria!...A great nation beneath the heel of old, corrupt, unpatriotic and evil politicians...A sad nation with happy pictures!
Chineze Ademola-Aina
Chineze Ademola-Aina Hace 11 horas
From Nigeria...
Hunter Sebastian
Hunter Sebastian Hace 11 horas
Demi Lovato is a strong and steady confident independent woman a survivor and is now a legend
Michael Eke
Michael Eke Hace 11 horas
Pray for Nigeria, our commander-in-chief is killing the youths out here.
e Hace 11 horas
she’s uneducated , does she realize that obama created immigration cages during his presidency , that the democratic party in the 1800s opposed ending slavery . and there’s no proof he’s racist ,i am mexican woman and i can proudly say i am a trump supporter . educate yourself and don’t listen to what the media tells you . fr. can’t take her seriously , she’s such a pity party
melanie wolf
melanie wolf Hace 11 horas
This is my fav song! Luv u✨💛🥺👑🌻
DRAGON GIRL Hace 11 horas
"I was your amber, but now she's your shade of gold..." Damn, that's deep.
Loosey Guuzey
Loosey Guuzey Hace 11 horas
Tide eyes!
Divine John-okpala
Divine John-okpala Hace 11 horas
This song was made for Nigerians rn😭
Katia Vanessa
Katia Vanessa Hace 11 horas
Algum brasileiro🇧🇷❤🇧🇷após a vitão e luiza?
Ryan Hace 11 horas
I wonder where she will immigrate to once Trump wins a second term. Let me guess: nowhere. She'll choose to stay here in the good ol' US of A
gabe gomen
gabe gomen Hace 11 horas
Queen D.L. Es 100% proud of you to be so big very brave to right out what es right and what es very wrong for what he doin to us people that es truly and honosly es bulling. when I heared this out of the blue where my reaction for the frist timing well listening to it I was so honosly speechless and shocted and even also as well blownwayness.
Teema Rahhal
Teema Rahhal Hace 11 horas
palestine forever </3
jason delisle
jason delisle Hace 11 horas
But Joe Biden isn't President. Why would she be calling him "Commander in Chief"?
Yudi Yudi
Yudi Yudi Hace 11 horas
i love you demi lovato
Justin Groode
Justin Groode Hace 11 horas
This is a big hit
Justin Groode
Justin Groode Hace 11 horas
She’s a great singer
CrownClown Creations
CrownClown Creations Hace 11 horas
Say what you want about Demi, she is a true bicon for sure
IBeBradleyy Hace 11 horas
The fact this has 41k dislikes lmao. Everyone who supports trump are the scum of the earth.
LORD Chuss
LORD Chuss Hace 11 horas
Nu Ahes
Nu Ahes Hace 11 horas
Ma préférée 🌼
Spencer Johnson
Spencer Johnson Hace 11 horas
This isnt brave every one in Hollywood is anti trump
Ignacio.L Almada
Ignacio.L Almada Hace 11 horas
Viva el capitalismo 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷
LORD Chuss
LORD Chuss Hace 11 horas
Viva carajo, viva trump !!!
Jester 88
Jester 88 Hace 11 horas
Complete trash. Trump will win again. You sure took a big risk ehhhh ?? Lol you think we are fools by online and filters ugly.
Анжелина Яковлева
Анжелина Яковлева Hace 11 horas
My bf doesn’t make me happy at all and I cry all the time .... in fact he demands a lot of things from me even he knows it is hard for me.... it is definitely not love, it is just a way to make someone leave that is what I am sure about :(
Corey Hopper
Corey Hopper Hace 11 horas
Biden. You ain't black. If you don't vote for him. Doesn't want his kids growing up in a interracial jungle. Said poor kids are just as smart as white kids.... Most poor kids are white... The dudes 1994 crime bill targeted black men. Don't get me started on his VP. She is even worse laughing like Joker at times...
Kye Mitchum
Kye Mitchum Hace 11 horas
I love Demi
lynda Iwumune
lynda Iwumune Hace 11 horas
This explains Nigerian situation right now #endsars #endpolicebrutality 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬
Hate Monger
Hate Monger Hace 11 horas
More like commander and queef
Alec Dwyer
Alec Dwyer Hace 12 horas
Stunning and brave.
Alec Dwyer
Alec Dwyer Hace 12 horas
Stunning and brave.
Whor dell
Whor dell Hace 12 horas
Demi wasn’t even capable of writing this song by herself. It took like 2 other people to help her write this song and none of them weren’t even black man!
Justin Claramonte
Justin Claramonte Hace 12 horas
TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸