Arpan Ekka
Arpan Ekka Hace 11 minutos
No.8 was ooofff
Farhod Nasriddinov
Farhod Nasriddinov Hace 45 minutos
Neymarga gap yoo
CteFox Zeus
CteFox Zeus Hace un hora
Everywhere he goes, he becomes their leader, their champion, their hero, their best player, and he conquers all one after another. Absolutely sensational. Truly the greatest of all time.
Wenda Maharga
Wenda Maharga Hace 2 horas
Klo tk dianulir skornya memang 3-1 nya itu
Nilesh Shinde
Nilesh Shinde Hace 2 horas
I take your dress from Amazon your name dress
Nilesh Shinde
Nilesh Shinde Hace 2 horas
I'm your best fan Ronaldo
Football highlights
Football highlights Hace 2 horas
Football highlights
الشامخ *
الشامخ * Hace 3 horas
يا ابويا كرستيانو رونالدو
SANJIT MANDAL Hace 3 horas
Eu te amo Cristiano Ronaldo, de la 🇮🇳India.
green slezzerin
green slezzerin Hace 3 horas Cristiano ronaldos life style.
green slezzerin
green slezzerin Hace 3 horas (Cristiano ronaldos life style).
green slezzerin
green slezzerin Hace 3 horas
Thor Gaming
Thor Gaming Hace 3 horas
The legend cr7
Sujan v
Sujan v Hace 4 horas
Here we can see... The difference between a common man and a celebrity... ☹️
Memes World
Memes World Hace 6 horas
Memes World
Memes World Hace 6 horas
Sanjida Akter Nitu
Sanjida Akter Nitu Hace 6 horas
POTTS Liana movies netflix
POTTS Liana movies netflix Hace 6 horas
My fev Ronalldo
It is a game! they all are beating Ronaldo 😠. It is horrible 😨
Ishwer Singh
Ishwer Singh Hace 7 horas
belinea282 Hace 7 horas
Which is the club that plays against Real and the great Ronaldo on this film?
Jenish Gol
Jenish Gol Hace 7 horas subscribe to my channel for more football videos
Abdullah Amin
Abdullah Amin Hace 7 horas
Ronaldo your my hero
Muhammad Zakky
Muhammad Zakky Hace 7 horas
Abhishek Deshpande
Abhishek Deshpande Hace 7 horas
Although I'm a CR7 fan, no one can deny the fact that neymar is one of the most underrated players!
Md Sakib hasan
Md Sakib hasan Hace 7 horas
Neymar is real hero
rinku sharma
rinku sharma Hace 8 horas
Unpopular opinion: Psg would have won if neymar wouldn't dive every time he got touched Such a great diver 🦧😂🤭
Ganga Lamichhane
Ganga Lamichhane Hace 8 horas
Ronaldo is best football player
upama rana
upama rana Hace 9 horas
I love Ronaldo
Lijo Joy
Lijo Joy Hace 9 horas
Neymar is the best in football & skills💯🔥🔥
MBS SQUAD Hace 9 horas
The 50 years of real Madrid player are better than that new team
Im Vexing
Im Vexing Hace 10 horas
“Those who dance are called in insane by those who can’t hear the music” -Eddie Vedder
Pasukan Joget
Pasukan Joget Hace 10 horas Hipnotis Pengunjung Waterpark Mulia Wisata
Anil Kumar Meel
Anil Kumar Meel Hace 10 horas Ronaldo best goals
Anil Kumar Meel
Anil Kumar Meel Hace 10 horas Ronaldo best goals
Anil Kumar Meel
Anil Kumar Meel Hace 10 horas Ronaldo best goals
Anil Kumar Meel
Anil Kumar Meel Hace 10 horas Ronaldo best goals
D. Nascimento
D. Nascimento Hace 11 horas
Figo E Roberto Carlos podia tá jogando aqui no brasileirão
Abel and Cain
Abel and Cain Hace 11 horas
anyone here from the tiktok video?
Miguel Angel Castro Contreras
Miguel Angel Castro Contreras Hace 11 horas
Esos que le llaman penaldo me cae que ya me gustaría verles haciendo eso aunque sea en el barrio 😆😂🤣
S S Hace 12 horas
Still a better love story than twilight!
Gopi Nathan Perumal
Gopi Nathan Perumal Hace 12 horas
Abe Chishi
Abe Chishi Hace 12 horas
Lol 😂😂😂😂 7:58
JÚNIOR RIBEIRO Hace 12 horas
colocaram 3x3 mas são 2 jogos o primeiro 3x1 e o segundo 2x0
ریسان مزرعه
ریسان مزرعه Hace 13 horas
رولاندو البطل ولله لو یقولون لی انسجلک فی برشلونه ما راح اترک حبک
Anderson A.S.
Anderson A.S. Hace 14 horas
Since 2003 with the same body, he used to say he lost weight by making goals
Sameh Akaichi
Sameh Akaichi Hace 15 horas
Cr7 forever
Vantagens de ler os comentários: 1: Você sai abençoado 2: Você fica rico 3:Descobre que a pessoa está assistindo e lendo os comentários 4: Sua mãe sai imortal 5: sabe que todo mundo veio mais rápido que a notificação 6: percebe q todo mundo é o primeiro e ninguém é o último 7: não pode ler meu nome💕
Dii2020 TV
Dii2020 TV Hace 15 horas
In competitive sports, you have your fair share of fuckers. And they always target the top athletes.
tuga fr
tuga fr Hace 15 horas
C R 7 = G. O. A. T
trespatines soul
trespatines soul Hace 15 horas
El balón es el amigo de Ronaldinho.
Dominix Larson
Dominix Larson Hace 16 horas
did anybody see the btterfly
Elshaddai Negussie
Elshaddai Negussie Hace 16 horas
Best player
Jonymatia Carranza
Jonymatia Carranza Hace 16 horas
Ver este video me recordo aquellas tardes en donde salia a jugar en la colonia con los amigos, ver a Figo y a Ronaldo...
Lleucu Jones
Lleucu Jones Hace 16 horas
What would have happened if the girls did take the number is the biggest question.
Benjamin Oosthoek
Benjamin Oosthoek Hace 16 horas
6:14 Look at the cheeky little hand of that defender taking Ronaldo to the ground. xD
Kindly Help Me Get 1000 Subscribers
Kindly Help Me Get 1000 Subscribers Hace 17 horas
I pray whoever reads this shall live for many more years with good health💗
Pound_Cake1 Hace 17 horas
ronaldo not in the mood for all that. especially when u down 3-0.
Stephen Orso
Stephen Orso Hace 18 horas
Spark_VR Hace 18 horas
What is this song name
Helô Desenho e Cia
Helô Desenho e Cia Hace 18 horas
Ola, tem desenho do CRISTIANO RONALDO no meu canal , passem la para conferir . Ahh tem o MESSI e o NEYMAR tbm.
Edna Gerson
Edna Gerson Hace 19 horas
Ronaldo est le plus fort
Παναγιωτης Κουκελλης
Παναγιωτης Κουκελλης Hace 19 horas
Του βγήκε η Παναγιά ανάποδα. Τον κούρασαν τα ντερεκια, με συνεχή φάουλ μακριά από το τέρμα
FOOTBALL - A beautiful game
FOOTBALL - A beautiful game Hace 19 horas Click on this link if CR7 fan
Saikat Adhikari
Saikat Adhikari Hace 19 horas
Higuain got so many chances but no use real could have bombarded with 4 goals
SOUMYODIP DAS Hace 19 horas
And Ronaldo without Real Madrid?🤣
Dripkingjoe 223
Dripkingjoe 223 Hace 20 horas
As soon as he took of the mask look how the ppls energy changed
filip kiritsis
filip kiritsis Hace 20 horas
and modric still got ballon dor LMAO
Pedro Podray
Pedro Podray Hace 20 horas
Best sportsman in the world, perfect all rounder.
Naabomper Powers
Naabomper Powers Hace 20 horas
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Rajeev rai
Rajeev rai Hace 21 un hora
Just like mahi in cricket vaise hi Ronaldo football Ka badsah hhhh❤️❤️❤️❤️
Zander Riogelon
Zander Riogelon Hace 21 un hora
Glenn Fletcher
Glenn Fletcher Hace 21 un hora
How sad unless he did it for this reason nobody looked at him twice or with disgust till he took off his mask and then 💥boom Cristiano Cristiano a photo please how sad people are. Not Cristiano Ronaldo though as I believe a few people will have thought about themselves afterwards so ✊✌️❤️Cristiano
avishay katzav
avishay katzav Hace 21 un hora
Ronaldo 🐐😍
Tejendra edura
Tejendra edura Hace 21 un hora
Tejendra edura
Tejendra edura Hace 21 un hora
Plz watch it
CrisGoat Cristiano fan
CrisGoat Cristiano fan Hace 22 horas
The G.O.A.T no doubt 🐐🐐🔥🔥⚡⚡❤❤
Singe Sexy Lepa
Singe Sexy Lepa Hace 22 horas
Singe Sexy Lepa
Singe Sexy Lepa Hace 22 horas
👉Single life ❤
Tejendra edura
Tejendra edura Hace 22 horas
Watch thug life video in this link
Tejendra edura
Tejendra edura Hace 22 horas