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Lasithi Perera
Lasithi Perera Hace 2 horas
Most of her songs are sad or related to death why is that?
Katia Mohorovic
Katia Mohorovic Hace 2 horas
The tune is the best
Roberto Garcia
Roberto Garcia Hace 2 horas
Depression 😗✌
ludvin pcs
ludvin pcs Hace 2 horas
One time I forgot to turn down my music then... My parents came in
Krantee Hace 2 horas
I think...This song sort of relates to the Forbidden game trilogy by L.J Smith
Gordana Vidovic
Gordana Vidovic Hace 2 horas
Wow music is prety ❤
zahid Hanif
zahid Hanif Hace 2 horas
2:13 *i came for this*
Markesha Payne
Markesha Payne Hace 2 horas
Chuck rock
World No Copyright Music
World No Copyright Music Hace 2 horas
Love it
vinod rathinam
vinod rathinam Hace 2 horas
Woah! I got goosebumps. anyone enjoyed this song like here
Jacob Collins
Jacob Collins Hace 2 horas
i felt happy for a little bit and im sad now and this is why when i was listening to this song i was thinking about my ex fortnight girlfriend she cheated on me with my friend and was just depressed and i still have it in my head to this day and this was in 2018 btw but and i hope you guys have a good day.
Waleed Kalipa
Waleed Kalipa Hace 2 horas
Who is like this song pleas comment and like 🙏🙏
Wolfie Dreams
Wolfie Dreams Hace 3 horas
I love this sooo much
giannis noulis
giannis noulis Hace 3 horas
Nice song lyrics
Phila Sun
Phila Sun Hace 3 horas
Lovely songs
ഞാൻ കണ്ട കാഴ്ച്ചകൾ
ഞാൻ കണ്ട കാഴ്ച്ചകൾ Hace 3 horas
പൊന്നോ സൂപ്പർ 😍😘😘😘
Hanita Verin
Hanita Verin Hace 3 horas
Ok im subscribe
Radvis Hace 3 horas
Good music
wyatt kriss
wyatt kriss Hace 3 horas
@ 1:52 confused the hell out of me
T9mothy Hace 3 horas
Oldie but goldie
Wesnita Pku
Wesnita Pku Hace 3 horas
Farida Hanum
Farida Hanum Hace 3 horas
Ziba pop
starlight luna sparkle
starlight luna sparkle Hace 3 horas
Me: crying while using computer*
ッЗодиак Hace 3 horas
Anglish guis:Listen to the song, understand the meaning Russian guis:УХАДИ НА ВАЙНУ!
Claudia Godina
Claudia Godina Hace 3 horas
😯:) :D
Claudia Godina
Claudia Godina Hace 3 horas
Epliren Hace 3 horas
Here is a heart for anyone who needs it ❤️ Remember you are loved And you can learn to love yourself Everyone has imperfections but that does not always mean they have to be insecurities That makes every one perfect in there own special way Things will not always work out, but that is ok Because they eventually will Even if you don't know what to do yet You will find a way I hope you all have an amazing day Even if you never get to read this 🥰
Jack Zikan
Jack Zikan Hace 3 horas
This song would be so much better if it didn't end up on tik tok
majella Dulay
majella Dulay Hace 3 horas
Miss Christmas
Who else is dancing? No just me ok
N S Hace 3 horas
Alan Walker 💛💚💙💜
Niek Aalderink
Niek Aalderink Hace 4 horas
tiktok makes me not wanna like this song but i do
Curry Mastters30
Curry Mastters30 Hace 4 horas
If my friend ever died i would kill myself love her
I swear this I the 3rd one on this channel 😅
Lionel Kipkoech
Lionel Kipkoech Hace 4 horas
nice song
Of oh d
I_carry4fun_ YT
I_carry4fun_ YT Hace 4 horas
1:53 thank me later 👍
Vansh Shrimal
Vansh Shrimal Hace 4 horas
When u r single and listening this song😕
eradela singularidad
eradela singularidad Hace 4 horas
dora and the lost city of gold
LowTemp Harambe
LowTemp Harambe Hace 4 horas
Who else was typing selfish love
Vanshika Rawat
Vanshika Rawat Hace 4 horas
me:- listening to this song again again because I love its lyrics, beat, Lewis, and can relate to it❤❤❤❤
Luceia Mendes
Luceia Mendes Hace 4 horas
Feara Keishan
Feara Keishan Hace 4 horas
very few comments ill dislike. but every tik tok comment i swear i'll dislike them so god damn fast that the flash himself would be impressed
Trevlyn Craig
Trevlyn Craig Hace 4 horas
Absolutely in love with this song!!
Priyanka Mahato
Priyanka Mahato Hace 4 horas
I am from NZ
Jony Nawar
Jony Nawar Hace 4 horas
Im not crying ur crying
Mara Himes
Mara Himes Hace 4 horas
if I woke up without you I don't know I'll do that I could be single forever till I met you usually falling falling falling fastbecoming back-to-back I just found out that the only reason that she loved me was get back hydromax about before you leave usually never never even care you got a way better than you grenadine everything text you make butcher Savage Lovewhen you kiss me I know you don't get to folks but that's the one thing thesaurusis Travis loved you savage la la I love you can use me
Ahmed Murtagi
Ahmed Murtagi Hace 4 horas
When u said I wanna end me I wanna end me I wanna i wanna I wAnna end me I wanna end me you said I wann,a if no one noticed
Azilrate Hace 4 horas
Can I use this?
Karen Wilson
Karen Wilson Hace 4 horas
I'll rate this song a 10/10 cause it's kinda happy but it brings back memories
Michelle Shephard
Michelle Shephard Hace 4 horas
This song is so beautiful and good . I will give you thumbs up 🥰👍👍💞
Serious Sam
Serious Sam Hace 4 horas
A part of the melody sounds suspiciously like Rockstar from NERD...
jake ryan
jake ryan Hace 4 horas
Fuck I’m going to overplay it then hate it in 3 days 😭
Pynte Size Hedgehog
Pynte Size Hedgehog Hace 4 horas
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i love this
Alexa Rae Badidles
Alexa Rae Badidles Hace 4 horas
My favorite song
L'ZIA JuLiann
L'ZIA JuLiann Hace 4 horas
I made a cover of this on my channel
xxxrainbow Hace 4 horas
Love it
Riza Anwar
Riza Anwar Hace 4 horas
Lagunya sungguh populer banget👍👍👍
Vidar FromYT
Vidar FromYT Hace 4 horas
i love this song and mariposa
Malcolm Bull
Malcolm Bull Hace 4 horas
Go faster
Ima Germaphobe Ew You're Dirty Bitch!
Ima Germaphobe Ew You're Dirty Bitch! Hace 4 horas
He sound like Terry Crews
xxxrainbow Hace 4 horas
Stay safe love you guys
ya min
ya min Hace 4 horas
Pids Catura
Pids Catura Hace 4 horas
xxxrainbow Hace 4 horas
I love it
Denisa Amititeloaie
Denisa Amititeloaie Hace 5 horas
Faina melodia
Siti Nur Izzah
Siti Nur Izzah Hace 5 horas
Melissa Me
Melissa Me Hace 5 horas
Meu deus essa musica é maravilhosa
Claudineia Cecília Leão
Claudineia Cecília Leão Hace 5 horas
Cada os brasileiros
Victoria Boumajdi
Victoria Boumajdi Hace 5 horas
only weebs can like
Ravinder Ravinder
Ravinder Ravinder Hace 5 horas
Very lovely song
Hack 72
Hack 72 Hace 5 horas
Thailand NO.1
devichandana d
devichandana d Hace 5 horas
Understanding = 0%😵 Enjoying = 100%❤💞
Gabriel Nistorica
Gabriel Nistorica Hace 5 horas
Is very good
Bdirmadhñ Kun
Bdirmadhñ Kun Hace 5 horas
My favorit song
syifa•NF official
syifa•NF official Hace 5 horas
Im lily😇
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Hace 5 horas
Only People who didn’t came from Tiktok can like this comment I'm sorry its copied
Navya 12
Navya 12 Hace 5 horas
Love this song 💗❣️😊☺️☺️😍😍😍
Legend On Fire
Legend On Fire Hace 5 horas
Legend says:he is still finding that melody
Jacob Shoemaker
Jacob Shoemaker Hace 5 horas
It's so good😝
Jacob Shoemaker
Jacob Shoemaker Hace 5 horas
My favorite part is every night and everyday
Eddie1235 Hace 5 horas
Brazilian is just Russian Spanish
Marcos Moralez
Marcos Moralez Hace 5 horas
Alguém do Brasil?🇧🇷
Jean Rose Pagot
Jean Rose Pagot Hace 5 horas
hi i made your song in my drawing
Arafah05 Rara
Arafah05 Rara Hace 5 horas
Mantap lagunya ya
makhfud gufo
makhfud gufo Hace 5 horas
Bagus tapi seram
Mary Khandzyan
Mary Khandzyan Hace 5 horas
Before you go was never the right time
Brigid Nardini
Brigid Nardini Hace 5 horas
Does anyone else felling, the in side of them?
Jodilyn Audal
Jodilyn Audal Hace 5 horas
I love this song
Ummah Hasyim
Ummah Hasyim Hace 5 horas
I am from Indonesia🇮🇩
PZBOXS KIWI Hace 5 horas
Pritam Lahkar
Pritam Lahkar Hace 5 horas
One of my favorite song 😘
mayette villa
mayette villa Hace 5 horas
Listening from Davao City this as always
Genius Music
Genius Music Hace 6 horas 🔥🔥🔥
Genius Music
Genius Music Hace 6 horas
Milena Arró
Milena Arró Hace 6 horas
LeChE cOn azÚcaR
Moses Maringmei
Moses Maringmei Hace 6 horas
This song make me happy
Ani Haryati
Ani Haryati Hace 6 horas
Lagunya terpopuler banget😎😎