WolfToonsYT Hace un hora
In past years the bengals were very cheap in free agency. However, this offseason they spent the 3rd most in the league that’s how you know the culture is changing.
Lakers Pats1
Lakers Pats1 Hace un hora
Cards are going to be better than the Rams
One Skill Point
One Skill Point Hace un hora
Why you keep talking about this? - Khabib... ummm I mean - Giannis
Willbo Baggins23
Willbo Baggins23 Hace un hora
Butler didnt even gaurd warren. They threw a double at him everytime he looked at the ball. Butler didnt want any of it, how is he getting any credit at all?
Eric Richardson
Eric Richardson Hace un hora
First person to get ejected in the bubble.
Jack Kelleher
Jack Kelleher Hace un hora
They made a huge mistake. No more Espn radio for me.
spore chrome
spore chrome Hace un hora
The comedy that goes behind asking a "buck" why he head butted someone is mind blowing......
Ayden Anthony
Ayden Anthony Hace un hora
Clearly the money is the only thing motivating Stephens, her on court motivation is so shitty she doesn't even look like she wants to play anymore.
Dsaturday Fwight
Dsaturday Fwight Hace un hora
They wanted dame to be in the playoffs so they pushed it pass 16 teams😂
James Fralick
James Fralick Hace un hora
its not to hard to make steve A look like an idiot
Otis bites Humans that deserve it
Otis bites Humans that deserve it Hace un hora
Andres Gerardy
Andres Gerardy Hace un hora
I read this title very different💀
Official BNAMusic88
Official BNAMusic88 Hace un hora
Was Skip checking him?
The TerrorDome
The TerrorDome Hace un hora
Hes obviously roid raging but Adam Silver treats him too much like a golden horse to address it.
G. Q.
G. Q. Hace un hora
Giannis is the next Hakeem, he picked number 34
barry church
barry church Hace un hora
What happened to due process? Couldn’t just be a suspension until he found guilty or maybe innocent??!
Antonio Lassiter
Antonio Lassiter Hace un hora
TheKingJason3 Hace un hora
All-Bubble team: PG - Dame SG - Booker SF - Warren PF - Michael Porter Jr C - Bol Bol
Tom Green
Tom Green Hace un hora
The best to ever do it.
Andy Nevens
Andy Nevens Hace un hora
I’m a bucks fan and love coach bud but, I do not think he deserves coach of the year this year. My pick is billy donavan. The thunder were supposed to be in rebuild mode yet there are going to make the playoffs. Give billy Donovan a lot of credit!
Smiley 716
Smiley 716 Hace un hora
He tried that against Mo Wagner....When I believe it was Aaron Gordon wanted smoke he left the ref hold him back😂😂😂😂
MaBinti Yillah
MaBinti Yillah Hace un hora
What’s with the background noise?
Zola Costa
Zola Costa Hace un hora
i love tiger woods but he did not win collin moriaawa won
Zola Costa
Zola Costa Hace un hora
i love tiger but he did not win collin moriaawa won
ELECTRIC_OuTpOst Hace un hora
I like this Giannis 😂
Joyniqua Hall
Joyniqua Hall Hace un hora
He gave that don’t play wit me boy look 👀
2jw Hace un hora
Why did she leave her dad for coaching?
2ez4meechie Hace un hora
Coronavirus all on that set
Zola Costa
Zola Costa Hace un hora
i love tiger woods but he did not win collin moriaawa won
Δημητρης Ιωαννου
Δημητρης Ιωαννου Hace un hora
Luka Doncic at age 18 EuroLeague Champion Eurobasket Champion Spanish League Champion EuroLeague MVP EuroLeague Final Four MVP Spanish League MVP
M Long
M Long Hace un hora
Osu is going to lose a lot of recruits because of this
O K Hace un hora
Hes a SG
Andrew ward
Andrew ward Hace un hora
Jesus. Haven’t really seen Lillard play much. He is nasty
Zola Costa
Zola Costa Hace un hora
i love tiger woods but he did not win colin moriaawa won
G Anzelc
G Anzelc Hace un hora
They are not a good TEAM..... The league is changing.... Look at the Toronto Raptors....They have the best TEAM.... No longer a star driven League! The refs call it straight, you will see the league change.....It;s been a favoured league for some players way to long....You know what I am talking about don't you!
etho 4595
etho 4595 Hace un hora
idk who this woman is but i like her
2ez4meechie Hace un hora
I want the Caucasian no cap playoffs or not James harden nothing against him though I wanna win
Drew Blount
Drew Blount Hace un hora
Dame went off aint gonna lie but the refs were terrible in this game. That last shot would've tied it up.
Chris Everly
Chris Everly Hace un hora
They call him the Freak.
Rebelo7YT Hace un hora
Should be a suspension
Dwann Thomas
Dwann Thomas Hace un hora
Paul was like "what about me Rachel?"
Bacons Strip
Bacons Strip Hace un hora
Wagner held Giannis to 12 points. That’s the bottom line.
Michael Hession
Michael Hession Hace un hora
In 10 minutes
Nanking Hiroshima
Nanking Hiroshima Hace un hora
these titles man...
Steven Borreo
Steven Borreo Hace un hora
Bird won ROY and MVP candidate on his 2nd year , Luka should be on the MVP list not MIP..
Hristijan Dimitrovski
Hristijan Dimitrovski Hace un hora
Statistics aren't everything.
Richer p Sickert.
Richer p Sickert. Hace un hora
They played like they didn't want to win....
76alexct Hace un hora
So bash the huskers but ignore the fact that the NFL, MLB, and NBA have similar views?
Its Turner
Its Turner Hace un hora
Dude a hater
Serkan Karatepe
Serkan Karatepe Hace un hora
What about Suns? They are undefeated in this bubble.
Alexander Marte
Alexander Marte Hace un hora
Celtics don’t get Love on this show
Anahmille Zulu
Anahmille Zulu Hace un hora
Media: 2019 Raptors won't win IRL: 2019 Raptors champions Media: 2020 Raptors won't make playoffs IRL: 2020 Raptors top defensive team, top 3 in the league and en route to repeat... Talk is cheap!
James Dawny
James Dawny Hace un hora
OH MY GOODNESS we haven’t seen lebron and Ad step it up SHUT UP CANT EVEN finish this.
Carlton Vincent
Carlton Vincent Hace un hora
Ever since Danny Green left San Antonio he's been a bust. He's just a compliment of popovich using him in a right situation.
WT Keeton
WT Keeton Hace un hora
This could easily destroy the Big 10 because the conference acted without consensus. If (When) the SEC and ACC get though a reasonably successful season while the B1G watches, they'll lose all status as a major league, and players will shun those schools. That will drive their power schools to leave the conference for greener pastures. The Big 10 may be dying.
Jalen Jackson
Jalen Jackson Hace un hora
Jokic put up shaq numbers last post season what you mean 🤣🤣🤣 LMFAO!
renegade4288 Hace un hora
Why didn't he do that to Blake griffin? Blake wanted the smoke 🚬
James Dawny
James Dawny Hace un hora
All these excuses for the the “top” teams.
97 milk
97 milk Hace un hora
hate it❤️
mike sylvestre
mike sylvestre Hace un hora
The raptors beat the bucks heat and lakers....0% smh
Zanyy Hace un hora
I don't understand why people hate this man so much. Hard worker and a great dude who deserves respect
supervong1 Hace un hora
Giannis becoming Pachulia! No Wayyyy
Corey elAYE
Corey elAYE Hace un hora
players gotta stop talking to Dame bruh....he has that 'it' inside of him that HAS to respond.
floydg05 Hace un hora
He can't it's breaded in him this is not the first time ditka has said something that's consider to be racist he believes in white supremacy
Gerald Ng
Gerald Ng Hace un hora
D2 and D3 got shut down but nobody talks about how hard their player works. Coaches just want to get paid
Carlton Vincent
Carlton Vincent Hace un hora
First of all I have no respect for any word that begins with the letter p... Except for one word.
Antonio Romero
Antonio Romero Hace un hora
Lakers don't need these wins why would they need to put 100% effort
Tomás Dávila
Tomás Dávila Hace un hora
Lebron haters everywhere
Street jesus
Street jesus Hace un hora
Easy to score 60 in a controlled system
Alex Tee
Alex Tee Hace un hora
i dont understand a word hes saying
Steven Hornostaj
Steven Hornostaj Hace un hora
Is that a boy or girl on the left of the thumbnail?
Sofa King Moist D. Hobo
Sofa King Moist D. Hobo Hace un hora
So Rachel obviously voted Bud for Coach of the Year. She said she voted for Luka as Most Improved. Probably voted Giannis MVP. Terrible picks.
peter peteropeter
peter peteropeter Hace un hora
I couldn't believe that Busters beat mike tyson
Prince K
Prince K Hace un hora
Dame should be mvp this year💯
DC Bon
DC Bon Hace un hora
Isaiah and his thugs are freaking sour losers.
Mr. Jones
Mr. Jones Hace un hora
We (The Celtics) just spanked them a few days ago.
Soví Hace un hora
Tj Warren bought a “bubble boost “
Zach Cuellar
Zach Cuellar Hace un hora
Man yall really protect this man so much give it a break
combust __
combust __ Hace un hora
Props to all the players being able to keep a straight face, if I was there, I would have burst out laughing and also died of second hand embarrassment
jayson mascariñas
jayson mascariñas Hace un hora
Even luka disagrees when you play great yet not enough justice pls
OnlySage Hace un hora
If he doesnt miss was a person