Sabrina Sahnaz1717
Sabrina Sahnaz1717 Hace un minuto
Im in Peynainainainnnnnn
naomi arowolo
naomi arowolo Hace 2 minutos
Who else is only here because we wanna see if she acc copied Madison Beer......
I Dk
I Dk Hace 2 minutos
*CAmEra MaN In PAaAIiiINnnnNnn*
kristina Mendoza
kristina Mendoza Hace 5 minutos
It's the ✨ Madison beer ✨ for me
Kainat Yawari
Kainat Yawari Hace 6 minutos
Guys I don’t even see that much rain- Madison beer is all good and that but she used more rain then Nessa lmao no hate don’t come for me
Ece Tacenur
Ece Tacenur Hace 10 minutos
What is going on with the camera man😂🤣
Simply Mariah
Simply Mariah Hace 10 minutos
The camera man was having a seizure 😭
Holly Edwards
Holly Edwards Hace 10 minutos
Why does she get so much hate.......... can someone explain
Ece Tacenur
Ece Tacenur Hace 11 minutos
Ok your voice is like an angel but you are coping Madison Beer
Ece Tacenur
Ece Tacenur Hace 10 minutos
It just gives me the vibes
Rblx_thickiez_ Hace 14 minutos
zqtb Papier
zqtb Papier Hace 15 minutos
Nessa we will always be there for u all those haters they don't know u as much as I do girl u my heart
kiera shaw
kiera shaw Hace 16 minutos
well done nessa! its great! dont let the haters get to you, you do you because you are human and you make mistakes. not everyone is perfect <3 dont forget your worth. your stunning and have an amazing peronlaity!
kloc kloc
kloc kloc Hace 19 minutos
Everybody tryna make music now😬😑
Karim Soubra
Karim Soubra Hace 22 minutos
She is my soul 🥺💸
Small_fried_children Hace 23 minutos
She’s in pain because of her shart 😿
Albinota Ballazhi
Albinota Ballazhi Hace 26 minutos
This song i so good i feel so bad for her
Lisset Rodriguez
Lisset Rodriguez Hace 27 minutos
Copying Madison beer I see 🤓
Queen Queen2012
Queen Queen2012 Hace 29 minutos
Johnny. boii
Johnny. boii Hace 29 minutos
Im obsessed with this song and you’re voice😍
Kalani Wilson
Kalani Wilson Hace 30 minutos
some of you guys are dissing Nessa for copying madison beer but if you all have seen other musicians and how similar their music videos are to different musicians
o k
o k Hace 31 un minuto
Why does that give me Madison beer vibes doe
Bangtansmaknae Hace 36 minutos
This was made on a $10 budget
Shanaia Ashiya Tapia
Shanaia Ashiya Tapia Hace 36 minutos
Let's just love we know Nessa was wrong and she admit it so now stop because that pain and hate that your giving her May not just lead her to pain but it may also lead to death because of hate she's a human that have feelings
Salwa Sh
Salwa Sh Hace 37 minutos
Imagine how akward is was for nessa to film this like : Nessa : 🧘🏻‍♀️ 🎤 😮 🎵 🎶 Camera man/woman : 🤸🏻‍♂️🪂🏇🏻🏃🏻‍♀️ 🎥 📷 🦥
linsey Hace 9 minutos
Sierra Hoose
Sierra Hoose Hace 37 minutos
Is this song about Josh?
Haniah Noman
Haniah Noman Hace 32 minutos
Yh i think
ᗯᑌᑌFღ Hace 41 un minuto
Me when i broke something in front of guests when i was 5 and my mom smacked me in front of them:
Haniah Noman
Haniah Noman Hace 32 minutos
tala mneimneh
tala mneimneh Hace 42 minutos
the music video probably took 5 mins 😂
tala mneimneh
tala mneimneh Hace 44 minutos
she could’ve just changed locations neither to stay in the same one
zaley z
zaley z Hace 44 minutos
Girlllllllll just say u and josh together becuz if yall frenz yall really takin it to far doh like fr i dont like her but good voice
Isobel Dougall
Isobel Dougall Hace 45 minutos
Madison Beer watching this: 👁💧👄💧👁
Essie Ampong
Essie Ampong Hace 48 minutos
Did you search for this video to hate on it or go through the comments😂
Son Thach
Son Thach Hace 48 minutos
Wow I didn't know u can Sing like that!!!👍👁👄👁🤯🤯🤯
bxtterflys Hace 50 minutos
aqicoco Hace 53 minutos
sis uploaded this on eid i-
Benjamin Ho (Grade 5)
Benjamin Ho (Grade 5) Hace 54 minutos
Please help, the cameraman got his camera wet so now he’s trying to steal my camera
Maria Clara
Maria Clara Hace 55 minutos
Does this clip look like madison ber or is it just me?
Benjamin Ho (Grade 5)
Benjamin Ho (Grade 5) Hace 55 minutos
Guys I’m in (s)pain please come pick me up because I forgot to get a return plane
Benjamin Ho (Grade 5)
Benjamin Ho (Grade 5) Hace 55 minutos
I’m in pain cuz my mom don’t buy me robux 👁💧👄💧👁
aur. Hace 57 minutos
nice shart lol
PixelZone lil
PixelZone lil Hace 59 minutos
Lol, she could have just given a sincere apology. No, we dont accept this
halime Hace un hora
i love that song and how storg you are! Even tho you get alot of hate for literally no reason. Everyone makes mistakes but you are getting sooo much hate every day and i gets more and more. I‘m so so proud of you for being so freaking strong and never giving up. Please just be you and live your life and never give up! i love u <3 i hope you‘ll read that!❤️(sorry for my english i‘m from switzerland)
Jessica Barnes
Jessica Barnes Hace un hora
Aww Nessa, you have such a beautiful voice, if you ever are in pain or your sore than you can always talk to you fans including me❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💕
Ayesha Shabir
Ayesha Shabir Hace un hora
she sounds like billie eilish
Mills Hace un hora
she posts one video of her singing that people pretend to say is good, and suddenly all the tik tok stars think they are also singers
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi Hace un hora
I thought lil hoodie was the cameraman trying to do some ✨T R A N S I T I O N S✨
Mills Hace un hora
ain’t gone lie, this is shit
ItsCharli _Gaming
ItsCharli _Gaming Hace un hora
everyone in the comments: cameran.. me: am i the only one who heard im in pain through the whole song ;-;
kadie Foster
kadie Foster Hace un hora
Wow she clearly didn't mean what she did and she said sorry millions of times and do yall think she is stupid or what because she is talented and she is just a human being like us and she is talented in many many ways and to think she wants all this no and you can tell she has been through enough by the song that she has written she is pain so please leave her alone please
grace valle
grace valle Hace un hora
Ok so am kinda getting Maddison beer vibes from this video but I like her voice
Claire Teppaz
Claire Teppaz Hace un hora
Tiara Anindita
Tiara Anindita Hace un hora
Wut d...?
Mamaissa Hace un hora
Cette voix 🤩❤️
Judah Ellbot
Judah Ellbot Hace un hora
Yo just stop moving
Nicola Caitlin
Nicola Caitlin Hace un hora
These comments kinda mean ngl 👁👄👁
darshita kasliwal
darshita kasliwal Hace un hora
I dont care what other people think this song is literally amazing and SUPER relatable
David Benavente
David Benavente Hace un hora
Why u guys are talking about the cameraman
David Benavente
David Benavente Hace un hora
Divya Gupta
Divya Gupta Hace un hora
This song is sooo good I have listened to it so many times🔥
rmhatre1 Hace un hora
Nessa:🧘‍♀️ Camera Man:🚶‍♂️🧍‍♀️🤾‍♂️🧗‍♂️🕺🧍‍♂️🏂🤸‍♂️
linsey Hace 8 minutos
ItzNotEmii Hace un hora
I searched selfish by madison beer and this popped up-