RodWave - Pain
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Studio Sessions: HG3
Rod Wave- Koncentrate
Rod Wave - Monyon (HG3)
Rod Wave Freestyle
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RodWave - 3:33
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RodWave - Krushin
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Rod Wave - Your Touch
Rod Wave - Tomorrow
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Rod Wave  - Jumanji
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Rod Wave - WYB
Hace 2 años
Rod Wave - Changing On Me
Rod Wave - Hunger Gamez
Rod Wave - Dear Wave
Rod Wave  - Mile
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Janiah Harris
Janiah Harris Hace 3 minutos
Who is his gf wats her ig or something
OSO 7 Hace 4 minutos
Put that watch on the left wrist Rod.
Howard Greene
Howard Greene Hace 4 minutos
Yeahhhhhhhh yeahh
Asia Hickman
Asia Hickman Hace 5 minutos
sWaZzy_Naughty Hace 8 minutos
Tiktok kids here 1:11
ST Kayda
ST Kayda Hace 14 minutos
ST Kayda
ST Kayda Hace 14 minutos
ST Kayda
ST Kayda Hace 16 minutos
chenoa spain
chenoa spain Hace 16 minutos
“Cars, ,clothes & hoes I’d trade it alll for a guaranteed spot in your hearttt” 🥺❤️ FUCKKKK😭
Sauucy_yt Hace 19 minutos
Who else listens to this when they remember there gf broke up. With them 😞🤧😭
Ar'Quel Smith
Ar'Quel Smith Hace 22 minutos
Rod Wave 🌊🔥 got a Lil vibe 🙈
Derro Mhoon
Derro Mhoon Hace 25 minutos
Go crazy
Davina Simmons
Davina Simmons Hace 31 un minuto
Jayy Jay
Jayy Jay Hace 32 minutos
The real fans will know the whole song before 1M
Joshua Fist
Joshua Fist Hace 34 minutos
Shout out to Rod Wave day 1s
young ston_na
young ston_na Hace 38 minutos
🙏🏾heat str8 gas
Up Next
Up Next Hace 30 minutos
Terry Nash
Terry Nash Hace 45 minutos
I get what you mean
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Hace 46 minutos
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful
Zuri Baines
Zuri Baines Hace 46 minutos
Rod wave are u ok this made me cry because this is real to but I’m happy your ok!!!!!😢😢😢be safe out there😉
ColossalGrind Official
ColossalGrind Official Hace 47 minutos
2k subs In 2020 challenge
2k subs In 2020 challenge Hace 53 minutos
"I was just Staring at the ceiling& and got in my feelings... Reminiscing about us fucking, fighting, and chilling” man this dude the only guy who can get me in my feelings💯
Roo Hace 53 minutos
Why are all these dudes singing?
federico abbiati
federico abbiati Hace 55 minutos
Zuri Baines
Zuri Baines Hace un hora
Up Next
Up Next Hace 30 minutos
Breyiana Foster
Breyiana Foster Hace un hora
I'd rather be your N.I.G.G.A 😝😚
yxng vato
yxng vato Hace un hora
This man bit into a rasin oatmeal cookie and thought It was a chocolate chip cookie
Vdrunken Anubis
Vdrunken Anubis Hace un hora
Girl of my dreams 2
Cam Beats
Cam Beats Hace un hora
bruh who df be disliking his music ????
Up Next
Up Next Hace 30 minutos
GFM AJ shelton
GFM AJ shelton Hace un hora
Can you listen to this for me please
YOUNG BUCKS Hace un hora
She laid right on side of me and lied to me😩😩dam
Shakira Brinae
Shakira Brinae Hace un hora
I love this song... I can’t wait to get the love of my life 😭
Up Next
Up Next Hace 30 minutos
Desi Andreah
Desi Andreah Hace un hora
It's the delirious sample for me
Vivvxid Hace un hora
I want everyone to have a blessed day
Clayrell McKosher
Clayrell McKosher Hace un hora
He gotta go Bacc to this VIBE
ijtxblaze100 Hace un hora
I fucks with rod but why is he in his feelings every song can he just make one lit song
jose vs wrld
jose vs wrld Hace un hora
Solokee Tha 1
Solokee Tha 1 Hace un hora New heat 🔥 ⛽
deon bona
deon bona Hace un hora
Gives me hope
DARCLAN Hace un hora
I bet all these Beautiful songs & visuals being made on the Road 💜
Rondo Ortiz
Rondo Ortiz Hace 2 horas
This song is some gas
Mark West
Mark West Hace 2 horas
My bother love your sogs
Asia Williams
Asia Williams Hace 2 horas
Wasn’t expecting to see what his BM looks like, but glad we finally got to see her
GFM AJ shelton
GFM AJ shelton Hace un hora
Can you listen to this for me please
Lisa Marie Lee
Lisa Marie Lee Hace 2 horas
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 like every song he ever made...keep dropping them hit💜
Vernalyn Shaw
Vernalyn Shaw Hace 2 horas
Good as crap 😛😛
Tj Hace 2 horas
Love RW but we gotta get him healthy man. He's a young man that weight will aide in killing him. Tighten up RW we need you here with us King
Tj Hace 2 horas
Florida stand up Ridin the Wave Pardon me bihhhhh
KenTaVeious Jenkins
KenTaVeious Jenkins Hace 2 horas
Peyton Flournoy
Peyton Flournoy Hace 2 horas
"my role models sold dope died or went to prison"
Life Of Autumn li
Life Of Autumn li Hace 2 horas
I love this man so much my favorite rapper❤️❤️❤️
Dominique Williams
Dominique Williams Hace 2 horas
Shemar Brown
Shemar Brown Hace 3 horas
Jeremy W
Jeremy W Hace 3 horas
Yoooo straight 🔥 w lil baby
TNT Franchize
TNT Franchize Hace 3 horas
Befo I Get Caught Up Wit Out It, Ill Get Caught Up Wit It.. 💯💯💯💪💪💪
J.Fredd Hace 3 horas
Features made it 100x better 🔥
crashout glock
crashout glock Hace 3 horas
Go fw my freestyle and tell me how I did🚫🖤love u rod wave I fell yo pain
Winniqua Athill
Winniqua Athill Hace 3 horas
Claim you're here before 3 million views
Exactly Fort
Exactly Fort Hace 3 horas
Anybody know the song playing in the background?
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Hace 3 horas
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful
The Earline Show
The Earline Show Hace 3 horas
My all time fav 🖤✨👑
Desiree Trevino
Desiree Trevino Hace 3 horas
kiri kiso22
kiri kiso22 Hace 3 horas
It's better to throw that money on you bank account
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Hace 45 minutos
Rod wave and the weekend ?
Dymir Edwards-Parker
Dymir Edwards-Parker Hace 3 horas
Rod wave is a god butt got to put his all in this he can do better but the song good
Dymir Edwards-Parker
Dymir Edwards-Parker Hace 3 horas
mohammed shamat
mohammed shamat Hace 3 horas
bo burnham
Real Hood News 216
Real Hood News 216 Hace 4 horas
Rod wave literally got me on my shit
Flippa Srt
Flippa Srt Hace 4 horas
This shit fire no cap
Mikey Miramontes
Mikey Miramontes Hace 4 horas
I swear this is one of my fucking favorite artists💯 Well of course Drake is number one but ROB the second spot.💯💯💯BIG FACTS
Paul Rains
Paul Rains Hace 4 horas
Rod wave is that ish
YBG Legend
YBG Legend Hace 4 horas
They said he didn’t crash the car he ate the side of it
poopz Hace 4 horas
imagine a rod wave song with more than one verse
jennifer fuentes
jennifer fuentes Hace 4 horas
Going through a tough break up ... 💔 this hit the spot
Lone Star Bulldogs
Lone Star Bulldogs Hace 5 horas
Elisa Haven
Elisa Haven Hace 5 horas
RodWave goes soo hard on this, never disappointed I heard that many other artists using *Igrocket Com* to become a famous Instagram personality. Thumbs up who agrees
Kenneth Langford
Kenneth Langford Hace 5 horas
Who Here Before 1M likes 🤟🏾?
Kierston Hall
Kierston Hall Hace 5 horas
Crystal B.
Crystal B. Hace 5 horas
I didn’t think I could love someone this much again
GURUZ Hace 5 horas
This mans a legend people need this type of music in the life to understand true pain
GFM AJ shelton
GFM AJ shelton Hace un hora
Can you listen to this for me please
tay williams
tay williams Hace 5 horas
I want breakfast now I’m sad
Makai The Goat
Makai The Goat Hace 5 horas
Let the world know when you go to Madison or Milwaukee imma go my mom said she will take me
Makai The Goat
Makai The Goat Hace 5 horas
Rod I got the merch on the way, I got the hoodie