BET Awards 2020 Performances!
Anthony Streat
Anthony Streat Hace un hora
Chuck didn’t have to do a new verse jus revise it
T Moore
T Moore Hace un hora
Love you All!!!
Ke'Joni Underdog
Ke'Joni Underdog Hace un hora
King Marley
King Marley Hace un hora
Thats why he is considered a goat .. 🐐.. 💯✔..
Victor Tapia
Victor Tapia Hace un hora
James Shallow
James Shallow Hace un hora
Pop Smoke from out Rockaway.
Impishgaming Hace 2 horas
i love black people # PR+USA for life!!!!!!
SF Bones
SF Bones Hace 2 horas
T Porter
T Porter Hace 2 horas
John Crowder
John Crowder Hace 2 horas
Jesse P
Jesse P Hace 2 horas
Cringe as f
Travis Coyle
Travis Coyle Hace 2 horas
The Greatest!
Saint. Laurent don
Saint. Laurent don Hace 2 horas
1:40 I need a 10 hour play through
Cheyanne Duffus
Cheyanne Duffus Hace 2 horas
He looks exactly like his dead sigh
cynthia jackson
cynthia jackson Hace 2 horas
1Paula Nicole72
1Paula Nicole72 Hace 2 horas
Absolutely phenomenal!!!
Moe Lester
Moe Lester Hace 2 horas
Ngl I thought Juice should have won
Joshua Chavez
Joshua Chavez Hace 2 horas
Wolf in sheep's skin
Dr. Edwconr
Dr. Edwconr Hace 2 horas
Christians who have been adopted as children respect Mr. Franklin.
Aathan Raan
Aathan Raan Hace 2 horas
What is savage about this? I don't think these women know the meaning of the word or the concept it represents.
Mark Mushonga
Mark Mushonga Hace 2 horas
4 years later I’m still looking for this instrumental 😪
Aathan Raan
Aathan Raan Hace 2 horas
Isn't the BET label racist and hypocritical? I mean what would happen if they had a WET channel? I mean "Black entertainment", doesn't even make sense. Black isn't a race, ethnicity or culture and most "black" people dont even have black as a skin color. I think humanity needs to stop being so general and arbitrary in language. It creates miscommunication and misinterpretations.
LA FLAME Hace 2 horas
Real Travis Fans, we safe here.
chris jackson
chris jackson Hace 2 horas
Its breaking its breaking.. Lord something has to BREAK AMEN
Aathan Raan
Aathan Raan Hace 2 horas
The lyrics have nothing to do with the video. lol. Has anyone paid attention to the lyrics? They don't even make sense. Its very poor vague poetry.
msjdavisxo Hace 2 horas
I don’t know anyone of Karen’s age who’s voice is as rich as hers! I ain’t even watch the whole show to know that this was in fact the best performance. Literally get chills every time I watch it. Kierra be really filling my spirit🙏🏾☝🏾🙌🏾❤️
Ms. Smith
Ms. Smith Hace 2 horas
....ohhh The husband mess- arounder....I know exactly who this is ....Honestly they should have given this skit to LeLa Rochon...or lisa raye...😏
random guy
random guy Hace 2 horas
Damn he remove the best line on that song " pass me that damn ball i dont need a pick at all" Its kobe. He will drain that shot. RIP Mamba.
stacey dotson
stacey dotson Hace 2 horas
Stop trying to be Aretha Franklin. Get your own identity. You will NEVER be her.
JoJo Uvl
JoJo Uvl Hace 2 horas
Had chills from start to finish of this video. I’m so proud of my people💗
Levi GB
Levi GB Hace 2 horas
Peep game “I happen to see my friend, Suge.”
Wendy Mauricio
Wendy Mauricio Hace 2 horas
God First
God First Hace 2 horas
Sarkodie is a beast
Laurie Stafford-Bell
Laurie Stafford-Bell Hace 2 horas
Y'all killed it. If you weren't smiling when it started you should have been when it was over. 🙌🙌🙏😁
Yvette Dargbe
Yvette Dargbe Hace 2 horas
💖💖💖I LOVE IT!!!
Lost in the Clouds
Lost in the Clouds Hace 3 horas
Who is that Michael Dapaah guy? I actually want to hear more from him. Had me laughing
XxGodFatherxX Hace 3 horas
Remix needs to include Nelly! Upvote if you agree!
stephano Haynes
stephano Haynes Hace 3 horas
wrharris05 Hace 3 horas
Wow he sounds sooooooo much like Babyface!!
nick allen
nick allen Hace 3 horas
A white police officer saved Lil Wayne's life I respect his opinion on BLM Lil Wayne is a very intelligent person he needs to school TI
John Crowder
John Crowder Hace 3 horas
Henny Brown
Henny Brown Hace 3 horas
2 nigaz in the front 2 nigaz in the back,that's four nigaz ridn strapped in grandpa's cadilac-50 cent said it best
Morty Smith
Morty Smith Hace 3 horas
Afeni shakur was a well spoken articulate woman! Rest peacefully
Marie Charles
Marie Charles Hace 3 horas
D smoke is Golden!!!! And fine af
Shan Hace 3 horas
Tishii-Boo Donaldson
Tishii-Boo Donaldson Hace 3 horas
Donna Jackson
Donna Jackson Hace 3 horas
Be easier to surrender
Michael Donaldson
Michael Donaldson Hace 3 horas
Him like riding that 🐎 meat,🤣😂🤣
hunter winegard
hunter winegard Hace 3 horas
Arleen Westby
Arleen Westby Hace 3 horas
i am new to the b e t family and i love it
lady Caldwell Show
lady Caldwell Show Hace 3 horas
What is under da baby sweater
Quad 4life
Quad 4life Hace 3 horas
Stop this bs please dont be a puppet [email protected]@
RiahGamez Hace 3 horas
Suge was in the damn car he should know.
Shan Hace 3 horas
It’s so breathtaking whenever I hear them live 🤤 They can SNATCH my money when they go on tour idec
Tobi Olowokure
Tobi Olowokure Hace 3 horas
That gave me chills. AMAZING
Jeremiah Dunham
Jeremiah Dunham Hace 3 horas
I am going to see this movie 🎥
Hotcoco 72
Hotcoco 72 Hace 3 horas
Black lives matter
OC Baccarat
OC Baccarat Hace 3 horas
Mom & Grandma are awsome people
Michelle Fenderson
Michelle Fenderson Hace 3 horas
I get chills everytime I watch y’all perform
michi ross
michi ross Hace 3 horas
I absolutely loved LONR.
13th Evergreen
13th Evergreen Hace 3 horas
2019 more than half of the black deaths were White, more than Half lol Black Lives = only One Live but not the Mexican, Asian, Indian or Native American Lives lmmfao
Niccolo Calarco
Niccolo Calarco Hace 3 horas
Plan on getting on the course, Royal St. Cloud tomorrow. Sharing my thoughts. (Golfing Gods be with me tomorrow)
latosha johnson
latosha johnson Hace 3 horas
Does anyone know the name of this song
2010Baldy Hace 3 horas
"The Revolution will not be televised!" Jill Scot Harron R.I.P.
Marvin Morris
Marvin Morris Hace 3 horas
The thumbs down are coming from the racists.
Ryan Palmsteen
Ryan Palmsteen Hace 3 horas
it dose
Jordyn Terry
Jordyn Terry Hace 3 horas
Ryan Palmsteen
Ryan Palmsteen Hace 3 horas
its black lives mater
prettyncali23 Hace 3 horas
Her makeup 😍
Carlos Dyer
Carlos Dyer Hace 3 horas
Yo they killed that!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Yf_ Tounky
Yf_ Tounky Hace 3 horas
Vonte Hace 3 horas
He need to get his teeth fixed.
Hugo Alamilla
Hugo Alamilla Hace 3 horas
LLJ 🧿🖤🕊
Patty Boggs
Patty Boggs Hace 3 horas
Beautiful...both of you... so comfortable on stage. Thank you 😊
CrisGirl6 Hace 3 horas
Whenever i hear this , I smile...🤗
xoobo vola
xoobo vola Hace 3 horas
Man Wayne’s still the greatest man he never fell off for a second. Legend
Vonte Hace 3 horas
Remy was always 🔥.
Noemi g
Noemi g Hace 3 horas
Wow no one cares only 77 comments 😭
Sky N Doughgirl
Sky N Doughgirl Hace 3 horas
These youngings killed it. Ima fan now.
gamingwithzack roblox
gamingwithzack roblox Hace 4 horas
BLM stands for Black Lives Matter
gamingwithzack roblox
gamingwithzack roblox Hace 4 horas
To be honest this song is better than 6ix9ine like for real it's trending on ESshow and 6ix9ine can't beat it