Demitri Ablakhad
Demitri Ablakhad Hace 12 horas
Ok but how did Rafa get that ball at 3:24? 😂
Eamon Janfada
Eamon Janfada Hace 12 horas
This is an awesome compilation, but there was one long rally that ended with a Roddick forehand vs Nadal in 2010 that I expected would be in there. Can you find that and replace it with one these? 🤔
Gonzalo Libano
Gonzalo Libano Hace 12 horas
It is not a GS, it is not a big three match, but it is probably one of the most amazing tennis matches I have ever seen. Both players giving 110%, playing outstanding and dramatic points, even the middle fingers offered by Tommy is welcome and understandable at this time. As a tennis fan I couldn´t ask for more. Congratulations to both of you. Respect.
zachary wan
zachary wan Hace 13 horas
Truly the worst year for Roger
小猴仔 Hace 13 horas
Murray is back
Fadzel Nor
Fadzel Nor Hace 13 horas
Thiem is the only person who can win against Nadal in RG. I like these two gentlemen.
Ibrahim Bennis
Ibrahim Bennis Hace 14 horas
Andy shur up
Ibrahim Bennis
Ibrahim Bennis Hace 14 horas
Rooooogeeer Feeeedeeereerr
TEJAS TENNIS Hace 14 horas
Lance Guevara
Lance Guevara Hace 14 horas
Mix them 3 and age them at 30 and we got the perfect prime player. He's name would be RoFaVak FeDalVic
zachary wan
zachary wan Hace 14 horas
It’s hard to find long rallies when it’s a Roger match
Leo Prashyl
Leo Prashyl Hace 14 horas
I saw the name corona...,,, Anybody???
Pika Sup
Pika Sup Hace 15 horas
Change of title= Crazy runs from djokovic/nadl +shotmaking from Federer
Máximo Dantés
Máximo Dantés Hace 15 horas
I often watch Nalbandian's matches and I can't stop thinking that discipline must be a talent itself. You have or you dont... At least, that helps me to sleep better after this.
vasDcrak Gaming
vasDcrak Gaming Hace 15 horas
Only 1 bwee
kali Lahn
kali Lahn Hace 16 horas
The silent grasshopper perceptually marry because cattle topically call sans a stiff copper. numerous, wicked hurricane
kali Lahn
kali Lahn Hace 16 horas
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jose herrera
jose herrera Hace 17 horas
Que te paso wn!!! Esto es mas haya del doping venia en franca caida
Dave Kang
Dave Kang Hace 17 horas
17:30 Djokovic's roar and then deadpan face is kinda strange
Dave Kang
Dave Kang Hace 18 horas
15:04 appreciation from the King of banana shots
3 Minute Poetry Analysis
3 Minute Poetry Analysis Hace 18 horas
Sampras with Stan's one handed BH, Novak's return, and Edberg's low volley...that's it.
Jon M
Jon M Hace 18 horas
one of the greatest players that should have won more majors.
Jonathan Nguyen
Jonathan Nguyen Hace 18 horas
Such beautiful and clean technique on the forey from dmed at 1:07
The AViator
The AViator Hace 19 horas
Wow Dimitrov’s celebration looked so heartfelt. He had stars in his eyes!
Frank G.
Frank G. Hace 19 horas
Lots of great points but my favourite would be n.15, Goffin banana shot against Nadal.
Arash Fariaby
Arash Fariaby Hace 19 horas
Tsitsipas tho 😂
ceteris paribus
ceteris paribus Hace 19 horas
ok one comment... nadal was playing amazing.. then if you look at the highlights towards the end he is slicing the ball so much... like who is he? ashley barty??? weird.. that is not the most effective shot vs medvedev when you want to win.!!! wtf???
Victor Borges
Victor Borges Hace 19 horas
Lol the match entrance with “Baile de Favela” song. You guys have no idea what the lyrics says!!
David M
David M Hace 20 horas
Peter Pappas
Peter Pappas Hace 20 horas
this guy looks exactly like lamelo ball in the face
salah translater
salah translater Hace 20 horas
Poor Wawrinka!! Most of the great shots are against him haha
Marika fasola
Marika fasola Hace 20 horas
he had many amazing shot , winning against federer , why they always show himas loser? lol that channel hate him anyway
TT 97
TT 97 Hace 20 horas
To think that Medvedev and Tsitsipas have now both been part of the Top 8 for over a year...yikes😂😂😂 Though I don't believe Tsitsipas said "bullshit Russian", particularly given that his mom is from Russia
myempathy Hace 21 un hora
Nadal's expression is priceless.
dor ryoku
dor ryoku Hace 22 horas
Madrid 2009 is the semi final. Roger won final against Rafa.
Medvedev, are you happy?
jack life still bad jacky
jack life still bad jacky Hace 22 horas
For me best tennis player looking is berdych
Wafa Hr
Wafa Hr Hace 22 horas
Wow Federer 🤩💛
Rastko Manasic
Rastko Manasic Hace 22 horas
Bravo Sascha
Roberto García González
Roberto García González Hace 23 horas
Un caballero
Profesor Cerebron
Profesor Cerebron Hace 23 horas
1:38 esa solo le sale al chino Rios
dor ryoku
dor ryoku Hace 23 horas
Nadal on clay. The peak of tennis! Is there anything more beautiful? Don't think so
M R Hace 23 horas
If you can defeat Federer, Nadal del Po’ and Djoker in one tournament you can be considered of the best tennis players ever.
Alberto Gut
Alberto Gut Hace 23 horas
Only Rios can give so much talent in Latam.
Abhi K
Abhi K Hace 23 horas
Daniil went from "matchpoint up and lost against Rafa" to " Rafa serving for the match and Daniil wins" all within just one year
RedennaH 14
RedennaH 14 Hace 23 horas
Sorry but #4 was better than #3 they just wanted to put all of the big 3 in the top 3 shots/rallies
Abdul Fattah
Abdul Fattah Hace un día
Why Sascha Zverev do not put his 2nd serves in here? 😂
Олег Билык
Олег Билык Hace un día
Что случилосьпоачему я не могуг переключить нар то видео что мне нржавитсъя?
Emily Garred
Emily Garred Hace un día
It's funny how the majority of these points are Monfils and Joker in them XD coincidence, I think not
IllusiveIbrahim Hace un día
Can anyone tell me why the Nitto ATP Finals has been moved from London to MIlan after it has been held in London for the last 12 Years?
Kabir Moghe
Kabir Moghe Hace 22 horas
I think it's like a contract and the one with London and the O2 was over
Guilherme Xavier
Guilherme Xavier Hace un día
always against Zverev or Kohlschreiber
zizou357 Hace un día
Nadal´s inside out or Rogers? ;)
Yaser Qazi
Yaser Qazi Hace un día
Was the court a slightly different color in 2012?
Marko V
Marko V Hace un día
Federer is so Salty and Selfish, why does no one notice wtf'??
Shawn Hace un día
The tournament is over. Please stop killing the sport by hyping the Big 3.
Alessandro Reverdito
Alessandro Reverdito Hace un día
5:54 I've seen that point before but didn't know it was against a match point!
Thi Nhi
Thi Nhi Hace un día
if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray.
peka casper
peka casper Hace un día
Jessica Ing
Jessica Ing Hace un día
I have the constant urge to break my racquet but then I remind myself that I’m broke 😂
robin kalousek
robin kalousek Hace un día
17:19 Jannik Sinner went Novak Djokovic mode.
robin kalousek
robin kalousek Hace un día
In my opinion Bautista x Djokovic was absoluzely stunning. Even though Djokovic won, by the end of the match he looked like he s gonna pass out
fawaz ali
fawaz ali Hace un día
The Nadal shot against Wawrinka though. Jesus
Yaotian Zhang
Yaotian Zhang Hace un día
I'm here in Cali with the fans, getting kinda lit I be with the wind today, now I gotta below the space Loving this support, I live it all on the court Playing like a wolf, I'll back and more so take care with goodnight, no lista(???) good life, hot talks and court time, Thursday we back AYE! Somebody corrects me plz, thank you!
Owen Kim
Owen Kim Hace un día
The points in 2020 seem so underwhelming because there isn't any crowd
Ms Skoob Campbell
Ms Skoob Campbell Hace un día
Rafa is the man!!
Mahesh Gupta
Mahesh Gupta Hace un día
What is so special about no.1???? So many shots were better..... Even Federer will say that he has given better shots than that at london...
mihai cristi
mihai cristi Hace un día
well djokovic had set point,and federer saved it with a incredible reflex,and then with a shot with his back against the court,it was special.Maybe not no.1,but top 3 for sure.
Mahesh Gupta
Mahesh Gupta Hace un día
2 and 3 were clearly more difficult shots than 1 but i knew they will put Federers shot at 1 no matter what 😂😂👎
Mahesh Gupta
Mahesh Gupta Hace un día
My top 5 matches at atp finals london:- 1) Djokovic vs Thiem 2019 2) Nadal vs Murray 2010 3) Nadal vs Thiem 2020 4) Djokovic vs Federer 2012 5) Federer vs Wawrinka 2014
AbdurTM Hace 14 horas
@First Last tennis noob right here😂
Shawn Hace 14 horas
Mirka got Federer that win over Wawrinka
Prempiti Tantipool
Prempiti Tantipool Hace 15 horas
@First Last Did you watch the whole match? They played so many intense rallies in Djo-Thiem match.
Anuj Jyothykumar
Anuj Jyothykumar Hace 17 horas
Murray Vs Raonic and Murray Vs Nishikori were completely crazy matches too
First Last
First Last Hace 17 horas
@Prempiti Tantipool drama yes, quality, no.
Sid 999
Sid 999 Hace un día
Ohh the Goat teaming up with nadal... 😉
Spark😍 Hace un día
Damn great shots🔥