Glen Rejie Sescon
Glen Rejie Sescon Hace 22 horas
the best block full recovery this generation..
Jonathan Hankieson
Jonathan Hankieson Hace 22 horas
Lebron old af. He played with Shaq now he's blocking Shaq's son shot😂😂😂. #😷😷😷Bubble
OMC Dj Hace 22 horas
CP3 is my dawg be he sold the W
John Adamptey
John Adamptey Hace 22 horas
This guy is soo accomplished in his job. Waow
Zono Hd
Zono Hd Hace 22 horas
LeBron is only number 2 cos he’s LeBron
Kenny Brown
Kenny Brown Hace 22 horas
“Alonzo ball” 😂
Mac Neill Jhon Calamaan
Mac Neill Jhon Calamaan Hace 22 horas
What was royce o'neale thinking. Fucking stupid man.
Bit Ray
Bit Ray Hace 22 horas
Bit Ray
Bit Ray Hace 22 horas
Reiji Putra
Reiji Putra Hace 22 horas
2020 and I still watching
Vor Hace 22 horas
WOW AD scoring in 4th quarter? That's rare
Craig Teahan2001
Craig Teahan2001 Hace 22 horas
When you make a new my player and know the cheesiest ways to get easy buckets
Stefan Gvozdić
Stefan Gvozdić Hace 22 horas
this guy is so annoying
fj75 Hace 22 horas
Zion looking to thick though
miguel araujo
miguel araujo Hace 22 horas
This game was horribly officiated, jimmy butler did fuck us up twice in the clutch though
Bunjoy Wayne
Bunjoy Wayne Hace 22 horas
That was a scary fall 1:28
Christopher Suswal
Christopher Suswal Hace 22 horas
The defense has been 1000x worse since bubble play started. I get you have to be on your toes defending the 3 ball but how many times can u let a guy get right past you for an easy layup?
Franz Christian
Franz Christian Hace 22 horas
Lmao gobert is useless
enie Hace 22 horas
Nba 2k Crowd settings : low
DaWn Naz
DaWn Naz Hace 22 horas
FH Hace 22 horas
Green Carroll
Green Carroll Hace 22 horas
Y'all really boosting Zion. Man made 23 points on 21 shots. And shot 50 % from the free throw line. Ja is rookie of the Year and im a Rockets fan.
Leonard John Abaa
Leonard John Abaa Hace 22 horas
Charles Eskridge
Charles Eskridge Hace 22 horas
Next year might be warriors and nets in the finals
Vasquez Family
Vasquez Family Hace 22 horas
Defund sports
King JuLs
King JuLs Hace 22 horas
Boss Pashoutout kay Patricia Gaylle Mendoza. ❤
King JuLs
King JuLs Hace 22 horas
Boss Pashoutout kay Patricia Gaylle Mendoza. ❤
Sean McManus
Sean McManus Hace 22 horas
Patty Mills was falling before the contact was even made
eiscrememe Hace 22 horas
The teams should really sell those jerseys in an auction for a good cause, they're awesome and i think a lot of people would Love them!
XDBOIZ Montages
XDBOIZ Montages Hace 22 horas
People: Boo Yao Ming Me: remembers when he bullied Shaq multiple times as a rookie, look it up
David Ian Go
David Ian Go Hace 22 horas
Why didnt DeMar take the jumper on the last possession. He had the space
TEAM AGUSTIN Hace 22 horas
Poetl can't sleep well...🤫🤫🤫
nphilly420 Hace 22 horas
shake had 16 5 nd 3 he played pretty descent
Kevin G.
Kevin G. Hace 22 horas here's an interview which explains why he's the GOAT - the guy WANTED to cast sports
Joe Meatball
Joe Meatball Hace 22 horas
Fuck the NBA...
Joshua Bloomfield
Joshua Bloomfield Hace 23 horas
If AD is hitting threes he's unguardable
James Graham
James Graham Hace 23 horas
Its just WAAAAAAY too easy to score in todays nba They need to fix something
Larry Joe
Larry Joe Hace 23 horas
Great win with AD's big game
Weston Brown
Weston Brown Hace 23 horas
I watched a WNBA dunk video and someone said it makes curry look like he has a 99 dunk rating and I agree...
morgan rick
morgan rick Hace 23 horas
0:44 And this is the DEFENSIVE player of the year right here? So not only is he like 5 feet away, but he jumps like 3 inches off the ground..the hell...
Nikola Prahov
Nikola Prahov Hace 23 horas
the goat commentator
Oasis Orange
Oasis Orange Hace 23 horas
like he said... “Jobs not finished...”
Anfernee Manansala
Anfernee Manansala Hace 23 horas
why kev hart’s voice sound liddat tho
King JuLs
King JuLs Hace 23 horas
Boss Pashoutout kay Patricia Gaylle Mendoza. ❤
Fwebo Hace 23 horas
Bruh the same play kept on working for him lol
Jamil ADAMS Hace 23 horas
Dang it the Jazz is my team
Maniacal Orange18
Maniacal Orange18 Hace 23 horas
9:13 maaaan it feels good to hear it again from Mike Breen
Sanchit Sehgal
Sanchit Sehgal Hace 23 horas
Is this Chris smoove?
Daveson Iñigo
Daveson Iñigo Hace 23 horas
Clutch turnover by BUTLER !
Samnang T
Samnang T Hace 23 horas
Trump is planning a ban on Toronto because he wants to make America great again
Darth Volt
Darth Volt Hace 23 horas
Y’all are weird. Only 1 laker highlight? Sus
James Monday
James Monday Hace 23 horas
I'll never understand what's a criteria for these top plays. Shake Milton three is just as good as Jokic's clutch game-winners but just sixth? Best version of top plays are back when they actually know the value of game winners.
Freddy Gomez Thinks Too Much
Freddy Gomez Thinks Too Much Hace 23 horas
For Basketball Fans Young and Old. The Millennial N.B.A. is a timeline playlist of the greatest players of all time. @t
Apolo18.2x5.6 Hace 23 horas
thank god Lebron isn't an egomaniac, otherwise there will be no team chemistry. MJ will never allow someone who hoard that much of attention. the mvp of the team right now is AD , and LBJ is ok with it
John Le
John Le Hace 23 horas
Jokic looking a bit like Dirk out there. CP3 ain't playing either.
love hk
love hk Hace 23 horas
gobert really dpoy?