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Sk Ali
Sk Ali Hace 13 horas
I see Thanos
24Ufa Hace 13 horas
☪️✝️ > 🏳️‍🌈👟
Abdulaziz Hace 13 horas
We are Muslims, we never support homosexuality.
andre luciano perin zezo
andre luciano perin zezo Hace 13 horas
Pqp. Que comercial nota 10.
As a muslim i Will never buy ur products again. Shame on you.
zoop !
zoop ! Hace 13 horas
Muslim Brothers and Sisters Adidas is always an option
Mr Brown
Mr Brown Hace 13 horas
Is LeBron James a Basketball player ?
Zach Garner
Zach Garner Hace 13 horas
I enjoyed this.
sunkyu kim
sunkyu kim Hace 13 horas
Just Cullen
Just Cullen Hace 13 horas
"Ah yes, let's pretend the Muslim people we enslaved which always have had a convoluted view of the LGBT community in a light that makes us look like we haven't abused the trust of their people on multiple occasions."
Gab The River
Gab The River Hace 13 horas
They didn’t put Hockey in the add. Hockey is one good example of players giving too the community and bringing the community together. Because Hockey it’s sponsor by Adidas they didn’t put any in that commercial. Hockey is a sport for all of us. Shame on you Nike.
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler Hace 13 horas
The woke idiots of the world celebrate Nike, all while they get richer off child and sweat-shop labor. Here's to you, dumbass libs everywhere.
Silas Schramm
Silas Schramm Hace 13 horas
'and when things arent fair, we'll come together for change.' says the company which exploits child labor in bangladesh
Don't Reply
Don't Reply Hace 13 horas
Youcef Kr
Youcef Kr Hace 14 horas
Adidas all the way
Yousaf Ahmed
Yousaf Ahmed Hace 14 horas
Literally this slogan is a lie it should be : you cant stop sport because we have little children making all the equipment.
The FireSword
The FireSword Hace 14 horas
That is really good editing right there
Omega Red
Omega Red Hace 14 horas
Absolute cancer
Seth Hace 14 horas
How 'fair' is juking the stats on this video to make it appear more well-received than it is? You're purposely using controversies to sell your slave labor shoes. Take your beating. Eagerly awaiting the deletion of my comment. Or will you just edit the source code like the Reddit CEO did? Make me say something woke, you pricks.
alp Hace 14 horas
TwentyPercentDash Hace 14 horas
0:28 Most Muslims believe homosexuality is a sin. Depicting an Islamic woman in a hijab transforming into a shaved-head lesbian carrying a rainbow torch isn't going to play well to many in the Islamic community. You've pandered so hard to the woke Progressive twitter mob, you tripped on yourself, fell backwards and became Islamophobic.
Dom Calcagni
Dom Calcagni Hace 14 horas
You guys clearly generated some bots to spam that like button. The comment section is trashing the video but the like to dislike ratio is extremely fishy
John Johnson
John Johnson Hace 14 horas
Lame advert
hassan Khan
hassan Khan Hace 14 horas
Ah so this is one everyone is on about lol
SuperShadowP1ay Hace 14 horas
Just here to add proof that Nike is paying off ESshow to hide dislikes.
Will Gannon
Will Gannon Hace 14 horas
Don't y'all use Chinese Uighur slave labor?
Eddy E
Eddy E Hace 14 horas
Amazing! Now can you make a commercial about the millions of Muslims in Chinese concentration camps. You won’t
GotShampooinmyeye Hace 14 horas
How ironic
Jaxon Mauss
Jaxon Mauss Hace 14 horas
the Pandering is so obvious here
deeXaeed Hace 14 horas
A woman in niqab doesn't fit the sport? You don't fit the sport Nike.
A.S Sajjad
A.S Sajjad Hace 15 horas
#JusticeforUyghurs #BoycottNike
Thomas S.
Thomas S. Hace 15 horas
why does this vid has such a good like-dislike ratio? (68.526-10.621) This is a multinational corporation which uses child labor to produce their products but they pretend to be ''woke''. This company isn't ''left''. It is regular capitalist marketing which appeals to neo liberal feminists sjw-warriors.
Krkalic Tarik
Krkalic Tarik Hace 15 horas
Tala Shekh Othman
Tala Shekh Othman Hace 15 horas
I can only see a beautiful message out there, I don't understand why the hate
Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky Hace 14 horas
Also the woman in the Niqab being themed with "And if we dont fit the sport" going into a LGBTQ+ promoter with a gay flag beeing themed as "We will change the sport" is a bit like spitting right into the face of all muslims. Especially while they are your unpaid work Labour
Pinball Pals
Pinball Pals Hace 14 horas
Because some of us are against slavery
Hd Hi Def
Hd Hi Def Hace 15 horas
Dont think I need to point out how disgusting this ad is. Showing a Niqabi become a trans with a LGBTQ flag, there way of "being progressive", its amazing how much they hate Islam, they wouldn't put a Rabbi or a nun, but they'll put a Muslim, they hate Islam with a passion. They want to extinguish the light of "Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it." 61:8
Abdifatah 5000
Abdifatah 5000 Hace 15 horas
if we don’t fit the sport we will change the sport . When will we ever see a nun being criticized for what she wears or ever seen as Oppressed. A girl who’s all covered in a black dress comes out the other side looking like a a gothic, short haired Lesbian transsexual way to liberate us Nike . You’ve lost my dollar . 😡
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith Hace 15 horas
“These riots are totally justified, everyone! Racism is definitely real. Just don’t ‘peacefully protest’ on our buildings.”
Hd Hi Def
Hd Hi Def Hace 15 horas
Boycott NIKE we see the Agenda very clearly now #boycottNike
mnika voli
mnika voli Hace 15 horas
49k likes 4.9k👎but every comment negative. How is that possible 😏
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith Hace 15 horas
Tell that to the Uyghurs.
Bojan Kacar
Bojan Kacar Hace 15 horas
Funny how on 00:28 - 00:32 transition from Muslim on skateboard DON'T FIT to gay skateboard CHANGE... How smoothly corporations are shaping way of thinking. Nike Nike Nike your subliminal treickery is fine as skin of your workforce. Non muslim here by the way
spoon Hace 15 horas
“If we don’t fit the sport we’ll change the sport” bruh
mnika voli
mnika voli Hace 15 horas
corporations the power of modern governments, it’s absurd.
Hot Mess
Hot Mess Hace 15 horas
Show this to the slaves you use to make your shoes. I'm sure they would appreciate it :)
al tep
al tep Hace 16 horas
Very bad video
Panzer Hace 16 horas
Lmao the muslim woman transitioning to some bald lesbian really upset a lot of my religious friends 😂😂😂
Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky Hace 14 horas
@Arkerion Ok? I am a muslim too and if that is your aproach, go on I guess?
Arkerion Hace 14 horas
@Leon Trotsky op doesn't care for others religious traditions. So I don't care for his either. He should let his mum be my wife.
Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky Hace 14 horas
@Arkerion What are you trying to say here?
Arkerion Hace 15 horas
I'd like to see your mum turning into my wife . Maybe that'll be pleasant for you.
Samuel Owen
Samuel Owen Hace 16 horas
Nike has no shame. Trying to virtue signal while using slave labour to manufacture their products.
mohammed rahman
mohammed rahman Hace 16 horas
This is stupidly disgusting. What Muslim women are oppressed and then they should take their burqas off because you don’t like it? I was about to buy some Nike’s now I’m not.
Muhammad Shamoon
Muhammad Shamoon Hace 16 horas
Best to report this video evil individuals who made this stupid video.
Khalid Walid
Khalid Walid Hace 16 horas
A Muslim Woman To Lgbt Preacher? Great! 👎👎
Gato Rin
Gato Rin Hace 16 horas
RINOR DARDANI Hace 16 horas
My sincere call is ''JUST DO IT'' ,hit their congregations with truck laden explosive (VBIED).
callmetito37 Hace 16 horas
abu ishaq
abu ishaq Hace 17 horas
may Allah humiliate everyone at Nike
Logan Wheeler
Logan Wheeler Hace 17 horas
The Like/dislike ratio does NOT match the comments section... Hmm do I smell something fishy?
Smart Rabbit
Smart Rabbit Hace 17 horas
Whether you agree with the Muslim religion or not.its just disrespectful to intentionally have someone in hijab and into homosexual. Knowing its against their religion. Its like showing a vegan then saying "we'll fit in" by showing one eating meat. It just disrespectful
M.A. K
M.A. K Hace 17 horas
I gave it a thumbs up just cause the video is really well done.
Connor Riggs
Connor Riggs Hace 17 horas
Nike, you have children working in sweatshops in South Korea. You aren’t an “ally” to the people who you CLAIM to be helping right now. Late stage capitalism has given corporations the power of modern governments, it’s absurd.
Eli Egbert
Eli Egbert Hace 17 horas
we need to make money. quick go worship liberalism
KING MOKHTAR Hace 17 horas
You hate Islam and we all know. You make your plans and Allah makes his plans.allah is the best of planners
No More
No More Hace 17 horas
Nike should show this ad in the middle east. I'm sure they'd love combining Islam with gay right